Euphree City Robin X Plus Review: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying!


Hello, everyone! I’m John with Electric Bike Report. The Euphree City Robin X Plus is the pinnacle of Dutch-style commuter-cruiser hybrids from Euphree.

In this review, we’ll explore the unexpected features that set this e-bike apart at its price point and take it for a spin to experience its impressive capabilities. This top-tier model in the Euphree lineup brings a multitude of features that defy expectations, making it a standout in the world of Dutch-style commuter-cruiser hybrids. As we embark on this ride, we’ll delve into what makes the City Robin X Plus truly awesome and how it manages to offer a premium experience without breaking the bank.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the Euphree City Robin X Plus, where unexpected features and a delightful riding experience await. Join me on this journey as we explore the remarkable qualities that make this e-bike a true standout in its class.

Frame:6061 Aluminum Frame
Motor:Bafang Geared Rear Hub 500w
Brakes:Tektro E350 Hydraulic Brakes
Tires:Kenda 27.5 X 2.125" Hybrid City And Gravel Treadline
Shifter:Microshift 7 Speed Thumb Shifter
Stem:Zoom 90 Degree Angle Adjustable
Sensor:Torque Sensor, Bottom Bracket
Display:Color LCD. Battery Level, Speedometer
Battery:48v, 14 Ah (672 Wh)
Bike Weight:62 lb
Frame Size:15"
Payload Cap:275 lb

Design and Build Quality

The Euphree City Robin X Plus boasts a commendable combination of design and build quality that enhances the overall riding experience. The comfort factor is a standout feature, making it a pleasure for riders. The thick, spacious saddle and ergonomically designed faux leather grips on the swept-back handlebars contribute to a comfortable and relaxed riding posture. The inclusion of a suspension fork at the front and a suspension seat post at the rear, both from SR Suntour, adds to the smoothness of the ride, making it feel more like gliding or floating, especially when tackling bumps or uneven terrain.

Euphree City Robin X Plus Review: Design and Build Quality

In terms of design and functionality, Euphree has gone the extra mile to cater to commuting needs. The bike comes well-equipped with lights, fenders, and a cargo rack. Notably, the headlight stands out for its size and brightness, producing 200 lumens for enhanced visibility. The cargo rack, welded to the seat stays for added strength, can support up to a hundred pounds, surpassing the typical capacity of most racks.

Euphree City Robin X Plus Review: handlebar

Security features are also given attention, with a key-operated wheel lock on the rear wheel, offering an added layer of protection against theft. Even the quality of the bell is highlighted, with a longer-lasting sound compared to most.

Euphree City Robin X Plus Review: Kenda tires 27.5 x 2.125"

In terms of components, Euphree has incorporated reputable brands throughout. The Buffung motor, Velo saddle, SR Suntour fork, and suspension seat post ensure reliability. The battery utilizes Samsung cells, providing a reliable power source. The Kenda tires with a hybrid tread pattern are suitable for various terrains, including pavement, dirt, or gravel.

Euphree City Robin X Plus Review: Shifting gears

Safety is prioritized with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes featuring 180mm rotors and the E350 system rated for e-bikes. The 7-speed drivetrain, including a 50-tooth chainring and 11-28 tooth cassette, complements the bike’s Class 3 speeds of up to 28 miles per hour. The Micro Shift 26 derailleur ensures snappy and responsive shifting, enhancing the overall riding experience. The inclusion of a KMC chain adds to the overall durability.

Euphree City Robin X Plus Review: Design and Build Quality

The cockpit setup is clean and effective, with a Micro Shift trigger shifter, throttle lever, and a display/control panel unit. While the display might not be the most aesthetically pleasing, it provides essential information without overwhelming the rider.

A notable feature is the adjustable stem by Zoom, which includes a clip for mounting your phone, compatible with the SP Connect system. This unique addition allows riders to connect their phones securely, with ufree offering specific cases for various iPhones. The SP Connect system can also accommodate additional storage compartments, making it a practical and convenient feature not commonly found on every bike.


One of the standout features of the Euphree City Robin X Plus is its robust 500-watt rear hub motor, complemented by a torque sensor. This combination adds a significant dimension to the riding experience, providing a dynamic and responsive feel to the e-bike.

Euphree City Robin X Plus Review: 500-watt rear hub motor

The torque sensor plays a crucial role by detecting the force applied to the pedals. This means that the motor adapts its output based on the rider’s pedaling intensity. When you pedal harder, the sensor signals the motor to deliver more power and speed, providing an exhilarating boost that correlates directly with your effort. This feature not only enhances the overall performance of the bike but also creates a more immersive and analog-like biking experience.

Euphree City Robin X Plus: Driving Test

Embarking on a speed test with the Euphree City Robin X Plus was an exhilarating experience, allowing us to explore the bike’s performance across its four pedal assist settings and test the throttle acceleration to reach 20 miles per hour.

Euphree City Robin X Plus Review: on the road or driving test

Starting without motor assistance, the bike exhibited a comfortable and steady pace at around 11.5 miles per hour. Transitioning to Eco mode, the motor provided a subtle boost, noticeable in the increased speed of around 13 miles per hour. This setting is perfect for those seeking a relaxed ride with minimal effort.

Moving up to Tour mode, the power of the motor became more evident. The torque sensor responded to the moderate pressure applied to the pedals, propelling the bike to approximately 17.5 miles per hour. The seamless interaction between the rider’s effort and the motor’s response showcased the effectiveness of the torque sensor.

Sport mode introduced a significant power boost, with each pedal stroke delivering more speed. The bike effortlessly reached around 21.5 miles per hour in this setting. Transitioning to Turbo mode, the maximum power mode for this Class 3 e-bike, provided an even more robust performance. With a moderate level of effort, we achieved a speed of around 24.5 miles per hour, approaching the bike’s maximum limit.

Euphree City Robin X Plus Review: speed test

Conducting a throttle acceleration test from 0 to 20 miles per hour showcased the smooth and controlled build-up of speed. The acceleration did not come on too strong, offering a gradual increase in velocity. The bike demonstrated its lightweight nature, reaching 13.4 miles per hour in Eco mode.

Further adjustments to the speed settings, including increasing the maximum speed to 28 miles per hour, demonstrated the bike’s adaptability and customization options. The throttle, when activated, boosted the speed above 20 miles per hour temporarily before settling into a steady cruising pace.

A noteworthy feature is the “autoassist” function in the standard settings menu, automatically adjusting the pedal assist setting as the bike gains speed. While the feel of this feature wasn’t as natural and smooth as desired, it presented a convenient “set it and forget it” option for riders seeking an effortless riding experience.

Euphree City Robin X Plus Review: on the road or driving test

Passing the torch to Justin, our resident hill-testing expert, provided valuable insights into the Euphree City Robin X Plus’s performance on challenging inclines. Utilizing the 500-watt rear hub motor, Justin executed two tests: one relying solely on the throttle and another while pedaling in turbo mode.

During the throttle-only test, the bike navigated the steepest section at a commendable speed, maintaining around 7-11 miles per hour. Impressively, the motor’s noise was minimal, offering a pleasant and relatively quiet riding experience. The motor engaged smoothly, demonstrating its ability to conquer steep sections without excessive noise or strain.

Transitioning to the pedal test in turbo mode, the motor showcased a natural and smooth engagement as Justin pedaled through the challenging ascent. Shifting gears as needed, the bike maintained a decent speed, and the motor’s noise remained unintrusive. The combination of the torque sensor and the 500-watt motor allowed for a comfortable ascent, with Justin soft-pedaling and expressing satisfaction with the bike’s climbing capabilities.

Euphree City Robin X Plus Review: on the road or driving test

Upon completing both tests, it was evident that the Euphree City Robin X Plus handled steep hills with competence. Despite not achieving record-breaking speeds, the bike maintained a steady pace, demonstrating its capability to navigate challenging terrains with ease.

The subsequent on-road test highlighted the bike’s ride quality and comfort. As a Dutch-style commuter and cruiser, it offered an upright riding position that provides a clear view of the surroundings. The single frame size, coupled with adjustable components such as the seat post and stem, allowed for a customized fit for riders ranging from five feet to six foot one.

The ride itself was notably smooth, thanks to the SR Suntour suspension fork and suspension seat post, both contributing to a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The Kenda tires, with their hybrid tread pattern, provided good traction on various surfaces, making the bike versatile for both paved and slightly rough terrains.

Euphree City Robin X Plus Review: on the road or driving test

Addressing a minor point for improvement, there was a slight delay in motor re-engagement after coasting or braking. However, this did not significantly detract from the overall positive riding experience. The City Robin X Plus excelled in providing a luxurious feel, with attention to details like the glassy paint job and stylish brown saddle and grips.

The bike’s flexibility beyond pavement, while not suitable for extremely rough terrains, added to its appeal. The overall ride quality left a lasting impression, earning the Euphree City Robin X Plus well-deserved praise for its comfort, versatility, and luxurious feel in the mid-range e-bike market.

Brake Test

In our comprehensive brake test, the Euphree City Robin X Plus showcased its braking capabilities equipped with the Tektro E350 hydraulic disc brake system. The test involved accelerating the bike up to 20 miles per hour, engaging the brakes, and measuring the distance it traveled before coming to a complete stop. The results yielded an average stopping distance of 23 feet 7 inches.

Euphree City Robin X Plus Review: Tektro hydraulic disc brakes

While this performance falls within the average range, it’s worth noting that, compared to other commuter and cruiser-style e-bikes with diverse brake systems, the City Robin X Plus leans slightly towards the slower side in terms of numerical measurements. However, these numbers don’t fully encapsulate the real-world performance of the bike’s braking system.

In practical scenarios, the bike demonstrated effective braking capabilities. Separate tests conducted on both on and off-road terrain provided satisfying results. The Tektro E350 system exhibited a strong bite, and the brakes’ responsiveness, combined with the bike’s design, felt solid.

Euphree City Robin X Plus Review: brake test

A notable aspect of the braking experience was the deliberate decision not to bring the bike to a rapid stop. This deliberate choice allowed the Kenda tires to play a crucial role in maintaining stability. The tires, with their commendable traction and grip, contributed to a smooth and controlled braking experience. Importantly, this design choice prevented the wheels from locking up or exhibiting any tendencies to slide.

Battery and Range

One standout feature of the Euphree City Robin X Plus is its impressive 48-volt, 672-watt-hour battery. Beyond just the numbers, the battery is UL certified, ensuring safety and reliability. What’s particularly noteworthy is its integration into the underside of the downtube, contributing to a clean and streamlined appearance. Additionally, the battery is removable, providing convenience for charging either in or out of the bike.

Euphree City Robin X Plus Review: 48-volt, 672-watt-hour battery

During our range test, the City Robin X Plus exceeded Euphree’s estimated range of up to 60 miles, reaching an impressive nearly 68 miles when tested in eco mode. A secondary test in turbo mode established a minimum range of about 28.5 miles. This wide range in performance suggests that riders can expect their actual range to fall somewhere in between, depending on the chosen assist setting.

The range testing took place on local bike paths with varying elevations, measuring between 750 and 1600 feet. It’s worth noting that riders in flatter regions, like Florida or the Midwest, might achieve even greater distances. The torque sensor, a key component in this e-bike, plays a role in influencing range. Riders who typically pedal with more intensity may experience slightly reduced range, as the motor works harder in tandem. Conversely, a more relaxed riding style can extend the time and distance covered on a single charge.

Euphree City Robin X Plus Review: Design and Build Quality

In terms of time, the turbo mode test took approximately an hour and a half, reflecting the higher power consumption. However, the real surprise came with the eco mode test, which endured for nearly six hours. This remarkable duration on a single charge speaks to the efficiency and longevity of the battery, offering riders a substantial amount of time before needing to recharge. While riding at a slightly slower pace in eco mode, the extended range provides a compelling option for those who prioritize distance over speed.

Euphree City Robin X Plus: Conclusions

Overall, the Euphree City Robin X Plus has successfully won over even the most discerning cruiser-style bike enthusiasts. Having tested numerous bikes in a similar category, the City Robin not only met but exceeded expectations, ticking all the right boxes for an enjoyable and versatile riding experience. The comprehensive test results align with the overall positive impression of this e-bike.

Euphree City Robin X Plus Review

The bike demonstrated solid performance across various parameters, showcasing its prowess in terms of comfort, design, build quality, and range. While the pedaling experience was generally positive, a minor point of critique was identified with the motor’s re-engagement. Specifically, there’s room for improvement in the sensitivity of the torque sensor, particularly in picking up speed more rapidly after coasting or braking. Tweaking this aspect would enhance the overall responsiveness of the bike.

The City Robin X Plus stands out for its remarkable versatility, making it equally suitable for commuters in a rush and those seeking a comfortable and enjoyable evening ride. The cargo capacity is sufficient for running errands or hauling gear, adding to the bike’s practicality. Moreover, its flexibility extends to the option of loading it onto a bike rack for camping trips, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of riders.

Euphree City Robin X Plus Review: on the road or driving test

As a bike seemingly designed for everyone, the City Robin X Plus offers a well-rounded package. To explore further details about our tests and experiences, a link to the written review is provided in the video description. For those considering a purchase, the link to the Euphree website is available, offering a glimpse of the various appealing colors on offer. If you decide to make a purchase, using the provided link helps support our channel.

In wrapping up, this is John with Electric Bike Report, bringing you the verdict on the Euphree City Robin X Plus—an e-bike that delivers on its promises of comfort, versatility, and an enjoyable ride.

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