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Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: What Attracted Me To This E-bike 2024?

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: on the road or driving test

Today, we’re going to test the Troxus Lynx Cargo, an unusual electric bike. This bike is unique because it has a dual-sensor setup that includes a torque sensor and a cadence sensor. Let’s take a close look at this bike’s features, functionality, and overall value before you jump to a conclusion.

Thanks to the integration of a torque sensor and a cadence sensor, the Troxus Lynx Cargo has a remarkable degree of adaptability. With its dual-sensor configuration, riders of different riding styles and inclinations may enjoy a more responsive and intuitive ride.

We’ll need to disassemble the bike, examine every part, and take it for a thorough evaluation before we can fully appreciate its potential. We’ll put it to the test in terms of construction quality, battery life, handling on different surfaces, and general suitability for cargo-style e-biking.

We’ll be able to assess the Troxus Lynx freight’s viability as an investment for riders looking for a dependable and effective electric bike for daily commuting and freight hauling by carefully examining every facet of the bike.

So check in as we go into the details of the Troxus Lynx Cargo and determine whether or not it’s worth your hard-earned cash.

Frame: 6061 Aluminum Alloy Low Step Frame
Motor: 750W Bafang Rear Hub Motor
Drive Modes: 7-Speed Shimano Derailleur w/ 5-Level Pedal Assist System (PAS) & Left Side Thumb Throttle
Display: Digitech L401 LCD Smart Display
Tires: 20" x 4" Kenda Fat Tires
Brakes:Tektro M280 Mechanical Disc Brakes w/ 160mm Rotors
Suspension: Uding D9-20-LO Aluminum Alloy Suspension Fork
HandleBar: Aluminum 31.8mm, 620mm
Seat Post: Forged Alloy, 30.9mm x 350mm, 2 Bolt Clamp
Battery: 48V/20Ah Frame Integrated Lithium-Ion Removable Battery w/ Samsung Cells
Charger: 54.6V 3A Fast Charger
Recommended Rider Height: 5'-0" - 6'-2"
Weight: 76.6 Lbs
Max Load Capacity: 275 Lbs

Unboxing and Build Quality

For anyone looking for an electric bike that is both capable and adaptable, the Troxus Lynx Cargo appears to offer a lot in terms of features and build quality. Let’s dissect a few of the most important takeaways from the unpacking and preliminary synopsis.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: Unboxing and Assembly

First off, the 4-inch wide and 20-inch tall Kenda Cursor tires are a welcome addition to the Troxus Lynx Cargo’s selection of street tires. In addition to giving the bike a distinctive appearance, these tires and spoke wheels assist in distributing the bike’s weight.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: 20" x 4" Kenda Fat Tires

The build quality seems solid, with metal fenders for durability and 203 mm Tektro rotors on the front wheel for substantial stopping power. The frame, available in various colors, is integrated with the battery and features a frame-integrated seat that can be easily adjusted using a quick-release lever.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: Design and Build Quality

The bike is a hardtail design, meaning it only has suspension on the front. However, it does feature a rear rack with a 45 kg (100 lb) capacity, making it suitable for carrying significant loads. The drivetrain includes an 8-speed Shimano cassette and a Buffing hub motor rated at 750 W, providing ample power for various terrains and loads.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: Uding D9-20-LO Aluminum Alloy Suspension Fork

The cockpit features rubber grips, an 8-speed Shimano shifter, and a Troxus-branded display with essential information such as battery percentage, speed, and pedal assist levels. The display also includes turn signals and other useful features like odometer and average speed.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: controls

A basic lock/unlock adjustment for the front suspension, a center-mount kickstand for stability when loading the bike, and a front rack rated for 33 lbs are additional features.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: Design and Build Quality

Because of its size and adaptability, the bike may be used by a variety of riders, including those who are taller or shorter. The bike’s attraction is increased by the torque and cadence sensors, which offer several riding modes to suit varied tastes.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: display

Therefore, it seems that the Troxus Lynx Cargo is a well-made and adaptable electric bike with features designed for comfort and usefulness, making it an attractive option for riders searching for a capable cargo bike.

Troxus Lynx Cargo: Driving Tests

The Troxus Lynx Cargo demonstrates its abilities as a strong and competent e-bike, particularly when tested on difficult surfaces such as a 20% gradient. The bike’s 22 amp controller and 48 volt system enable it to climb the steep incline with ease, even with a 200 lb rider using only throttle power. This demonstrates the bike’s remarkable electric capabilities.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: on the road or driving test

The bike has many riding modes, such as cadence and torque sensor modes. With torque sensor mode, power is proportionately produced based on how hard the rider presses the pedals. However, riding in cadence sensor mode, where the bike generates power regardless of pedal effort, enables a more relaxing riding experience.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: 750W Bafang Rear Hub Motor

The bike’s torque sensor mode on pedal assist 5 performs admirably during the test, offering plenty of power and a naturally improved riding experience. The bike offers a gradual power supply without being sudden, which is frequently observed in poorer-quality electric bikes, even at lower pedal assist settings.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: on the road or driving test

The bike’s adaptability is demonstrated by testing how it handles on various surfaces. The bike rides smoothly on streets and even handles sand fairly well thanks to its street-friendly Kenda Cursor tires. It is said that adding a suspension seat post can enhance ride comfort, although the absence of rear suspension is still noticeable.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: on the road or driving test

The Tektro hydraulic brakes, which have 180 mm rotors at the back and 203 mm rotors up front, are highly appreciated for their excellent braking performance, especially at high speeds.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: on the road or driving test

The Troxus Lynx Cargo is an electric cargo bike that is capable and dependable for a variety of terrains and situations. Its power, reactivity, and versatility make it an appealing option for riders.

Battery and Range

A 48-volt, 20-amp-hour battery that powers the Troxus Lynx Cargo may provide a significant 960 watt-hours of power. The battery weighs only 11.0 pounds, which makes it feel remarkably light in spite of its power capacity. Because of this, handling and maintaining the battery is fairly easy, even on prolonged rides or when commuting.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: rear lights

The 3-amp charger called TRXUS that comes with the battery charges it effectively. It is handy for users to recharge the battery overnight or during downtime, as the expected charge time from empty is roughly 6.6 hours, based on a straightforward calculation (20 divided by 3).

The bike’s performance on several terrains and situations during the test ride showcases its efficiency and potential. The torque and cadence sensors work together to provide a variety of riding experiences, from a relaxing, pedal-free ride to a more intuitive power delivery.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: Design and Build Quality

The bike’s adaptability and fit for cargo-style riding are demonstrated by its ability to tackle difficult situations like riding through sand and climbing steep gradients. Its durable design and capacity to haul up to 500 pounds of baggage make it a dependable choice for anyone in need of a strong and competent cargo e-bike.

Regarding battery life, the test ride’s duration and average speed led to the battery displaying three out of five bars and 54% charge left. This represents the normal range of a 48-volt, 20-amp-hour battery pack, providing users with a respectable duration of riding before requiring recharging.

Troxus Lynx Cargo: Conclusions

In conclusion, the Troxus Lynx Cargo review shows that this bike provides a comprehensive package for cargo-style e-biking. Because torque and cadence sensors are included, riders have more freedom and control over their riding experience, which makes it appropriate for a range of riding conditions and tastes.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review

The bike is suitable for both practical and hard riding scenarios because of its sturdy build quality and capacity to withstand steep gradients, sandy terrains, and large luggage. With a respectable range of 48 volts and 20 amp hours, the battery lasts for a good amount of riding time before needing to be recharged.

By clicking on the link in the review description, you may find the best deal and help the reviewer if you’re thinking about buying the Troxus Lynx Cargo. Your assistance is much valued and aids in the creation of evaluations that are more thorough and instructive.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: on the road or driving test

But if you’re still unsure or would want more information, you can watch the following suggested video for further details. I appreciate you reading, and have a great ride!

Alternatives of Troxus Lynx Cargo

Gotrax Nephele 16 Review: 350W and 16-inch Folding E-Bike 2024!

Gotrax Nephele 16 Review: on the road or driving test

Greetings and welcome back to another test of the electric bike, the Gotrax Nephele 16! I received one from Gotrax to review, so let’s get started. Before we begin installation, we will first open the bike and show you what’s inside. We’ll then go for a test ride to see how well this electric bike works.

First and foremost, security is essential. Let me get my helmet on before we go driving. Safety is first at all times, particularly while attempting new rides.

Let’s now discuss Gotrax Nephele 16. I’ve used other electric bikes before, so I know a fair amount about how they normally operate. But since every bike is different and has its own peculiarities, we’ll all learn from this experience as a team.

I can’t wait to demonstrate the bike’s installation, unpacking, and, of course, my feelings and impressions from the test ride. Let’s check out what the Gotrax Nephele 16 has in store for us as an electric bike—which can be an enjoyable and effective means of transportation!

Frame Material: Aluminum
Peak Power500W
Max Speed15.5mph(25km/h)
SuspensionFront Suspension Fork
Number of Gears1
Tires(inch)16" x 2.5''
Lithium Battery36V 7.8Ah(280.8Wh)
Estimated Max Range25miles(40km)
Package Weight‎31.3 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎57.9 x 21.5 x 44.9 inches
Recommended Height5.1-6.2FT/155-190CM

Unboxing and Assembly

Now let’s begin disassembling and putting the Gotrax Nephele 16 together! The level of enjoyment throughout the construction process can be determined by the unpacking experience. Here’s a detailed how-to:

Gotrax Nephele 16 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

  1. Unpacking: Take caution when opening the container to prevent breaking any parts. The Gotrax Nephele 16’s main frame should be contained inside, along with smaller components like the handlebars, pedals, and seat post, and perhaps even extras like a user handbook or charger.
  2. Assembly Area: Make sure you have enough room to comfortably arrange every component. Assembling goes considerably more smoothly when the workstation is neat and orderly.
  3. Frame Configuration: The Gotrax Nephele 16’s main frame should first be set down on the ground or another level surface. Make sure the frame is appropriately positioned, with the ends on the front and back in the proper places.
  4. Handlebars and Stem: Fasten the bike’s handlebars to its stem. Use the included bolts and screws to firmly fasten them. After adjusting the handlebars to your preferred height, tighten the bolts.
  5. Pedals: Position the pedals on the bike’s appropriate sides. Keep in mind that the right pedal screws in clockwise, while the left pedal screws in counterclockwise. Securely tighten the pedals to prevent any slipping while riding.
  6. Installing the seat: Insert the seat post into the seat tube of the frame and raise or lower it to your desired height. Make sure the seat is level and solid before tightening the bolts or clamp to secure it.
  7. Charging (if needed): Attach the charger to the Gotrax Nephele 16 and plug it into a power source if it needs to be charged. Observe the charging schedules and procedures specified by the manufacturer.
  8. Test Ride: To make sure everything is operating as it should, conduct a quick test ride in a secure location before heading out on the road. Check the bike’s general stability, gears, and brakes.

By following these steps, you should have your Gotrax electric bike ready to roll in no time!

Design and Build Quality

The Gotrax Nephele 16 has an amazing and thoughtful design and build quality. There is no denying the Gotrax Nephele 16’s beauty. It looks good because of its elegant style and meticulous attention to detail. The color scheme and general design will appeal to people who value sleek, contemporary electric motorcycles.

Gotrax Nephele 16 Review: Design and Build Quality

One noteworthy feature is that it comes with two sets of keys. Two sets of parts are needed to operate the bike itself and to ensure the security of the battery. You can charge it indoors while keeping the bike in the garage thanks to the removable battery, which increases adaptability. The battery’s locking mechanism is simple to operate and intuitive.

Gotrax Nephele 16 Review: 36V 7.8Ah(280.8Wh) battery

The bike’s back section makes it possible to install other accessories, such as a seat cushion or basket, increasing its versatility. It’s a nice touch to have screws for these kinds of attachments.

Gotrax Nephele 16 Review: controls keys

With the integrated lighting system, turning on the light with the keys is convenient. This improves visibility and safety, particularly for trips at night.

Gotrax Nephele 16 Review: 36V 7.8Ah(280.8Wh) battery

The Nephele 16 has excellent build quality. There is no need to worry about the bike toppling over because the kickstand is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the bike. This steadiness is quite important, especially for electric bikes that are heavier.

Gotrax Nephele 16 Review: rear rack

The inclusion of a mud flap at the rear enhances functionality, but its absence at the front might be a small difference. But overall, the cable management is done nicely, with clutter avoided and wires kept neatly coiled.

Gotrax Nephele 16 Review: front light

Its folding design, which makes it easy to store and transport, is one of its best qualities. The bike’s foldable design minimizes its footprint, making it appropriate for use in urban settings and small storage areas.

Gotrax Nephele 16 Review: kickstand

In terms of construction quality, useful functions, and design aesthetics, the Gotrax Nephele 16 is exceptional. It is a popular option for people looking for a dependable and eye-catching electric bike because it blends style and utility.

Gotrax Nephele 16: Motor and Driving Test

I got the pleasure of riding the Gotrax Nephele 16 electric bike today, and I can’t wait to tell you about my driving test experience.

Gotrax Nephele 16 Review: on the road or driving test

Initial impressions count, and the Nephele 16 lived up to expectations. The 350-watt motor effortlessly engaged and gave me exactly the appropriate amount of support when I jumped on and began to peddle. With the three help settings on this bike, you can tailor your ride to your riding style and the type of terrain you’re riding on.

At six feet tall and 230 pounds, I discovered that cruising on level roads at 16 to 17 miles per hour with level two or three assistance was efficient and pleasant. A pleasant and comfortable ride was ensured by the smooth transitions made possible by the seven-speed Shimano gear set.

Gotrax Nephele 16 Review: on the road or driving test

The bike’s handling and steadiness were two things I liked about the test ride. Even on curves and modest inclines, the Nephele 16 seemed stable and under control despite its strength. When stopping power was required, the brakes responded quickly and with dependability.

Comfort is essential, particularly on longer trips. I was able to concentrate on enjoying the ride without any discomfort or exhaustion thanks to the ergonomics and seating position of the bike, which I found to be pretty comfortable.

Gotrax Nephele 16 Review: on the road or driving test

I was amazed by the Gotrax Nephele 16’s overall performance, handling, and comfort. This electric bike offers a smooth and pleasurable riding experience whether you’re traveling across town or taking leisurely excursions.

Gotrax Nephele 16: Conclusions

We have now completed our overview of the Gotrax Nephele 16, covering its robust build quality, useful functions, and striking look. Among electric bikes, the bike’s attention to detail and contemporary appeal set it apart from the competition.

Gotrax Nephele 16 Review: on the road or driving test

Important elements like the dual-key battery and bike operation system improve ease and security. The bike is kept securely in the garage while it is easily charged indoors thanks to the detachable battery and simple locking mechanism. Practicality is increased by the rear area’s adaptability for adding items like a seat cushion or basket.

During rides, stability and safety are enhanced by the strong kickstand and integrated lighting system. Although there is a mud flap in the back, the front one is missing, which might not be a big deal. Overall though, the cable management is organized and effective.

Gotrax Nephele 16 Review: on the road or driving test

The Gotrax Nephele 16’s folding shape, which enables convenient transit and small storage, is its best feature. Its foldable handlebar and folding mechanism further improve its portability and usability in a variety of situations.

Thus, the Gotrax Nephele 16 is a well-designed electric bike that blends style, functionality, and practicality. Let’s now get to the exciting part: taking a test drive to see how smooth and pleasurable the ride is.

Alternatives of Gotrax Nephele 16

Heybike Cityscape Review: Strengths and Weaknesses of City E-Bike!

Heybike Cityscape Review: on the road or driving test

One interesting e-bike that offers a lot of pleasure and convenience is the Heybike Cityscape. This cruiser-style bike, with a 350-watt engine, combines pedal assistance with effortless riding. Tech Odyssey recently conducted a full study of the bike, looking at both its features and performance.

The Heybike Cityscape’s adaptability is one of its best qualities. For a smooth ride, riders can choose to pedal only, utilize the throttle for a motor-powered sensation, or combine the two. This adaptability suits a variety of riding styles and tastes. The Heybike Cityscape can easily handle both a more active riding experience and a relaxing cruise.

With engine aid, the bike can reach a top speed of approximately 16 to 17 miles per hour, making it a comfortable ride. Although the manufacturer states that the device may travel up to 40 miles with help and 25 miles on its own, actual usage may differ depending on the weight of the rider, the terrain, and the surrounding conditions. The real mileage with assistance may be less than stated for larger riders like me. Nevertheless, in spite of this disparity, riding the Cityscape is still enjoyable and enables riders to travel long distances without putting in a lot of physical strain.

The Heybike Cityscape is a game-changer for riders who might find long distance traditional biking taxing or exhausting. It enables riders to extend their range and enjoy longer rides without feeling fatigued, making it an excellent choice for leisurely outings or daily commuting. Let’s take a closer look at this e-bike and find out its strengths and weaknesses.

Frame TypesStep-thru Frame
Frame Material‎Carbon Steel
Hub Motor 350W Brushless gear motor
Speed23 mph
SuspensionFront Fork
Tire26" x 1.95“
Tire Pressure 45-60 PSI
Bell/Horn Electric Horn
Battery 36V 10Ah Lithium battery
Range 40 Miles (Pedal assist)
E-Bike Weight 58.4 lbs(26.5kg)
Product Dimensions 190×71×117(cm)

Design and Build Quality

The Heybike Cityscape is a notable option in the e-bike industry thanks to its well-considered design and sturdy construction. To find out what makes it unique, let’s see its build and design features in more detail.

Heybike Cityscape Review: 26" x 1.95“ tires

First of all, comfort and usefulness are the main design priorities of the Cityscape. Riders may tailor their riding position with the seat height adjustment feature, ensuring an ergonomic and comfortable fit for a range of heights. This flexibility is essential for extended rides because it improves overall comfort by lowering tiredness and encouraging better posture.

The bike’s well-made, robust frame offers longevity and stability while riding. Riders feel more confident because of this sturdy structure, especially while negotiating uneven or difficult road conditions. The Cityscape’s design is balanced, offering a blend of elegance and practicality that appeals to a wide range of riders.

Heybike Cityscape Review: front light

The Cityscape has a sleek, contemporary appearance with simple lines and a streamlined design. Its aesthetic appeal is enhanced by the choice of colors and finishes, making it a desirable choice for riders who place equal weight on performance and style.

Now let’s talk about build quality. The Heybike Cityscape impresses with its fine craftsmanship and premium materials. Long-lasting performance and daily use resistance are provided by the sturdy materials used in the construction of the frame. Well-engineered parts including the motor, gears, and brakes guarantee dependable and seamless operation.

Heybike Cityscape Review: display

The Cityscape’s parts and accessories are all made with high quality craftsmanship. Leather hand grips, for example, provide a luxurious touch while still providing a secure and comfortable grip for riding. The digital readout is intuitive and easy to use, providing essential information at a glance, enhancing the overall riding experience.

The Cityscape prioritizes safety, as shown by its computerized braking system. When the hand brakes are used, the lighted brake lights come on, improving overall riding safety by giving onlookers clear vision of oncoming traffic. For improved responsiveness and control, the bike also has front hand brakes on both sides.

Heybike Cityscape Review: luxuriously cushioned seat

Completing the package is a built-in headlight, which not only adds to the bike’s aesthetic appeal but also improves visibility during evening rides or in low-light conditions. This comprehensive approach to comfort, functionality, and safety makes the Heybike Cityscape a standout choice for riders seeking an enjoyable and hassle-free cycling experience.

The Heybike Cityscape offers a safe and enjoyable riding experience, especially at night, thanks to its built-in headlight and digital horn. The headlight not only illuminates your path but also ensures that you remain visible to other road users, enhancing overall safety during evening rides or in low-light conditions. Additionally, the digital horn provides a convenient way to alert others of your presence, with a loud and clear sound that ensures you’re heard in various situations.

Heybike Cityscape Review: rear rack

At just 58.4 pounds, the Heybike is lightweight and nimble even with its many features and motorized parts. This increases its portability and ease of handling, making it even more useful for daily use.

The Heybike Cityscape’s build quality and design represent a dedication to quality and rider happiness. Its well-considered design features, robust build, and meticulous attention to detail make it a great option for riders looking for a fashionable, dependable, and comfortable eBike for everyday commuting or leisure riding.

Heybike Cityscape: Motor and Driving Test

The motor and driving test of the Heybike Cityscape demonstrate its functionality and adaptability while providing a pleasurable and pleasant riding experience. The 350-watt motor powers the bike, and its performance is adjusted to match pedal force and aid levels.

Heybike Cityscape Review: on the road or driving test

In addition to motor assistance, the bike boasts a Shimano gear system with seven different gears. This system works in tandem with the motor assistance levels, enhancing the bike’s performance and efficiency. By selecting higher gears and increasing assistance levels, riders can achieve speeds exceeding 20 miles per hour. This capability is impressive and adds a dynamic element to the riding experience, especially for those seeking faster speeds and more intense workouts.

During the test, I am, who is six feet tall and weighs 230 pounds, noted comfortable cruising speeds of around 16 to 17 miles per hour with moderate assistance levels. This performance was achieved on flat roads, showcasing the bike’s versatility and suitability for various terrains and conditions.

Heybike Cityscape Review: throttle

Enjoying a bike ride is all about comfort, and the Cityscape delivers in this area because to its well-thought-out design elements. Its luxuriously cushioned seat, which not only offers comfort but also features shock-absorbing dampening technology, is one of the most notable features. This arrangement offers a smooth and pleasant ride even over uneven terrain, akin to hydraulic gaming chairs or ergonomic office chairs.

The Cityscape extends this comfort to the seat, guaranteeing that riders feel as little bumps and vibrations as possible when riding, in contrast to certain bikes that just concentrate on shock absorption in the fork. This attention to detail makes a significant difference in long-distance rides or extended periods of cycling, as it reduces fatigue and discomfort, allowing riders to stay on the bike for longer durations without strain.

Heybike Cityscape Review: on the road or driving test

In addition to the comfortable seat, the Heybike Cityscape is equipped with various features that enhance the overall riding experience. Riders can maintain an upright and relaxed posture, thanks to the bike’s ergonomic design. This upright position not only adds to comfort but also promotes better visibility and control while riding.

The bike’s throttle options and pedal assistance further improve its functionality by allowing riders to select their preferred method of propulsion. It’s appropriate for a range of fitness levels and riding styles because riders may ride smoothly and effortlessly whether using the throttle or pedal power.

Heybike Cityscape Review: 7-Speed

While the bike lacks a turn indicator, it compensates for this with its focus on leisurely riding rather than high-speed street commuting. It’s designed for comfortable and relaxed rides, making it ideal for outings like the one you described with your son. Going to the store for slurpees or simply enjoying a leisurely ride around the neighborhood becomes a fun and hassle-free experience with the Heybike Cityscape.

The assisted pedal feature adds a new dimension to your rides, allowing you to cover greater distances without exerting excessive effort. The combination of pedal assistance and manual pedaling optimizes battery usage, extending the bike’s range significantly. This versatility makes it easy to explore new routes and enjoy longer rides without worrying about running out of battery power.

Heybike Cityscape Review: luxuriously cushioned seat

Despite being a leisure-focused bike, the Heybike Cityscape offers a touch of excitement akin to riding a battery-powered motorcycle. The thumb-controlled throttle provides instant acceleration, adding a sense of thrill to your rides without the need for motorcycle gear or a special helmet. While the bike’s advertised range may vary based on factors like rider weight and assistance level, the overall experience of riding it is both enjoyable and efficient.

The Heybike Cityscape offers a comprehensive digital readout that provides riders with essential information at their fingertips. This includes details such as current speed, odometer readings, watt usage, and the level of pedal assistance being utilized. Having this data readily available enhances the overall riding experience by allowing riders to monitor their performance and make adjustments as needed.

Heybike Cityscape Review: display

The adjustable seat allows for on-the-fly adjustments, making it suitable for a wide range of riders, from 5 and a half feet to 6 and a half feet tall. This adaptability ensures that the bike can be comfortably ridden by various members of the family, making it a versatile and inclusive choice for leisurely rides.

Beyond its leather grips and adjustable seat, the bike is really comfortable. Even on long rides, its ability to absorb shock and general ergonomic design guarantee a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Because of this, it’s the perfect option for lengthy trips or leisurely evening rides where comfort and convenience are top priorities.

Battery and Range

A dependable and effective battery technology powers the Heybike Cityscape, giving riders more than enough juice for their travels. For longer rides and everyday commutes, the battery capacity guarantees longer riding sessions without the need for regular recharging.

Thanks to the combination of its large battery capacity and energy-efficient motor, the Cityscape has an excellent range. The Cityscape can usually reach ranges of up to 25 miles on pure electric mode and up to 40 miles on pedal-assist mode, while actual range may vary depending on factors like rider weight, topography, and help level. Its range allows it to be used in a variety of riding situations, from quick neighborhood trips to lengthy outings and commuting.

Heybike Cityscape Review: 36V 10Ah Lithium battery

The Heybike Cityscape’s battery system is built for dependability and ease. The battery can be fully charged in a matter of hours, making the process simple. In order to minimize downtime between rides, riders can conveniently recharge the battery at home or by using compatible charging stations.

In terms of battery life and charging, the Heybike Cityscape provides a fair five to six-hour recharge period. It’s critical to keep an eye on battery consumption and recharge frequency, particularly while riding in difficult terrain or applying a lot of power. You can make sure the bike is ready for your next excursion and maximize battery usage by getting to know your riding style and mileage patterns.

Heybike Cityscape: Conclusions

To sum up, the Heybike Cityscape is an excellent option for cyclists seeking a pleasurable and hassle-free riding experience since it provides a compelling combination of comfort, convenience, and pleasure. The Cityscape puts rider comfort and safety first with its adaptable features like an adjustable seat height, a digital display, cozy leather hand grips, and a smooth braking system.

Heybike Cityscape Review: front light

The Heybike Cityscape is a great value at $999 considering its high-quality construction and amenities. But now, through May 20th, it’s on sale for $899, making it an even more alluring choice for riders on a tight budget looking for a dependable and fun eBike. The ability to add accessories like a basket enhances the bike’s functionality and adaptability even more.

Furthermore, Heybike’s anniversary promotion adds extra value with an anniversary box containing Heybike merchandise for those purchasing during the promotional period, making it a great time to consider purchasing the Cityscape.

Heybike Cityscape Review: on the road or driving test

Overall, the Heybike Cityscape is a well-made, cozy, and entertaining e-bike that can accommodate riders of all ages and ability levels. It is a strong competitor in the e-bike market thanks to its user-friendliness, sturdy construction, and enjoyable riding experience. The Heybike Cityscape is an eBike that is both versatile and dependable, making it a viable option for both everyday commuting and pleasure trips.

Alternatives of Heybike Cityscape


iGogomi Alps Review: Compact E-bike for Storage or Transportation!

iGogomi Alps Review: Design and Build Quality

We’re going to be looking more closely at the iGogomi Alps folding electric bike, which is a lightweight and practical choice for recreational riding and city commuting. One notable feature of this bike is its folding shape, which makes it convenient to store and move about, particularly in confined locations or on trips.

One of the key highlights of this bike is its folding capability, allowing you to collapse it into a more compact size for storage or transportation. This makes it ideal for commuters who need to bring their bike on public transport or store it in limited space at home or work.


All things considered, the iGogomi Alps folding electric bike provides a good balance between portability, performance, and convenience, making it a sensible option for city riders searching for a dependable and small e-bike.

Frame Material‎Alps premium Aluminium
Motor350Wh Brushless motor
Modes3 riding modes
Speedup to 18.75 mile/h
Transmission5 adjustable gears
DisplayLCD display
Battery36V 6.8AH lithium battery
Item Weight‎32 Pounds
Maximum Weight Recommendation‎275.6 Pounds

Design and Build Quality

Comparing the iGogomi Alps folding bike to the Brompton, you can see how much more distinctive and well-built it is. Its heavier 16-inch wheels are one obvious distinction, giving it a more robust look and possibly improving stability when riding. This is in contrast to the tiny wheels that Brompton bikes often use.

iGogomi Alps Review: Design and Build Quality

A 350 Watt electric motor is another noteworthy feature that gives riders who are traveling longer distances or over uneven terrain a little more ease and support. When pedaling, this engine can give you a boost, which will make the journey more comfortable and relaxed—especially up hills.

Additionally, the iGogomi Alps incorporates disc brakes, a feature not typically found on Brompton bikes without significant modifications. Disc brakes offer improved braking performance and reliability, particularly in wet or challenging conditions, enhancing overall safety and control for riders.

iGogomi Alps Review: disc brakes

Turning the iGogomi folding bike on and off is straightforward, requiring just a press of a button located conveniently on the handlebar. The bike features a basic display, although the user mentioned experiencing some difficulty in switching the display to miles per hour, which could likely be resolved by consulting the user manual.

The thumb throttle on the bike is noted for its responsiveness, making it easy to control the electric motor. Being front-wheel drive helps balance out the internal gearing, which is similar to the three-gear ratio system found in a Brompton. While the gearing is adequate for reaching speeds of around 18 miles per hour without excessive pedaling effort, it may require some adjustment to get used to.

iGogomi Alps Review: LCD display

The bike’s integrated design, including the gearing system, eliminates the need for a separate derailleur, simplifying maintenance and upkeep. While the folding pedals are standard and there’s nothing particularly exceptional about the componentry, this contributes to keeping the overall cost of the bike relatively low, making it accessible to a wider range of riders.

The iGogomi Alps comes equipped with disc brakes, a modern and effective braking system that offers improved performance over drum brakes. This model, updated for 2023, does not feature drum brakes, contrary to some discussions. The disc brakes enhance safety and control, especially during wet or challenging riding conditions.

iGogomi Alps Review: handlebar

In terms of speed, the bike performs well with the motor engaged, although it may feel slightly slower without the motor due to factors such as the beefier wheels and potential motor drag. However, the comfortable riding position, adjustable handlebars, and overall versatility make it a suitable choice for various riders, including those looking for a Class 2 e-bike experience.

Basic equipment like lights and reflectors are included with the bike, but riders are free to add more if they so choose. Riders can further customize their experience by simply swapping out the grips and other parts.

iGogomi Alps Review: handlebar

In light of this, the iGogomi Alps folding bike is an appealing choice for urban commuters or leisure riders searching for a dependable and adaptable folding bike with electric assist capabilities. It does this by combining price, performance, and simplicity.


With its many features, the iGogomi Alps foldable bike is a great value for the money, but its portability is a weakness. The user discovers that while the promised dimensions indicate a compact fold, those claims are not exactly met upon closer inspection. When the bike is folded, its width becomes approximately 16 inches, far wider than the 13 inches that was claimed. In terms of portability expectations, this gap can be viewed as misleading, likely because the newer model has disc brakes.

iGogomi Alps Review: Design and Build Quality

The folding process involves unscrewing and adjusting various components to achieve a compact size, but even so, the bike ends up being larger than anticipated. With dimensions of approximately 16 inches in width, 26.5 inches in height, and 29 inches in length, the iGogomi Alps is notably bulkier than competitors like the Brompton, which boasts a more compact fold.

iGogomi Alps Review: foldable e-bike

Despite this drawback, the iGogomi Alps remains a solid alternative to the Brompton, offering a comfortable ride, decent speed, and affordability. It’s suitable for riders who prioritize functionality and cost-effectiveness over ultra-portability. The bike can still fit in the back of most car trunks or boots, making it convenient for transportation.

iGogomi Alps: Conclusions

After using the iGogomi Alps folding bike for around 12 to 13 miles, my wife had a positive experience. In her insightful review, she mentioned that the handlebars felt a little squirrelly in comparison to her full-size electric bike, which is the REI Co-op City 2.2. This is a common observation with smaller folding bikes because of how different their handling and stability can seem due to their compact shape.

iGogomi Alps Review

She did, however, value the throttle’s ability to increase speed and convenience when riding. You know how to appreciate a Brompton’s small fold, but you also realize that it can’t handle hard surfaces like gravel, which is where the iGogomi Alps falls short for you.

You acknowledge the iGogomi Alps as a good choice for leisurely rides or around-town commuting despite its limitations in contrast to the Brompton, especially considering its lower price point. But you’re still looking for a bike that combines comfort, foldability, and versatility for your unique riding style and preferences, which include outdoor experiences in the Bay Area.

iGogomi Alps Review: on the road or driving test

In conclusion, even though the iGogomi Alps fulfilled its needs for this little test, you’re still looking for a folding bike that better meets your unique needs. You’re willing to share more information or respond to inquiries about the iGogomi Alps in order to assist others in making well-informed selections. Your experiences and insights are a great resource for anyone thinking about purchasing comparable bikes.


Alternatives of iGogomi Alps


VicTrip Janus Review: Foldable Fat E-bike for $699!

VicTrip Janus Review: on the road or driving test

A new day, a new bike, and a new brand to discover: meet the VicTrip Janus. The Janus is not your typical folding fat tire e-bike; it has a ton of amazing features that should make riding it fun and long-lasting. The amazing value that’s provided at a low price point—which I’ll stress in the title—is even more unexpected.

Let’s explore the fascinating meanings behind the bike’s names before getting into its attributes. Combining the words “Victory” with “trip,” “VicTrip” alludes to victories and exciting experiences that await motorcyclists on every voyage. Regarding “Janus,” it was inspired by a moon of Saturn and represents duality and shared orbits, much like the shared battery concept of the bike.

Let’s now explore what makes the Janus unique. This foldable e-bike from Fat Tire provides ease and adaptability for a range of riding situations. It has features that add to its extended range and enjoyable ride quality, even with its tiny shape.

As we explore the remarkable features of the VicTrip Janus and the reasons it should be a consideration for your next vacation, stay tuned for more information and a surprise that is concealed in this review.

Frame Material‎Aluminum
Motor500W, Peak Power 864W
ShifterShimano 7 Speed / TY300
Suspension Type‎Front
Brake Style‎Disc
HandlebarBlack Aluminum Handlebar / W640*30, 2.2-2.5T*9°
Seat PostAlloy Quick Release Seat Post ¢31.8*350mm
Speed24.8mph, The minimum speed can be reduced by 2mph
Drive ModePedal Assist, Thumb Throttle, Riding Mode, Walking Mode
LightsIntegrated Headlight and Taillight,Powered by Main Battery and Controlled by Display
BatteryQuantity: 2, 10.4Ah Lithium Battery
ChargerQuantity: 2, 48V 2A US Standard Smart Charger, UL certification
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎53 x 26.4 x 9.8 inches
Package Weight‎76 Pounds

Unboxing and Assembly

VicTrip Janus comes in a small package with well-written instructions, making assembly and unboxing simple. Everything about the experience is quick and easy from the start. The package itself is surprisingly compact for housing an e-bike from Fat Tire that folds. It’s pretty amazing that it’s about the same size as a typical 26-inch mountain bike.

VicTrip Janus Review: Unboxing and Assembly

The amount of cushioning and protecting foam included in the box is one noteworthy feature. Even though it might take some time to get rid of all the foam, it shows how carefully the bike was packed for transit. It is an easy assembly process, especially for people who know how to assemble bicycles.

To assemble the VicTrip Janus, you’ll need to:

VicTrip Janus Review: Unboxing and Assembly

  1. Attach the front wheel and fender: This is easily done using quick-release clamps, no tools required.
  2. Fold out and orient the handlebars: Again, quick-release clamps make this step a breeze.
  3. Install the seat: Another quick-release clamp simplifies seat installation.
  4. Use the included tool kit for tasks like installing the wheels and fender.
  5. Install the pedals, which are conveniently labeled for easy identification.
  6. Connect the charger: The bike comes with a 54.6-volt, 2-amp charger for the 48-volt battery. Charging typically takes four to six hours.

VicTrip Janus Review: Unboxing and Assembly

The presence of two chargers, which is a nice surprise given the bike’s performance and price range, was discovered upon packaging. The owner’s manual, which includes thorough assembly instructions with full-color photographs, is also included in the accessories box. The assembly process is simplified by this manual, which clearly walks you through each step.

Design and Build Quality

You have an excellent sense of design in folding Fat Tire e-bikes, and the VicTrip Janus delivers both flair and functionality.

VicTrip Janus Review: Design and Build Quality

A quick-release clamp allows for total handlebar adjustment, starting from the top. The right grip has a thumb throttle for easy acceleration, and the textured rubber slip-on grips are comfortable to handle. The seven-speed Shimano thumb shifter lets you transfer gears smoothly if you’d rather use pedal assistance.

The left side controls are centered around the full-color display, which is notably vibrant and easy to read. Integrated into the display is a three-way control pad that handles various functions, adding convenience to your ride.

VicTrip Janus Review: Shimano 7 Speed / TY300

Moving on to safety features, the Janus is equipped with mechanical disc brakes that have an integrated motor disconnect, ensuring reliable stopping power. The front and rear disc brakes are from a reputable brand, enhancing your confidence on the road.

As a folding e-bike, adjustability is key, and the handlebars can be adjusted up and down while also folding. The bike also comes with an optional front rack, adding versatility to its cargo-carrying capabilities.

VicTrip Janus Review: Disc brakes

Suspension-wise, the bike features a front fork with around 50 millimeters of travel, coupled with a sturdy plastic fender that’s both durable and quiet during rides.

Excellent visibility is guaranteed even in the daytime thanks to the LED projector beam headlight, and the 20×3.0 Chao Yang tires on matching rims offer traction and stability on a variety of surfaces.

VicTrip Janus Review: Integrated Headlight and Taillight

With a total capacity of 330 pounds including the rider, cargo capacity is remarkable. The bike’s safety features are enhanced with the addition of a working brake light, particularly for nighttime trips.

The powertrain is made up of aluminum crank arms with plastic pedals attached, which are mated to a seven-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur group set. The 500-watt 48-volt Hub motor, on the other hand, is the most notable feature. It provides enough power and torque for an exciting ride.

VicTrip Janus Review: 10.4Ah Lithium Battery

What sets the Janus apart is its dual battery setup. The rear battery, easily accessible via a tilt saddle, boasts a 48-volt 10.4 amp-hour capacity. But here’s where it gets interesting – every Janus comes with a second battery, doubling the available power and greatly increasing efficiency.

Because both batteries are UL listed, you may charge and store them with confidence and safety. Although the bike may operate with just one battery if necessary, having two allows for greater versatility and range.

VicTrip Janus Review: rear rack

The bike may not appear small when folded, but its compact form makes storage and transit simple. The Janus stands out in its class due to its cost as well as its attention to detail, high-quality welds, and overall construction quality.

For folding Fat Tire e-bike aficionados like yourself, the VicTrip is an attractive option because of its easy power-up procedure and user-friendly controls, which flawlessly mix style, performance, and usefulness.

VicTrip Janus: Driving Test

Let’s dive into the riding experience of the VicTrip Janus, covering its speed capabilities, power delivery, handling, and overall performance:

VicTrip Janus Review: 500W, Peak Power 864W

Starting with the basics, the pedal assist modes offer a range of speeds:

  • Pedal Assist 1: Up to 12 miles per hour
  • Pedal Assist 2: Up to 16 miles per hour
  • Pedal Assist 3: Up to 19 miles per hour
  • Pedal Assist 4: Up to 23 miles per hour
  • Pedal Assist 5: Up to 25 miles per hour

VicTrip Janus Review: on the road or driving test

The bike’s maximum speed in throttle mode is 24.8 mph, which the display rounds up to 25 mph. This bike is unique in that it can keep up speed even when going uphill. It does a great job on minor slopes, and the Janus keeps up a constant acceleration on longer hills when several 500-watt e-bikes falter.

Its capacity to climb steep inclines with only the throttle is an astounding feat. Its ability to operate quietly under pressure demonstrates the torque capabilities of the motor. Because of this, I think the motor might produce greater torque than its 65 newton meters rating.

VicTrip Janus Review: on the road or driving test

The bike’s controller programming ensures smooth acceleration without feeling overly aggressive. The Cadence Sensor’s response is smooth as well, allowing for a consistent pedal-assist experience up to the top speed. The suspension fork adds to the smooth ride, absorbing bumps and providing comfort on various surfaces like city streets, grass, and bike paths.

The Janus’s wheelbase finds a happy medium between stability and agility. At slower speeds, it maintains stability and reacts well to changes in direction. A useful addition that improves safety when riding is the horn that is incorporated.

VicTrip Janus Review: on the road or driving test

The Janus is incredibly versatile; it may be used as a campus ride, delivery bike, daily commuter, or RV companion. Its range is greatly increased by the dual battery system; 45 to 65 miles are claimed per charge. The bike has outperformed these estimations in real-world testing, particularly when the terrain and pedal assist levels are just right.

Thus, the VicTrip Janus is a fun and adaptable e-bike for a variety of riding situations thanks to its well-balanced performance, enough power, smooth acceleration, and superb handling.

VicTrip Janus: Conclusions

The word “VicTrip” combines the words “victory” with “trip,” signifying an exciting and successful excursion. In terms of “Janus,” it comes from two moons of Saturn, Janus and Epimetheus, which have an orbit in common, same as the Janus e-bikes have a common battery and performance orbit.

VicTrip Janus Review: Frame Material ‎Aluminum

The Janus e-bike comes in two models: the standard Janus and the step-through Janus ES. With the exception of the ES model’s step-through design, both offer the same features and performance. The bikes are available in a variety of hues, such as silver, black, and a striking pink that is in high demand.

Both Janus models boast powerful 500-watt motors, 20.8 amp-hours of battery capacity, and the ability to swap rear batteries between the two bikes. This versatility, combined with their performance and features, makes them standout options in the e-bike market.

VicTrip Janus Review: foldable e-bike

When compared to other e-bikes on the market, the VicTrip Janus e-bikes offer remarkable performance for a fairly low price, especially considering their amazing specs.

For riders looking for a dependable and pleasurable electric bicycling experience, the VicTrip Janus e-bike series stands out for its unique combination of style, performance, versatility, and cost. Visit the VicTrip website to learn more and to view the colors and features that are available.

VicTrip Janus Review: 10.4Ah Lithium Battery

I appreciate you reading, and I hope you had a wonderful day of seeing the world on your VicTrip Janus e-bike!

Alternatives of VicTrip Janus


LikeBike Lander S Review: 500W Affordability E-bike Under $600!

APYEAR 14 Review

In the event that you’ve overspent on an opulent yacht but are short on cash for additional expenditures, the LikeBike Lander S might be the ideal solution. It is affordable without sacrificing features or quality, making it available to individuals who value affordability.

You don’t have to pass up other luxuries because you’ve invested in one, such as an electric bike that provides comfort, security, and fun trips. If you want to enjoy the advantages of an e-bike without going over budget, the Lander S offers a useful and affordable option.

The LikeBike Lander S thus demonstrates that you can still enjoy quality and performance without a huge price tag, regardless of whether you’re a frugal spender or just trying to make the most of your leftover cash after indulging in other activities.

Frame Material‎Carbon Steel
Motor‎500 watts and 65N.M
Shift Levers7-Speed Gear
Suspension Type‎Front
Top speed25MPH
Tires26" X 4" Fat Tire
Displaylarge LCD display
Battery48V 13AH battery
Fully charge5-6 hours
Maximum Weight Recommendation‎330 Pounds

Unboxing and Assembly

It’s an adventure to assemble and unpack the LikeBike Lander S! It appears that the box has a good number of things. Let’s dissect it in detail.

APYEAR 14 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

First, the charging brake, pedals, tools, user handbook, and small box at the top most likely hold all the necessities. These are essential for preparing your bike and comprehending its functions. It’s always appreciated that foam and bubble wrap are included to keep everything safe throughout transportation.

APYEAR 14 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

The seat is another issue—sorry, seems like a small slip there, but that’s all part of the excitement of opening a package, isn’t it? Next, you have that user handbook, zip ties, Allen keys, zip ties, and two power chargers. Those tools will be very useful in the future for maintenance and assembly.

APYEAR 14 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

Let’s go on to the primary attraction: the bike. With only the handlebars to attach, it seems like assembly will bike simple. Furthermore, the battery’s remarkable specifications of 48 volts and 13 amp hours translate into an astounding 624 watt-hours of power—that’s quite amazing. Moreover, it is simple to operate thanks to the power switch that is ideally positioned between the brakes.

APYEAR 14 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

Now that everything is assembled, it’s time to start driving! You can get a true sense of how it rides by taking it for a spin through Victoria. You’ll be able to personally experience what you enjoy and perhaps even identify some areas for improvement. But all in all, from unpacking to assembly to riding, it seems like a simple and thrilling experience.

Design and Build Quality

With its amazing design and high build quality, the LikeBike looks like it’s ready for any adventure. The front suspension and those enormous 4-inch wide tires are ideal for handling uneven trails. It sounds like a terrific idea to put its powers to the test by testing it out on a course that finishes with a difficult Trestle Bridge.

APYEAR 14 Review: Design and Build Quality

You may anticipate a smoother ride thanks to the wide tires and suspension, particularly on uneven or difficult terrain. This arrangement keeps you more comfortable and in control by absorbing shocks and bumps. And because of its off-road adventure-focused design, you may discover that the Lander S handles the Trestle Bridge with ease when you get there.

APYEAR 14 Review: front Suspension

Taking it for a whirl on these trails will give you a firsthand experience of how well it performs in different conditions. It’s always exciting to see how a bike handles real-world challenges, and it sounds like the LikeBike Lander S is up for the task.

LikeBike Lander S: Motor and Driving Test

You appear to have been pretty impressed with the LikeBike Lander S, particularly with its remarkable features and specs. Let’s break down what caught your attention.

LikeBike Lander S Review: on the road or driving test

First of all, it is no minor feat for a 500W motor to reach a peak power of nearly 700W. It provides you with ample power to ride at different speeds and terrains, which is crucial for an electric bike, particularly when going on off-road adventures like the ones you’re going on.

LikeBike Lander S Review: large LCD display

Another major benefit appears to be the comfort factor. Even on uneven trails, the suspension system and the 4-inch wide tires provide a comfortable and fun ride. That these improvements are meeting your expectations and improving your riding experience is wonderful to hear.

LikeBike Lander S Review: on the road or driving test

But what really seems to have blown you away is the cruise control feature. It’s not often seen on e-bikes, especially in the budget range. Being able to set your speed and cruise along without constantly adjusting the throttle is a game-changer, particularly on longer rides where fatigue can set in. It’s a thoughtful addition that adds a lot of convenience to your outdoor adventures.

LikeBike Lander S Review: front light

With the LikeBike Lander S’s customizable power assist settings, it sounds like you’re having a great time. It’s simple to tailor your ride to your preferences with five levels to choose from, whether you prefer a little more assistance or to pedal more independently. It’s wonderful to hear that the bike’s performance is up to par; reaching a high speed of 20 mph with the potential to reach 25 mph is outstanding.

LikeBike Lander S Review: rear light

You also appear to find the Lander S’s lighting system to be a particularly noteworthy feature. An added degree of safety and visibility is provided by the brake lights, which turn on when you apply the brakes—even in broad daylight. Plus, the front light with its four bright LEDs ensures that you can see clearly, even in low-light conditions. And let’s not forget about the horn—it’s always handy to have a way to alert others when needed, even if it’s just for fun!

LikeBike Lander S Review: 7-Speed Gear

So, it sounds like the LikeBike Lander S is delivering on performance, comfort, and innovative features, making it a standout choice for anyone looking for a capable and enjoyable electric bike. Enjoy cruising along with that cruise control feature—it’s the little things that can make a big difference in your ride!

Battery and Range

Not only does the LikeBike Lander S perform admirably on the road, but its battery design and safety features also make an impression. Easily accessible in the center, the 13 amp hour battery may be removed with ease by either lowering the seat or utilizing the key lock mechanism. Though this degree of security and accessibility is standard on contemporary e-bikes, it’s always advantageous when it’s neatly incorporated into the design.

LikeBike Lander S Review: 48V 13AH battery

This battery is unique since it has UL 2849 certification, which denotes a high level of safety. The Lander S’s approved and safe battery system is essential in cities like New York, where there have been reports of e-bike fires caused by charging accidents.

LikeBike Lander S Review: 48V 13AH battery

It gives riders peace of mind knowing that as long as they use the proper charger, they won’t encounter any safety issues with their e-bike.

LikeBike Lander S Review: charger

This attention to safety and practicality adds another layer of value to the LikeBike Lander S, making it a reliable and secure choice for riders who prioritize both performance and peace of mind.

LikeBike Lander S: Conclusions

In summary, it appears that you had a very good experience with the LikeBike Lander S, with very little room for improvement. Let’s examine your positive and negative experiences with this affordable e-bike.

APYEAR 14 Review

What you didn’t like:

  • Grips could be slightly more premium.
  • Brakes could be larger and more expensive.
  • Power and battery size could be increased.

What you liked:

  • Inexpensive price point, making it accessible for many riders.
  • UL certification for safety, a surprising and valuable feature in a budget e-bike.
  • Powerful 500W motor and ample 13 amp hour battery for practical use.
  • Convenient twist throttle and full-color display for easy control.
  • Seven-speed derailleur for tackling hills more comfortably.
  • Wired-in rear light, a thoughtful addition for visibility and safety.
  • Size of the bike, suitable for big riders like yourself.

Even if the LikeBike Lander S might have used larger brakes and better grips, it nevertheless pleased you overall with its performance, safety features, affordability, and appropriateness for riders of all sizes. Your endorsement that it’s “big guy approved” says a lot about how adaptable and appealing it is.

LikeBike Lander S Review: on the road or driving test

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly e-bike with solid features and performance, the LikeBike Lander S seems to be a great choice.

Alternatives of LikeBike Lander S


APYEAR 14 Review: 14 Inches and Carbon Steel E-bike 2024!

APYEAR 14 Review: on the road or driving test

Hello there, and welcome to our review of the APYEAR 14 electric bike. Convenience and simplicity of use are the design features of this little, folding bike.

After everything is put together, we’ll go driving to evaluate the APYEAR 14’s capabilities. The bike is appropriate for both leisure riding and city commutes, with a top speed of 20 miles per hour in aided mode promised. The battery takes around four to 5 hours to charge, providing a range of approximately 20 to 30 miles depending on usage.


We’ll keep an eye on the bike’s stability throughout the journey, particularly when using the kickstand, because some users have mentioned that level ground may be necessary to keep the bike from tipping. To discover everything this tiny powerhouse has to offer, let’s get started with the unpacking and riding experience.

Frame MaterialCarbon Steel
Maximum speed18MPH
Special FeatureFolding
Battery48V12A lithium battery
RangeUp to 20 miles per charge
Package Weight‎67 Pounds
Size28x19x23 inches

Unboxing and Design

With its beautiful style and useful features, the APYEAR 14 appears to be a nice surprise. Unboxing and learning about the special features of a new device is always exciting, and this electric bike sounds no different.

APYEAR 14 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

First of all, the reference to “Little Wheel booties” lends an air of whimsicalness to the unwrapping process. The bike appears to have adorable little shoes of its own! Additionally, it saves you a ton of time and headache because it arrives mostly constructed.

APYEAR 14 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

As you showed, assembling the handlebars might occasionally be difficult. things’s helpful that you explained how to do things correctly, especially to prevent any accidents. After all, safety comes first!

APYEAR 14 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

It’s important to customize the bike to your tastes, and it’s fantastic that the handlebars and pedals can be changed. When you get the hang of it, the folding process also looks rather intuitive, which facilitates storage and transportation.

APYEAR 14 Review: seat

The bike gains a lot of value from its extra features, which include a horn, blinkers, and a separate light switch. It demonstrates attention to detail and enhances the safety and enjoyment of riding.

APYEAR 14 Review: Design and Build Quality

You’ve brought up some important details regarding the construction and features of the APYEAR 14 electric bike. It’s excellent that you have firmly fixed the seat to prevent frequent modifications and that you find the foldable design to be useful. It is a sensible innovation to have separate controls for the light and blinkers, especially because even more expensive motorcycles don’t always have them.

APYEAR 14 Review: controls

It’s noteworthy that you stressed how crucial blinkers are for bikes because they increase rider safety, particularly in metropolitan areas. Its 260-pound weight capacity is also very remarkable for an electric bike this size.

APYEAR 14: Driving Test

Regarding its speed and gearing mechanism, the APYEAR electric bike appears to have some intriguing subtleties. Despite the fact that it is touted as having three speeds, you said you couldn’t see any actual gears to shift. This suggests that the speed control might be attained by cycling the throttle or by riding the bike normally without utilizing conventional gear shifting.

APYEAR 14 Review: on the road or driving test

For an electric bike, the bike’s maximum speed of 20 miles per hour is rather astounding, however you pointed out that it might not reach that speed right out of the box. The fact that the Amazon website offers a method to unlock the maximum speed is intriguing, but it’s a little unexpected that the screen doesn’t show the current speed.

APYEAR 14 Review: on the road or driving test

Despite the fact that the bike feels a little small for your height (5’8″), you said it still rides and uses the throttle nicely. Given that electric bikes are meant to be simple and effective to ride, the lack of a gear system may not be a big deal.

APYEAR 14 Review: on the road or driving test

Positives include the motor’s quietness and the ride’s smoothness, although you also pointed out that the shock absorption could be better, especially on uneven roads. All things considered, it appears that the APYEAR 14 provides a practical and pleasurable riding experience, particularly for city or shorter commutes.

Battery and Range

For practical use, the APYEAR 14 electric bike’s charge time and range are important factors to take into account. It’s helpful to know that, like many electric bikes, the battery requires four to five hours to fully charge.

APYEAR 14 Review: 48V12A lithium battery

You mentioned that the range in assisted mode is around 20 miles based on the specifications. On the other hand, you calculated that you rode for around 10 kilometers and that you used up about half the battery, mostly on the throttle. This finding implies that the real range may exceed the 20 miles that are promised, particularly if you’re using the throttle most of the time.

APYEAR 14 Review: on the road or driving test

You also claimed that the Amazon listing showed an additional mileage of up to 32 miles per charge in assisted mode. There could be a number of reasons for this difference in the specified ranges, including the rider’s weight, the terrain, changes in speed, and riding circumstances. Depending on how you utilize the bike and the riding circumstances, it’s safe to expect that the real range might be between 20 and 30 kilometers. 

APYEAR 14: Conclusions

The APYEAR 14 electric bike, with its folding form, independent light and blinker controls, and respectable range in assisted mode, provides a good balance of convenience and functionality. There are a few things to keep in mind, though. Although the assembly process is rather simple, care must be taken to prevent injury, as was noted during the installation of the handlebars. The bike still works well in terms of speed and control, but some riders may find it puzzling because there are no visible gears.

APYEAR 14 Review: on the road or driving test

Depending on usage, the battery has an estimated range of 20 to 30 miles and requires four to five hours to fully charge. The kickstand, which needs level ground to prevent tilting, raises questions about the bike’s stability.

APYEAR 14 Review: on the road or driving test

Thus, if this electric bike piques your attention, you may get it on Amazon using the convenient link that we’ve included below. I appreciate your reading, and I hope this review aids in your decision-making regarding the APYEAR 14. And now for the corny outro!


Alternatives of APYEAR 14


Mukkpet GL Review: 500W Step-Through E-bike for $699!

Mukkpet GL Review

You seem to be overflowing with enthusiasm and adoration for the Mukkpet GL 500, especially in light of its amazing features and potent power.

One notable characteristic of the Mukkpet GL 500 is its 500 watts of power, which promises a powerful and dynamic riding experience. This amount of power can easily tackle a variety of obstacles and terrains while offering enough torque and speed to meet your riding needs.

You’ve raised expectations for what’s to come by hinting at revealing some incredible features that viewers won’t believe. This e-bike is obviously more than just a simple bike, as seen by its design, technology, and usefulness, which takes riding to a whole new level.  

Your obvious joy is a sign that you truly value the care and attention to detail that went into making the Mukkpet GL 500. It is clear that every aspect of the bike, from the packaging process to its operation, has been thoroughly thought out to guarantee consumer happiness.


Let’s start by discussing what makes this electric bike unique – what you may expect when you open it.

Frame Material‎Aluminum
Motor:500W (750W Peak) Brushless Hub Motor
Derailleur:7 speed
Display:LCD Display
Throttle:Half twist grip throttle
Brake:180MM Mechanical disc brake
Controller:48V 20A controller
Charger:2A charger
Battery:48V 13AH battery
Weight Limit:Maximum Payload Capacity is 300 lbs

Design and Build Quality

The Mukkpet GL appears to provide a good balance between mobility and functionality, especially considering the attention to detail in both its design and construction.

Mukkpet GL Review: Unboxing and Assembly

The folding mechanism of the bike seems simple and easy to use. It’s easy to store and carry thanks to features like the collapsible pedals, readily foldable frame, and security latch. This is especially useful in small locations like vehicle trunks or apartments with little storage.

By allowing users to modify the handlebars and seat to suit their tastes and riding style, the bike becomes more comfortable and versatile. This flexibility is essential to guaranteeing that various people have an ergonomic and comfortable riding experience.

Mukkpet GL Review: ‎Aluminum frame

The step-through design improves accessibility and use, especially for people who might have mobility challenges or would like a more comfortable mounting and dismounting procedure because it removes the need to raise a leg over the top bar.

The story doesn’t go into great detail about certain components or building techniques, but generally, the bike looks well-made. The ability to fold and unfold the item with ease and without any noticeable problems is a sign of high-quality construction and craftsmanship, which are necessary for long-term dependability and durability.

Mukkpet GL Review: Design and Build Quality

The word “versatile” captures the essence of the GL, as it seems to cater to a wide range of users and situations. Whether for daily commuting, occasional recreational rides, or as a space-saving solution, its compact yet functional design makes it a versatile choice for various cycling needs.

The built-in shock in the seat adds a layer of comfort by absorbing vibrations and bumps while riding. This feature is particularly beneficial for longer rides or uneven terrains, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable experience, especially for larger riders.

Mukkpet GL Review: rear rack

The inclusion of robust front shocks further enhances the bike’s ability to handle rough surfaces. These shocks are designed to absorb impacts from uneven terrain, potholes, or bumps, contributing to a more stable and controlled ride.

The mention of four-inch wide 20-inch tires with a lower pressure (20 psi) compared to traditional e-bikes or scooters (usually around 45 psi) indicates a focus on comfort. The wider tires offer increased surface contact, distributing weight more evenly and providing better traction, stability, and cushioning against road imperfections.

Mukkpet GL Review: 20x4.0-inch tires

The anticipation of testing the bike on the Trestle bridge, known for its uncomfortable wooden slats, highlights the bike’s suitability for challenging terrains. The combination of seat shock absorption, front shocks, and wide tires suggests that the Mukkpet GL is designed to handle various surfaces with minimal discomfort to the rider.

Together, these comfort-focused elements make for a seamless and delightful riding experience. The bike improves rider comfort by lessening the effect of bumps and vibrations, enabling longer rides without the weariness or pain sometimes associated with tough terrain or uneven surfaces.

Mukkpet GL Review: 7 speed gears

Therefore, the Mukkpet is a promising choice for anyone looking for a pleasant and adaptable electric bike because of its emphasis on shock absorption and tire design, which show a thoughtful commitment to boosting rider comfort and ride quality across varied terrains.

Mukkpet GL: Driving Test

Shock-absorbing components like front and seat shocks, as well as wide tires, contributed to the surprisingly comfortable ride across the Trestle Bridge. The bike’s appeal to riders conquering steep slopes or navigating difficult surfaces is increased by its ability to tackle uneven terrain with ease, comfortable riding position, and throttle assistance.

Mukkpet GL Review: on the road or driving test

You noted that the bike folds up into a small size, which makes it easy to store in cramped areas. This feature increases the convenience and versatility of the bike and is especially helpful for commuters or anyone with limited storage choices.

The 500-watt motor and Shimano derailleur gear with seven-speed options contribute to effortless climbing and smooth rides, especially on steep inclines. The inclusion of a throttle for easy acceleration from stops further enhances the bike’s performance and usability in urban environments.

Mukkpet GL Review: on the road or driving test

You noted the presence of bright lights and large brake lights, enhancing visibility and safety during nighttime rides or low-light conditions. Additionally, the substantial mudguards complement the bike’s design, especially considering its wide tires, offering protection from debris and ensuring a cleaner ride.

Your compliments on the comfort, handling, performance, and safety features of the bike point to an all-around pleasurable riding experience. The Mukkpet GL looks to be a well-rounded and user-friendly electric bike alternative, capable of handling difficult terrain, steep hills, and city streets with ease.

Accordingly, your thorough analysis shows that the Mukkpet GL is an excellent electric bike that can be used in a variety of settings and for a wide range of riding needs. It excels in comfort, performance, and practicality.


The bike has a sturdy 48-volt system, which suggests that its electric motor is strong and effective and can provide enough speed and torque for a range of riding situations. When compared to lesser voltage configurations, this higher voltage system frequently results in improved performance and extended battery life.

Mukkpet GL Review: 48V 13AH battery

The Mukkpet GL delivers a significant quantity of energy storage with a 13 amp hour battery. When a rider needs reliable power over long distances without having to worry about frequent recharges, this capacity comes in handy for longer trips.

The battery’s accessibility is one noteworthy aspect. An approach to battery management that is user-friendly is demonstrated by the ease with which the battery may be removed by simply flipping up the saddle and releasing it with a key. This feature comes in very handy while charging the battery indoors or in a safe place.

Mukkpet GL Review: on the road or driving test

A degree of security is added by including keys for battery removal, which deters theft or illegal entry. For added peace of mind, this feature is crucial, particularly while leaving the bike unattended in public spaces.

Mukkpet GL: Conclusions

You seem to have had nothing but excellent experiences with the Mukkpet GL, with very few if any negative ones. This is an overview of your preferences:

Mukkpet GL Review


  1. Powerful Motor: The 500-watt motor impressed you with its ability to handle your weight and provide sufficient power for various riding situations.
  2. Pedal Assist System: The five levels of pedal assist allowed you to customize your riding experience, making it easier to navigate through town.
  3. Throttle: The throttle on the handlebars provided additional convenience, especially for accelerating from stops.
  4. Mechanical Brakes: You found the mechanical brakes to be effective and reliable, contributing to a sense of safety while riding.
  5. Sturdy Rack: The sturdy rack at the back of the bike was appreciated for its functionality and durability.
  6. Comfort Features: The shocks in the seat and front, along with the wide tires, made for a comfortable riding experience.
  7. Foldable Design: The ability to fold the bike for storage in small spaces added to its practicality and versatility.
  8. Thoughtful Design: Features like the lighting, display, and overall design showed a thoughtful approach to user experience.

Mukkpet GL Review: on the road or driving test


  1. Weight: While you mentioned the bike is a bit heavy, it doesn’t seem to be a significant issue for you given all the positive aspects of the bike.
  2. Display: While the display may not be the largest or brightest, you found it functional and adequate for your needs.

Your opinion is overwhelmingly favorable overall, and you strongly suggest the Mukkpet GL. Its remarkable performance, comfort, and well-thought-out design are highlighted in your in-depth feedback, which makes it an extremely appealing e-bike in your opinion.


Alternatives of Mukkpet GL


Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: 750W and 26-inch Fat E-bike!

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review

The Velowave Ranger 2.0, a 750W electric bike with 26×4 fat tires, a 15 amp-hour battery, and a huge 300-pound payload capacity, is the subject of today’s review. Here at Chris Crossed, we’ll be thoroughly testing the sturdy performance and versatility of this e-bike for a variety of riding circumstances.

Follow along as we explore the Velowave Ranger 2.0’s speed, handling, capacity to climb hills, and general performance on and off-road.

Come along for a comprehensive analysis of this electric bike and discover how well it performs in actual riding scenarios. Join along on the excitement as we test ride this amazing e-bike!

Frame: 6061 Aluminium, Removable Battery, Internal Routing
Motor:Geared Hub Motor, Rated 750W, Peak 1000W, Max Torque 80NM
Display: Multifunctional Color-Screen Display
Max Speed: 28MPH by pedal, 20MPH by throttle
Classes:Class 3(Ebikes can go up to 28mph with pedal assistance)
Pedal Assist:5 Levels
Shifter:Shimano 7-Speed RevoShift
Fork:Hydraulic Suspension Fork with 60mm travel, with lockout
Brake:Front & Rear Hydralic Disc Brakes, with180mm discs, with power-cut-off function
Tire Size: 26" x 4.0" Kenda Fat Tires
Battery:Removable Internal Lithium-ion Battery, 48V 15Ah, 720Wh, LG Cells
Range:up to 90 Miles by Pedal; 30+ Miles by Throttle
Saddle: Comfortable Wide Saddle
Net Weight:33.1kg (72.97lb) ( including battery)
Gross Weight:43.8kg (96.56lb)
Weight limit:

Main Specs

The Velowave Ranger 2.0 750W Fat Tire electric bike is a popular choice with a strong reputation in the e-bike market. Here are its main specifications:

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: Design and Build Quality

  1. Motor: Equipped with a powerful 750W motor, the Ranger 2.0 delivers robust performance for various terrains and riding conditions.
  2. Tires: Featuring 26×4-inch fat tires, this bike provides excellent traction and stability, making it suitable for off-road adventures and rough surfaces.
  3. Frame: The frame of the Ranger 2.0 is designed for durability and comfort, allowing riders to enjoy long rides with confidence.
  4. Battery: The bike is powered by a reliable and long-lasting battery, ensuring extended riding range per charge for uninterrupted journeys.
  5. Affordable Price: Priced at $999, the Ranger 2.0 offers a competitive value proposition in the e-bike market, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers.
  6. Brand Reputation: Velowave is a well-established e-bike brand, known for producing quality products and earning a spot as a top 20 e-bike brand in the industry.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: Design and Build Quality

Comparing it to the Lectric XPeak, you’ll find that the Ranger 2.0 stands out with its powerful motor, fat tires for better traction, and a competitive price point. It’s worth considering for those looking for a reliable and affordable electric bike with robust performance capabilities.

Velowave Ranger 2.0: Design and Build Quality

The Velowave Ranger 2.0 electric bike is a competitive choice in the e-bike industry because to its well-thought-out design and strong build quality.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: Design and Build Quality

With just a twist, the Ranger 2.0’s seven-speed Revo shifter enables precise and seamless gear changes. Reliable performance throughout rides is ensured by its 52-tooth crank, 14-to-28 Freewheel, 7-speed KMC 124-link chain, and Shimano Tney rear derailleur.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: handlebar

With its 180 mm rotor Zedo hydraulic brakes, the Ranger 2.0 offers superior stopping force and control, improving safety on a variety of surfaces.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: Front & Rear Hydralic Disc Brakes, with180mm discs, with power-cut-off function

The bike is powered by a removable internal lithium-ion battery with 48 volts and 15 amp-hours (720 Wh), providing ample power for extended rides. It comes with a 2-amp charger for convenient charging. The motor is a robust 750W unit with a peak output of 1000W and a maximum torque of around 80 Nm. The controller is a 25 amp unit, offering smooth power delivery and control.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: Removable Internal Lithium-ion Battery, 48V 15Ah, 720Wh, LG Cells

The Ranger 2.0 includes a cadence sensor, thumb throttle, and a 10-30 Lux front light for enhanced visibility. The handlebar setup features ergonomic locking grips, hydraulic disc brake levers, a thumb throttle, and a Revo shift twist grip shifter for easy gear changes. The display is small but in color, providing essential ride information such as speed, pedal assist level, battery percentage, and mileage.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: 26" x 4.0" Kenda Fat Tires

The bike’s frame and other parts are built to last and work well. It’s appropriate for off-road excursions because of the fat tires’ superior traction and stability on a variety of terrain. It is simple to reach the battery and it may be charged both on and off the bike. The bike also has a 25 kg capacity rear rack, which increases carrying capacity while riding.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: rear rack

The Ranger 2.0’s well-thought-out cockpit design and high-quality parts provide for a comfortable ride. Even if it doesn’t have some cutting-edge features like a through-axle front fork or a rear brake light, it still offers good performance and value for the money, making it a great choice for riders searching for an electric bike that can handle trails and adventures.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: handles

Thus, the Velowave Ranger 2.0 is an excellent option among electric motorcycles in its class since it combines a clever design, strong build quality, and necessary functionality.

Comparison with Lectric XPress

There are a few significant parallels and differences between the Lectric XPress and the Velowave Ranger 2.0 that are worth mentioning:

With a 15 amp-hour battery, the Ranger 2.0 has a little larger capacity than the Lectric XPress, which has a 14 amp-hour battery. This means that you could be able to use the Ranger for longer rides between charges.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: Comparison with Lectric XPress

While the Ranger 2.0 has a frame that mimics the TRXus Explorer but has a different look that can appeal to different tastes, the Lectric XPress has a thicker, more rectangular frame design. The frames of both bikes are mountain bike-type, however they are not exactly the same form or design.

The Lectric XPress includes rim cutouts, which can contribute to a lighter overall weight and a more streamlined appearance. In contrast, the Ranger 2.0 lacks these cutouts, which may affect its weight and visual appeal.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: handlebar

The two motorcycles’ handlebar configurations are different. The handlebar configuration of the Ranger 2.0 features a bell, a small color display, a thumb throttle on the left side, ergonomic locking grips, and a Revo shift twist shifter. On the other hand, even though your comparison omits certain information, the Lectric XPress probably has a different handlebar arrangement.

You expressed a preference for the Lectric XPress’s frame design over other options, even if aesthetics are largely a matter of taste. But you also mentioned that you like the Ranger 2.0’s handlebar configuration.

Driving Test

You’ve provided a thorough description of your Velowave Ranger 2.0 experience, including speed limits, ascents and descents, and trail riding.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: on the road or driving test

In speed checks, the bike operated smoothly, precisely matching the indicated speed. In terms of traction, the 26×4 fat tires were superior to the 20×4 fat tires on e-bikes. Despite your personal preference for the larger and more useful 20×4 tires, you were pleased with the Ranger 2.0’s performance even with its larger tires.

The Ranger 2.0 demonstrated its capacity for speedier rides by reaching a maximum speed of 27.9 mph during the top speed test. The bike could sustain faster speeds because of its power and torque output.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: Shimano 7-Speed RevoShift

The Ranger 2.0 demonstrated impressive hill-climbing abilities, especially when using the throttle alone. It maintained good speed even on steeper inclines, thanks to its 750W motor and torque output.

The hydraulic brakes on the bike impressed you with its performance and dependability when it reached speeds of up to 35 mph on the downhill descent.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: on the road or driving test

Trail riding was expertly managed by the Ranger 2.0, which maneuvered over mud, rocks, and even jumps with control and stability. The bike was a fun and capable option for off-road adventures because of its stability and mobility.

Thus, the Velowave Ranger 2.0’s adaptability and performance in a variety of riding environments were demonstrated by your experience with it. It performed as promised, impressing you with its speed, hill-climbing ability, braking efficiency, and trail-handling skills.

Velowave Ranger 2.0: Conclusions

To sum up, the Velowave Ranger 2.0 has shown itself to be a reliable and amazing electric bike for off-road excursions. It demonstrated its skills and dependability during the tests, which included trail riding, speed checks, hill climbing, and downhill runs. For riders searching for an e-bike that can tackle both trails and jumps, the bike’s stability, control, and responsiveness allowed it to manage a variety of terrains and difficulties with ease.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review

For anyone looking for a reliable and competent electric bike for off-road adventure, the Ranger 2.0 is a suggested option because, all things considered, its performance exceeded expectations and left a pleasant impression. I appreciate you coming along for the ride, and I hope to see you again soon for more two-wheeled adventures.

Alternatives of Velowave Ranger 2.0


Haoqi Cheetah Review: 750W and 25Amp Full Suspension E-bike!

Haoqi Cheetah Review

We’ve brought in the remarkable Haoqi Cheetah bike to the Tool Show Labs, with a top speed of 28 mph and a range of up to 85 miles on a single charge.

We want to test it extensively in order to assess how well it performs in terms of speed, acceleration, braking, range, seat height, and other parameters. We’ll carefully measure and examine these factors, then enter the data into our scoring system to find out where the Haoqi Cheetah is placed on our Tool List.

Because of the precision and accuracy of our testing methodology, we are able to offer insightful information about the capabilities and suitability of the Cheetah for various riding circumstances.


Stay tuned as we delve into the details and unveil the comprehensive assessment of the Haoqi Cheetah, guiding consumers in making informed decisions about their electric bike choices.

Frame Material‎Aluminum
Motor 750W High Speed Brushless Geared Motor
Freewheel Shimano 7 speed gear shift system
Max Speed28+MPH
Display KT-LCD10H E-bike Display USB
Pedal Assist Intelligent 5 Level Pedal Assist
Front Fork RST Alloy front suspension fork with lockout and adjustment
Rear Suspension FASTACE A8 / 850Bls / 185mm Length - Travel 50mm
Headlight 48V LED light
Tires 26” x 4”
Saddle Soft saddle
Battery 48V 16Ah / 25Ah High-tech Lithium Battery
Max Range70+ miles
Product Weight 73 Ibs
Recommended Rider Heights 5.5” ~ 6.8”
Total Payload Capacity 350 Ibs

Main Specs

In the e-bike market, the Haoqi Cheetah really stands out thanks to its special features and performance capabilities. Rob’s “The Tool List” highlights this bike because of its sturdy construction that is suitable for a range of surfaces.

Haoqi Cheetah Review: on the road or driving test

Its front suspension is one of its best characteristics; it allows it to handle rough terrain with ease. With the help of a 750 W rear hub motor and two 48-volt batteries with a combined capacity of 25 amp, it can go an astounding 85 miles on a single charge. It’s noteworthy because it’s the first full-suspension ebike in their testing series, with quick Ace AB suspension at the back and adjustable forks up front. This combination guarantees a comfortable and seamless ride even on uneven and rugged terrain.

What sets this bike apart further is its focus on user comfort and control. The adjustable forks allow riders to fine-tune their riding experience, catering to individual preferences and terrain conditions. The rear suspension complements this by absorbing shocks and vibrations, enhancing overall stability and ride quality.

Haoqi Cheetah Review: Aluminum frame

Rob emphasizes the importance of these features in his review, highlighting how they contribute to the bike’s final score. He also mentions the price point, noting that the Haoqi Cheetah is available for around $1949, making it a compelling option for those seeking a high-performance yet affordable electric cargo bike.


The Haoqi Cheetah’s hydraulic disc brakes provide exceptional safety in addition to making it a smooth and strong ride. Compared to mechanical brakes, this mechanism produces brakes that are not only more powerful but also more durable and require less maintenance.

Haoqi Cheetah Review: hydraulic disc brakes

The Haoqi Cheetah’s hydraulic disc brakes are a testament to its dedication to both performance and safety, which is especially important for a heavy-duty ebike like this one. Rob talks about the significance of brake disc size in particular for these kinds of motorcycles, saying that 180 mm is the minimum recommended size for good braking. The Cheetah performs admirably in this regard thanks to its properly sized brake discs, which guarantee dependable stopping power even on difficult terrain or while towing larger loads.


Ebikes need headlights to be seen, especially when there is traffic. Rob stresses the value of having a strong headlight, particularly one that enables riders to safely reach higher speeds in low light or darkness, such as 20 mph. These requirements are satisfied by the Cheetah’s headlamp, which offers enough brightness for safe nighttime riding while also making riders clearly visible to other drivers.

Haoqi Cheetah Review: 48V LED light

Rob also points out the importance of tail lights, which are equipped on the majority of electric bikes. But the dual purpose of the Cheetah’s tail light is what really makes it unique.

Haoqi Cheetah Review: rear light

It functions as a brake light in addition to a typical tail light to improve visibility from behind. This feature is a significant safety enhancement, alerting other road users when the rider is slowing down or coming to a stop, further reducing the risk of collisions.


Many electric motorcycles come equipped with front suspension forks as standard equipment, which are designed to reduce vibration and enhance ride comfort. The adjustable forks on the Cheetah allow riders to customize their riding experience according to terrain and individual tastes, which is what makes it unique from other bikes.

Haoqi Cheetah Review: RST Alloy front suspension fork with lockout and adjustment

But the Cheetah’s back suspension—a feature not often seen on other bikes in its class—is where it really excels. The bike’s capacity to tackle rocky and uneven terrain is much improved by this rear suspension, which also makes the ride smoother and more controlled.

Haoqi Cheetah Review: FASTACE A8 / 850Bls / 185mm Length - Travel 50mm

Rob’s testing on a rough horse trail through the woods further emphasizes the Cheetah’s prowess. Among the six bikes tested, the Cheetah stood out as the most comfortable and capable, thanks to its combination of front and rear suspensions. This capability makes it a versatile choice for riders seeking an electric bike that can handle a variety of terrains with ease.

Haoqi Cheetah: Design and Build Quality

The Haoqi Cheetah’s build quality and design exhibit a balance between robustness and practicality, meeting riders’ needs while guaranteeing dependability and durability.

Haoqi Cheetah Review: Design and Build Quality

Rob starts off by pointing out that the batteries, engine, electronics, and strong frame needed to support all of these parts make electric motorcycles, such as the Cheetah, tend to be hefty. With a weight of 88.8 lbs, the Cheetah is in the middle of the bikes that were evaluated. Although weight can have an impact on mobility and portability, it also indicates a well-made bike.

For storage, the Cheetah comes equipped with an impressive rear rack, providing ample space for carrying essentials or gear. However, it lacks a front rack option, which Rob notes is typical for off-road bikes like the Cheetah.

Haoqi Cheetah Review: rear rack

In terms of gears, the Cheetah features a seven-speed Shimano gear shifter and derailleur, offering versatility for different riding conditions. Rob expresses a bit of disappointment that all six bikes tested had the same number of speeds, indicating that a higher gear option would have been beneficial, especially when pushing speeds above 20 mph.

Height range is another aspect Rob covers, highlighting that the Cheetah can be adjusted from 34 to 43 inches, providing a range of 9 inches. This adjustment range is on par with other bikes tested, offering flexibility for riders of varying heights.

Haoqi Cheetah Review: 26” x 4” tires

Although Rob doesn’t test load capacity directly, he notes that the Cheetah handled about 480 lbs of weight across the bike in a test trailer without any problems during endurance and acceleration testing. With a 400 lb load capacity, the Cheetah ranks highest among the bikes evaluated according to the manufacturer.

Therefore, strength, usefulness, and practicality are prioritized in the design and build quality of the Haoqi, making it a good option for riders searching for a robust and adaptable electric bike that can handle a variety of terrains and carry substantial loads.

Driving Test

The Haoqi Cheetah has both a throttle and pedal assist, which are standard features on many electric bikes, in terms of control options.

Haoqi Cheetah Review: on the road or driving test

Starting with the throttle, Rob explains that the majority of electric bikes have a thumb throttle that is actuated with the thumb or a twist grip throttle that is akin to that on motorcycles. Rob says the twist grip throttle on the Cheetah is quite comfortable to use.

Rob talks about two different kinds of pedal assist: torque and cadence sensors. Regardless of how quickly the cyclist cycles, cadence sensors are triggered by pedaling and work independently to accelerate the bike to a predetermined pace. On the other hand, torque sensors measure the force applied to pedaling and adjust assistance accordingly, providing a more intuitive riding experience.

Haoqi Cheetah Review: Aceleration 0-15mph

While Cadence sensors are cost-effective, Rob notes that they can be less intuitive, especially in off-road conditions. Unfortunately, the Cheetah utilizes a Cadence Sensor, which Rob found to be somewhat cumbersome during off-road rides. However, he mentions that the throttle on the Cheetah allowed for easy speed control, particularly in rough terrain, providing a workaround for the Cadence Sensor’s limitations.

Starting with acceleration, Rob conducted tests using the throttle only to accelerate from 0 to 15 mph with a loaded trailer and additional weight, totaling 480 lbs of cargo. The Cheetah took 14.48 seconds to achieve this acceleration, showcasing its ability to handle heavy loads but not necessarily ranking at the top in terms of speed.

Haoqi Cheetah Review: range 480lbs

In contrast, another test rider named “The Twig,” weighing significantly less at 120 lbs and using a higher tire pressure, achieved the same acceleration in 4.69 seconds, demonstrating the potential for faster speeds with lighter loads and optimized conditions.

Moving on to top speed, despite the Cheetah’s classification as a class three bike with a claimed top speed of 28 mph, Rob found that it could not surpass 23 mph during testing. Additionally, a mechanical issue occurred during one test run, where the derailleur bolt came loose, causing the derailleur to malfunction and the chain to break. This incident highlighted a potential vulnerability in the bike’s build quality under high-speed conditions.

Haoqi Cheetah Review: weight

Rob also assesses the performance of the brakes. He accelerated each bike to 15 mph and slammed on both brakes to see how well they could stop. Of all the motorcycles tested, the Cheetah’s 15-foot stopping distance was found to be the worst, suggesting potential for improvement in braking effectiveness.

Therefore, even though the Haoqi Cheetah has a throttle and multiple speed classes, and performs fairly well when handling heavy loads, there is room for improvement in terms of safety and performance, particularly with regard to the vehicle’s top speed, braking effectiveness, and potential mechanical weaknesses under load.

Battery and Range

The Cheetah standard model includes a 48-volt, 15 amp-hour battery. Rob tested the Dual battery version, though, which has a higher capacity of 25 amp hours (1200 watt hours). Depending on usage and circumstances, Howchi states that this setup should offer a range of 65 to 85 miles on a single charge.

Haoqi Cheetah Review: 48V 25Ah High-tech Lithium Battery

When it comes to electric motorcycles, charging time is also quite important because it affects how soon riders can resume riding. Among the bikes evaluated, the Cheetah tied for first place in terms of charging speed when it came with a pair of 2 Amp chargers. Based on its battery size, the Cheetah requires approximately 6.6 hours for a full charge from 0 to 100%.

Moving on to range testing, Rob conducted thorough assessments by setting each bike to 20 mph and running the battery out solely on throttle mode, simulating a typical city commute with various speed adjustments and turns. He rode the Cheetah first with a loaded setup, followed by “The Twig” with a heavy load, to gauge efficiency.

Haoqi Cheetah Review: charging

The Cheetah’s efficiency was measured at 30.01 watts per mile, earning it sixth place in terms of efficiency among the bikes tested. This metric provides insights into how much energy the bike consumes per mile traveled, influencing its overall range and performance.

Haoqi Cheetah: Conclusions

Though there is room for development, the Haoqi Cheetah is still a competitive choice for riders looking for an electric bike that is both comfortable and capable on a variety of terrains due to its features and performance.

Haoqi Cheetah Review

With a performance rating of 7.2 out of 10, the Cheetah ranked sixth overall out of all the motorcycles that were tested. It wasn’t perfect in every area, like top speed, but it did have some excellent qualities, such comfort and handling on uneven ground, which made it a good option for off-road excursions.

Links to their website are available for individuals who would like more information about the Haoqi Cheetah or Howchi.


Alternatives of Haoqi Cheetah