Hyper 700c Review: Budget City Step-Thru Commuter eBike!


Hi there, this is Brian. Maverick is with me. Here we have a product review episode! We’ll be delving into the Hyper Bicycles E-Ride Commuter Bike with Hyper 700c wheels in this episode. This review will be divided into two sections: part one will include our riding experience and overall observations, while part two will concentrate on the assembly procedure.

We are here to walk you through the fun yet difficult process of assembling a bike like the Hyper E-Ride Commuter. We’ll guide you through each stage, pointing out any noteworthy elements, difficulties, and advice as we go.

We’ll test ride the bike and discuss our impressions of its comfort, performance, and suitability for different riding situations in part two of our review. We’ll also talk about any noteworthy elements, possible upgrades, and our final assessment.


We sincerely hope you find this two-part review series enjoyable, educational, and useful in your decision-making. Watch out for part two, where we use the Hyper E-Ride Commuter Bike to go on a road trip. We appreciate your presence, and now let’s get started with the assembly!

Frame MaterialAluminum
GearShimano 6-speed grip shifter
Speed20 mph
Pedal assisted3 power levels
BrakesFront/Rear V-Brakes
SuspensionFront suspension fork
Battery36V / 7.8 AH flush-mount battery
Charging time 4 Hours
Package Dimensions56.5 x 33 x 8.5 inches
Item Weight67.5 pounds

Unboxing and Build Quality

The Hyper 700c bike was bought for $398 by Prepper Princess’s wife at Walmart during a bargain. The user saw that this model frequently goes on sale, so they kept an eye out for price reductions even if the typical price is a few hundred more.

Hyper 700c Review: price

The user intends to review the mountain bike version in a separate video and even purchased one for themself. These bikes were selected because they were reasonably priced and had good evaluations.

Hyper 700c Review: front logo

The customer noticed that the packaging was a little heavier but still manageable when they received the bike. The bike was carefully packed by Hyper and exhibited no damage despite the difficulties encountered during shipment. However, user noted a significant drawback was the lack of detailed written instructions for assembly. While there was a guide on how to use the e-bike, there were no instructions for assembly, only a card referring to online instructions. User also mentioned the absence of tools in the package, which would have been helpful for assembly.

Hyper 700c Review: Design and Build Quality

To assemble the bike, user used basic tools like an adjustable wrench, Phillips head screwdriver, scissors, and an air pump for the tires. The assembly process took about one to two hours, with the second bike assembling quicker than the first due to experience gained. User also took time to inspect all parts, initially finding two washers missing but later discovering them lost in the packaging. Overall, user found the bike’s quality to be good, despite the assembly challenges.

Hyper 700c Review: handle

As you started assembling the bike, you encountered a minor hiccup with the steering wheel. You inadvertently reversed the bottom of the forks, which later required readjusting the handlebars. Although it wasn’t a major issue, it added a bit of nuisance to the process.

Hyper 700c Review: Design and Build Quality

Opening up the packages that came with the bike revealed the power supply or charger for the battery. This standard battery charger was a single two-pronged device, and you were surprised by its simplicity.

Hyper 700c Review: seat

Moving on to the pedals, you found them to be of good quality, contrary to your initial expectations of needing replacements. Checking the bolts for the wheels, you noted that the front wheel attaches with a traditional lock washer, washer, and screw setup instead of a quick-release lever design. While this may not offer the convenience of quick-release, it’s a cost-saving measure that’s understandable, especially for an affordable bike like this.

Hyper 700c Review: Front/Rear V-Brakes

Throughout the assembly process, you preferred hand tightening initially and then using a spanner wrench for final adjustments. This method allowed for a more tactile feel and adjustment flexibility, especially given the absence of detailed instructions.

Hyper 700c Review: Design and Build Quality

Installing additional components like the front splash guard and adjusting the handlebars further completed the bike’s assembly. Despite minor quality issues with some screws, you found workarounds and managed to secure everything in place effectively.

Hyper 700c Review: Design and Build Quality

You also highlighted the bike’s warranty coverage, which seemed generous in terms of workmanship and longevity. Although you printed out instructions from the website, you were unsure of their weight in case issues arose later on.

Hyper 700c Review: rear rack

Finally, you discussed the battery design, noting its built-in yet removable feature. This design not only allows for easy swapping and replacement but also ensures better battery life by storing it in optimal temperature conditions, especially during extreme weather swings typical in your region.

Overall, despite some minor challenges and quality issues with certain components, the assembly and build quality of the Hyper 700c bike appeared satisfactory, especially considering its affordable price point and the versatility offered by its interchangeable battery system.

Hyper 700c: Driving Test

Smooth and fun riding is provided with the Hyper 700c, particularly for commuting and recreational riding. The bike is easy to manage and maneuver whether you’re riding along bike routes or city streets thanks to its lightweight aluminum frame.

Hyper 700c Review: on the road or driving test

The 700c wheel size of the Hyper 700c is one of its standout characteristics; it offers a smooth ride and makes it easy to roll over cracks and potholes in the road. Though adequate, the tires can be replaced with better ones for better performance, particularly if you intend to ride on a variety of terrain frequently.

Hyper 700c Review: on the road or driving test

The bike’s Shimano drivetrain ensures smooth gear shifting, contributing to a seamless and efficient riding experience. Additionally, the disc brakes offer reliable stopping power, providing a sense of safety and control while riding in different conditions.

Hyper 700c Review: Shimano 6-speed grip shifter

During a test ride, you might want to pay attention to how the bike handles different surfaces, corners, and inclines. Testing the brakes and shifting gears under various scenarios can help evaluate the bike’s performance and responsiveness.

Hyper 700c Review: on the road or driving test

So, the driving experience of the Hyper 700c is likely to be enjoyable and suitable for daily commuting, casual rides, and even longer recreational trips. It’s a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality and functionality, making it a solid choice for many cyclists.

Hyper 700c: Conclusions

In summary, the Hyper 700c bike’s assembly evaluation provides insight into both its overall quality and user experience. The bike assembles into a workable and pleasurable ride, despite a few minor issues with the component quality and instructions.

Hyper 700c Review: controls

The Hyper 700c and other e-bikes from the Hyper brand appear to provide a decent mix of performance and price. It can be used for recreational riding, daily commuting, and, with some enhancements, maybe longer excursions.

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Hyper 700c Review: charging port

A mountain bike version assembly overview, user reviews, additional adventures, and insights into electric mobility items are all coming soon. Stay tuned. I hope we can go on more experiences together in the future. Until then, take care.


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