Vakole CO20 Review: 20-inch Fat Wheels and Dual 750W E-bike!


The new Vakole CO20 e-bike, a potent and adaptable electric bike with two motors, is one of the wonders of 2023.

Two 750 Watt Brushless engines have been selected by the manufacturer,, bringing the overall power to 1,500W. It joins the Cmacewheel RX20 Max as one of the quickest and most powerful electric motorcycles currently on the market.

Given that the Vakole CO20 costs about 1,349 euros after the offer and discount code, the pricing is also extremely appealing.


Vakole CO20 electric bike with double suspension and a set of 20-inch fat wheels is a versatile and exciting vehicle that offers many benefits to riders of all levels. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or a casual rider, this type of e-bike is a great investment that will provide years of enjoyment and adventure. As usual, let’s watch the video review of Vakole CO20 below, and then you can read a detailed and complete review.

Frame materialAluminum alloy
Engine powerDual 750W
Mechanical offset7 speeds
TireCST 20x4.0
Counter displayColor display LCD meter
Maximum speed25km/h
Autonomy of Pure Electric40-60KM
Assistance autonomy70-110KM
Maximum charge150kg
Net bike weight31KG
Waterproof levelIP65 (life waterproof, can be used in the rain)
Package size98×44×83cm

Vakole CO20: Design and Build Quality

Vakole CO20 is likely a product or device with folded dimensions of 980 x 830 x 440mm. Without more context, it is difficult to provide specific information about Vakole CO20.

However, based on the given dimensions, we can infer that it is a compact and foldable item that may be portable or easy to store in small spaces. The length of 980mm, width of 830mm, and height of 440mm suggest that it is relatively large when unfolded, but can be folded down to a more manageable size.

It is possible that Vakole CO20 is a piece of furniture, such as a table or chair, that can be folded for storage. It could also be a device, such as a treadmill or exercise bike, that can be folded for compactness when not in use. Other possibilities include luggage, tents, or other portable items that need to be easily transported or stored.

Of course, folding it up doesn’t make it lighter; it still weighs a respectable 31 kg. That is 15 kg more than some electric folding bikes.

Along with making it more difficult to move into and out of your car, the Vakole CO20’s weight makes it difficult to ride up slopes after the battery runs out.

This type of e-bike is perfect for adventurous riders who enjoy exploring the outdoors and challenging themselves with various terrains. It can also be used for commuting, as it is faster and more efficient than a traditional bicycle. The fat wheels are also useful for riders who are looking for extra stability and balance.

When the bike is folded, the battery can be taken out and charged separately from the bike. In order to switch on the ignition and remove it, you must insert the key and turn it to the proper position. Without doing so, the electronics will not turn on.

Mechanical disc brakes provide effective stopping force, and the bike has an integrated front light and horn, similar to many other Chinese electric motorcycles, but only a rear reflector.

An electric bike with double suspension and a set of 20-inch fat wheels is a powerful and versatile vehicle that can handle a variety of terrain and riding styles. The double suspension provides a smooth and comfortable ride, absorbing shock and vibrations from rough roads or trails. The fat wheels are wider than standard bicycle wheels and provide excellent traction, stability, and support.

Whatever that implies, using the throttle will allow you to pedallessly increase the motor’s top speed.

Vakole CO20: Motor and Battery

You have a variety of speeds for both on- and off-road riding thanks to the dual 750W brushless motor, a 7-speed Shimano cassette, and a 52-tooth chainring.

The electric motor provides assistance to the rider, making it easier to pedal and allowing for faster and longer rides. It also makes it easier to climb hills or navigate difficult terrain. The motor is powered by a rechargeable battery that can be easily removed and replaced, making it easy to keep the bike powered up and ready to go.

The system’s use of a cadence sensor rather than a torque sensor is one obvious flaw, though Vakole doesn’t provide much details about the rest of the setup. This results in a considerably jerkier and unnatural power delivery.

The Vakole CO20’s legal speed limit in the EU is 15.5 mph (25 km/h), however when it is unrestricted for off-road use, it can reach 19 mph (31 km/h). We were unable to locate any instructions for doing this in the user manual or on Vakole’s website. Vakole did, however, describe the process once we asked.

The fact that Vakole CO20 has dual motors suggests that it is a powerful and high-performance device. The motors likely work in tandem to provide ample power and speed, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

On a road, you can bike at speeds of up to 18 mph (30 km/h) without your legs finding it difficult to maintain the cadence.

Overall, the Vakole CO20 with its dual 750W brushless motor is likely a high-quality, powerful, and efficient device that provides impressive performance. It may be a popular choice for those who need a reliable and robust piece of equipment for their recreational or transportation needs.

The Vakole CO20 is fantastic fun off-road when the front fork is set to the softest setting. The bike is stable on downhill portions thanks to the weight and the excellent traction provided by the tyres. The motor makes climbs fairly simple while going uphill, but the weight makes it difficult to control when moving slowly over tricky terrain.

It’s impressive that the frame and handlebars have no discernible flex, and it turned out that the clonking noise coming from the front was not caused by steerer tube play but rather by the battery shifting inside the frame. It doesn’t fit quite as tightly as it should.

The battery itself has a higher-than-average capacity of 15Ah; more on that in a moment. In contrast, the Carrera Vengeance-E comes standard with an 8.8Ah battery. Larger batteries require more time to recharge; the Vakole CO20’s will take roughly 4 to 5 hours from empty to 100%.

Even under the ideal test settings that Vakole describes for this number, the claimed range of up to 100 kilometers is very probably unachievable. If you cycle the entire time, a more reasonable real-world range for road biking is between 40 and 60 kilometers (30 to 40 miles). For off-road driving, which is significantly harder, figure on around half of that.

Vakole CO20: Conclusions

Not expecting to enjoy the Vakole CO20 as much as I did. The motor has enough power to handle the added weight, so it’s not really a problem compared to many other electric bikes.

Additionally, riding off road is a ton of fun—not necessary for mountain biking per such, but for wooded paths and any surface other than tarmac. There are better options if you want a bike primarily for riding on the road.

So the Vakole CO20 is good. The warranty is the primary issue. Although Vakole does not currently have any repair facilities in Europe, there is a one-year warranty. Although the firm claims to be setting one up, you would likely have to handle any issues yourself or mail the bike back to China if you did. Both options are unlikely to be popular with many prospective customers. 

At the time of writing, you could get the Vakole CO20 for €1,599 from a UK seller on eBay or from a number of Chinese vendors, such as Buybestgear. This is a “flash sale” pricing; the regular cost is €1,349.

The suggested price is €1,349, which is about equivalent to $1480. The Vakole CO20 is more of a budget model when compared to high-end electric mountain bikes, which can cost several thousand dollars.


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