iGogomi Alps Review: Compact E-bike for Storage or Transportation!


We’re going to be looking more closely at the iGogomi Alps folding electric bike, which is a lightweight and practical choice for recreational riding and city commuting. One notable feature of this bike is its folding shape, which makes it convenient to store and move about, particularly in confined locations or on trips.

One of the key highlights of this bike is its folding capability, allowing you to collapse it into a more compact size for storage or transportation. This makes it ideal for commuters who need to bring their bike on public transport or store it in limited space at home or work.


All things considered, the iGogomi Alps folding electric bike provides a good balance between portability, performance, and convenience, making it a sensible option for city riders searching for a dependable and small e-bike.

Frame Material‎Alps premium Aluminium
Motor350Wh Brushless motor
Modes3 riding modes
Speedup to 18.75 mile/h
Transmission5 adjustable gears
DisplayLCD display
Battery36V 6.8AH lithium battery
Item Weight‎32 Pounds
Maximum Weight Recommendation‎275.6 Pounds

Design and Build Quality

Comparing the iGogomi Alps folding bike to the Brompton, you can see how much more distinctive and well-built it is. Its heavier 16-inch wheels are one obvious distinction, giving it a more robust look and possibly improving stability when riding. This is in contrast to the tiny wheels that Brompton bikes often use.

iGogomi Alps Review: Design and Build Quality

A 350 Watt electric motor is another noteworthy feature that gives riders who are traveling longer distances or over uneven terrain a little more ease and support. When pedaling, this engine can give you a boost, which will make the journey more comfortable and relaxed—especially up hills.

Additionally, the iGogomi Alps incorporates disc brakes, a feature not typically found on Brompton bikes without significant modifications. Disc brakes offer improved braking performance and reliability, particularly in wet or challenging conditions, enhancing overall safety and control for riders.

iGogomi Alps Review: disc brakes

Turning the iGogomi folding bike on and off is straightforward, requiring just a press of a button located conveniently on the handlebar. The bike features a basic display, although the user mentioned experiencing some difficulty in switching the display to miles per hour, which could likely be resolved by consulting the user manual.

The thumb throttle on the bike is noted for its responsiveness, making it easy to control the electric motor. Being front-wheel drive helps balance out the internal gearing, which is similar to the three-gear ratio system found in a Brompton. While the gearing is adequate for reaching speeds of around 18 miles per hour without excessive pedaling effort, it may require some adjustment to get used to.

iGogomi Alps Review: LCD display

The bike’s integrated design, including the gearing system, eliminates the need for a separate derailleur, simplifying maintenance and upkeep. While the folding pedals are standard and there’s nothing particularly exceptional about the componentry, this contributes to keeping the overall cost of the bike relatively low, making it accessible to a wider range of riders.

The iGogomi Alps comes equipped with disc brakes, a modern and effective braking system that offers improved performance over drum brakes. This model, updated for 2023, does not feature drum brakes, contrary to some discussions. The disc brakes enhance safety and control, especially during wet or challenging riding conditions.

iGogomi Alps Review: handlebar

In terms of speed, the bike performs well with the motor engaged, although it may feel slightly slower without the motor due to factors such as the beefier wheels and potential motor drag. However, the comfortable riding position, adjustable handlebars, and overall versatility make it a suitable choice for various riders, including those looking for a Class 2 e-bike experience.

Basic equipment like lights and reflectors are included with the bike, but riders are free to add more if they so choose. Riders can further customize their experience by simply swapping out the grips and other parts.

iGogomi Alps Review: handlebar

In light of this, the iGogomi Alps folding bike is an appealing choice for urban commuters or leisure riders searching for a dependable and adaptable folding bike with electric assist capabilities. It does this by combining price, performance, and simplicity.


With its many features, the iGogomi Alps foldable bike is a great value for the money, but its portability is a weakness. The user discovers that while the promised dimensions indicate a compact fold, those claims are not exactly met upon closer inspection. When the bike is folded, its width becomes approximately 16 inches, far wider than the 13 inches that was claimed. In terms of portability expectations, this gap can be viewed as misleading, likely because the newer model has disc brakes.

iGogomi Alps Review: Design and Build Quality

The folding process involves unscrewing and adjusting various components to achieve a compact size, but even so, the bike ends up being larger than anticipated. With dimensions of approximately 16 inches in width, 26.5 inches in height, and 29 inches in length, the iGogomi Alps is notably bulkier than competitors like the Brompton, which boasts a more compact fold.

iGogomi Alps Review: foldable e-bike

Despite this drawback, the iGogomi Alps remains a solid alternative to the Brompton, offering a comfortable ride, decent speed, and affordability. It’s suitable for riders who prioritize functionality and cost-effectiveness over ultra-portability. The bike can still fit in the back of most car trunks or boots, making it convenient for transportation.

iGogomi Alps: Conclusions

After using the iGogomi Alps folding bike for around 12 to 13 miles, my wife had a positive experience. In her insightful review, she mentioned that the handlebars felt a little squirrelly in comparison to her full-size electric bike, which is the REI Co-op City 2.2. This is a common observation with smaller folding bikes because of how different their handling and stability can seem due to their compact shape.

iGogomi Alps Review

She did, however, value the throttle’s ability to increase speed and convenience when riding. You know how to appreciate a Brompton’s small fold, but you also realize that it can’t handle hard surfaces like gravel, which is where the iGogomi Alps falls short for you.

You acknowledge the iGogomi Alps as a good choice for leisurely rides or around-town commuting despite its limitations in contrast to the Brompton, especially considering its lower price point. But you’re still looking for a bike that combines comfort, foldability, and versatility for your unique riding style and preferences, which include outdoor experiences in the Bay Area.

iGogomi Alps Review: on the road or driving test

In conclusion, even though the iGogomi Alps fulfilled its needs for this little test, you’re still looking for a folding bike that better meets your unique needs. You’re willing to share more information or respond to inquiries about the iGogomi Alps in order to assist others in making well-informed selections. Your experiences and insights are a great resource for anyone thinking about purchasing comparable bikes.


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