Meelod DK300 Max Review: Dual Motor Moped E-bike!


We are proud to announce the Meelod DK300 Max dual motor e-bike, a huge improvement over the Meelod model that looks like a moped.

Due to its dual motors’ remarkable power and acceleration, the DK300 Max is built to provide an exhilarating riding experience. Fat Tires on an e-bike mimicking a moped offer grip and stability on a variety of surfaces.

The DK300 Max’s moped-inspired design, which not only looks great but also provides a supportive and ergonomic riding position, is one of its best characteristics. Whether you’re driving off-road or through cities, the Fat Tires help to make the ride smooth.

We’ll go through some of its great features in this review, but we’ll also point out some things to think about.

Frame Material‎High Carbon Steel
DUAL MOTOR48V750W Meelod-15S * 2
DISPLAY2.4-inch waterproof LED screen.
SuspensionDP038-A, Rebound, Air Pressure Adjust And Lock-out
TIRESCST CEB-01 All-surface Tires, 20x4.0"
FRONT LIGHT12W LED Retro-style headlights
PAS SENSORIntegrated Sensitive Cadence Sensor
FORKDouble-crown 20 Inch, Hydraulic Lockout
DUAL BATTERY48V 20ah, Meelod 29E 18650 Cells (91 cells) * 2
RANGEUp to 150miles
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎57.87 x 33.86 x 12.2 inches

Design and Build Quality

The Meelod DK300 Max electric moped bike has a distinctive and striking design with a triangular chassis, two engines, two batteries, large tires, and a moped-like appearance. The DK300 is obviously designed for long-distance travel, as evidenced by the way its 20 by 4-inch all-terrain fat tires complement it both off and on the road.

Meelod DK300 Max Review: Design and Build Quality

Similar to other well-known electric mopeds like the Super 73, Aero Rider, and Juiced models, the DK300 has a triangular frame design. Its sturdy rear-wheel location, with a somewhat longer swing arm than comparable brands, is what distinguishes it, though. This design decision improves riding stability, particularly over uneven terrain.

Meelod DK300 Max Review: Double-crown 20 Inch, Hydraulic Lockout

One notable aspect of the DK300’s build quality is its attention to detail. It features integrated components such as an front fender, headlight, and rear suspension, all contributing to a cohesive and functional design. The 48-volt headlight, made from durable materials, stands out for its quality construction.

Meelod DK300 Max Review: 12W LED Retro-style headlights

The bike also offers customization options, with a riser handlebar allowing riders to adjust the handlebar height according to their preferences. The rubber hand grips and half-twist throttle provide comfort and control during rides. Additionally, the inclusion of a seven-speed Shimano transmission system and Milot hydraulic brakes adds to the bike’s performance and safety features.

Meelod DK300 Max Review: Design and Build Quality

The DK300 Max comes equipped with dual 48-volt, 20 amp-hour batteries arranged in a faux gas tank design on top and a standard shark style at the bottom. This setup not only provides ample power but also ensures a stable center of gravity for a smoother ride. The removable batteries can be charged simultaneously using the included splitter charger.

Meelod DK300 Max Review: CST CEB-01 All-surface Tires, 20x4.0"

Comfort is prioritized with a moped-style seat featuring memory foam, offering a pleasant riding experience even during long journeys. The rear suspension, with adjustable preload, further enhances comfort and handling, making it suitable for various riding conditions.

Meelod DK300 Max Review: controls

The DK300 Max is distinguished by its dual-motor configuration, which combines two motors with 750-watt ratings (1200-watt peak) to provide a powerful 2400 watts. This enables a variety of riding modes, such as all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, and rear-wheel drive, giving riders freedom and control according to their preferred terrain.

Meelod DK300 Max Review

The DK300 Max weights 138 pounds, making it a heavy but solid alternative for riders searching for a dependable electric moped for commuting or adventure uses despite its sturdy structure and feature-rich design. All things considered, the Meelod DK300 Max is a strong option for electric moped users since it blends cutting-edge design aspects with excellent build quality and performance advantages.

Meelod DK300 Max: Motor and Driving Test

Now, this is where the remarkable performance capabilities of the Meelod DK300 Max really shine. This electric moped has two hub motors rated at 750 watts each, with a maximum power output of 1200 watts. With this kind of power, it can climb and accelerate quite well.

Meelod DK300 Max Review: on the road or driving test

The DK300’s strong motors let it to travel at over 30 miles per hour, giving riders an exciting and effective riding experience. The DK300 is an exceptional performer in its class thanks to its acceleration skills, whether you’re traversing difficult terrain or city streets.

Turning on the Meelod is a straightforward process that involves entering a password on the color display. Starting with pedal assist level three and rear-wheel drive mode, the low-end torque feels robust yet controllable, gradually ramping up as you accelerate. This mode is ideal for navigating traffic and maintaining a comfortable speed without exerting too much power.

Meelod DK300 Max Review: on the road or driving test

Moving up to pedal assist level five increases the acceleration significantly, showcasing the DK300’s impressive torque and speed capabilities. With its dual 750-watt motors and 2400 watts of total power, hitting top speeds of over 30 miles per hour is easily achievable in this mode.

Switching to front-wheel drive provides a different riding experience, focusing more on grip and stability rather than raw speed. While it may not accelerate as quickly as rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive is advantageous in situations requiring more traction, such as climbing hills or traversing uneven terrain.

Meelod DK300 Max Review: on the road or driving test

Engaging the all-wheel drive dual motor mode unleashes the DK300’s full potential, delivering a thrilling and powerful ride experience. The acceleration is rapid, and the bike handles effortlessly, making it a joy to ride, especially in open spaces where you can fully exploit its capabilities.

The DK300’s suspension system performs admirably, absorbing bumps and uneven surfaces with ease, ensuring a comfortable and controlled ride. Additionally, the four-piston hydraulic disc brakes provide ample stopping power, enhancing safety and control during rides.

Meelod DK300 Max Review: CST CEB-01 All-surface Tires, 20x4.0"

The pedal assist system’s sensitivity, which reacts fast to even minute inputs, is one feature worth mentioning. If this sensitivity is not controlled correctly, it might result in sudden acceleration, particularly when using dual motor mode. However, riders may efficiently harness the power of the DK300 and enjoy a smooth riding experience with the right awareness and control.

As a result, the Meelod DK300 Max represents a considerable improvement over its predecessor and offers remarkable performance features at a cost-effective price. Its power, handling, and versatility make it an attractive option for riders looking for a high-performing electric moped that can handle a variety of riding conditions with ease.

Battery and Range

With its two detachable 48-volt, 20 amp-hour batteries, the Meelod DK300 Max is expected to have an amazing range of up to 150 miles. However, a number of variables, like the rider’s weight, the terrain, their pace, and whether or not they use pedal assistance, affect this maximum range.

We traveled 30.74 miles in total at an average speed of 15.5 miles per hour during a real-world range test. We also experienced a couple speed bursts during the test, with a top speed of about 33.6 mph. We were down to about 50% battery life by the conclusion of the journey.

Meelod DK300 Max Review: 48V 20ah, Meelod 29E 18650 Cells (91 cells) * 2

We estimate that the DK300 Max can get about 60 miles of range before needing to be recharged, based on our test and riding style. It’s important to remember that each person’s range may change depending on their riding preferences and situations. The bike’s overall range can be increased by taking into account topography, riding at slower speeds, and making effective use of pedal assist.

While the 150-mile stated range is a lofty goal that might be met under ideal circumstances, riders should estimate the DK300 Max’s range taking into account practical considerations. However, the bike’s dual battery system offers sufficient power and range for the majority of riding conditions, making it a dependable option for longer trips and excursions.

Meelod DK300 Max: Conclusions

In summary, the Meelod DK300 Max’s moped-style seat with memory foam, front hydraulic suspension fork, and respectable rear shock absorption all contribute to its comfortable and stable riding experience. The swing arm’s location and other aspects of the bike’s design help it stay stable on different types of roads.

Meelod DK300 Max Review

But, because to its 138-pound weight, the DK300 can be difficult to move and handle, especially around stairs and racks. If you require a more transportable solution, take this into consideration.

Robust safety features include both wheels’ four-piston hydraulic disc brakes, which provide dependable stopping capability, particularly at higher speeds. In low light, the integrated 48-volt headlight with high and low beams and taillight improve visibility and increase rider safety. 

Meelod DK300 Max Review: 12W LED Retro-style headlights

The color LCD display on the left side of the vehicle makes it easy to keep an eye on your ride by showing vital details like battery life, speed, and distance traveled.

So, especially when compared to other moped-style fat tire e-bikes with multiple batteries and motors, the Meelod DK300 Max offers good value for the money. For riders looking for long-distance adventures and the ability to keep up with traffic, it’s a good option.

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