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The new Qualisports Model 5 is a special edition that elevates the riding experience with a host of upgraded features. This iteration, essentially a Dolphin model, is distinguished by an extended two-year comprehensive warranty, offering riders additional peace of mind. Notably, the frame and fork warranty is extended to an impressive six years, reinforcing the brand’s confidence in the bike’s durability.

One standout improvement is the adoption of a nine-speed drivetrain, featuring an 11 to 34 tooth cassette. This is a significant upgrade from the standard seven-speed drivetrain found on other models, providing riders with a wider range of gears for versatile and efficient cycling. The torque sensing bottom bracket replaces the 12-magnet cadence sensor seen in previous models, enhancing the bike’s responsiveness and delivering a more fluid and intuitive riding experience.

A key enhancement to the Special Edition is the addition of an adjustable suspension fork with approximately 40 millimeters of travel. This fork offers both preload adjustment and lockout functionality, allowing riders to fine-tune their suspension preferences. The result is an improved ride quality, especially over uneven terrain, contributing to a more comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Priced at $1999, the Qualisports Model 5 offers a compelling package compared to its counterparts. The dual battery setup, providing extended range, comes as a default configuration. This represents a $300 premium over the dual battery Dolphin and delivers considerable value, especially considering the upgraded components and extended warranties.

Available in two distinct colorways with a pearlescent finish, the Qualisports Model 5 not only performs exceptionally but also boasts an aesthetic appeal. For riders seeking a more sophisticated and feature-rich electric bike, the Special Edition stands out as a worthy investment. Whether it’s the enhanced drivetrain, torque sensing technology, adjustable suspension, or the overall premium build, the Qualisports Model 5 Special Edition promises an elevated riding experience that justifies its price point.

Frame Type: Mid-step, folding
Motor: 500W USA Custom Manufactured
Gear: 9 speed 1x9 Shimano Tourney
Drive Mode: Cadence sensing pedal assist/ Trigger throttle (12 Magnet Sealed Sensor) normal biking-cruise-walk assist
Brake: Hydraulic brakes (Front / rear)
Torque sensor: Dual sided torque sensor
Tires: 20 x 2.40"
Seat post Battery: 48v 10.5Ah
Tube Battery: 48v 7Ah
Range: 80+ miles*
Weight: 58lbs
Max load: 300lbs

Design and Build Quality

The Qualisports Model 5 marks a significant milestone for the company as they celebrate their fifth-year anniversary. One standout feature that has garnered attention is the integration of the battery into the seat post. While this design choice may limit the option to switch to a suspension seat post, it contributes to the bike’s aesthetic appeal. The sleek look of having the battery seamlessly incorporated into the seat post is indeed a unique and attractive feature.

Qualisports Model 5 Review: Design and Build Quality

Assembly and unboxing are described as relatively straightforward, with the most challenging part being the alignment of the fenders. The optional locking seat clamp is highlighted, with a cautionary note about over-tightening during assembly.

Unlike some other folding electric bikes that house the battery inside the main tube, the Model 5 takes a different approach by placing the second battery there. This configuration provides a higher capacity, making it an ideal choice for riders planning long-distance journeys or those who opt for optional cargo racks. The additional battery capacity extends the ride and enables the use of higher levels of assist, even up to level five, along with more frequent use of the throttle.

Qualisports Model 5 Review: components

Weighing in at around 58 pounds with both batteries mounted, the Model 5 strikes a balance between functionality and aesthetics. The drivetrain is equipped with a nine-speed Shimano Altus and an 11 to 34 tooth cassette, showcasing quality components for a bike in the $2,000 price range. The nickel-plated Shimano-branded hardware adds a touch of durability and reliability.

The bike’s visual appeal is enhanced by the limited edition runs, with options including teal and white or a brighter teal color. The 165-millimeter crank arms contribute to a comfortable riding experience by reducing the risk of pedal strikes. The telescoping stem and adjustable seat height allow for a customizable and upright body position.

Qualisports Model 5 Review: Mid-step, folding

Further protection and functionality come from the aluminum alloy guard on the 52-tooth chainring, preventing ground strikes and keeping the chain on track. The inclusion of a derailleur guard and barrel adjuster adds to the bike’s durability and user-friendly design.

The folding aspect of the bike is complemented by plastic folding pedals from Welgo, which, while not aluminum alloy, reduce weight and minimize potential scratches when folded. The 20-inch wheels with 2.4-inch wide tires provide a comfortable ride, especially considering the lack of a suspension seat post. The folding bike’s suspension fork, with 40 millimeters of travel and preload adjustment, caters to varied rider preferences.

Qualisports Model 5 Review: front bike, light, tire, brake

Safety features include an aimable front headlight powered by the main battery pack, offering improved visibility. However, the rear light operates on AAA batteries and may be obstructed by longer coats, making optional racks or fender placement preferable.

The grayscale display, measuring around two and a half inches diagonally, is described as easy to read even in bright sunlight. It provides essential information such as current speed, distance, and battery level. The inclusion of a headlight, activated by holding the up arrow, adds to the bike’s safety features.

Qualisports Model 5 Review: display

Some points of consideration include the steel fenders, which, if scratched, may rust over time. The suggestion is made to use touch-up paint or black fingernail polish to address any potential rust issues. Additionally, the proximity of the charging port to the crank arm is noted, requiring a bit of bending down for charging.

Other features praised include the ergonomic design of the saddle, adjustable handlebars to reduce glare, and a well-designed kickstand. The bike’s aesthetics, touch points, and thoughtful details contribute to an overall positive impression. Despite some minor critiques, the Qualisports Model 5 is commended for offering a good balance of functionality and affordability in the folding electric bike market.

Qualisports Model 5 Review: Design and Build Quality

The bike’s stability when parked is ensured by a well-designed kickstand with adjustability. The clasp mechanism and magnet on the spring contribute to the ease of folding and unfolding, showcasing the thoughtful design that Qualisports has put into the Model 5. Overall, the bike represents a commendable blend of aesthetics, functionality, and affordability in the folding electric bike market.

Qualisports Model 5: Motor

The Qualisports Model 5 bike is powered by a 500-watt planetary geared hub motor, typical for Qualisports. While the motor emits a noticeable sound, it provides decent torque, especially for smaller riders who benefit from the mechanical advantage of hub motors.

Qualisports Model 5 Review: 9 speed 1x9 Shimano Tourney

The electric assistance system offers five levels of assist, each providing varying degrees of power. However, a notable observation is that the throttle is capped by the level of assist chosen. This means that to access the full power of the throttle, the rider must select the highest level of assist. The reviewer expresses a preference for a throttle that overrides the level of assist, providing full power at any time.

Driving Test

The Qualisports Model 5 offers free shipping in the contiguous US, making it an attractive option for riders within that region. Classified as a Class 2 electric bike, it features both pedal assist and a throttle, allowing riders to reach a top speed of 20 miles per hour.

Qualisports Model 5 Review: on the road or driving test

The 500-watt planetary geared hub motor, while not specifying its torque, benefits from the mechanical advantage provided by the smaller wheels. The bike’s overall design, coupled with the comfortable tires and suspension fork, contributes to a pleasant riding experience. The mention of it being a favorite folding electric bike, especially considering its price, reflects positively on the Qualisports Model 5.

The bike offers five levels of pedal assist, with level one being the default setting. An interesting observation is that the throttle is capped by the level of assist chosen, a point that the reviewer suggests could be improved for rider convenience. The walk mode, activated by holding the down arrow, is deemed useful, especially given the bike’s weight. Additionally, the bike has a cruise control feature, which can be engaged when riding above seven kilometers per hour.

Qualisports Model 5 Review: on the road or driving test

Despite the absence of motor inhibitors on the brake levers, the hydraulic disc brakes are commended for their effectiveness and smooth operation. The reviewer notes the convenience of being able to clear menus by holding up and down simultaneously.

The bike’s agility and zippiness are highlighted during the test ride, with the suspension fork and large tires contributing to a comfortable and stable ride. The review notes some minor trade-offs, such as the lack of quick-release mechanisms and the need for additional steps in folding and unfolding the bike. However, these are considered acceptable given the overall positive features and performance of the Qualisports Model 5.


The Qualisports Model 5 is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, a noteworthy feature for a bike in its price range. Although the brand of the brakes is not explicitly mentioned, the description highlights the effectiveness of the three-finger levers with adjustable reach. This adjustability accommodates riders with smaller hands, allowing them to bring the levers closer for a comfortable grip.

Qualisports Model 5 Review: controls

The bike boasts 160-millimeter rotors both in the front and rear, coupled with standard dual-piston calipers. The absence of motor inhibitors on the brake levers is mentioned, indicating that braking may not automatically cut power to the motor. While this design choice may have its trade-offs, the rider is advised to stop pedaling when applying the brakes to ensure a smooth experience.

Battery and Range

The two 48-volt batteries provide a total capacity of 840 watt-hours, offering extended range for those longer rides.

Qualisports Model 5 Review: Tube Battery 48v 7Ah

Charging the Qualisports Model 5 involves using a two-pound, three-amp charger with a wall-side plug. Although the charger is efficient, the reviewer mentions a slight inconvenience in having to charge both batteries independently. However, the ability to remove both batteries for reduced weight during transportation is acknowledged as a positive aspect.

Qualisports Model 5: Conclusions

Overall, the Qualisports Model 5 stands out as a unique and appealing folding electric bike, especially as it commemorates Qualisports’ fifth-year anniversary. The integration of the battery into the seat post, coupled with a thoughtful design, adds to the bike’s aesthetic appeal. The inclusion of a 500-watt planetary geared hub motor, hydraulic disc brakes, and a nine-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain contributes to a satisfying riding experience.

Qualisports Model 5 Review: on the road or driving test

Despite some trade-offs, such as the absence of motor inhibitors on the brake levers and the need for additional steps in folding and unfolding, the overall performance and features of the bike make it a favorite in its price range. The comprehensive review provides valuable insights into the bike’s specifications, features, and riding experience, offering potential buyers a well-informed perspective.

As a free review, it reflects the reviewer’s genuine interest and familiarity with the brand. The celebratory tone for Qualisports’ anniversary adds a personal touch to the evaluation. The review concludes with an invitation for viewers to engage with the content, expressing appreciation through likes, subscriptions, and shares. The website, electricbikereview.com, is recommended as a valuable resource for further exploration and research.

Qualisports Model 5 Review: rear bike, light, tire, brake

In the spirit of promoting electric biking, safety, and community, the closing remarks encourage viewers to have fun, ride safe, and express anticipation for the next review. Overall, the review serves as a comprehensive and insightful guide for those considering the Qualisports Model 5, contributing to the electric bike community’s knowledge base.

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