SIVROCK CJ500 Review: Powerful 1000W 26-inch Fat E-bike 2024!


Today’s review delves into the SIVROCK CJ500 26 x 4 electric mountain bike, an Amazon exclusive that is reasonably priced at around $1000 but boasts a powerful 1000-watt motor.

The CJ500 is ideal for riders who like a sleek and uncluttered appearance because of its stealthy and minimalistic design. It has a powerful performance despite having a simple appearance.

Thanks to the 1000-watt motor, this bike’s exceptional torque delivery is its most notable attribute. On difficult terrain, this power guarantees remarkable performance and snappy acceleration.

The CJ500, with its robust 1000-watt motor and affordable price of $899, is an excellent choice for riders looking for performance without going over budget. Let’s see this bike’s features in more detail.

Frame Material‎Aluminum
SpeedUp to 24.2 mph
Torque85 Nm
Special Feature‎Digital Display, Rechargeable, Headlight, Dual Disc Brake, Adjustable Seat
Suspension Type‎Front
Brake Style‎Disc
Tires26 x 4 inches
Lithium Battery Energy Content‎720 Watt Hours
Maximum Weight Recommendation‎330 Pounds
Item Weight‎31.75 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎9.06 x 29.53 x 58.27 inches

Design and Build Quality

The SIVROCK CJ500 boasts a full twist throttle for a responsive and smooth ride, drawing inspiration from mountain bikes. The mechanical disc brake levers and ergonomic grips on the handlebar system provide comfort and control during rides.

SIVROCK CJ500 Review: Design and Build Quality

The bike has useful features like a front light with a basic function for visibility, a horn button for safety, and a color display that shows vital ride information like battery level, speed, and voltage. With no needless frills, the minimalist design approach maintains the focus on utility.

SIVROCK CJ500 Review: front light

A tough, off-road look that appeals to daring riders is embraced by the SIVROCK CJ500 thanks to its hardtail shape and absence of fenders. For those looking for a more basic riding experience, the lack of fenders gives it a stripped-down, bare-bones appearance.

SIVROCK CJ500 Review: ‎Disc brakes

The hardtail frame offers stability and durability, essential for tackling rough terrains. The inclusion of front shocks with decent travel and 180mm rotors on the brakes ensures a smoother ride and reliable stopping power.

SIVROCK CJ500 Review: 26 x 4 CST Big Fat Tires

The 26 x 4 CST Big Fat Tires improve the bike’s off-road capabilities by offering superior traction and stability on a variety of conditions. For tough riding conditions, the metal wheel pedals provide a stable base for effective pedaling and control.

SIVROCK CJ500 Review: on the road or driving test

The bike makes up for its lack of some features, such fenders and sophisticated lighting systems, with attention to detail in the form and function of its components. For more comfort, users can think about replacing the saddle, but overall, the SIVROCK CJ500 offers a strong construction designed for mountain bike riders.

SIVROCK CJ500 Review: Design and Build Quality

Therefore, the SIVROCK is an attractive option for riders searching for a no-frills electric bike appropriate for off-road excursions since it blends a rough mountain bike design with practical features and durable build quality. 

SIVROCK CJ500: Motor and Driving Test

With a robust 1000-watt rear hub motor that produces remarkable torque, the SIVROCK CJ500 electric mountain bike is appropriate for a variety of terrains and steep ascents. Despite being unbranded, the motor runs softly, which adds to a comfortable ride.

SIVROCK CJ500 Review: 1000W motor

With its excellent torque, the 1000-watt motor allows the bike to tackle steep inclines with ease. During the speed testing, the bike demonstrated its ability to accelerate quickly and cruise efficiently by reaching up to 24.2 mph with throttle-only acceleration.

Cruise control features make rides more convenient by enabling users to keep a consistent speed without continuously applying the throttle. This feature makes cycling more enjoyable overall, especially on longer road segments.

SIVROCK CJ500 Review: on the road or driving test

The CJ500 demonstrates impressive climbing prowess, maintaining speeds of around 11-14 mph on steep inclines. With its 1000-watt motor and efficient power delivery, riders can tackle challenging uphill sections confidently.

The bike’s stability and balance, even during uphill climbs, contribute to a smooth and controlled riding experience. The brakes, although mechanical, provide adequate stopping power, ensuring safety on descents.

SIVROCK CJ500 Review: on the road or driving test

Despite its weight of around 70 lbs, the CJ500 exhibits durability and sturdiness, essential for off-road adventures. The robust build quality, including the frame, components, and tires, enhances the bike’s longevity and resilience.

The hardtail style of the bike provides a mix between handling and comfort, and it may be customized with suspension components such a suspension seat post. Depending on their tastes and the terrain, riders can alter their setup for best results.

SIVROCK CJ500 Review: on the road or driving test

At a reasonable $899 on online retailers like Amazon, the SIVROCK CJ500 offers great value in terms of a 1000-watt electric mountain bike. Its features, performance, and build quality make it an appealing option for riders looking for an off-road electric bike that is both reasonably priced and capable.

Thus, the SIVROCK CJ500 electric mountain bike is impressive in terms of its overall performance, climbing capability, and powerful engine. It serves riders looking for a dependable and adaptable electric bike for off-road excursions with an emphasis on value for money, durability, and practicality.


Convenience and a stylish design are provided by the hidden battery technology of the SIVROCK CJ500 electric mountain bike.

The battery is artfully tucked away into the bike’s down tube, giving it a sleek and well-designed appearance. Additionally, by distributing the weight equally, this arrangement enhances handling and balance.

SIVROCK CJ500 Review: ‎720 Watt Hours battery

With a quick flip of the cover, you can easily access the charge port on the bike’s top tube. This design makes sure that charging the battery is simple and doesn’t require complicated steps or disassembly.

A 48-volt, 15-amp-hour battery is included with the CJ500, providing enough power for long journeys. Because of the huge capacity, riders may travel farther between charges without experiencing battery issues.

SIVROCK CJ500: Conclusions

In the end, the SIVROCK CJ500 is a functional yet understated Fat Tire electric mountain bike with good performance at a reasonable $899 price point.

SIVROCK CJ500 Review

The integrated battery inside the frame contributes to the bike’s streamlined look, but some riders could find it unremovable. Overall, the design is sturdy and practical, and the top tube features an accessible charge connection for ease of use.

This bike’s remarkable feature is its strong 1000-watt motor, which produces 85 Nm of torque, making it ideal for off-road excursions and difficult terrain. Reactive acceleration is provided by the twist throttle, and maneuverability is improved by the bike’s lower weight (70 lbs) in comparison to other models.

SIVROCK CJ500 Review: Suspension front

The bike’s smaller chain ring and mechanical disc brakes may need maintenance over time, but other than that, they function well and add to the bike’s practical and minimalistic style. Essential ride data is provided by the display pad, and overall build quality is good for the budget category.

Notwithstanding certain minor shortcomings like as a restricted maximum speed and upkeep requirements, the CJ500 fulfills its promise of being a dependable and reasonably priced e-bike. It meets the needs of riders looking for an affordable alternative without sacrificing performance or necessary features.

SIVROCK CJ500 Review: on the road or driving test

Thus, for those searching for an electric mountain bike that is simple, useful, and powerful, the SIVROCK CJ500 is a respectable option. For riders that appreciate performance and value within a fair budget, this is a good alternative.

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