Dahon Unio E20 Review: Compact, Convenient, and Fun!


Dahon Unio E20 electric folding bike has hidden seatpost batteries, lightweight mid-motors, and 9-speed gearing are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a practical, efficient, and stylish means of transportation. They offer the perfect combination of performance, portability, and convenience, making them a versatile and reliable option for commuters and leisure riders alike.

The Unio E20 folds quickly and easily thanks to Dahon’s expertise in folding bike production. Additionally, its electric help provides an occasionally forceful kick, and the battery is tucked away in the big seatpost.

Because much of the powertrain and the 36V 200W motor are produced in-house, the Unio E20 meets many of the same requirements as more expensive models without carrying a huge price tag.

The lightweight mid-motor of Dahon is another essential feature of electric folding bikes. These motors provide assistance to the rider without adding significant weight to the bike, resulting in a smoother and more efficient ride. Moreover, the mid-motor design allows for better weight distribution, ensuring optimal balance and stability when riding.

One of the main advantages of electric folding bike of Dahon Unio E20 is their compactness and portability. The folding mechanism allows them to be easily stored in tight spaces such as small apartments, offices, or public transportation. Additionally, the hidden seatpost battery makes the bike look more like a regular bike rather than an electric one, providing a sleeker and more elegant appearance.

FrameDalloy Aluminum Sonus Tubeset
HandlepostForged Aluminum Radius Telescope
WheelsRims 20" Lightweight Aluminum Double Wall Disc
TiresDAHON 20"*2.0"
BrakesDAHON Mechanical Disc
MotorDAHON 36V/200W Motor,
Weight18.7 kg
Folded Size81x42x71cm
Max Rider Weight105 kg

Dahon Unio E20: Design and Build Quality

‘Dalloy’ double-butted aluminum frame and fork, which the manufacturer claims is 20% stronger than 6061 aluminum, is how Dahon has accomplished this. When a frame is double-butted, it is thicker where added strength is required and thinner elsewhere to reduce weight.

Electric bike Dahon Unio E20 received hidden seatpost batteries, lightweight mid-motors, and 9-speed gearing are becoming increasingly popular among commuters and leisure cyclists. These bikes offer an excellent balance of convenience, efficiency, and functionality that make them perfect for city dwellers who need to cover short to medium distances without breaking a sweat.

It should not come as a surprise to a seasoned folding bike manufacturer that the Unio E20 is a perfectly capable ride without the electric aid.

Its nine gears are a distinguishing characteristic, and they are the reason it was initially called the E9. The Unio E20 can traverse a variety of terrain with or without the electric help because to the extremely wide spectrum of gears.

Under the right handlebar grip, there are trigger shifters that let you easily shift through those gears without having to move your hands.

Dahon Unio E20 has a weight of 16.1kg and is considered lightweight and portable, making them an excellent option for people who need to commute, travel or store their bikes in small spaces. These bikes are designed to be easily folded and transported, allowing riders to take them on public transportation or store them in the trunk of a car.

The folded dimensions of the Dahon Unio E20 are 690 x 380 x 750 mm, comparable to other popular electric folding bikes on the market, such as the GoCycle G4i with 610 x 370 x 880 mm. However, the lack of a handle or an obvious place to hold it when folded could be a drawback for those who plan to take it on public transport or need to carry it for any extended periods.

It’s worth considering investing in a carrying case or strap if you plan to transport the bike frequently, as this could make it easier and more convenient to handle. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to check with your local transport provider to ensure that folding electric bikes are allowed on board and to familiarize yourself with any specific requirements or regulations.

This Unio E20 bike is an excellent choice for people who need a reliable, lightweight, and portable means of transportation. They are perfect for city commuting, leisure riding, or traveling, allowing riders to cover short to medium distances with ease and convenience.

This is a good thing from an aesthetic standpoint because it blends in when the bike is being used and most of the bulk is hidden when the bike is folded.

The bike seems light and responsive to steer with so much weight at the back. This can seem a little unsteady at high speeds, whether they be down hills or merely from the speed of the electric assist, but it is great for technical inner-city riding on crowded routes. It does take some getting used to.

Dahon Unio E20: Motor and Battery life

An e-bike of Dahon Unio E20 has a 36V 200W motor is a type of electric bike that provides assistance to the rider while pedaling. The motor is powered by a rechargeable battery that typically provides enough power to cover distances of up to 60 km on a single charge, depending on the terrain and riding conditions.

One of the main features of an e-bike of Dahon with a 36V 200W motor is the ability to adjust the level of assistance provided by the motor. These bikes typically come with five levels of assistance, which can be controlled via a small screen on the left side of the handlebars. This feature allows riders to customize the level of assistance based on their riding preferences and the terrain they are riding on.

The small screen on the left side of the handlebars also displays battery levels and speed, providing riders with essential information about their bike’s performance. This feature allows riders to monitor their battery levels and adjust their riding style accordingly to conserve power when needed.

I rarely needed to fine-tune the precise amount of aid required to the extent offered, so a more user-friendly three-step approach (full-power, a middle assistance ‘eco’ mode, and off) would be more user-friendly. Through the gears, feel-based fine tweaking can be accomplished.

Also Dahon Unio E20 of motor is powerful enough to provide a comfortable and effortless ride, while still complying with local e-bike regulations in many countries. This type of motor is suitable for commuting and leisure riding, allowing riders to cover short to medium distances with ease and convenience.

Dahon Unio E20 is an excellent choice for people who want to enjoy the benefits of cycling without the physical exertion required by a traditional bike. The ability to adjust the level of assistance provided by the motor and the information displayed on the small screen make these bikes easy to use and suitable for riders of all levels.

The Unio E20’s claimed 60km range in its max assist mode is indeed impressive and should be sufficient for most people’s daily commuting needs. However, it’s important to note that actual range may vary depending on factors such as terrain, rider weight, and riding style.

It’s also worth mentioning that the range of an electric bike can be extended by using lower assist modes or by pedaling more. So, even if the Unio E20’s range falls short for some users, they may still be able to get more out of it by adjusting their riding habits.

Ultimately, the Unio E20’s range should be evaluated based on individual needs and preferences, and riders should consider factors such as their daily commute distance, terrain, and frequency of use when deciding whether it meets their requirements.

It’s great to hear that the Unio E20’s charging process is straightforward and can be done using a standard wall plug. The fact that the seatpost battery can be fully removed for charging makes it more convenient for those who may not have access to a power source near their bike storage area.

However, it’s important to note that the charging time of seven hours may be a downside for some users who need to use their bike frequently and may not have the luxury of waiting that long for a full charge. It’s always a good idea to plan ahead and make sure the bike is fully charged before a long trip or commute.

It’s also worth noting that frequent charging sessions, even if they are short, can help maintain the battery life and prevent it from deteriorating over time. So, even if a short burst of charging won’t fully charge the battery, it can still help extend its overall lifespan.

The manufacturer also states that the battery will continue to operate at full capacity for 500 charges before it starts to deteriorate. This equates to almost ten years of weekly charges, by which time you might already be in the market for a new bike.

Dahon Unio E20: Conclusions

So, Dahon Unio E20 offers good value for money, especially considering its in-house production and the features it offers. The fact that it’s light, rides well with or without power, and has a strong assist and good battery life make it a solid option for commuting and general use.

However, the lack of lights may be a drawback for some riders, particularly if they plan to use the bike for commuting. It’s worth noting that many countries have laws requiring bikes to have lights for safety reasons, so riders should consider adding lights to the bike if they plan to ride in low light conditions.

Despite this, the Dahon Unio E20’s affordability compared to other premium folding electric bikes on the market, such as the Brompton, means that buyers would have extra budget to spend on lights and other accessories to suit their needs.

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