VicTrip Janus Review: Foldable Fat E-bike for $699!


A new day, a new bike, and a new brand to discover: meet the VicTrip Janus. The Janus is not your typical folding fat tire e-bike; it has a ton of amazing features that should make riding it fun and long-lasting. The amazing value that’s provided at a low price point—which I’ll stress in the title—is even more unexpected.

Let’s explore the fascinating meanings behind the bike’s names before getting into its attributes. Combining the words “Victory” with “trip,” “VicTrip” alludes to victories and exciting experiences that await motorcyclists on every voyage. Regarding “Janus,” it was inspired by a moon of Saturn and represents duality and shared orbits, much like the shared battery concept of the bike.

Let’s now explore what makes the Janus unique. This foldable e-bike from Fat Tire provides ease and adaptability for a range of riding situations. It has features that add to its extended range and enjoyable ride quality, even with its tiny shape.

As we explore the remarkable features of the VicTrip Janus and the reasons it should be a consideration for your next vacation, stay tuned for more information and a surprise that is concealed in this review.

Frame Material‎Aluminum
Motor500W, Peak Power 864W
ShifterShimano 7 Speed / TY300
Suspension Type‎Front
Brake Style‎Disc
HandlebarBlack Aluminum Handlebar / W640*30, 2.2-2.5T*9°
Seat PostAlloy Quick Release Seat Post ¢31.8*350mm
Speed24.8mph, The minimum speed can be reduced by 2mph
Drive ModePedal Assist, Thumb Throttle, Riding Mode, Walking Mode
LightsIntegrated Headlight and Taillight,Powered by Main Battery and Controlled by Display
BatteryQuantity: 2, 10.4Ah Lithium Battery
ChargerQuantity: 2, 48V 2A US Standard Smart Charger, UL certification
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎53 x 26.4 x 9.8 inches
Package Weight‎76 Pounds

Unboxing and Assembly

VicTrip Janus comes in a small package with well-written instructions, making assembly and unboxing simple. Everything about the experience is quick and easy from the start. The package itself is surprisingly compact for housing an e-bike from Fat Tire that folds. It’s pretty amazing that it’s about the same size as a typical 26-inch mountain bike.

VicTrip Janus Review: Unboxing and Assembly

The amount of cushioning and protecting foam included in the box is one noteworthy feature. Even though it might take some time to get rid of all the foam, it shows how carefully the bike was packed for transit. It is an easy assembly process, especially for people who know how to assemble bicycles.

To assemble the VicTrip Janus, you’ll need to:

VicTrip Janus Review: Unboxing and Assembly

  1. Attach the front wheel and fender: This is easily done using quick-release clamps, no tools required.
  2. Fold out and orient the handlebars: Again, quick-release clamps make this step a breeze.
  3. Install the seat: Another quick-release clamp simplifies seat installation.
  4. Use the included tool kit for tasks like installing the wheels and fender.
  5. Install the pedals, which are conveniently labeled for easy identification.
  6. Connect the charger: The bike comes with a 54.6-volt, 2-amp charger for the 48-volt battery. Charging typically takes four to six hours.

VicTrip Janus Review: Unboxing and Assembly

The presence of two chargers, which is a nice surprise given the bike’s performance and price range, was discovered upon packaging. The owner’s manual, which includes thorough assembly instructions with full-color photographs, is also included in the accessories box. The assembly process is simplified by this manual, which clearly walks you through each step.

Design and Build Quality

You have an excellent sense of design in folding Fat Tire e-bikes, and the VicTrip Janus delivers both flair and functionality.

VicTrip Janus Review: Design and Build Quality

A quick-release clamp allows for total handlebar adjustment, starting from the top. The right grip has a thumb throttle for easy acceleration, and the textured rubber slip-on grips are comfortable to handle. The seven-speed Shimano thumb shifter lets you transfer gears smoothly if you’d rather use pedal assistance.

The left side controls are centered around the full-color display, which is notably vibrant and easy to read. Integrated into the display is a three-way control pad that handles various functions, adding convenience to your ride.

VicTrip Janus Review: Shimano 7 Speed / TY300

Moving on to safety features, the Janus is equipped with mechanical disc brakes that have an integrated motor disconnect, ensuring reliable stopping power. The front and rear disc brakes are from a reputable brand, enhancing your confidence on the road.

As a folding e-bike, adjustability is key, and the handlebars can be adjusted up and down while also folding. The bike also comes with an optional front rack, adding versatility to its cargo-carrying capabilities.

VicTrip Janus Review: Disc brakes

Suspension-wise, the bike features a front fork with around 50 millimeters of travel, coupled with a sturdy plastic fender that’s both durable and quiet during rides.

Excellent visibility is guaranteed even in the daytime thanks to the LED projector beam headlight, and the 20×3.0 Chao Yang tires on matching rims offer traction and stability on a variety of surfaces.

VicTrip Janus Review: Integrated Headlight and Taillight

With a total capacity of 330 pounds including the rider, cargo capacity is remarkable. The bike’s safety features are enhanced with the addition of a working brake light, particularly for nighttime trips.

The powertrain is made up of aluminum crank arms with plastic pedals attached, which are mated to a seven-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur group set. The 500-watt 48-volt Hub motor, on the other hand, is the most notable feature. It provides enough power and torque for an exciting ride.

VicTrip Janus Review: 10.4Ah Lithium Battery

What sets the Janus apart is its dual battery setup. The rear battery, easily accessible via a tilt saddle, boasts a 48-volt 10.4 amp-hour capacity. But here’s where it gets interesting – every Janus comes with a second battery, doubling the available power and greatly increasing efficiency.

Because both batteries are UL listed, you may charge and store them with confidence and safety. Although the bike may operate with just one battery if necessary, having two allows for greater versatility and range.

VicTrip Janus Review: rear rack

The bike may not appear small when folded, but its compact form makes storage and transit simple. The Janus stands out in its class due to its cost as well as its attention to detail, high-quality welds, and overall construction quality.

For folding Fat Tire e-bike aficionados like yourself, the VicTrip is an attractive option because of its easy power-up procedure and user-friendly controls, which flawlessly mix style, performance, and usefulness.

VicTrip Janus: Driving Test

Let’s dive into the riding experience of the VicTrip Janus, covering its speed capabilities, power delivery, handling, and overall performance:

VicTrip Janus Review: 500W, Peak Power 864W

Starting with the basics, the pedal assist modes offer a range of speeds:

  • Pedal Assist 1: Up to 12 miles per hour
  • Pedal Assist 2: Up to 16 miles per hour
  • Pedal Assist 3: Up to 19 miles per hour
  • Pedal Assist 4: Up to 23 miles per hour
  • Pedal Assist 5: Up to 25 miles per hour

VicTrip Janus Review: on the road or driving test

The bike’s maximum speed in throttle mode is 24.8 mph, which the display rounds up to 25 mph. This bike is unique in that it can keep up speed even when going uphill. It does a great job on minor slopes, and the Janus keeps up a constant acceleration on longer hills when several 500-watt e-bikes falter.

Its capacity to climb steep inclines with only the throttle is an astounding feat. Its ability to operate quietly under pressure demonstrates the torque capabilities of the motor. Because of this, I think the motor might produce greater torque than its 65 newton meters rating.

VicTrip Janus Review: on the road or driving test

The bike’s controller programming ensures smooth acceleration without feeling overly aggressive. The Cadence Sensor’s response is smooth as well, allowing for a consistent pedal-assist experience up to the top speed. The suspension fork adds to the smooth ride, absorbing bumps and providing comfort on various surfaces like city streets, grass, and bike paths.

The Janus’s wheelbase finds a happy medium between stability and agility. At slower speeds, it maintains stability and reacts well to changes in direction. A useful addition that improves safety when riding is the horn that is incorporated.

VicTrip Janus Review: on the road or driving test

The Janus is incredibly versatile; it may be used as a campus ride, delivery bike, daily commuter, or RV companion. Its range is greatly increased by the dual battery system; 45 to 65 miles are claimed per charge. The bike has outperformed these estimations in real-world testing, particularly when the terrain and pedal assist levels are just right.

Thus, the VicTrip Janus is a fun and adaptable e-bike for a variety of riding situations thanks to its well-balanced performance, enough power, smooth acceleration, and superb handling.

VicTrip Janus: Conclusions

The word “VicTrip” combines the words “victory” with “trip,” signifying an exciting and successful excursion. In terms of “Janus,” it comes from two moons of Saturn, Janus and Epimetheus, which have an orbit in common, same as the Janus e-bikes have a common battery and performance orbit.

VicTrip Janus Review: Frame Material ‎Aluminum

The Janus e-bike comes in two models: the standard Janus and the step-through Janus ES. With the exception of the ES model’s step-through design, both offer the same features and performance. The bikes are available in a variety of hues, such as silver, black, and a striking pink that is in high demand.

Both Janus models boast powerful 500-watt motors, 20.8 amp-hours of battery capacity, and the ability to swap rear batteries between the two bikes. This versatility, combined with their performance and features, makes them standout options in the e-bike market.

VicTrip Janus Review: foldable e-bike

When compared to other e-bikes on the market, the VicTrip Janus e-bikes offer remarkable performance for a fairly low price, especially considering their amazing specs.

For riders looking for a dependable and pleasurable electric bicycling experience, the VicTrip Janus e-bike series stands out for its unique combination of style, performance, versatility, and cost. Visit the VicTrip website to learn more and to view the colors and features that are available.

VicTrip Janus Review: 10.4Ah Lithium Battery

I appreciate you reading, and I hope you had a wonderful day of seeing the world on your VicTrip Janus e-bike!

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