Vitilan U7 Review: Folding Step-through Fat E-bike 2024!


Vitilan has sent us their highly anticipated Vitilan U7 electric folding step-through fat tire bike, and we’re excited to unbox it and take a closer look at its features. 

With its strong motor and battery system, the U7 promises a fun and efficient riding experience. Options for throttle and pedal assist show that riders have a wide range of control and customization options for their ride.

We really value the extra extras that come with the bike, like baggage racks, safety lights, and a cozy saddle for extended journeys. These well-considered upgrades improve the bike’s usability and practicality for daily riding.


Thus, the features, design, and build quality of the Vitilan U7 electric folding step-through fat tire bike are impressive. For riders searching for performance, comfort, and convenience in an electric bike, this is a stylish and adaptable solution. Let’s see this bike’s capabilities head-on.

Frame Material‎Aluminum
Hub Motor750W Brushless Motor
Shift Level1-7 levels gear shift
Gear Shifting SystemShimano 7 Speed Gear
E-bike ClassClass 3
Pedal Assist level1~5 Level
Top Speed28MPH
BrakeHydraulic Brake
Front ForkSuspension Front Fork
Display48V LCD Display
Battery48V 16Ah /20Ah LG
Mile Range65-97 Kms
Total Payload Capacity330 lbs

Unboxing and Assembly

It sounds like an amazing experience to assemble and unpack the Vitilan U7! You appear sincere in your enthusiasm for it.

Vitilan U7 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

You began by mentioning how little the box was, which immediately drew your attention. The Vitilan U7 appears to be well packaged, which could make handling it during shipping and unboxing simpler.

You then mentioned that, in contrast to other e-bikes you’ve seen, the front wheel was already attached. You probably saved a little time and effort assembling this.

Vitilan U7 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

The bike’s toolbox implies that there might be more components or accessories to install. You said that the bike might be equipped with multiple racks, most likely a front and a back rack, which would increase its carrying capacity.

The ease of assembly was a standout point for you. Simply unfolding the bike and attaching the pedals, along with possibly inflating the tires a bit, made the process straightforward and hassle-free.

Vitilan U7 Review: 48V 16Ah / 20Ah LG

You also highlighted features like the fenders, racks (both front and back), and the design of the wheels, which you found appealing. The inclusion of front headlights, rear tail lights, and signal lights added to the bike’s functionality and safety features, which you appreciated.

The bike’s comfort and convenience were enhanced by the seat’s design, which included a folding lever for battery access and a springy seat post. The battery was easy to charge, and it had a visible indication light to let me know when it was done.

Vitilan U7 Review: charging battery

You noted that the bike is suitable for a variety of terrains and that its fat tires provide a comfortable ride, but it might not be built for extremely rough terrain. The inclusion of baskets and a full-color screen improved the bike’s usability and appeal for daily use, whether it be for pleasure riding or commuting.

Vitilan U7: Design and Build Quality

You appear to have fallen in love with the Vitilan U7’s design and construction, especially in that endearing white hue. You like the well-considered design features, such as the conveniently located water bottle holder for easy access and the useful hooks that appear to offer more usefulness but whose actual function is still unknown. You also noticed how the accessories were packaged and neatly wrapped together, keeping everything cohesive and well-organized.

Vitilan U7 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

You’ll find that the lights, which include blinkers that can be turned on by holding down the plus button, are one of the most notable features. You were amazed by this safety feature because you don’t commonly see it on other bikes. The complete experience is made more enjoyable by the likeness to Wonder Woman when the lights are on.

The bike’s braking system, mimicking a car’s operation with automatic features, further enhances its usability and safety. You also appreciate the foldable pedals, making storage more convenient, especially when transporting the bike in a car.

Vitilan U7 Review: 48V LCD Display

The battery design, with a lever to fold it forward for easy removal, and the presence of an indicator on the battery itself for power status, demonstrate thoughtful engineering. This not only adds convenience but also security, as it deters potential theft of the expensive battery.

The wheels, rims, insignia, and even the brand’s website address are all meticulously designed, and you find it helpful to share details about the bike with interested bystanders.

Vitilan U7 Review: rear light

The bike’s practicality and versatility are enhanced by the two rack options for increased carrying capacity and the smooth and precise speed control. You were impressed by the handlebar-mounted integrated speed control, which provided a smoother riding experience than other bikes.

The Vitilan U7 is a unique option for your riding needs thanks to its well-considered features, appealing appearance, and user-friendly operation. Its design and construction quality appear to have met or exceeded your expectations.

Driving Test

You seem to be rather pleased with the Vitilan U7’s throttle performance. You like that this electric bike’s acceleration is more controlled and gradual than other electric bikes you’ve ridden, particularly at the lower power levels one and two. Riding can be less scary with this softer acceleration start, especially for people who aren’t used to some electric bikes’ rapid takeoffs.

Vitilan U7 Review: on the road or driving test

Another feature that will appeal to you is the bike’s capacity to travel over rough terrain with ease because of its large tires, which offer a steady and pleasant ride. It may not be built for serious off-roading, but it can easily navigate moderate off-road trails, bucking over uneven terrain and climbing hills without difficulty.

Vitilan U7 Review: Shimano 7 Speed Gear

You mentioned the convenience of the foldable design and the spring-loaded seat post, which adds to the overall comfort of the ride. The inclusion of both front and rear racks for extra storage options also caught your attention, making the bike practical for commuting or running errands.

Vitilan U7 Review: on the road or driving test

The throttle control on the handlebar impressed you, offering a responsive and gradual increase in speed without sudden jerks or lurches. This level of control allows you to feather your speed smoothly, giving you a more enjoyable riding experience.

Vitilan U7 Review: on the road or driving test

You saw that the bike was stable and smooth as you went from off-road to paved places, partly because of its large tires. Even at reduced speeds, you were able to effortlessly regulate your speed, which enhanced your appreciation of the bike’s handling.

Vitilan U7 Review: on the road or driving test

The bike’s cruise control feature, which enhances its usability and convenience, particularly on extended rides on straight sections of road, was the last feature that pleased you.

It appears that the Vitilan U7’s throttle and performance have beyond your expectations, providing an exceptional balance of comfort, control, and power, setting it apart from other electric motorcycles.

Vitilan U7: Conclusions

You seem to have had an amazing experience riding the Vitilan U7 e-bike! Your positive review reflects your excitement and happiness. This bike seemed to have satisfied every requirement, from the exquisite performance and features to the well-considered design and build quality.

Vitilan U7 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

The bike’s overall quality is highlighted by your positive feedback regarding its throttle control, comfortable ride, versatile handling, and practical attachments like the racks and foldable design. It’s obvious that the U7 has improved your bicycling experience and made your lifestyle more convenient.

Vitilan U7 Review: springy seat post

To sum up, you have enthusiastically endorsed the Vitilan, emphasizing how pleased you are with its features and performance. Finding a product that surpasses expectations and makes daily tasks more enjoyable is always a pleasure. Now that your new e-bike is prepared, it’s time to go explore the adventures that lie ahead!


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