TOMA C7 Review: 350W Ergonomic Urban E-Bike 2023!


Hello, everyone! Welcome to Brian Unboxed. Today, we’re diving into the world of electric bikes with a close look at the TOMA C7. This electric bike promises a thrilling blend of style, functionality, and performance.

Comfort matters, especially on longer rides. I’ll share my thoughts on the TOMA C7’s saddle, handlebars, and overall ergonomic design. How does it feel to ride? Is it a smooth and enjoyable experience? We’ll explore the comfort features that make a difference during your electric biking adventures.

Get ready to embark on the TOMA C7 journey with me. From unboxing to the final ride, we’ll leave no stone unturned. Let’s dive into the world of electric biking together, and as always, take care, everyone!

FrameToma Carbon
Top speed25 km/h
Tires27.5 x 2-inch tires
BrakeHydraulic disc brakes
Battery10.4 amp-hours
Range49 to 62 miles

Unboxing and Assembly

The TOMA C7 is an exciting addition to the world of electric bikes, offering convenience and efficiency for urban commuters and cycling enthusiasts alike. In this guide, we’ll take you through the unboxing and assembly process of the C7, showcasing its minimal assembly requirements and getting you on the road in no time.

When your C7 arrives, you’ll find the packaging to be secure and well-organized. The box contains essential components such as the bike frame, charger, tools, pedals, and a bike lock. The thoughtful inclusion of these items ensures that you have everything you need to set up your electric bike swiftly.

Design and Build Quality

The TOMA C7 is not just another electric bike; it’s a fusion of cutting-edge design and robust build quality. Let’s delve into the details of its design elements, construction, and features that make it stand out in the electric bike market.

TOMA C7 Review: front part, Design and Build Quality

The C7 boasts a lightweight and durable carbon frame, providing the perfect balance between strength and agility. The carbon fork complements the frame, enhancing the bike’s overall responsiveness and contributing to a smooth ride.

TOMA C7 Review: Design and Build Quality

Equipped with 27.5 by 2-inch tires, the TOMA C7 ensures stability and excellent traction on various terrains. The hydraulic disc brakes, positioned both at the front and rear, deliver reliable stopping power, enhancing safety during rides. Whether navigating urban streets or tackling off-road trails, the C7 promises a secure and controlled riding experience.

TOMA C7 Review: on the road or driving test

The inclusion of five pedal assist levels allows riders to tailor the level of electric assistance to their preference and riding conditions. Coupled with an 8-speed shifter, this electric bike provides versatility, enabling smooth transitions between gears for an optimized riding experience.

TOMA C7 Review: handlebar

The TOMA C7 features an intuitive LCD display positioned at the handlebar area. The display provides essential information, including speed, distance, and battery level. The controls, conveniently located near the handlebars, allow riders to effortlessly navigate through pedal assist levels, monitor their trip data, and activate additional features.

TOMA C7 Review: display

The 350W rear motor powers the C7, delivering a responsive and efficient electric boost. The battery, conveniently accessible through a keyhole, ensures a hassle-free charging experience. Positioned towards the back of the bike, the battery placement contributes to an even weight distribution, enhancing stability during rides.

TOMA C7 Review: rear part, Design and Build Quality

Weighing in at a mere 63 lbs, the TOMA surprises with its lightweight design. The strategically positioned handle and balanced weight distribution make it easy for riders to lift and transport the bike effortlessly. This feature adds a layer of convenience, especially for users who may need to carry or store their electric bikes in various situations.

TOMA C7 Review: front light, brake and tire

The front headlight not only contributes to the bike’s aesthetic appeal but also ensures visibility and safety during low-light conditions. The kickstand provides stable support when parking the bike. With thoughtful features such as the walk assist function, riders can move the bike with ease when not in motion.

TOMA C7 Review: 350W motor and 8 speed

The TOMA C7’s design and build quality showcase a commitment to creating a high-performance, user-friendly electric bike. From the carbon frame to the LCD display and hydraulic disc brakes, each component is carefully selected to provide riders with a stylish, reliable, and enjoyable electric biking experience. Whether commuting through the city or exploring off-road trails, the TOMA C7 is a testament to the fusion of form and function in modern electric bike design.

TOMA C7: Motor and Driving Test

The TOMA C7’s 350W rear motor propels riders into an exhilarating world of electric biking, offering an impressive top speed of 15 mph. Let’s explore how this powerful motor performs across various terrains and riding scenarios.

TOMA C7 Review: on the road or driving test

The 350W rear motor of the C7 delivers a smooth and responsive acceleration, allowing riders to effortlessly reach a top speed of 15 mph. The absence of a thumb or twist throttle emphasizes the bike’s reliance on pedal assist, providing a natural and engaging riding experience.

In the provided footage, the C7 is put to the test on rough terrain—a bumpy trail with gravel on the sides. Despite lacking a suspension system, the bike showcases its ability to handle uneven surfaces with poise. The overall ride remains stable, demonstrating the durability and design considerations that contribute to a comfortable biking experience.

TOMA C7 Review: on the road or driving test

The C7 offers five pedal assist levels, allowing riders to tailor their experience based on the desired level of electric assistance. In the speed test, the bike demonstrates incremental speed increases with each pedal assist level, reaching a maximum speed of almost 21 mph on the highest level.

During the uphill test, the C7 showcases its capability to maintain a steady speed on a road with a gradual incline. The 350W motor provides a consistent and quiet assist, allowing the bike to climb the slope while maintaining a respectable speed. The TOMA C7 handles the uphill challenge with ease, ensuring a smooth and controlled ascent.

TOMA C7 Review: on the road or driving test

Descending a slope during the downhill test, the TOMA C7 maintains stability and control. The absence of rattles or vibrations contributes to a secure and enjoyable ride. The steering feels solid, and the bike’s light overall weight enhances maneuverability.

An audible alert from the display is noted during the tests, serving as a safety precaution. This alert, set to activate at 9.33 mph, aligns with standard regulations, ensuring rider safety. It’s worth noting that, according to the presenter, the alert is not disableable in the menus.

Brake Test

As the TOMA C7 accelerates to its maximum speed, the rider skillfully approaches the camera, ready to demonstrate the bike’s braking capabilities. The use of hydraulic disc brakes, both at the front and rear, ensures precision and reliable stopping power.

TOMA C7 Review: on the road or driving test

The parking lines serve as a visual reference for gauging how quickly and efficiently the C7 can come to a stop. The goal is not only to evaluate the braking distance but also to observe the stability and control maintained during the braking process.

Hydraulic disc brakes are known for their superior stopping power and responsiveness. This feature enhances the safety of riders, particularly when coming to a halt from higher speeds. The use of the parking lines as a reference point provides viewers with a tangible measure of the bike’s ability to stop swiftly and under control.

Battery and Range

The TOMA C7’s lithium battery boasts a capacity of 10.4 amp-hours, operating at a voltage of 36 volts. Lithium batteries are favored in the world of electric bikes for their high energy density, lightweight construction, and extended cycle life.

TOMA C7 Review: charging port

One of the standout features of the TOMA C7 is its impressive range, allowing riders to cover substantial distances on a single charge. With a range spanning from 49 to 62 miles, the C7 caters to a diverse range of commuting needs, making it suitable for daily urban use or longer weekend rides.

The generous range of the C7 makes it a versatile companion for various riding scenarios. Whether navigating city streets, cruising along scenic trails, or tackling challenging terrains, riders can enjoy an extended journey without the concern of running out of power.

TOMA C7 Review: Design and Build Quality

Recharging the TOMA C7’s lithium battery is a straightforward process, thanks to the provided charger. The convenience of the battery’s keyhole placement ensures easy access for charging, allowing riders to power up at home or on the go.

The integration of a high-capacity lithium battery aligns with the C7’s commitment to providing an exceptional electric biking experience. Riders can confidently plan longer rides, knowing that the battery’s capacity is designed to support their adventures.

TOMA C7: Conclusions

As the dust settles on the assembly process and the wheels start turning, here are my detailed thoughts on the TOMA C7 electric bike. From the initial unboxing to the final test ride, the bike offers a blend of style, functionality, and room for improvement.

TOMA C7 Review

The carbon frame and fork contribute to the bike’s solid yet lightweight feel. The cables, neatly organized and running through the frame, add to the bike’s sleek design. The comfortable saddle, easily adjustable, complements the overall ergonomic design.

The 350W motor proved adequate, handling inclines with minimal speed loss. The pedal assist functionality facilitated a swift acceleration, reaching 20 mph during the test. The advertised max speed of 15.5 mph and a range of up to 62 miles offer flexibility for various riding conditions.

TOMA C7 Review: on the road or driving test

The absence of a thumb or twist throttle may leave riders longing for an additional mode of acceleration. Integrating such options could cater to riders with different preferences in the electric biking community.

The hydraulic brakes exhibited commendable stopping power, reacting quickly to commands. This crucial safety feature ensures riders can confidently navigate varying terrains with precise control.

TOMA C7 Review: front part, Design and Build Quality

Overall, the TOMA C7 electric bike offers a commendable performance with its standout carbon frame, efficient motor, and sleek design. The bike’s strengths make it an attractive choice for riders seeking a reliable and stylish electric biking experience. While certain enhancements could further elevate the bike’s appeal, the C7 successfully delivers on its promise of a versatile and enjoyable ride. As the wheels keep turning, the C7 stands as a notable player in the world of electric bikes, offering a glimpse into the future of sustainable and efficient urban commuting.

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