CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 Review: 500W Bosch Performance Line E-bike!


The CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 is a remarkable electric bike equipped with a 500-watt PowerTube Smart System that blends efficiency and intelligence. This model is designed with practicality in mind, making it an excellent choice for urban commuting and leisurely rides around town.

The inclusion of an LED remote and the Intuvia grayscale display panel further enhances the user experience. Meanwhile, the Intuvia display panel offers clear and easy-to-read information, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

What sets the CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 apart is its affordability, making electric biking accessible to a broad range of riders. This bike is tailored for the demands of city life, offering a comfortable and approachable solution for daily commuting and casual cycling. Whether navigating through crowded streets or enjoying a leisurely ride, the CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 is built to meet the needs of urban riders with style and efficiency.

FRAMEAluminium Superlite
MotorBosch Drive Unit Active Plus Gen 3 (50Nm) Cruise (250Watt)
ForkSR Suntour NEX-E25, 50mm
BrakesShimano BR-MT200, Hydr. Disc Brake (180/180)
StemCUBE Comfort Stem Pro, 31.8mm, Adjustable
GripsACID Travel Comfort Gripshift
SPROCKETShimano Nexus, 20T
REAR LIGHTACID Mudguard Rear Light PRO-E, 12V, DC
BatteryBosch PowerTube 500
WEIGHT26,6 kg

Design and Build Quality

The CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 boasts a thoughtful design and build quality that prioritizes comfort, ease of use, and practicality. The step-through frame makes getting onto the bike easy, and the overall design is geared towards providing a comfortable and upright riding experience.

CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 Review: Design and Build Quality

The surprising 56 lb weight might catch your attention, but it’s justified by features like the spring suspension fork, specifically the SR Suntour NX30 with 30mm steel stanchions and 50mm of travel. This setup effectively takes the edge off rough surfaces, enhancing the overall comfort of the ride. The adjustable-angle riser stem and sweat-back handlebars further contribute to the bike’s user-friendly design, ensuring a relaxed and upright riding posture.

The suspension fork allows for preload adjustment, accommodating both heavier and lighter riders. While the little caps on the fork are mentioned as potential drawbacks, the ease of adjusting the preload compensates for it. The 100mm hub spacing with a 9mm quick release skewer in the front and a 135mm quick release in the back ensures that the wheels are easily removable for maintenance purposes.

CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 Review: CUBE Comfort Stem Pro, 31.8mm, Adjustable

Continental Contact Urban tires, rated for speeds up to 50 km/h, provide a smooth and quiet ride on sidewalks and streets. The 28×2-inch size and slick tread design make them suitable for urban commuting. The Motor Performance Line contributes to the bike’s overall performance, and the integrated lights, reflective sidewall stripe, and white frame enhance visibility for urban riders.

The central placement of the kickstand is highlighted as a deviation from the norm, and it’s mentioned that pedaling backward can lead to contact with the kickstand. While this might be a minor inconvenience, it’s worth noting for those who may need to back the bike out of tight spaces.

CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 Review: Design and Build Quality

Cube’s in-house hardware, such as the plastic pedals with pins for grip, ergonomic grips, and 165mm crank arms, adds a touch of quality to the bike. The bike’s versatility is evident in its various sizes, colors, and frame styles. The white frame, in particular, is praised for complementing the reflective sidewall stripe and integrated lights.

The rear rack is functional with compatibility for various bags and trunk accessories, including a simple spring latch and a bungee loop for securing items. However, the 18 kg weight capacity may be considered slightly lower than some other racks in the market.

CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 Review: Design and Build Quality

The drivetrain features a 38-tooth narrow-wide chainring, offering chain retention benefits, and an 11-36 tooth cassette for a versatile range. The chain cover and the quality Shimano Alivio derailleur contribute to the bike’s reliability and functionality. The 180mm rotors with dual-piston calipers offer effective braking, with the larger rotor size providing better mechanical advantage.

While the connection of the fenders directly to the lowers on the suspension fork via screws is appreciated for its robustness compared to plastic wraparound alternatives, there are still some design considerations worth noting. The fenders, while securely attached, sit a bit higher than ideal. This positioning may reduce their interaction with curbs and obstacles, but for a city bike, there’s room for improvement.

CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 Review: Shimano BR-MT200, Hydr. Disc Brake (180/180)

The concern is raised about the fender’s proximity to the pedal arm. In its current position, without the pedal lock feature, there’s a risk of the pedal arm passing by and potentially causing damage to the fender. The risk includes scenarios where the plastic may get cracked or displaced due to contact, exposing the bike to dust, water, and other elements. Moreover, during activities like bending down, there’s a potential for contact with the handlebars, emphasizing the need for a more user-friendly design.

Suggestions for improvement include lowering the fender slightly to minimize the risk of interference with the pedal arm and potentially enhancing its overall coverage. The current positioning, while functional, leaves room for refinement, particularly for a city bike where encounters with curbs and tight spaces are common.

CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 Review: handlebars

On a positive note, the tool-free adjustable height kickstand is praised for its convenience. Adjusting the kickstand height provides stability and is a welcome feature, but the overall positioning of components in the lower section could benefit from some adjustments to enhance user experience and prevent potential issues.

Lastly, the inclusion of a rear wheel speed reader with a hub-mounted magnet is noted as a modern and effective feature, offering a more protected setup compared to traditional spoke-mounted magnets.

CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 Review: ACID Mudguard Rear Light PRO-E, 12V, DC

So, the CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 is commended for its thoughtful design, comfort features, and quality components, making it a practical and enjoyable choice for urban commuting.

Handlebars and Controls

The cockpit of the Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 is highlighted as a user-friendly and feature-rich area. The Intuvia 100 display is praised for its visibility and integration into the smart system. The five lights on the display change color to indicate different battery levels, and even without the display mounted, riders can still access four levels of assist.

Once the display is on, users gain more comprehensive feedback, including 1% battery increments, current speed, trip distance, average speed, max speed, and total distance. Notably, the display provides range information dynamically based on the selected assist level, offering insights into the estimated remaining distance the bike can cover. The ability to customize settings such as acceleration speed, power usage, and top speed through the app is also highlighted.

A unique feature mentioned is the threaded eyelets on the seat stays, allowing users to add a frame lock with a rod for added security. The ability to key-match this lock with the battery pack adds to the overall security system, showcasing a well-thought-out ecosystem.

CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 Review: handlebars

However, a missed opportunity is identified with the absence of bottle cage bosses on the main tube, limiting the options for mounting a water bottle. The versatility of the bike is acknowledged, with the ability to navigate through different modes using the app, including direct mode, mountain mode, and efficiency modes.

The LED remote at the bottom, while having a USB-C port, is noted to be for diagnostics only, not offering charging capabilities. The reviewer expresses a desire for additional functionality, such as the ability to charge devices. While this specific display has limitations, it’s mentioned that Bosch offers other display options with advanced features, such as mapping.

CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 Review: Design and Build Quality

The walk-assist feature is demonstrated and deemed useful for scenarios where riders need to walk the bike through crowded areas, providing added convenience.

CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500: Motor

Moving down to the motor, the CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 is equipped with the Bosch Performance Line, a renowned and reliable electric motor. This motor delivers an impressive 75 Newton-meters of torque, providing ample power for various riding scenarios. What sets the Bosch Performance Line apart is its ability to measure rear wheel speed, pedal cadence, and pedal torque over 1,000 times per second. This level of precision contributes to a seamless and responsive electric-assist experience.

CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 Review: Bosch Drive Unit Active Plus Gen 3 (50Nm) Cruise (250Watt)

One notable feature of the Bosch Performance Line is its shift detection capability. The motor can sense changes in pressure during gear shifts, allowing for smoother transitions. While it’s acknowledged that this feature is software-driven and not flawless, the effort put into enhancing the overall riding experience is appreciated.

Bosch has earned praise for creating a compact and lightweight motor that remains reliable in diverse conditions. The motor’s efficiency is complemented by a variety of drive modes, providing riders with options that cater to different preferences and terrain types. The details about these drive modes are expected to be discussed later.

CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 Review: on the road or driving test

However, a point of critique is raised regarding the placement of the charge port for the battery. The charge port’s location is highlighted as potentially problematic, positioned in a way that may be obstructed by the fender. This could pose a minor inconvenience for users, especially when compared to designs where fenders extend lower, such as those found on certain specialized bikes like the Flex Tender.


If it were up to the reviewer, a suggestion is made to relocate the charge port to the right side of the bike, preferably on the upper section for easy access. Placing the charge port in a more accessible location ensures convenience when plugging in the bike, especially for users who may store it in a garage. The importance of keeping the battery in a cool, dry location is emphasized, and a user-friendly charge port placement can encourage regular charging.

CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 Review: Bosch PowerTube 500

The plastic battery cover is described as easy to unlock by pressing a button, but it is noted that it doesn’t securely lock to the frame. While this might be a potential drawback in terms of security, it is mentioned that the cover is likely affordable to replace if needed. The battery, identified as the PowerTube 500, is commended for its low and centered weight distribution on the frame, contributing to a balanced and stable ride.

The use of ABUS keys that can be keyed alike for matching with folding locks and other accessories is highlighted. The process of removing the battery is demonstrated, involving twisting the keys and pushing a lever to release it. The reviewer suggests the option for users in hot locations to take the battery off, charge it inside using the included charger, and avoid subjecting the battery cells to excessive heat.

CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 Review: on the road or driving test

A minor concern is raised about a rubber piece near the battery that might get squished out of position, potentially causing rattling. The reviewer appreciates the top-loading design of the battery, which makes it easier to handle during removal and placement. However, a slight inconvenience is noted regarding the need to twist the keys to lock the battery in place, suggesting that a more straightforward locking mechanism would be preferable.

CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500: Conclusions

In the end, the CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 is praised as a practical and affordable platform that includes essential features like fenders and lights. The bike is recognized for its reliability, and the review appreciates the wide range of sizes offered by CUBE. The collaboration with Bosch is noted as a positive, with a shoutout to City Cycles for providing the bike for review. The closing remarks encourage viewers to ride safely and express gratitude for watching.

CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 Review: ACID Front Light PRO-E 60, 12V, DC

The Bosch Performance Line motor, with up to 75 Newton-meters of torque, is lauded for its reliability and precision in measuring various parameters. The integration of shift detection adds to the overall riding experience, showcasing the bike’s attention to detail.

While the bike’s weight and positioning of the kickstand are noted, the suspension fork, ABUS keys, and tool-free adjustable kickstand are highlighted as positive attributes. The versatility of the bike is underscored, with the ability to customize settings, track diagnostics, and navigate using the app, although the USB-C port on the LED remote is deemed a missed opportunity for device charging.

CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 Review: ACID Mudguard Rear Light PRO-E, 12V, DC

The reviewer offers constructive feedback on the fender placement, suggesting potential improvements for better functionality. The absence of bottle cage bosses on the main tube is noted as a missed opportunity for added convenience.

Despite minor critiques, the CUBE Supreme Hybrid ONE 500 is recognized as a compelling and realistic option for a broad audience. The collaboration between CUBE and Bosch is commended, and the variety of sizes offered caters to a wide range of riders. The review closes with a reminder to ride safely and expresses appreciation for viewers, providing valuable insights into this electric bike model.

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