HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter Review: 250W Step-Through E-bike 2023!


Hey, what’s happening everyone? I’m Alex, and welcome back to today’s video where we’re diving into the latest electric bicycle from Heybike. The one we’re exploring today is the HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter. Now, I’m guessing the ‘ST’ in the name signifies that this is a step-through bike. Interestingly, the other version of this bike, simply named the EC, isn’t a step-through model. Personally, I find the step-through design preferable, and not to forget, the price is quite comparable.

Let’s talk compliance – this bike adheres to all EU and UK regulations for e-bikes, making it road-legal. Powering this two-wheeled marvel is a 250 W motor tucked away in the rear wheel. Adding to its performance features, we’ve got hydraulic disc brakes both in the front and at the back, ensuring reliable and responsive braking. And, of course, it boasts a very attractive design.

Now, with all that said, let’s jump into the unboxing process. I’ll show you how the bike comes neatly packed in the box and what steps you need to take to get this ready for the open road.

FrameHeavy duty aluminum alloy
Motor250W rear hub motor
Top speed25 km/h or 16 mph
DriveShimano 7-speed gears
Front forkAluminum alloy fork
BrakeHydraulic disc brakes
Frosting700C*40C anti-puncture tires
Front and rear mudguardsIncluded
HeadlightIncluded (pre-installed)
Battery10Ah 36V Samsung battery
Rangeup to 100 km
Battery charging time4~5 hours
Weight of the entire bike19.2kg
Max. load150kg

Unboxing and Assembly

Unboxing and assembling the HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter is a straightforward process that ensures your electric bike arrives in pristine condition. The packaging is designed to protect the bike during transportation, and once you open the fairly large box, you’ll find the components well-packed inside.

HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter Review: Unboxing and Assembly

Upon opening the box, you’ll notice that the bike is disassembled to some extent. The initial steps involve putting together the front wheel, front mudguard, handlebar, and brake assembly. As you unpack, you’ll need to carefully assemble these parts. Keep in mind that some components, like the front mudguard and brake assembly, may require a bit of attention to detail, especially when dealing with screws.

When assembling the handlebar, you’ll likely need to remove the screen and light temporarily. Additionally, the brake levers or the brake assembly may have screws that need careful handling to avoid any issues. Taking your time during this process is crucial to prevent any mishaps, such as the mentioned screw trouble.

HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter Review: Unboxing and Assembly

An important detail is the assembly of the pedals, which adds to the overall setup process. It’s advisable to double-check all the connections and screws to ensure everything is securely fastened.

The assembly process typically takes around 45 minutes, and once completed, the HEYBIKE showcases an attractive design. Among the electric bikes in its size category, it stands out as one of the best-looking options. One notable feature is the placement of the battery pack within the frame, contributing to a sleek and integrated design.

HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter Review: Design and Build Quality

Unlike some other electric bikes, the battery pack on the HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter doesn’t protrude from the frame, enhancing the overall aesthetics. Although it may not have the largest capacity, the removable battery pack allows for convenient charging. You can easily detach the battery and take it with you for charging, whether it’s upstairs or any other convenient location.

Design and Build Quality

The HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter boasts an impressive design and build quality, evident in various features that enhance both aesthetics and functionality. One notable aspect is the choice of road tires, which not only provide excellent grip on surfaces but also offer puncture resistance, ensuring a smooth and worry-free riding experience. This feature is particularly crucial for preventing flat tires, adding to the bike’s overall reliability.

HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter Review: Design and Build Quality

An appealing design element is the inclusion of reflective bands all around the bike. Not only do these bands contribute to the bike’s cool aesthetic, but they also significantly improve visibility during night rides. The combination of style and safety is a thoughtful touch, ensuring riders can confidently navigate low-light conditions.

The EC 1-ST Commuter is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and rear. The discs are noticeably larger than those found on many other electric bikes, providing exceptional stopping power. The braking performance is highlighted as one of the best among the electric bikes I have tried. While there may be a bit of noise from the front brake during regular riding, it doesn’t detract significantly from the overall positive braking experience.

HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter Review: Heavy duty aluminum alloy

Mud guards, made of durable plastic, adorn both the front and rear of the bike. Although I haven’t tested the bike in rainy conditions, the design of the mud guards suggests effective protection against water splashes. The inclusion of these guards adds practicality to the bike, ensuring riders stay clean and dry even in less favorable weather.

On the right-hand side, the bike features a seven-gear Shimano shifter. While it’s an entry-level shifter, I note that shifting gears up and down is done flawlessly. Some initial adjustments were required after unboxing, but once set up, the shifter performed well. This feature allows riders the option to use the bike as a regular bicycle without relying on the electric motor, providing versatility for different riding preferences and scenarios.

HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter Review: display and controls

Moving on to the kickstand, it’s worth noting that the HEYBIKE features a unique and adjustable kickstand made from a combination of plastic and metal. Unlike conventional kickstands, this one allows you to adjust its height. This feature proves to be practical when dealing with various surfaces for parking your bicycle. The ability to customize the height adds convenience, making it a standout feature compared to regular kickstands.

HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter Review: 700C*40C anti-puncture tires

The pedals on the bike are constructed from durable metal, functioning effectively. Transitioning to the seat, while its design is visually appealing, it may not be the most comfortable option for extended rides. I suggest considering an upgrade for increased comfort after riding for about 20 to 30 minutes. The absence of front or rear suspension might be a concern to some, but I note that the ride remains surprisingly comfortable, partly due to the performance of the road tires.

HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter Review: saddle

Behind the seat, there is a reflector, providing visibility from the rear. However, the absence of a dedicated rear light is mentioned, leaving room for improvement in terms of safety features.

The bike comes equipped with a bright headlight, enhancing visibility during night rides. While it may be challenging to see the light during the day, it effectively illuminates the path ahead in low-light conditions.

HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter Review: front light

Moving to the handlebar, it is described as fairly wide but not adjustable in height. The fixed height may result in a leaning-forward riding position, causing some pressure on the wrists after an extended period. The grips on the handlebar are made from a leather-like material, offering a comfortable and non-slip feel.

The brake levers are made of metal, adding durability to the bike’s components. Control buttons, including the power button, are conveniently placed, and the screen in the center provides information such as speed, distance traveled, and battery status. While the screen may not be the most advanced, it functions well and remains visible even in direct sunlight.

HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter Review: Hydraulic disc brakes

Additional features include a Bell, which may not have the best sound quality but serves its purpose. The shifter, located on the right-hand side, is a seven-gear Shimano shifter that performs flawlessly after initial adjustments.

In conclusion, the HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter impresses with its well-thought-out design, incorporating features that prioritize both style and functionality. From puncture-resistant tires to reflective bands and powerful disc brakes, the bike is tailored to provide a reliable and enjoyable commuting experience, whether under electric power or as a traditional bicycle.

HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter: Motor and Driving Test

Discussing the electric motor of the HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter, it’s notable that the motor is positioned in the rear wheel. With a power rating of 250 watts, the electric motor adheres to legal standards, allowing riders to use the bike legally on the road. This power level enables the bike to reach a top speed of 25 km/h on flat surfaces, providing efficient assistance during rides.

HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter Review: Design and Build Quality

One standout feature is the speed sensor, which engages quickly. Unlike some other electric bikes where the assist takes a moment to kick in after pedaling starts, the HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter’s speed sensor engages almost instantly. As soon as you begin pedaling, you can feel the bike assisting you, making the riding experience smoother and more responsive. I praise the speed sensor, noting it performs better than the majority of sensors encountered in other electric bikes.

Given the 250 W motor, the bike excels on flat terrain, effortlessly reaching its top speed. However, when faced with uphill challenges, the limitations of the motor become evident. Climbing steep hills requires considerable effort from the rider, even with the motor’s assistance. I emphasize that the level of assistance is dependent on the steepness of the hill, and riders should be prepared to contribute significant pedaling effort on steeper inclines.

HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter Review: on the road or driving test

To illustrate the performance on steeper hills, I deonstrate the bike’s capabilities in the first gear and assist level three. While the motor provides assistance, it’s clear that tackling steep hills is still a demanding task, requiring the rider to exert substantial effort. I acknowledge that the hills in their region are particularly challenging, and such steep inclines may not be encountered everywhere.

To demonstrate how the HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter is ridden, I provide a quick guide to the bike’s operation. The power button, conveniently located, is held for about 3 seconds to turn the bike on. Once powered up, the screen is visible even on bright days, offering clear information about speed, distance, and battery status.

HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter Review: on the road or driving test

The bike offers three levels of assistance, easily adjusted using the plus or minus buttons. I note that the bike features a speed sensor, but it stands out from other bikes in its category. As soon as the rider starts pedaling, the motor provides assistance promptly, creating a responsive and almost torque-sensor-like feel. This characteristic is praised as an improvement over other bikes in the same price range.

As I start riding in assistance level three, the motor’s assistance is immediately noticeable, creating a smooth riding experience. The brakes are tested, showcasing their effectiveness, and the bike demonstrates ample power on flat surfaces. However, I acknowledge that on steeper hills, the limitations of the 250 W motor become apparent. Climbing steep inclines requires substantial effort from the rider, but this is considered typical for e-bikes with legal power limits.

HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter Review: display and controls

The bike is described as generally quiet during operation, and the brakes are commended for their performance. I emphasize that the HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter is well-suited for flat terrains and provides an easy and enjoyable riding experience in such conditions.

So, the HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter is highlighted as an easy-to-ride bike with responsive assistance, particularly on flat surfaces. While it may struggle on steeper hills, this is a common characteristic for e-bikes with a 250 W motor that complies with legal standards. The bike’s quiet operation and effective brakes contribute to an overall positive riding experience, making it suitable for commuting and leisure rides on various terrains.

Battery and Range

The manufacturer claims that the HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter can achieve up to 100 kilometers on a single charge, under what is presumed to be ideal riding conditions, including perfect weather and a rider of average weight. However, I share their own findings based on testing and real-world usage.

HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter Review: Heavy duty aluminum alloy

According to the reviewer’s experience, achieving the manufacturer’s claimed range may depend on various factors such as environmental conditions, the rider’s weight, and individual riding style. In the testing conducted, I reported being able to cover approximately 50 kilometers on a single charge. This estimation is made while utilizing assistance level three for pedaling, indicating a preference for a less strenuous riding experience, especially considering the presence of hills in the local terrain and the reviewer’s heavier weight.

HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter Review: display and controls

It’s emphasized that the actual battery life one can expect from the HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter will vary based on individual circumstances. Factors like riding in hilly terrain, a heavier rider, or using higher assistance levels may contribute to a shorter range. As with many electric bikes, the stated range by the manufacturer serves as an optimistic guideline and may not fully align with real-world usage.

HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter: Conclusions

In the end, the HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter stands out as an aesthetically pleasing and well-built electric bike. Its attractive design is noted as one of the best among available options, complemented by a high-quality build that conceals welding spots seamlessly. The paint job is commended for its durability and overall appeal.

HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter Review

Riding the bike is described as a quiet and enjoyable experience, with the 250 W motor delivering ample power for various road conditions. While uphill performance is understandably limited given the motor’s specifications, it is acknowledged as decent for a motor of this wattage. The only notable noise comes from the front brake, but it is deemed minimal and does not significantly detract from the overall experience.

I express a genuine appreciation for the bike, emphasizing its overall build quality and pricing. The combination of attractive design, reliable performance, and reasonable pricing makes the HEYBIKE EC 1-ST Commuter a highly regarded choice.

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