Oraimo Sciiti 100 Review: Robust and Durable Affordable E-bike!


Hey everybody, I’m Zach, and I’m Jesse, and today we’re excited to review the new e-bike, the Oraimo Sciiti 100. Now, let’s dive right into it.

First off, let’s address the name. We’re not entirely sure if we’re pronouncing it correctly, but we’ve been calling it “Oriyama.” It has a nice ring to it, although we’re pretty sure it’s not Italian. Regardless, it’s a unique name for what seems to be a promising e-bike.

Now, onto the bike itself. The Oraimo Sciiti 100 catches the eye with its sleek design and compact frame. It’s definitely one of the better-named e-bikes we’ve come across, considering some of the clunkers out there.

Frame Material‎Aluminum
Gears7 Speed Gear
AdvantageDouble Load Rear Rack
Suspension Type‎Dual Front Fork Suspension
Battery36V 10.4AH
Battery Capacity375Wh
Charger42V 3A
Charging Time3.5 Hours
Estimated Max Range25-32Mi(Throttle)/25-40Mi(PAS)
Recommended Height5'3"-6'4"
Max Load Capacity330lbs
Item Weight‎68.3 Pounds

Design and Build Quality

The Oraimo Sciiti 100 is an intriguing e-bike that embodies Engwe E26 $180 coupona blend of European and British design elements, evoking a cruiser-style feel reminiscent of bikes popular in the Netherlands. One notable feature is its step-through frame, which not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also enhances accessibility, making it suitable for a wide range of riders.

Oraimo Sciiti 100 Review

The build quality of the Sciiti 100 appears to be robust and durable, with attention to detail evident in its construction. The frame design not only contributes to its stylish appearance but also offers structural integrity, capable of supporting considerable weight. The tubing used in the frame is similar to that of other high-quality bikes, ensuring stability and reliability during rides.

One standout feature of the Oraimo Sciiti 100 is its integrated air pump, reminiscent of the Reebok sneakers from the 90s. While the concept of an adjustable seat may seem innovative, its practicality may vary depending on individual preferences. Some users may find it challenging to discern significant differences in comfort between varying levels of inflation, while others may appreciate the option to customize their riding experience.

Oraimo Sciiti 100 Review: rear rack

The comfortable seat design, reminiscent of traditional “ladies’ style” seats, adds to the overall comfort of the riding experience. Its ample size and ergonomic design ensure a comfortable fit for extended rides, enhancing the bike’s appeal for leisurely cruises or daily commuting.

Additionally, the Oraimo Sciiti 100 offers practical storage solutions, with the ability to accommodate accessories such as baskets or panniers. The welded-on storage rack can support significant weight, providing versatility for carrying cargo or accommodating a lighter passenger if desired.

Oraimo Sciiti 100 Review: seat

The Oraimo Sciiti 100 is ideal for light cruising and daily errands, making it a practical choice for riders looking for a versatile e-bike. While it may not be designed for carrying a second passenger, it excels in transporting groceries and other sundries, thanks to its sturdy storage rack and ample cargo capacity.

However, assembly of the Oraimo Sciiti 100 may pose some challenges, despite being advertised as 85 percent pre-assembled. While the necessary tools are provided, the process can be intricate and time-consuming. One notable difficulty lies in installing the handlebars, where aligning them properly can be tricky, as described in the user’s experience. This issue may result in the handlebars being off-center, impacting the bike’s handling and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, adjusting the seat height requires tools, which can be inconvenient for on-the-go adjustments during rides or when accommodating different riders.

Oraimo Sciiti 100 Review: ‎Dual Front Fork Suspension

Despite these assembly challenges, the Oraimo Sciiti 100 features some convenient design elements. The foldable seat allows easy access to the battery, which is secured with a key lock mechanism. This mechanism ensures the battery remains safely attached to the bike and can be easily removed for charging or storage. The inclusion of an on/off switch on the battery adds an extra layer of security and helps preserve battery life when the bike is not in use.

Moreover, the lightweight nature of the battery makes handling and transportation more manageable. This feature enhances the overall user experience, especially when removing and reinstalling the battery for charging or maintenance purposes.

Oraimo Sciiti 100: Motor and Driving Test

The Oraimo Sciiti 100 features a 350-watt hub motor, providing ample power for cruising along city streets and bike paths. However, it employs a cadence pedal sensing system, which may affect the rider’s experience, particularly when it comes to achieving a balance between motor assistance and physical exertion.

Oraimo Sciiti 100 Review: on the road or driving test

Cadence sensing essentially turns the motor on or off based on the rider’s pedaling speed, resembling more of an “on-off switch” mechanism rather than a nuanced response to the rider’s effort. This can lead to situations where the motor does most of the work, especially when attempting to keep up with faster riders or maintaining higher speeds. In such cases, riders may find themselves pedaling without much effect, essentially relying solely on the motor’s assistance.

The bike offers four modes: off, low, medium, and high speeds. While these modes provide versatility in speed options, riders may find themselves limited in achieving a satisfying workout, as the cadence sensing system may not accurately adjust to their preferred pace. Moreover, the absence of torque sensing in the pedals, which is more common in higher-end bikes, further diminishes the ability to fine-tune the level of assistance provided by the motor.

Oraimo Sciiti 100 Review: on the road or driving test

Despite these limitations, the Oraimo Sciiti 100 remains a viable option for commuters and leisure riders seeking an affordable electric bike. In particular, the low and medium speed settings allow riders to maintain a comfortable pace without relying too heavily on the motor. Additionally, the inclusion of gears in the Shimano seven-speed drivetrain provides flexibility in pedaling effort, especially when the battery is depleted.

However, the bike’s braking system may leave something to be desired, as cable brakes may not offer the same level of stopping power and responsiveness as hydraulic brakes. Furthermore, the positioning of the brakes may not be optimal for riders with smaller hands, potentially leading to discomfort or difficulty in reaching the brake levers.

Oraimo Sciiti 100 Review: on the road or driving test

In terms of visibility and safety features, the Oraimo Sciiti 100 lacks integrated lights, necessitating the use of aftermarket accessories for enhanced visibility during low-light conditions. However, the user recommends the Lumos Kickstart helmet for its lightweight design and built-in lights, providing an added layer of safety for riders.

Regarding the front fork suspension on the Oraimo Sciiti 100, initial expectations may outweigh its actual performance. While the presence of suspension may suggest a smoother ride, it’s important to note that the suspension appears stiff and may not effectively absorb bumps or uneven terrain. Consequently, riders may not notice significant benefits in comfort or handling, especially on rough surfaces.

Oraimo Sciiti 100 Review: on the road or driving test

When considering where to ride the Sciiti 100, it’s essential to avoid gravel or sand due to the bike’s tire design. With its narrow tires, the bike is better suited for paved surfaces, offering optimal traction and stability. For off-road adventures or beach riding, a fat-tire bike would be a more suitable option.

The inclusion of fenders on the Oraimo is praised for its practicality, offering protection from rain and dirt. Additionally, the pass-through frame design enhances convenience, allowing for easy access and the possibility of attaching accessories such as water bottles or baskets.

Oraimo Sciiti 100 Review: on the road or driving test

While the bike’s build quality may not be flawless, with noticeable welds and potential alignment issues, its affordability and overall styling make it a compelling choice for budget-conscious riders. The inclusion of a front fork suspension, while not as effective as expected, adds to the bike’s appeal, even if its benefits may be limited.

In terms of safety, the Lumos helmet with MIPS technology provides added peace of mind, especially for riders prioritizing protection during their journeys. With its lightweight design and convenient built-in lights, the helmet offers both comfort and visibility, essential for safe riding in various conditions.

Battery and Range

The Oraimo Sciiti 100 comes equipped with a 374-watt-hour battery, which may raise concerns about its range and overall capacity. With limited space for battery cells, the bike’s range may be somewhat restricted compared to models with larger battery capacities. Despite this limitation, the manufacturer claims a range of up to 40 miles on a single charge.

Oraimo Sciiti 100 Review: controls

However, achieving this maximum range may require specific riding conditions and usage patterns. The effectiveness of the battery’s capacity heavily depends on factors such as the rider’s weight, terrain, speed, and level of motor assistance. Riders opting for lower power settings and actively contributing to pedaling may indeed maximize the battery’s efficiency and extend its range.

Nevertheless, the reliance on cadence sensing for pedal assistance introduces a unique dynamic to the riding experience. Cadence sensing essentially activates the motor based on the rider’s pedaling speed, offering a straightforward on-off mechanism. While this system simplifies the riding process, it may not provide the nuanced control and efficiency of more advanced torque sensing systems.

Oraimo Sciiti 100 Review: Design and Build Quality

Riders may find themselves adjusting their pedaling cadence to match the motor’s assistance levels, potentially sacrificing efficiency or comfort in the process. Additionally, achieving the claimed maximum range of 40 miles may be challenging for riders who prefer higher levels of motor assistance or encounter hilly terrain.

Oraimo Sciiti 100: Conclusions

In the end, the Oraimo Sciiti 100 presents a charming and dainty option in the realm of e-bikes. With its stylish aesthetic and budget-friendly pricing, it offers a compelling value proposition for riders seeking an affordable yet visually appealing electric bike.

Oraimo Sciiti 100 Review

Despite its lower price point, the Oraimo Sciiti 100 does not compromise on design quality, featuring a well-executed frame and comfortable seat that enhance the overall riding experience. Its compact size and thoughtful design elements contribute to its appeal as a practical urban commuter or leisure ride option.

While the bike may not boast the advanced features or high-end components found in more expensive models, it offers a respectable package that meets the needs of many riders. Its simplicity and reliability make it a suitable choice for those prioritizing affordability and style.

Oraimo Sciiti 100 Review: on the road or driving test

As we continue to explore and review various e-mobility products, we welcome your suggestions and feedback. Whether it’s e-bikes, EV chargers, scooters, or portable batteries, we’re committed to providing insightful reviews to help you make informed decisions about your e-mobility needs.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of exploring e-mobility, and we look forward to bringing you more reviews in the future. Until next time, ride safely and enjoy the journey!

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