PVY Z20 Pro Review: What You Need to Know About This E-Bike?


The PVY Z20 Pro is a small and foldable electric bike with unusual and somewhat uncommon features, including rims instead of spokes and the ability to charge your smartphone using the bike’s battery.

We are introducing to you the PVY Z20 Pro, a brand-new folding electric bicycle from China. It is a traditional puzzle, and we are familiar with its design from other manufacturers. It has a 250W motor, a 10.4Ah battery, and a 50–80 km maximum range.


You may purchase the PVY Z20 Pro in either white or gray. You can lower the price with a discount voucher; to determine the lowest price currently available, please refer to our linked voucher plan.

We will examine the processing quality of each component in the review and concentrate mostly on the driving qualities and general comfort or performance.

Frame materialAluminum alloy
ColorsGray, White
Max. slope25 degree
Tire size20 inch
Brake TypeDouble Disc Brake
Max. speed32km/h
Driving modeMoped mode, Pedal mode, Pure electric mode
IP protectionIPX4
Folding size89 x 38 x 65 cm
Unfolding size157 x 62 x 123 cm

PVY Z20 Pro: Unboxing and Packaging

The PVY Z20 Pro electric bike comes in slightly smaller packaging than the other models we’ve had a chance to examine in the past. In comparison to the traditional packing of electric bikes purchased online, it is slightly bigger but also shorter.

DPD courier delivered the PVY Z20 Pro electric bike to us in a sizable, hefty box. It was around 34 kg in weight and 90.5 x 66 x 41 cm in size. Because the box is composed of sturdy cardboard, it won’t be easily destroyed.

The box is well-protected and sturdy. A plus for the impatient: the delivery was completed flawlessly in a matter of days from the brand’s European warehouse, with no signs of packaging damage.

The bike is sent folded up on itself, so when you open the package, you can see its size better. The package also contains a charger with a French plug, a smartphone holder, and two optional accessories: a cover to preserve the machine in the event of outdoor storage. These additional items are in addition to the dismantled components that must be installed in order to operate the bike. Of course, the assembling tools and instructions are also included.

We are assuming that the bike weighs 30 kg on average for a VAE. It can be handled and removed from its box by one person.

As we can see, because of its small size, it is convenient to store. The 20-inch wheels are designed primarily for urban use and walking along nature trails; all-terrain use is only occasionally and on somewhat rough terrain. The longest part of the assembling process, which lasted about twenty minutes, was removing all of the protective foams.

The entire guidebook is written in English and contains no illustrations. Unfortunately, it is simple to grasp using classroom English. Don’t worry if you don’t understand any English at all; the bike is easy to ride and won’t be much use in the end.

PVY Z20 Pro: Design and Build Quality

We must first emphasize that assembling is incredibly rapid and easy. The handbook doesn’t provide any procedures with examples, but you may complete the entire process without one because it is intuitive.

The longest part of the process was taking off all the tapes and barriers that actually shield practically every aspect of the bike. The handlebars were fixed as the initial stage.

The rod coming from the handlebars only needs to be inserted once, as shown by the arrows on the joint of the different pieces, to complete the procedure. Simply use a lever to fold down the handlebars after proper insertion, then secure them with a screw that is made accessible by doing so.

Let’s assume from away that the PVY Z20 Pro cannot be expected to be a small, foldable electric bicycle due to its nature. In spite of the substantial 20 x 2.3-inch wheels, the baggage rack, and the sturdy, vibration-dampening aluminum alloy construction, it must be acknowledged that this model distinguishes out among all the others in its category specifically for its compactness, especially when folded.

Its dimensions – 157 x 62 x 123 when open and 89 x 38 x 64 when closed – make it more pleasant to move by vehicle and by public transportation than its direct rivals. It is bulkier than “city” bikes since, as I said before, it is not a pedal-assisted bike specifically made for cities, but the brand did a wonderful job with the design.

Above all else, this is due to the PVY Z20 Pro’s double front shock absorber system, which, despite its small size and relatively modest cost, manages to control shocks and vibrations effectively and makes driving on many types of road surfaces very enjoyable.

As a result, it is simply foldable on all relevant parts: the frame, handlebars, and pedals. The 20-inch tires on the wheels make them smaller than the 26 to 28-inch tires on traditional motorcycles. But, it is electric, therefore it has a motor and a battery. The bicycle’s frame houses the battery, which is reachable by folding the latter. Usually, the engine is housed inside the hub of the back wheel.

With Chinese bikes, quality is frequently a major unknown, and it’s not always the greatest. Yet, the PVY Z20 Pro immediately captures the eye with its excellent processing and stunning painting. The aluminum frame was painted with up to four layers, which is quite admirable.

The weight was also a reflection of the bike’s overall size, which is very large. It weighs about 25 kg, which is a substantial amount. Whether you take the bike down or not, carrying it is extremely difficult. It shares structural similarities, for instance, with the rival Fiido D4S.

As I previously mentioned, the front suspension fork is of exceptional quality, and there are two mechanical disc brakes, as well as a removable battery module that is activated by a key located on the bottom: When the key is turned, battery power begins, but no electronics will operate until that point. On the other hand, there is a display on the handlebar that, unlike with some manufacturers, is clearly visible even in bright lighting situations and where you can access all the most crucial information pertaining to the bicycle.

PVY Z20 Pro: Motor and Battery

The rear hub’s 250W motor has regulation power, and the speed is restricted to 25 km/h. The EN 15194 standard for electric bicycles used on public roads in France is met by the PVY Z20 Pro. The device has an accelerator on the right handle, but it only functions in the pedestrian realm, providing a small impulse to assist in pushing the bike no faster than a few kilometers per hour.

Both the motor and the top speed can be operated at full power; the PVY Z20 Pro’s advertising sheet lists the first at 500 Watts, or double its base power, and the second at 32 km/h. Of course, this unclamping renders the PVY Z20 Pro’s use on French roads illegal. The machine can occasionally be unfettered for use on private roads, abroad, or to anticipate a hypothetical future relaxation of the relevant laws, which makes this all the more exciting (which however for the moment rather unlikely).

The instruction booklet is silent on how to unlock the machine, however some investigation can reveal the answer, particularly by looking up comparable equipment (HIMO, Fiido…).

The 50–80 km of theoretical autonomy provided by the 36V 10.4Ah Lithium battery is more than sufficient for regular commutes.

When the bike is folded, the battery, which is placed in the center body, may be taken out. To remove the battery and prevent theft of it, a key is needed. Two keys are offered in a set. Either immediately on the motorcycle or at home after removal, the PVY Z20 Pro battery can be recharged. A lithium battery has the further benefit of notwithstanding extended periods in cold temperatures, making it easy to store it warmly in winter and leave the bike without a battery, for example, in an unheated garage.

The charger’s small size came as a pleasant surprise. It undoubtedly has power for its size: 38V in 1.8A, or 68.4 Watts. Yet, a compact and lightweight charger enables systematic portability, which is advantageous in a variety of circumstances.

The gearbox is made by Shimano. With a total of 7 speeds on the pinion, one mechanism allows for speed adjustment with the thumb and index finger. At the crankset level, the chainring is straightforward and gearless. The gears only affect the effort of the cyclist because the motor is mounted on the rear hub, not the motorization itself.

As is currently customary for e-bikes, the braking system uses disc brakes. Compared to regular skates, they allow for more efficient braking. They have better airflow and are less prone to get dirty or wet, which will increase their efficiency over time.

The PVY Z20 Pro’s display, which has a monochrome LCD screen, is straightforward, readable, and even minimal. It is on the left side of the handlebars and clearly displays information about the rider’s speed, distance traveled, and battery life. Of course, using buttons enables you to turn on the device and adjust the engine power to your specifications.

Although it is included with the PVY Z20 Pro, this equipment is not mounted by default. So, the decision to install it or not will be up to the user. You can attach smartphones of all sizes to it, which is really imposing.

To connect a smartphone that is mounted on the handlebars to the USB port that is placed in the frame, however, it will be essential to supply a cable that is long enough to span the entire height of the stem.

The PVY Z20 Pro may be utilized by individuals ranging in height from 1m50 to 1m90, which is exceptional for a small folding bike. Hence, both the handlebars and the saddle can be adjusted to various heights.

In comparison to rotating stems, the stem slides to change the handlebar’s height. Finally, you can decide which riding position is most comfortable for you: straight with high handlebars, useful in cities, or leaning with low handlebars, useful for speed and less-than-ideal terrain.

Both “wide” tires, fork suspension, and a cushioned saddle on shock-absorbing cushions all contribute to the provision of shock absorption.

The term “fat tire” is used by PVY to describe the Z20 Pro’s tires. Although these tires are a little broader than the standard 1.9 inch ones, calling them “fat” sounds a touch over the top. This qualification typically refers to 4.0-inch tires, which the Z20 Pro does not have.

In any case, the PVY Z20 Pro’s somewhat wider, 20-inch diameter tires are sturdy and cozy. It is possible that 2.3-inch tires will be able to absorb road imperfections better than standard tires that are less than 2 inches wide.

PVY Z20 Pro: Conclusions

For regular urban commutes, the PVY Z20 Pro electric bike is an option that may be interesting. The “vélotaf,” or riding a bicycle to and from work, is ingrained in its genetic makeup. It is stylish, comfy, and effective all at the same time, meeting the requirements for driving in France and qualifying for state assistance. Also, you can unleash the engine to double its power and remove the 25 km/h speed restriction for sporty use on private roads.

its restrictions? an off-piste. Although it has practical capabilities on damaged roads, it is not a mountain bike. The installation of new USB-powered lights like these will make it simple to get around the battery-powered headlight’s restriction to roads and paths with public lighting. Well, the PVY Z20 Pro includes a USB port, so why not utilize the USB port to draw juice from the bike battery to power a strong headlight? It also features a smartphone mount.

You may purchase the PVY Z20 Pro in either white or gray. You can lower the price with a discount voucher; to determine the lowest price currently available, please refer to our linked voucher plan.

New from the PVY brand is the Z20 Pro folding city bike. It features a 250 W motor with a maximum power of 500 W and is based on a well-known design similar to Fiido electric motorcycles. You will appreciate the excellent folding design, robust battery protection, and excellent paintwork.

The front fork is of inferior quality and has weaker brakes. It serves its purpose, but you can easily push it past its limits before it starts to knock.


Alternatives of PVY Z20 Pro




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