Cycrown CycFree Review: Budget Friend for City Travel!


Hi there, it’s Jerry from I Love RV Life, and today I’m thrilled to be exploring the East Central Rail Trail that stretches between New Smyrna and Titusville. What makes this adventure even more exciting is that I’m test riding the new Cycrown CycFree e-bike. 

Efficient and capable of handling various terrains and riding conditions. It is convenient for tourists and RVers because it is lightweight and easy to store. featuring a memory foam seat to ensure a comfortable ride. The ability to fold the pedals up adds to the bike’s storage-friendly compactness.

Integrated Luggage Carrier: Offers convenience for transporting necessities when traveling. Simple to activate when riding and deactivate for storage, with the ability to take the battery out if necessary. provides a range of adjustments, including handlebar height, for individualized comfort when riding. Even though it is foldable, it has a strong construction for stability and longevity when riding.

We’ve covered nearly 10 miles so far, and let me tell you, this bike is a perfect fit for these scenic trails.

Frame Material‎Aluminum
Hub Motor500W (Peak 750W) Brushless Bafang Motor
Max Speed20 MPH (Class2)
Gear Shifting SystemShimano 7-Speed Gear
DisplayLCD Display with USB Charging Port
Pedal Assist Mode3 (Pedal Assist、Fully Electric、Pedal Mode)
Water ResistanceIPX4
Wheel Size20"*4" Fat Tires
BrakeDisc Brake
Battery960 Wh (UL 2849 Certified)
Range62-75 miles per charge (estimate)
Folding Size44.1*18.9*31.5"
Net Weight82.5lb

Design and Build Quality

A folding electric bike with a combination of performance, comfort, and convenience is the Cycrown CycFree. Based on the things you mentioned, let’s see its build quality and design.

Cycrown CycFree Review: Design and Build Quality

The CycFree’s foldable form facilitates storage and transportation. Its center-hinged braking system makes it fold up small, making it perfect for storing inside fifth wheels and other small locations in cars.

The bike’s memory foam seat improves comfort during rides, making them enjoyable even on longer distances.

The pedals are designed to fold up, further contributing to the bike’s compactness when not in use or during storage.

A unique feature of the CycFree is its integrated luggage carrier, providing added utility for carrying essentials during rides.

Cycrown CycFree Review: handlebars and display

The bike boasts an intuitive control system that displays essential information like current speed, battery level, and more. This enhances the overall riding experience by keeping riders informed and in control.

Despite its foldable nature, the CycFree maintains a sturdy build quality. With front and back disc brakes that are responsive yet not overly aggressive, riders can enjoy a smooth and controlled braking experience.

The bike offers various adjustments, such as handlebar height, allowing riders to customize their riding position for optimal comfort and control.

Cycrown CycFree Review: Design and Build Quality

The CycFree can accommodate a wide range of riders with a stated maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds, offering stability and reliability even for heavier persons.

The 20-inch wheel size is a good compromise between stability and mobility, allowing it to be used on a variety of surfaces while still being easy to store and move.

The CycFree is an affordable electric bike that delivers great features at a reasonable price, making it a good option for individuals seeking a dependable and adaptable bike.

Therefore, riders looking for a foldable electric bike that prioritizes comfort, convenience, and performance will find the Cycrown CycFree to be an attractive option because to its smart design aspects and strong build quality.

Cycrown CycFree: Motor and Driving Test

The 500-watt motor that powers the Cycrown CycFree is marginally less potent than the 750-watt motors you have used in the past. But you’ve discovered that the motor manages the bike skillfully even in difficult circumstances, demonstrating its effectiveness and capacity.

Cycrown CycFree Review: Design and Build Quality

You’ve had the opportunity to test the bike’s performance on your trail trip, and you’re impressed with its motor’s ease of handling different types of terrain. The power output of the motor appears to be appropriate for your requirements, offering a compromise between efficiency and performance.

As you explored the beautiful trail between New Smyrna Beach and Titusville, you marveled at the scenery and the ease with which the CycFree tackled the path. The motor’s performance contributed to your enjoyable riding experience, allowing you to focus on soaking in the sights and enjoying the ride alongside Joel and his e-bike.

It sounds like you had quite an adventure on your ride! The Central Rail Trail between New Smyrna Beach and Titusville seems to offer a perfect blend of natural beauty and smooth biking paths, making it an ideal setting for exploring on your e-bikes.

Cycrown CycFree Review: seat

Encountering wildlife like squirrels and a friendly turtle adds to the charm of the journey. Your interaction with the turtle reflects the relaxed and enjoyable nature of the ride, where even the local fauna seems at ease with your presence.

Florida’s level topography, which lacks many hills and curves, makes it easy to cruise and take in the sights without putting much effort into it. The open areas where you may easily reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour highlight the power and efficiency of your Cycrown CycFree e-bike.

The fact that you can ride for 15 kilometers without experiencing any discomfort says a lot about how well your bikes function and are comfortable, even in hot and muggy weather. It looks like Joel and you had a great time exploring the path; even with the heat, it was an exciting and fun experience.

Cycrown CycFree Review: Design and Build Quality

So, your ride exemplifies the pleasure of using e-bikes to explore nature, where the experience is enhanced by every new experience encountered and the journey is just as delightful as the goal.

Battery and Range

A user-friendly battery system and convenient charging alternatives are provided by the Cycrown CycFree. The bike’s battery may be easily recharged over night or during downtime because it can be fully charged in roughly seven hours. There’s no need to take the battery out of the bike to charge it—just plug the charger into the port on the bike.

Cycrown CycFree Review: battery and lock

You can simply check the charge status of the battery thanks to the power level indicator on the battery itself. In contrast to certain e-bikes, which need you to turn on the battery when you’re ready to ride and off when storing the bike, the CycFree’s battery features a switch. There’s also a specific location on the switch where you can turn it to if you ever need to remove the battery for any reason, providing added flexibility and ease of use.

Cycrown CycFree: Conclusions

You seem to have had a great time riding your bike and using the Cycrown CycFree!

Cycrown CycFree Review

Throughout your ride, the CycFree operated well, managing to cover a distance of thirty miles without any problems. Even in situations with tremendous demand, the motor maintained its efficiency and coolness, demonstrating its robustness and dependability.

The bike is easy to store and travel because to its foldable form and light weight. This feature, along with its charging capacity and ease of use, increases its allure for cyclists looking for a hassle-free riding experience.

Your complimentary comments regarding the comfort, controls, and fun riding experience of the bike emphasize how well-suited it is for long rides and exploring beautiful routes. The smooth performance, adjustable features, and comfy seat all added to the enjoyment of riding a bike.

Cycrown CycFree Review: Design and Build Quality

In light of your assessment, you heartily advise anyone interested in learning more about e-bikes to check out CycFree. Together with sharing your great experience with the cycling community, you’ve included a link for individuals who are interested in buying or learning more about this bike.

Thus, your evaluation highlights the Cycrown’s performance, convenience, and adaptability for a range of riding circumstances, reflecting a positive and pleasurable experience with the device. You seem to have enjoyed testing and riding this bike, and you’re excited to share your thoughts with others.

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