Vakole CO20 Max Review: What are Main Improvements Compared to CO20?


The Vakole CO20 Max has unleashed a new level of power and speed that caught me off guard. It’s a true testament to the evolution of electric bikes, and this Max version takes the excitement to unprecedented heights. If you thought the CO20 was fast, the Max version will redefine your expectations.

But what a monster, my friends! It might not come through on camera, but let me tell you, I’m practically shedding tears of exhilaration. The speed of the Vakole CO20 Max is absolutely mind-blowing. If you’ve been following my channel, you may remember the CO20 model not too long ago. Well, now it’s been upgraded to the Max version, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. Stick around on Avis Express, and I’ll walk you through what this beast brings to the table.


The acceleration is instantaneous, and the sheer force propels the bike forward with an intensity that demands respect. It’s not just a means of transportation; it’s an adrenaline-pumping experience. The upgrade to the Max version has certainly unleashed the full potential of this electric beast.

Stay tuned on Avis Express as I uncover more about the Vakole CO20 Max. The road ahead promises excitement, speed, and the kind of thrill that only a true monster on two wheels can provide. Welcome, and let’s dive into the test!

Frame MaterialAluminum Alloy
Motor Wattage750W*2
Speed Level5 levels
TorqueSingle-motor Mode: 60N.M
Dual-motor Mode: 85N.M
Riding Modes1. Electric-only mode
2. Cycling mode (without electricity)
3. Pedal-assist mode
Mechanical Shift7-speed gears
Top Speed25km/h (can be unlocked)
Waterproof LevelIP65(life waterproof, can be used in the rain)
Shock AbsorberFront fork suspension & tail mechanical suspension
BrakeHydraulic disc brakes
TireCST 20*4.0
Battery20Ah Samsung 21700 lithium battery
Mileage of Pure Electric60-80KM
Mileage of Assistance80-120KM
Maximum Load150kg
Net Weight of the Bike36.7kg

Design and Build Quality

The Vakole CO20 Max is a formidable fatback that impresses with its design and build quality. The frame, constructed from lightweight aluminum alloy, provides a sturdy foundation for the bike. However, the notable update in this generation comes with a trade-off – an increase in weight from around 31 kg to 36 kg. The reason behind this weight gain is a commendable one, as the bike now houses a larger 20-amp battery with Samsung cells, replacing the previous 15-amp version.

Vakole CO20 Max Review: Design and Build Quality

The battery, neatly integrated inside the frame, is removable. This feature allows users to easily detach the battery and charge it separately, providing the convenience of recharging at the office or any other suitable location. The fully suspended frame enhances comfort during rides, making it suitable for tackling roads and slopes with ease. While the rear spring suspension is not customizable, the front fork offers some flexibility as users can deactivate the suspension if desired.

Vakole CO20 Max Review: display

The CO20 Max is designed with a focus on comfort and road performance, featuring two powerful 750 W motors. The uniqueness lies in the ability to choose between the rear, front, or simultaneous use of both motors, delivering a riding experience that is unparalleled. This dual-motor setup is especially advantageous for quick road rides and ascending slopes, making it stand out in the world of fat bikes.

Vakole CO20 Max Review: robust luggage rack

The bike’s structural design reinforces its dedication to road use, with metal standing guards and a robust luggage rack at the rear capable of carrying 15 to 20 kg. The front also sports a luggage rack, complemented by an ultra-comfortable suspended saddle. The attention to detail, particularly in the comfort aspects, showcases the manufacturer’s commitment to providing an enjoyable riding experience.

Vakole CO20 Max Review: Front fork suspension & tail mechanical suspension

In terms of improvements, the CO20 Max boasts upgraded resistance, transitioning from IP54 to IP69. This enhanced resistance makes the bike more robust against dust, water splashes, and environmental factors, allowing for versatile use. Another significant upgrade is the shift from mechanical disc brakes to hydraulic braking, elevating the overall braking quality. The smooth and pleasant feel of hydraulic brakes significantly enhances the rider’s control and safety.

Vakole CO20 Max Review: Front fork suspension & tail mechanical suspension

The inclusion of a large color screen for the speedometer further contributes to the perceived quality of the bike. While not essential, this upgrade adds a touch of modernity and sophistication to the overall riding experience. Additional features such as the front headlight, indicators, Shimano components for the derailleur and acceleration ring, and the option to either pedal or use the accelerator further elevate the bike’s functionality and user experience.

So, the Vakole CO20 Max is a well-designed and quality-built fatback that excels in providing a comfortable and powerful riding experience. With its dual-motor setup, upgraded resistance, hydraulic brakes, and thoughtful design elements, it stands out as an impressive option for those seeking a versatile and enjoyable electric fat bike.

Driving Test

Moving on to the motorization chapter, the Vakole CO20 Max boasts a powerful 750 W motor, which can be positioned either at the front or rear. This dual-motor setup brings about a significant change in torque and acceleration power, reaching 85 Nm of torque. The acceleration is notably intense when both motors are activated, resulting in wheels scratching against the surface. While this may sound exhilarating, it’s essential to exercise caution, especially considering the potential for loss of traction.

Vakole CO20 Max Review: on the road or driving test

The dual-motor configuration contributes to comfort, providing an extra boost in acceleration power. However, users have the option to activate only one of the two motors, either front or rear, offering a more traditional biking experience. This flexibility in motor activation allows riders to adapt to various terrains and situations, striking a balance between power and control.

The Vakole CO20 Max offers five-speed settings, each with different maximum speeds. While the power level of the motor remains constant, the speed limit adjusts accordingly. In the highest gear, the bike reaches its full speed, providing a dynamic and thrilling riding experience. It’s worth noting that the bike can accelerate to around 40 km/h in single-motor mode and slightly more in dual-motor mode, offering versatility in speed options.

Vakole CO20 Max Review: on the road or driving test

The dual motor becomes particularly advantageous when tackling hills. Unlike single-motor bikes that may lose speed or struggle uphill, the CO20 Max maintains its speed and even accelerates on inclines. This feature makes it exceptionally suitable for riders in hilly areas, providing a unique advantage in climbing slopes with ease.

The bike’s braking system is a standout feature, upgraded to hydraulic disc brakes from the previous mechanical disc brakes. This enhancement significantly improves the braking performance, providing immediate and responsive stopping power. The braking distances are commendable, with the ability to bring the bike from 25 km/h to a complete stop in less than 4 meters. The hydraulic braking system offers a smooth and controlled braking experience, adding to the overall safety and reliability of the bike.

Vakole CO20 Max Review: on the road or driving test

So, the Vakole CO20 Max excels in its motorization and braking capabilities, offering a thrilling yet controlled riding experience. The dual-motor setup, coupled with the option to activate only one motor, provides versatility for various terrains and preferences. The hydraulic disc brakes enhance safety and contribute to the bike’s overall top-tier performance, making it a compelling choice for riders seeking both power and control.

Battery and Range

Now, let’s delve into the CO20 Max’s trip, starting with a crucial aspect: the battery. The CO20 Max is equipped with Samsung cells, a notable upgrade that adds a reputable brand to its power source. While the brand itself may not fundamentally alter the performance, the shift from a 15-amp battery in the previous version to a 20-amp battery significantly impacts the bike’s range.

Vakole CO20 Max Review: Design and Build Quality

The increase in battery capacity from 15 to 20 ampere-hours translates to a boost in range. The advertised range may vary, and it’s essential to approach product sheets with caution. Real-world testing, without pedaling at maximum speed, indicates a minimum autonomy of approximately 50 km. However, it’s crucial to note that factors such as speed, pedal assistance, and terrain will influence the actual range.

Vakole CO20 Max Review: on the road or driving test

For users who choose to travel in speed one or utilize pedal assistance, the autonomy could potentially extend to 70-80 km. The flexibility of the CO20 Max allows riders to tailor their experience based on their preferences and needs. Whether opting for the thrill of maximum speed with both motors engaged or conserving energy by pedaling in lower speed modes, the bike provides a range suitable for various riding styles.


Overall, the Vakole CO20 Max proves to be a well-designed and assembled electric bike that brings joy to its riders. The absence of parasitic vibrations, meticulous factory assembly, and a thoughtful design contribute to a delightful user experience. While it may not be suited for every type of terrain, it excels on roads and challenging paths, offering a thrilling and enjoyable ride.

Vakole CO20 Max Review

The bike’s acceleration and speed capabilities are standout features, providing a sense of excitement that makes the riding experience truly enjoyable. The change to a hydraulic braking system is praised for its responsiveness and effectiveness, earning the approval of riders who appreciate its performance.

Some design choices, such as the metal guards, may generate vibrations on uneven surfaces, but the overall protection they offer is acknowledged. The bike’s weight, at 36 kg, might not be described as portable, but the dual-motor setup compensates for it, providing a stable and powerful ride.

Vakole CO20 Max Review: on the road or driving test

Minor points of improvement could include integrating the rear lighting directly into the battery for added convenience. Nevertheless, the bike’s lighting system, overall build quality, and enhancements over the previous generation make it a commendable option in the dual-motor electric bike market.

The Vakole CO20 Max, with its second-generation improvements, corrects past shortcomings and stands as a testament to the designers’ learning from the first iteration. While the price may reflect the upscale features, the bike maintains good value for money in the realm of dual-motor electric bikes.

Vakole CO20 Max Review: 7-speed gears

For those seeking a thrilling and reliable ride, the Vakole CO20 Max is a worthy contender. Don’t hesitate to explore its price, as provided in the video description, and consider it as a viable option in the ever-evolving world of electric bikes. Like and subscribe for more insightful reviews, and feel free to leave any questions or comments for further discussion. Until the next review on Avis Express, happy riding!


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