Actbest Knight Review: Affordability Folding E-bike 2024!


After reviewing a premium folding bike, the Actbest Knight, just a few weeks ago, I set out to find one of the least expensive folding bikes available on Amazon. I picked up the Actbest Knight, which comes in at only $899. The question I aimed to answer was whether this budget-friendly bike could compare to models that are significantly more expensive.

In my upcoming review, I will delve into all the details of this bike, including its design, build quality, features, performance, and any notable pros and cons. Following that, I’ll take it out for a test ride to evaluate its real-world performance and see how it stacks up against higher-priced folding bikes. Stay tuned for the full review!

Frame Material‎Aluminum
GEARSShimano 7-Speed
BrakeDis Brake
Front ForkHydraulic Suspension Front Fork
Battery48V 15AH
Range65 Miles (pedal assist)
E-Bike Weight77.1LBS
MAX Payload Capacity330-350 lbs
Product Dimensions‎56 x 42 x 26 inches

Design and Build Quality

The Actbest Knight e-bike is designed with a focus on affordability while offering a range of features that make it a compelling choice in the sub-$1,000 price range. 

Actbest Knight Review: color display

The bike is equipped with a color display that is commonly seen on many e-bikes. The control system, located on the left, provides easy access to essential functions such as shifting between pedal assist levels, turning on/off the light, accessing the info screen, powering the bike, and activating the walk mode for assistance on challenging hills.

Actbest Knight Review: controls

The Knight comes with generic mechanical brakes, which are expected in this price range. These brakes feature waxing levers and generic calipers with 160mm rotors. Additionally, the bike includes a front headlight and a tail light that are integrated into the system for improved visibility during night rides.

Actbest Knight Review: Disk Brake

The bike’s cable management is well-executed, with velcro sleeves around the cabling for easier adjustments or maintenance.

Actbest Knight Review: Shimano 7-Speed

Some notable features include lugs for attaching front accessories like a basket, a sturdy rear rack for pannier bags or other items, and a hydraulic front suspension that helps absorb bumps. The bike’s fat tires (20 inches by 4 inches) contribute to a comfortable riding experience.

Actbest Knight Review: folding mechanism

The Actbest Knight offers a standard folding mechanism, allowing the handlebars to raise and lower for customization based on the rider’s height. The folding process is straightforward, with a lever to fold the handlebars and lock the frame securely. It also includes a foot peg to prevent damage when folded.

Actbest Knight Review: 48V 15AH battery

The bike comes with a 3 amp charger, which speeds up the charging time compared to many other e-bikes in its price category.

Actbest Knight Review: rear rack

Aside from minor issues like plastic fenders that may appear a bit cheap, the Actbest Knight generally offers good build quality, with a sturdy frame suitable for riders ranging from 5’3″ to 6’6″.

Motor and Driving Test

The Actbest Knight e-bike comes with a Shimano seven-speed shifter setup, which is a standard feature in this category of e-bikes, whether folding or non-folding. It is classified as a Class 3 e-bike and is equipped with a 48-volt system and a 14 amp-hour battery. The rear motor can reach a maximum peak of 750 watts, allowing the bike to achieve speeds of up to 28+ miles per hour. Notably, the throttle function has no speed limit, enabling speeds of over 20 miles per hour without pedal assistance.

Actbest Knight Review: 750W motor

Upon testing the Actbest folding e-bike, the user found it to be a super budget-friendly option available on Amazon, which they acquired for comparison with premium brands. They started by evaluating the fit and feel of the bike for someone who is 5’11”. Despite the manufacturer’s claim that the bike can accommodate riders up to 6’6″, the user disagreed, feeling that even at the maximum seat height, it wasn’t sufficient for them. They suggested considering a longer seat post for improved comfort.

Actbest Knight Review: on the road or driving test

However, they appreciated that the handlebars and reach felt good, and they particularly liked the unlimited throttle feature. The tires initially had a slight thump, possibly due to being new, but this was expected to smooth out over time. The Shimano shifter worked smoothly, but the brakes, being budget-branded cable-driven brakes and not hydraulic, were less desirable, as expected in this price range.

Actbest Knight Review: front light

During the test, the user noticed a significant delay in the Cadence Sensor, requiring several rotations of the pedals before engagement. Despite this, they were impressed with the bike’s acceleration and speed capabilities, reaching speeds of up to 32 miles per hour on a slight downhill.

Actbest Knight Review: on the road or driving test

The bike performed well during a hill climb test, managing a 19% grade hill with pedal assistance alone. The user noted that the short seat height was not ideal for their riding height but acknowledged the bike’s overall performance, especially considering its price range.

Actbest Knight Review: rear light

During a downhill coasting test, the bike reached speeds of up to 40 miles per hour and felt stable without any noticeable wobble. Testing the throttle alone on a steep incline, the bike was able to maintain speed and even gain momentum, showcasing its potential for throttle-based riding.

However, when testing the brakes, they found that the brakes could not lock up, indicating a limitation in their effectiveness.

Actbest Knight: Conclusions

Overall, the Actbest Knight e-bike offers a decent package for its price point of $900. However, there are a few areas where improvements could be made. Firstly, the brakes are considered lackluster and could benefit from an upgrade. Secondly, the seat post height should be longer to accommodate taller riders comfortably, as the current setup may not be suitable for individuals over 5’10”.

Actbest Knight Review

Lastly, the Cadence Sensor’s slow response time was noted as a downside, although the throttle feature compensates for this limitation by providing maximum speed control.

Despite these areas for improvement, the Actbest Knight showcased impressive performance, especially during throttle-based hill climbs, where it outperformed many other e-bikes. If this bike meets your requirements, you can find more information and purchase links in the description below.

Alternatively, you can explore my playlist of other e-bike reviews if you’re still searching for the perfect ride. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more content!

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