Meelod DK300 Plus Review: Affordable Moped style E-bike 2024!


One notable competitor for the title of finest affordable moped-style electric bike available is the Meelod DK300 Plus. With features like full suspension, a stated top speed of 28 mph, and an estimated range of 100 miles on a single charge, it delivers an enticing combination for little under $1,000. But promises are one thing; real-world performance is quite another. To evaluate these claims, we’re putting this bike through a strenuous 18-mile test ride.

A strenuous 20% grade climb is the first task on the schedule to test the DK300 Plus’s hill handling capabilities. We’ll then test it out on the sand at a beach to see if it can truly function as an off-road vehicle. Acceleration and top speed tests will also be conducted to gauge its performance in various scenarios.

If the features of the Meelod DK300 Plus pique your interest and you’re thinking about getting one, be sure to click the link in the description below to see the best deal. But don’t buy it just yet; after we’ve given it a full examination, we’ll send you a detailed evaluation. Watch this space to find out if the DK300 Plus delivers on its promises and if it’s deserving of the moniker “best value moped-style electric bike” available.

Frame Material‎High Carbon Steel
MOTOR48V750W Meelod-15S
DISPLAY2.4-inch waterproof LED screen.
SuspensionDP038-A, Rebound, Air Pressure Adjust And Lock-out
FORKDouble-crown 20 Inch, Hydraulic Lockout
BRAKES2-piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes w/ Electric Cut-Off Sensor
TIRESChaoyang H5176 All-surface Tires, 20x4.0"
BATTERY48V 20ah, Meelod 29E 18650 Cells (91 cells)
RANGEUp to 100miles
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎57.87 x 33.86 x 12.2 inches

Unboxing and Design

Among e-bikes, the Meelod DK300 Plus electric bike stands out thanks to its unique appearance and unusual unpacking experience. A short, soft seat with a lip to keep you from falling off greets you as soon as you open the box. During rides, this well-considered feature improves comfort and safety. The coil rear Monoshock is one of the unique characteristics that promises a regulated and smooth ride over a variety of terrains.

Meelod DK300 Plus Review: ‎Unboxing and Assembly

This e-bike’s main feature is its Meelod-branded battery, which is openly displayed. This 48-volt, 20-amp device has a massive 960 watt-hour energy capacity. It may not be an e-bike that can travel 100 miles, but the battery’s weight of just more than 11 pounds is impressive. The package includes a sizable charger with a 4.5-amp charge rate, enabling a relatively quick recharge time of about 4.5 hours from empty to full.

Moving on to the wheels, the Meelod DK300 Plus rides on 20-inch wheels that are 4 inches wide, featuring a standard knobby tread often seen on budget e-bikes. These wheels are complemented by spoke wheels to keep the overall weight down, coupled with 160mm hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power.

Meelod DK300 Plus Review: ‎Unboxing and Assembly

Powering this e-bike is a 750-watt nominal motor, also branded Meelod, capable of delivering a peak power output of around 1,200 watts. The power delivery to the motor is managed by a 48-volt, 25-amp controller, translating to approximately 1,200 watts peak power sent to the rear hub motor.

The design elements of the Meelod DK300 Plus further include a rear light, metal fenders, and front suspension with a dual Crown Fork that’s adjustable for compression. The handlebars feature a BMX Riser style with a cell phone holder, basic display, round rubber grips, melod hydraulic brakes, and a basic seven-speed Shimano shifter.

Meelod DK300 Plus Review: ‎2-piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes w/ Electric Cut-Off Sensor

The e-bike’s quarter twist throttle, which is located on the right handlebar for simple acceleration, enhances its functionality. When there is a horn, it makes rides safer. A front lamp, an assembly manual, and all setup-related parts including pedals, front wheel nuts, and a der guard to shield the Shimano turny TZ der and the cassette’s seven gears are all included in the box.

With the battery installed, the Meelod weighs about 278.15 pounds, making it a reliable yet agile ride. Long chain stays and a stretched look help to provide stability and comfort on lengthy rides.

Meelod DK300 Plus Review: Design and Build Quality

The Meelod DK300 Plus electric bike offers a range of adjustability and functionality that enhances the riding experience. One notable feature is the ability to adjust the air in the air shock, allowing riders to fine-tune the stiffness or softness of the suspension. This adjustment plays a significant role in how the bike handles various terrains and impacts.

The suspension feel, however, is also influenced by the thickness of the spring. The DK300 Plus comes with a robust spring that adds to the bike’s overall stability and prevents bottoming out too easily, ensuring a smoother ride even on rough surfaces.

Meelod DK300 Plus Review: ‎front light

When it comes to getting the bike started, the basic display provides essential information like speed, odometer readings, trip data, battery voltage, and current power usage. With a nominal voltage of 48 volts, the display gives a clear indication of the battery’s charge level.

The integrated lights on the bike are readily controlled via the display. You may adjust vision in different lighting circumstances by toggling between high and low beams by holding down the + button. With its beep beep sound, the horn makes the bike more pedestrian-friendly but also increases safety by making people aware of your presence.

Meelod DK300 Plus Review: ‎rear light

The DK300 Plus provides taller riders with a comfortable fit, ample room for movement, and a seat height that can be adjusted to suit a variety of heights. For riders who are pushing the bike to its limits, the adjustable suspension adds even more comfort to the ride. Therefore, the Meelod DK300 Plus is an interesting choice in the e-bike market due to its combination of design components, power output, and usefulness. 

Motor and Driving Test

Performance-wise, the Meelod DK300 Plus electric bike is powerful. This bike offers a fast but controlled riding experience, with a twist of the throttle reaching up to 31.8 mph. Its speed makes it the perfect choice for riders who want a little thrill without sacrificing stability or safety.

Meelod DK300 Plus Review: ‎20% grade climb test

The DK300 Plus’s capability to manage slopes is impressive. With just the throttle, the bike can maneuver easily, even on a steep 20% grade. With a maximum power output of 1200 watts and a current of 22 amps, the motor provides more than enough power to navigate rough terrain without requiring heavy pedaling.

While it may not be the most powerful hub-drive motor on the market, considering its price point of $1,000, it offers remarkable value for the features it provides. The full suspension system adds to its versatility, making it suitable for off-road adventures and ensuring a smoother ride even on rough surfaces.

Meelod DK300 Plus Review: ‎High Carbon Steel frame

For riders who prefer a more relaxed experience, the pedal assist modes offer various levels of assistance, from cruising speeds to faster accelerations. The cadence sensor pedal assist system seamlessly integrates with your pedaling, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Despite its power and performance capabilities, the DK300 Plus remains nimble and agile, making it a joy to ride in various settings. Whether you’re navigating city streets or tackling rugged trails, this bike’s combination of power, speed, and agility makes it a compelling choice for riders looking for an affordable yet high-performing electric bike.

Meelod DK300 Plus Review: on the road or driving test

The Meelod DK300 Plus electric bike delivers impressive speed and performance, especially considering a 200 lb rider. During testing, it managed to hit speeds of up to 29 mph without pedaling, showcasing its power and capability. The bike’s extended rear end contributes to its handling characteristics, although it can make the bike feel a bit different compared to other models, especially during braking and cornering.

In terms of handling on different terrains, the DK300 Plus performed well on flat surfaces, offering a smooth and controlled ride. However, it faced challenges on uphill sand sections, indicating that it might struggle with certain off-road conditions, particularly if the battery charge is low. The suspension, while not the most plush, can be adjusted to suit individual preferences, allowing riders to fine-tune the firmness of the ride.

Meelod DK300 Plus Review: on the road or driving test

A 12% grade California hill was no problem for the bike during the assessment, demonstrating its power delivery and climbing capability. The bike remained stable and in control even when riders rode aggressively, providing a thrilling but safe experience.

As a result, the DK300 Plus exhibits strong performance and adaptability, making it appropriate for a range of riding situations, including light off-road trails and city streets. Its power, speed, and adaptability combine to make it an attractive option for riders looking for an enjoyable and competent electric bike.

Meelod DK300 Plus Review: ‎2.4-inch waterproof LED screen.

In the end, the Meelod DK300 Plus finds a happy medium between performance and cost, placing it within reach of a broad spectrum of riders who want an e-bike experience that combines dependability and excitement.

Battery and Range

With its 48-volt system and 20 amp-hour battery, the Meelod DK300 Plus is a great option for riders looking for an affordable moped-style electric bike. It may not have the two motor, dual battery version’s maximum power and range, but it still offers an exciting and capable ride at a lower cost.

The DK300 Plus is a good choice for riders looking for an electric bike that won’t break the budget. It is a good option for people who want to profit from an e-bike without breaking the bank because of its performance, especially given the price.

Meelod DK300 Plus Review: ‎48V 20ah, Meelod 29E 18650 Cells (91 cells)

The DK300 Plus showed good speed and range throughout testing and assessment, making it appropriate for a variety of riding situations.Its extended wheelbase increases stability, but for those who want a little more thrill, it also permits some fun corner sliding.

Although riders should anticipate a decline in performance when the battery level starts to drop, the DK300 Plus still has a good range and speed for its class.

Meelod DK300 Plus: Conclusions

Final thoughts on the Meelod DK300 Plus electric bike are quite positive. At $1,000, it provides a moped-like ride with respectable power and a comprehensive suspension setup. It may not have the most power, especially when compared to more expensive models, but it still offers a comfortable and fun ride.

Meelod DK300 Plus Review: Design and Build Quality

Its 20 amp-hour battery pack, which provides a decent range for most riding needs, is one of the notable features. Because of its complete suspension, which improves comfort and control, it can be used on a variety of terrains and riding styles.

The DK300 Plus demonstrated dependable braking capability throughout brake tests, which increases both its use and safety. This electric bike offers excellent value overall for the price range, particularly for those searching for an affordable moped-style option.

Meelod DK300 Plus Review: on the road or driving test

If the Meelod DK300 Plus suits your needs and tastes in an electric bike, buying it using the supplied link will guarantee the best deal and help support the work of reviewers who offer incisive and thorough analyses of other items as well as electric bikes.

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