Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: What Attracted Me To This E-bike 2024?


Today, we’re going to test the Troxus Lynx Cargo, an unusual electric bike. This bike is unique because it has a dual-sensor setup that includes a torque sensor and a cadence sensor. Let’s take a close look at this bike’s features, functionality, and overall value before you jump to a conclusion.

Thanks to the integration of a torque sensor and a cadence sensor, the Troxus Lynx Cargo has a remarkable degree of adaptability. With its dual-sensor configuration, riders of different riding styles and inclinations may enjoy a more responsive and intuitive ride.

We’ll need to disassemble the bike, examine every part, and take it for a thorough evaluation before we can fully appreciate its potential. We’ll put it to the test in terms of construction quality, battery life, handling on different surfaces, and general suitability for cargo-style e-biking.

We’ll be able to assess the Troxus Lynx freight’s viability as an investment for riders looking for a dependable and effective electric bike for daily commuting and freight hauling by carefully examining every facet of the bike.

So check in as we go into the details of the Troxus Lynx Cargo and determine whether or not it’s worth your hard-earned cash.

Frame: 6061 Aluminum Alloy Low Step Frame
Motor: 750W Bafang Rear Hub Motor
Drive Modes: 7-Speed Shimano Derailleur w/ 5-Level Pedal Assist System (PAS) & Left Side Thumb Throttle
Display: Digitech L401 LCD Smart Display
Tires: 20" x 4" Kenda Fat Tires
Brakes:Tektro M280 Mechanical Disc Brakes w/ 160mm Rotors
Suspension: Uding D9-20-LO Aluminum Alloy Suspension Fork
HandleBar: Aluminum 31.8mm, 620mm
Seat Post: Forged Alloy, 30.9mm x 350mm, 2 Bolt Clamp
Battery: 48V/20Ah Frame Integrated Lithium-Ion Removable Battery w/ Samsung Cells
Charger: 54.6V 3A Fast Charger
Recommended Rider Height: 5'-0" - 6'-2"
Weight: 76.6 Lbs
Max Load Capacity: 275 Lbs

Unboxing and Build Quality

For anyone looking for an electric bike that is both capable and adaptable, the Troxus Lynx Cargo appears to offer a lot in terms of features and build quality. Let’s dissect a few of the most important takeaways from the unpacking and preliminary synopsis.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: Unboxing and Assembly

First off, the 4-inch wide and 20-inch tall Kenda Cursor tires are a welcome addition to the Troxus Lynx Cargo’s selection of street tires. In addition to giving the bike a distinctive appearance, these tires and spoke wheels assist in distributing the bike’s weight.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: 20" x 4" Kenda Fat Tires

The build quality seems solid, with metal fenders for durability and 203 mm Tektro rotors on the front wheel for substantial stopping power. The frame, available in various colors, is integrated with the battery and features a frame-integrated seat that can be easily adjusted using a quick-release lever.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: Design and Build Quality

The bike is a hardtail design, meaning it only has suspension on the front. However, it does feature a rear rack with a 45 kg (100 lb) capacity, making it suitable for carrying significant loads. The drivetrain includes an 8-speed Shimano cassette and a Buffing hub motor rated at 750 W, providing ample power for various terrains and loads.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: Uding D9-20-LO Aluminum Alloy Suspension Fork

The cockpit features rubber grips, an 8-speed Shimano shifter, and a Troxus-branded display with essential information such as battery percentage, speed, and pedal assist levels. The display also includes turn signals and other useful features like odometer and average speed.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: controls

A basic lock/unlock adjustment for the front suspension, a center-mount kickstand for stability when loading the bike, and a front rack rated for 33 lbs are additional features.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: Design and Build Quality

Because of its size and adaptability, the bike may be used by a variety of riders, including those who are taller or shorter. The bike’s attraction is increased by the torque and cadence sensors, which offer several riding modes to suit varied tastes.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: display

Therefore, it seems that the Troxus Lynx Cargo is a well-made and adaptable electric bike with features designed for comfort and usefulness, making it an attractive option for riders searching for a capable cargo bike.

Troxus Lynx Cargo: Driving Tests

The Troxus Lynx Cargo demonstrates its abilities as a strong and competent e-bike, particularly when tested on difficult surfaces such as a 20% gradient. The bike’s 22 amp controller and 48 volt system enable it to climb the steep incline with ease, even with a 200 lb rider using only throttle power. This demonstrates the bike’s remarkable electric capabilities.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: on the road or driving test

The bike has many riding modes, such as cadence and torque sensor modes. With torque sensor mode, power is proportionately produced based on how hard the rider presses the pedals. However, riding in cadence sensor mode, where the bike generates power regardless of pedal effort, enables a more relaxing riding experience.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: 750W Bafang Rear Hub Motor

The bike’s torque sensor mode on pedal assist 5 performs admirably during the test, offering plenty of power and a naturally improved riding experience. The bike offers a gradual power supply without being sudden, which is frequently observed in poorer-quality electric bikes, even at lower pedal assist settings.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: on the road or driving test

The bike’s adaptability is demonstrated by testing how it handles on various surfaces. The bike rides smoothly on streets and even handles sand fairly well thanks to its street-friendly Kenda Cursor tires. It is said that adding a suspension seat post can enhance ride comfort, although the absence of rear suspension is still noticeable.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: on the road or driving test

The Tektro hydraulic brakes, which have 180 mm rotors at the back and 203 mm rotors up front, are highly appreciated for their excellent braking performance, especially at high speeds.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: on the road or driving test

The Troxus Lynx Cargo is an electric cargo bike that is capable and dependable for a variety of terrains and situations. Its power, reactivity, and versatility make it an appealing option for riders.

Battery and Range

A 48-volt, 20-amp-hour battery that powers the Troxus Lynx Cargo may provide a significant 960 watt-hours of power. The battery weighs only 11.0 pounds, which makes it feel remarkably light in spite of its power capacity. Because of this, handling and maintaining the battery is fairly easy, even on prolonged rides or when commuting.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: rear lights

The 3-amp charger called TRXUS that comes with the battery charges it effectively. It is handy for users to recharge the battery overnight or during downtime, as the expected charge time from empty is roughly 6.6 hours, based on a straightforward calculation (20 divided by 3).

The bike’s performance on several terrains and situations during the test ride showcases its efficiency and potential. The torque and cadence sensors work together to provide a variety of riding experiences, from a relaxing, pedal-free ride to a more intuitive power delivery.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: Design and Build Quality

The bike’s adaptability and fit for cargo-style riding are demonstrated by its ability to tackle difficult situations like riding through sand and climbing steep gradients. Its durable design and capacity to haul up to 500 pounds of baggage make it a dependable choice for anyone in need of a strong and competent cargo e-bike.

Regarding battery life, the test ride’s duration and average speed led to the battery displaying three out of five bars and 54% charge left. This represents the normal range of a 48-volt, 20-amp-hour battery pack, providing users with a respectable duration of riding before requiring recharging.

Troxus Lynx Cargo: Conclusions

In conclusion, the Troxus Lynx Cargo review shows that this bike provides a comprehensive package for cargo-style e-biking. Because torque and cadence sensors are included, riders have more freedom and control over their riding experience, which makes it appropriate for a range of riding conditions and tastes.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review

The bike is suitable for both practical and hard riding scenarios because of its sturdy build quality and capacity to withstand steep gradients, sandy terrains, and large luggage. With a respectable range of 48 volts and 20 amp hours, the battery lasts for a good amount of riding time before needing to be recharged.

By clicking on the link in the review description, you may find the best deal and help the reviewer if you’re thinking about buying the Troxus Lynx Cargo. Your assistance is much valued and aids in the creation of evaluations that are more thorough and instructive.

Troxus Lynx Cargo Review: on the road or driving test

But if you’re still unsure or would want more information, you can watch the following suggested video for further details. I appreciate you reading, and have a great ride!

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