Gotrax F2 Review: Small Size and Foldable E-bike 2024!


For those looking for their first e-bike, the Gotrax F2 is a great option. It is among the most portable adult e-bikes on the market because to its small size and foldable design, all while offering superior features, performance, and quality. Gotrax’s standing in the electric scooter industry has carried over nicely into the e-bike sector, as evidenced by the F2, which is available for a competitive $800—much less than comparable models from other well-known brands.

To give a thorough overview to those who are unfamiliar with e-bikes, it is crucial to examine each component of the F2 in order to determine its strengths and places for improvement. This in-depth analysis will assist prospective purchasers in comprehending the F2’s advantages and disadvantages, enabling them to make an informed choice while thinking about this e-bike.

Thus, the Gotrax F2 offers an appealing package that strikes a balance between usefulness and value, making it a standout choice for first-time e-bike consumers thanks to its mix of portability, performance, and cost.

FRAMEaluminum alloy a6061
DISPLAYlcd digital
SPEED20 mph
SENSORScadence sensor
BATTERY48v 10.4ah (499.2wh)
RANGEup to 50 miles
CHARGER54.6v 2.0a

Design and Build Quality

The Gotrax F2 e-bike is a dependable option for riders looking for comfort, performance, and longevity because of its well-thought-out design and high-quality construction. Let’s examine its structure and parts in more detail.

Gotrax F2 Review: Design and Build Quality

The 20-inch frame with three-inch wide fat tires is a notable feature that provides exceptional grip and shock absorption, making it suitable for a variety of road conditions and terrains. By lessening the effect of bumps and potholes, the front suspension fork further improves ride comfort. It can also be locked out for faster ascents up hills, which increases the bike’s adaptability.

A comfortable and ergonomic riding experience is guaranteed with the adjustable handlebar height and seat post, which accommodate riders of varying sizes. This is particularly appreciated by taller riders like yourself, as the ample seat post length provides a better fit and riding posture.

Gotrax F2 Review: brakes

In terms of build quality, the F2 impresses with its sturdy construction that minimizes noise and rattling during rides. The step-through design not only adds convenience for shorter riders but also facilitates easy maneuvering, such as lifting the bike over obstacles or navigating stairs, thanks to the integrated handle.

One common concern with budget e-bikes is the quality of components, but the F2 stands out with properly installed and reliable parts right out of the box. This means minimal adjustments or fixes are needed before hitting the road, allowing you to enjoy your ride without hassle.

Gotrax F2 Review: display lcd digital

Moving to the drivetrain, the 7-speed Shimano setup, specifically the Shimano Tourney groupset, is a testament to the bike’s quality. While entry-level, Shimano components are known for their durability and smooth shifting, making them suitable for e-bikes like the F2. The lower gears aid in hill climbing, while the higher gears complement pedal-assist modes for effortless cruising.

The bike’s center display is user-friendly, providing essential information such as speed, battery level, odometer, and pedal-assist mode. This simplicity enhances the overall riding experience by keeping vital metrics easily accessible.

Gotrax F2 Review: display

Though it is an e-bike, the Gotrax F2 has remarkable transportable qualities. Although it might not be as little as a scooter, its folding form is incredibly effective. It can be folded down quite compact, saving room in storage spaces like garages or flats and doing away with the necessity for a bike rack when traveling. The hinge points are located at the base of the steering tube and in the middle of the frame. It can still be a little heavy at 54 pounds, though, especially when folded.

The F2 can support riders weighing up to 265 pounds, which should be comfortable for the majority of riders. For better weight distribution and stability, a non-folding bike would be a better option if you’re close to or above the weight limit.

Gotrax F2 Review: WEIGHT

The F2’s removable battery, cleverly concealed within the frame and secured with a key lock, adds convenience. While you need to fold the bike to access the battery, this design is preferable to the exposed rear battery packs commonly seen in similar e-bikes. Charging the battery can be done both in and out of the bike, offering flexibility.

The e-bike’s fat tires, three inches wide, provide advantages like enhanced traction on various surfaces, including dirt roads and snowy conditions. This feature can be particularly beneficial for riders navigating off-road paths or dealing with inclement weather, offering stability and comfort in challenging terrain.

Gotrax F2 Review: front light

The F2 has additional features such a strong rack that can support up to 55 pounds and front and rear brake lights. This makes it useful for jobs like lugging groceries or other heavy objects, possibly taking the place of a car for quick excursions or running errands.

Last but not least, the F2 can withstand mild rain or puddles thanks to its IPX4 water resistance classification, while riding in severe rain is not advised. The integrated fenders improve the bike’s usability in a variety of weather situations by shielding riders from water spray.

Gotrax F2 Review: rear light

To sum up, the Gotrax offers a well-rounded e-bike experience by combining a sturdy design, dependable parts, and user-friendly functions. With its performance and comfort, it’s an intriguing option in its price range for both exploring off-road tracks and navigating city streets.

Gotrax F2: Motor and Driving Test

With a robust 500-watt motor and a twist throttle for motor activation, the Gotrax F2 is outfitted with a hub drive system. It is adaptable to a range of riding tastes with five distinct riding modes that let you select your ideal top speed.

Gotrax F2 Review: on the road or driving test

The cadence-based design of F2’s pedal assist system, which bases the motor’s full output on pedal rotation rather than force supplied to the pedals, is one noteworthy feature of the system. The motor’s assistance is reliable and easy to utilize, making this setup ideal for novice riders. With a maximum speed of 20 mph, the throttle offers a practical choice for times when you need a break from pedaling or want to accelerate from a stop without constantly changing gears.

Gotrax F2 Review: twist THROTTLE

As a Class 2 e-bike, the F2 is limited to 20 miles per hour, but actual testing by Rider Guide confirmed this speed, verifying the bike’s performance accurately. In fact, with the throttle engaged on flat ground, the F2 can reach speeds close to 24 miles per hour. Additionally, the bike’s capability to handle hills efficiently was demonstrated during testing, effortlessly ascending a 10% grade 200-foot hill in just 14 seconds, thanks to the combination of motor power and rider assistance.

Gotrax F2 Review: max SPEED

On e-bikes, safety features are essential, and the F2 satisfies the need with its front and rear mechanical disc brakes. These brakes work well, stopping the bike from 15 miles per hour in 16.4 feet. They offer dependable braking performance for safe and secure riding.

Gotrax F2 Review: on the road or driving test

Therefore, the motor system, riding modes, and braking capabilities of the Gotrax F2 all contribute to its easy-to-use design and fun riding experience, making it a dependable and useful option for e-bike aficionados.

Battery and Range

The 48-volt, 10.4 amp-hour battery that powers the Gotrax F2 was tested for range in mode 4, which is the most practical riding mode for most users. This setting provides enough power to climb hills and a respectable top speed of about 17 miles per hour. It performed admirably in the range test, hitting 22.1 miles, which is in close agreement with Gotrax’s stated range on the product page.

Gotrax F2 Review: 48v 10.4ah (499.2wh) battery

Gotrax’s strategy deserves praise for giving the range figures context. Many e-bike and electric scooter manufactures give range estimates without mentioning the riding circumstances, which creates irrational expectations. Users can better grasp the actual range they can expect under normal riding conditions with the use of Gotrax’s range graph, which is based on several riding modes. This transparency is appreciated and sets a standard for other brands to follow.

In addition, even with a dead battery, the F2 can still be used as a standard bike. But compared to bikes with standard-width tires, it might be a little harder to ride without pedal assistance, just like other fat tire e-bikes. Because wider tires have a higher rolling resistance, this feature is common to fat tire e-bikes, especially when riding on flat terrain without the aid of a motor.

Gotrax F2: Conclusions

To sum up, the Gotrax F2 is a unique product in the e-bike industry, providing features and performance usually associated with more expensive versions. At $800, it offers a good, comprehensive experience that goes above and beyond what is expected for the price range.

Gotrax F2 Review

The F2 is a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality starting e-bike because of its reliable motor system, fat tire adaptability, folding ease, and user-friendly features. This e-bike is suitable for riders of all shapes and sizes, providing a comfortable and pleasurable ride, whether they are using it for weekend rides or everyday commuting.

Gotrax F2 Review: Design and Build Quality

The Gotrax F2 is unquestionably an e-bike to take into consideration if you’re looking for something capable and reasonably priced. Visit the following link to learn more about it and experience its features yourself. I’m Mitchell with Rider Guide, and I look forward to sharing more insights with you in the future. Happy riding!

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