Wildeway FW11 Review: This E-bike Savings on Gas to $400 A Month!


In today’s product review, we’re diving into the world of e-bikes with the Wildeway FW11, and I’m your host, Prepper Princess, author of “Living on Almost Nothing.” Before we delve into the specifics of this exciting e-bike, I want to emphasize the importance of choosing an e-bike that stands out from the rest. These aren’t your typical childhood bikes or Walmart specials; they’re sophisticated pieces of equipment that represent the future of transportation.

With gas prices skyrocketing to nearly $7 a gallon in my area, the need for alternative modes of transportation has never been more pressing. I’ve long predicted that gas prices could even reach $12 a gallon in the near future. In light of this, investing in an e-bike like the Wildeway FW11 isn’t just a smart move; it’s a necessity for anyone looking to save money in the long run.

Let’s talk about the Wildeway FW11. Priced at around $1,000, it’s a substantial investment. However, when you consider the potential savings on gas, which could amount to $400 a month or more, the return on investment becomes evident. By cutting down on car trips and using the FW11 for side gigs, you could recoup your investment in a matter of months.

Frame Material‎Aluminum
Tire20'' x 3.0''
Brakefour-piston hydraulic brakes and 180mm rotors
Suspension TypeFront
Mileage60-90 MI
Package Weight‎90.1 Pounds
Maximum weight330 lbs

Design and Build Quality

The Wildeway FW11 is not just your average urban-style e-bike; it’s a game-changer, especially for delivery drivers looking to save money amidst soaring gas prices. Designed with practicality and performance in mind, this step-through e-bike offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency for riders of varying heights, ranging from 5’4″ to 6’4″.

Wildeway FW11 Review: Design and Build Quality

At the heart of this beast lies a powerful 750W peak motor, coupled with a robust 48-volt, 32-amp hour battery pack, providing ample power to tackle even the most demanding delivery routes. With a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs, this e-bike is built to handle substantial loads with ease.

Safety is paramount, and the Wildeway FW11 doesn’t disappoint. Equipped with four-piston hydraulic brakes and 180mm rotors, stopping power is responsive and reliable, ensuring peace of mind during urban commutes. Additionally, the hydraulic suspension fork with 80mm of travel and lockout feature absorbs shocks and vibrations, offering a smooth ride over various terrains.

Wildeway FW11 Review: front baskets to rear pegs and seat pads

In terms of drivetrain, the Shimano 7-speed gear shifter ensures smooth and precise shifting, allowing riders to effortlessly navigate through city streets and hills. The lightweight 6061 aluminum frame, coupled with a removable battery, enhances portability and convenience, while the foldable design enables easy storage in compact spaces, such as car trunks or apartments.

Visibility is crucial, especially during night rides, and the Wildeway FW11 addresses this with a 36-volt front light, illuminating the path ahead for added safety. Comfort is not compromised, thanks to the wide, plush seat designed for extended rides.

Wildeway FW11 Review: Design and Build Quality

The bike’s LCD screen provides essential ride information at a glance, including battery level, speed, trip data, and more, ensuring riders stay informed and in control at all times. Notably, the inclusion of pedal assist, cruise control, and walk boost features enhances the overall riding experience, making long journeys more manageable.

One standout feature of the FW11 is its 3-inch tires, striking a balance between stability and efficiency. These tires excel on various surfaces, from smooth pavements to gravel roads, offering versatility for urban exploration.

Wildeway FW11 Review: display

Moreover, the inclusion of a key-operated battery system adds an extra layer of security, deterring potential theft and providing riders with peace of mind when leaving their e-bike unattended.

What’s remarkable about Wildway’s accessory lineup is its versatility. From front baskets to rear pegs and seat pads, there’s an accessory for every rider’s needs. Whether you’re looking to ditch your car entirely or simply reduce your reliance on it, Wildway offers solutions to accommodate various lifestyles and preferences.

Wildeway FW11 Review: Design and Build Quality

Moreover, Wildway doesn’t just stop at accessories; their range of e-bikes caters to diverse needs and preferences. From models with 4-inch fat tires to those with different frame styles, there’s a Wildway e-bike for everyone. This diversity extends to their accessory offerings, ensuring that riders can customize their e-bikes to suit their specific requirements.

The affordability of Wildway’s accessories and e-bikes further enhances their appeal. Considering the cost savings from gas expenses and the potential for earning extra income through side gigs, such as food delivery, the investment in a Wildway e-bike quickly pays off.

Wildeway FW11 Review: on the road or driving test

In addition to practicality, Wildway prioritizes safety and convenience. The key-operated battery system adds an extra layer of security, deterring theft and providing riders with peace of mind. The refrigerated delivery bag ensures that perishable items remain fresh during transit, making it ideal for grocery runs or food deliveries.

Furthermore, the FW11’s 3-inch tires strike a perfect balance between stability and efficiency, ideal for navigating urban streets and sidewalks. This thoughtful design choice enhances rider confidence and comfort, especially during long delivery shifts or leisure rides with friends and family.

Wildeway FW11: Motor and Driving Test

The Wildeway FW11 doesn’t just excel in its base features; what truly sets it apart are the myriad accessories offered by Wildway. Among these, the rear basket and food delivery bag stand out as game-changers for urban delivery riders. The rear basket, easily installed on the rear rack, coupled with the rear food delivery bag, transforms this e-bike into the ultimate urban delivery vehicle. Whether you’re delivering for DoorDash, Uber Eats, or local pizza joints, the combination of these accessories, along with the FW11’s impressive 90-mile range, ensures efficient and cost-effective deliveries.

Wildeway FW11 Review: With gas prices skyrocketing to nearly $7 a gallon in my area

The Wildeway FW11 e-bike boasts an impressive maximum speed of 28 mph, adhering to legal regulations governing e-bikes. This speed limit aligns with local laws and ensures safe and responsible riding practices on urban streets and bike lanes.

Operating within the legal speed limit not only promotes rider safety but also fosters harmony with other road users, including pedestrians and motorists. By adhering to regulations, riders can confidently navigate through city traffic, knowing they are compliant with legal requirements.

Wildeway FW11 Review: on the road or driving test

The 28 mph maximum speed enhances the FW11’s efficiency, allowing riders to cover distances quickly and effectively, whether they’re commuting to work, making deliveries, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride around town. This speed ensures that riders can keep up with the flow of urban traffic while maintaining control and stability.

Additionally, the FW11’s speed limit strikes a balance between performance and safety. While it offers an exhilarating riding experience, it also prioritizes the well-being of riders and others sharing the road.

Battery and Range

The Wildeway FW11 sets itself apart not only with its impressive features and accessories but also with its exceptional maximum range of up to 90 miles per charge. For those familiar with various e-bikes, this range is truly remarkable and extends far beyond typical expectations.

Wildeway FW11 Review: on the road or driving test

With a range of up to 90 miles, the FW11 offers unmatched versatility and convenience for riders. Whether you’re using it for daily commuting, running errands, or making deliveries, this extensive range ensures that you can go the distance without worrying about constantly recharging the battery.

This extended range is a game-changer for riders who rely on their e-bikes for long journeys or extended work shifts. It eliminates the need for frequent charging stops, allowing for uninterrupted travel and increased productivity. Additionally, it offers peace of mind, knowing that you can reach your destination without the fear of running out of battery power.

Wildeway FW11 Review: on the road or driving test

The FW11’s impressive range is a testament to its advanced battery technology and efficient power management system. Combined with its other features, such as the powerful motor and lightweight frame, the FW11 maximizes energy efficiency to deliver an unparalleled riding experience.

Wildeway FW11: Conclusions

Overall, the Wildeway FW11 e-bike stands out as a top choice for urban commuters and delivery riders alike. While I have a deep appreciation for all e-bikes, the commuter style e-bikes have traditionally been limited to bike lanes and sidewalks. However, with the introduction of 3-inch and 4-inch tires on models like the FW11, riders can now confidently navigate various terrains, from curbs to driveways, without fear of damage or punctures.

Wildeway FW11 Review: Design and Build Quality

The added stability provided by these tires, combined with the impressive 90-mile range per charge, makes the FW11 a standout option in the e-bike market. As e-bike technology continues to evolve, a 90-mile range represents the pinnacle of performance and efficiency, offering riders unprecedented freedom and flexibility in their daily travels.

Moreover, Wildeway’s range of accessories further enhances the versatility and practicality of the FW11. Whether it’s the rear basket and food delivery bag for urban deliveries or the refrigerated bag for grocery runs, these accessories elevate the FW11 from a standard e-bike to a fully customizable transportation solution.

Wildeway FW11 Review: on the road or driving test

While I don’t receive any commissions or affiliate sales from Wildeway, I highly recommend checking out their offerings, especially for those interested in upgrading their existing e-bikes or exploring new accessories to enhance their riding experience.

In the end, it’s all about making the most of what you have and finding the right tools to suit your needs. With the Wildeway FW11, riders can confidently tackle their daily commutes, deliveries, or leisure rides, knowing they have a reliable and efficient mode of transportation at their disposal.

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