Bulls Iconic EVO TR 2 Review: What Should Mountain E-Bike Have?


Bulls is upgrading the Bulls Iconic EVO TR 2 for the 2023 model year with a new display and three battery options. This is sufficient justification for giving the upscale, incredibly comfortable, and sporty motorized bike another look.

Although everyday fully has been around for a while, the genre has only recently really taken off thanks to the development of electric bikes. 

Prior to the invention of electric assistance, comfort bikes had to balance a number of competing objectives: they couldn’t be too heavy or have too much spring travel without compromising the transmission of power, meaning that drive influences on the rear suspension in particular had to be avoided. 

A few premium manufacturers continued to offer full suspension everyday bikes after a few years because all of this had to be done at a price that was competitive.

MotorBosch Performance Line CX (Smart System) 25/85Nm
Brakeshydraulic disc brake
ForkBULLS Lytro 34 Air Boost RLR DS
ShiftersSHIMANO Deore XT SL-M6100-IR I-Spec EV
RimsRYDE Disc 30
BatteryBosch PowerTube Horizontal 750 Wh
TiresSUPERO All Ground
HeadsetFSA No.55R
CassetteSHIMANO Deore CS-M5100-11 11-51T
Pedalswellgo C-098DU
SeatpostLIMOTEC A1-Z dropper post, 30,9 mm
RemoteBosch KIOX 300

Bulls Iconic EVO TR 2: Design and Build Quality

The sprung and unsprung masses are the only remaining things. If the luggage rack were mounted to the rear swingarm instead of the frame, the weight of the load would not affect the suspension’s response as it would if it were the former. And that’s the only thing you could mention in the Bulls Iconic EVO specifications; aside from that, the hiking boots are essentially perfect. Only the drive system has changed for the 2023 model year; everything else remained the same.

Thankfully, Bulls hasn’t altered the framework in any way. The sensitive air suspension that can be individually adjusted gives the Iconic 120 mm of travel. Bulls uses a dropper seat post to make getting on and off the frame easier in order to make up for the slightly higher bottom bracket height of a full-suspension frame. The stem’s angle-adjustability allows for more maneuverability while the sitting position is comfortably upright.

The 29’er front has a 32mm inner width, and the rear 27.5 x 2.40 has an even wider 38mm internal width to help lay down more rubber. The Iconic EVO rolls on Bulls ‘s own double-wall aluminum hoops. 

Since there is still a strong demand for all things “enduro” in full-suspension mountain bikes, the Bulls  can also play the role of a mid-length travel bike that can withstand a beating from a challenging ride. The Performance Elite catalog, which is more than powerful enough for the majority of recreational riders out there, is used for both the front and rear Fox suspension parts.

Bulls Iconic EVO TR 2: Motor and Battery

However, since the electric drive has eliminated the drawbacks of regular fullys, the situation has fundamentally changed. The suspension’s added weight is insignificant because e-bikes are already heavier in general. 

With Bosch Gen4 Performance Speed of continuous power and several hundred watts of peak power, it doesn’t matter if some propulsion is lost due to unintentional deflection. Drive influences when pedaling while standing up are also no longer significant because, on an e-bike, why get out of the saddle?

As there is nothing to be improved, the other equipment can be left alone. Because the Bosch CX’s 85 Nm of torque knows no stopping uphill, there is no need for super easy mountain gears, and the ten-speed gearshift with 11-46 cassette has enough graduation. The 100-lux headlights are very bright, and the four-piston brake system is very stable. This means that the Iconic is completely outfitted in every way.

It is a powerful all-arounder that benefits from full suspension for maximum comfort and driving safety, the latter of which is especially important when traveling off-road. The bike is helped by the nimble 27.5-inch wheels and the roomy, adequately profiled large-volume tyres here as well as on the road. The aluminum fenders, for example, exude a sense of solidity.

The truth is that we frequently receive test bikes that, while strong in many ways, aren’t necessarily head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to riding. We were fortunate that the Bulls  was one of those rare bikes with a good ride and solid construction.

We made the decision to take on the most difficult downhill trail we are familiar with since we were aware that the Iconic EVO is dabbling in the enduro/long-travel trail bike segment. This particular trail is constrained, has numerous unpredictably steep rocky drops, and tight switchbacks. The ability to plow right through rough rocky terrain was the first thing we noticed. The large front wheel gives the rider more confidence and traction when negotiating technical rocky drops as well as carrying momentum through rock gardens.

Clearly, the geometry of the Bulls was carefully planned to accommodate the mixed wheelset. We frequently ride mixed wheels with an unbalanced front end that requires a lot of maneuvering to keep control of. Bulls, on the other hand, almost rode itself thanks to its balanced feel.

We had many opportunities to notice and appreciate how exceptional the Bulls  cornered because of the seemingly endless switchbacks on this particular trail. The smaller-diameter rear wheel made it easier for the bike to quickly alter course because the front end didn’t push or lose traction as it approached the corners’ apex. In fact, we were so motivated to push the bike to its limits that there were times when we worried we were asking too much before the bike graciously pardoned us.

A slippery ridge trail with numerous steep downhills and off-camber corners was the next trail we encountered. Technical rain-rutted switchbacks that the Iconic EVO had no trouble navigating must be climbed to reach this trail. The amount of traction the Maxxis tires offered was something we observed on the off-camber corners. Through the corners, the front end maintained its pattern of remaining firmly in place. 

The Bosch Smart System was already installed on the Bulls Iconic last year, and it now benefits from the upgrades the drive manufacturer made to its workhorse. Depending on the area of application, variants with 500 or 625 Wh.

While the display area has remained the same size, the case is significantly smaller and incredibly flat. The Smart System has no buttons because it can only be operated by pressing the “LED Remote” button block on the handlebars. The new display is also wireless and is linked to the LED Remote via Bluetooth.

Bulls Iconic EVO TR 2: Conclusions

With this bike Bulls Iconic EVO TR 2, there are a few things to take into account. The construction is excellent, with a hand-welded frame and lovely, tidy features all around. We find the well-thought-out geometry with the mixed wheelset to be a major highlight.

The new Shimano motor is competitive and impressive even though it isn’t significantly better than the competition. The new, larger, 625 Wh battery is really a sweet spot and ought to work well to help reduce range anxiety. The Iconic EVO TR 2 is a contender if you’re looking for a high-quality build with reliable design elements and some of the best handling available.

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