Yadea K6S Pro Review: Quite Comfortable Urban E-Scooter!


Greetings and welcome back to Avis Express! Following our exploration of the exceptional Yadea Elite Prime electric scooter, renowned for its urban prowess albeit at a premium price, it’s now time to turn our attention to the Yadea K6S Pro.

The Yadea K6S Pro, a promising electric scooter with a focus on urban commuting, comes with a price tag of $549.99. This pricing positions it as a more affordable option compared to its counterpart, the Yadea Elite Prime. Despite its relatively lower cost, the K6S Pro aims to deliver a balance of performance, durability, and features, making it an attractive choice for riders seeking a cost-effective yet reliable electric scooter for their daily urban travels.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the specifics of this electric scooter, examining its performance, features, and how it strikes a balance between capability and cost-effectiveness in the urban mobility realm. Let’s embark on this journey together!

Motor500W(Peak 800W)
MAXIMUM SPEED30km/h(18.6mph)
BRAKE STYLEDisc Dual-brake &Drum Brake&Electric Brake
DRIVING MODERear wheel drive
SHOCK ABSORPTION STYLEFront fork shock absorber + Tire shock absorber
TIRE SIZE10 inches Self-healing Tubeless Tires
BATTERY36V, 15.3Ah
MAXIMUM LOAD110kg(242lbs)
DIMENSIONS1192 x 522 x 1257mm
FOLDING SIZE1192 x 520 x 604mm

Design and Build Quality

The Yadea K6S Pro electric scooter boasts an impressive design and build quality that sets it apart in the market. The Elite Prime’s full suspension system at the front and rear gives it a unique straight profile, creating the illusion that the scooter is floating in the air. With 6 cm of travel in the suspensions, it provides a smooth and magical riding experience.

Yadea K6S Pro Review: Design and Build Quality

The K6S Pro, the focus of today’s review, stands out in terms of its finish and manufacturing quality. The stem’s thickness and impeccable welds showcase the scooter’s attention to detail. The anti-corrosion coating and paint application are flawless from start to finish, enhancing the overall durability and aesthetic appeal.

One notable detail that might go unnoticed is the minimal visibility of cables throughout the scooter. Aside from a discreet cable emerging from the stem towards the front wheel’s drum brake, the absence of visible cables contributes to the scooter’s sleek appearance.

Yadea K6S Pro Review: thick deck

Quality is also reflected in the scooter’s weight, coming in at 22 kg. This weight is justified by the thick deck and the presence of 10-inch tires, measuring 10 by 2.5 inches wide. The broad standing area on the rear part of the deck prevents any discomfort, and the tire even slightly overflows on the rear light side, adding to the scooter’s overall stability.

A noteworthy feature contributing to the scooter’s quality is the self-repairing tire. A gel membrane inside the tires ensures that if the scooter encounters a nail or any puncture risk, the tire will repair itself, preventing pressure loss. This is particularly convenient for electric scooter owners, as tire maintenance can be cumbersome.

Yadea K6S Pro Review: Disc Dual-brake &Drum Brake&Electric Brake

While the K6S Pro’s front suspension offers 1 to 2 cm of travel (in contrast to the Elite Prime’s 6 cm), it provides a reasonable level of comfort at a more affordable price point. The rubberized handlebar grips add a touch of comfort and durability, designed to accommodate the rider’s wrists comfortably.

The scooter features practical elements like a horn, a folding mechanism at the guardrail, and a multifunction button. The latter controls speed, headlights, mode selection, and provides information on remaining autonomy, acceleration, and the two braking systems. Similar to the Elite Prime, the K6S Pro includes a drum brake at the rear, a disc brake at the front, and an electromagnetic energy recovery brake integrated into the motor.

Yadea K6S Pro Review: Front fork shock absorber + Tire shock absorber

So, the Yadea K6S Pro impresses with its solidity, quality of assembly, and essential features borrowed from its Elite Prime counterpart. As for the road test, it promises a comfortable ride, making it an enticing option for electric scooter enthusiasts.

Yadea K6S Pro: Motor and Driving Test

The Yadea K6S Pro, in contrast to the Elite Prime’s unconventional design, follows a more conventional approach. Notably, the motor is positioned inside the rear wheel, a classic setup commonly seen in electric scooters.

Yadea K6S Pro Review: 500W(Peak 800W) motor

The propulsion system of the K6S Pro is driven by a 500 W motor, offering reliable and consistent power. The nominal power of 500 W signifies the sustained level of power that the scooter can maintain throughout its usage. This consistent power delivery ensures a stable and efficient performance during rides. Additionally, the motor has the capability to reach peaks at 800 W, providing extra bursts of power when needed, enhancing the scooter’s versatility.

Let’s delve into the riding experience of the Yadea K6S Pro, starting with the driving position. With a height of 1.76 meters, the rider expresses a comfortable fit on the scooter, able to place their feet in parallel. While an ideal mass transfer might involve one foot forward and one foot back, the rider finds a suitable position that accommodates their preference. The scooter’s design allows for flexibility in foot placement, catering to individual comfort.

Yadea K6S Pro Review: on the road or driving test

The scooter’s suspension system, while not as cloud-like as the Yadea Elite Prime, effectively absorbs a portion of road roughness. Although it may not provide the same level of smoothness as its counterpart, it remains adequate for urban terrains. The front suspensions, while relatively rigid, strike a balance between performance and price, offering a buffer for minor shocks at moderate speeds.

The 10-inch tires on the K6S Pro have become standard in the electric scooter industry, contributing to enhanced comfort by absorbing more road irregularities. However, it’s noted that the increased absorption of roughness comes at the expense of feeling more vibrations from the road quality, a common trade-off with larger tires.

Yadea K6S Pro Review: on the road or driving test

The scooter’s rigid body, meticulously assembled in the factory, ensures a lack of parasitic vibrations or elements that require readjustment. From the factory, the scooter is finely tuned, eliminating the need for additional configuration or tightening. This attention to detail in the assembly process contributes to a seamless and comfortable riding experience.

Regarding maneuverability, the lowered ground clearance, in contrast to the Elite Prime’s suspended design, provides a lower riding position. This contributes to increased responsiveness and maneuverability, with the rider expressing a preference for the K6S Pro’s precision over the Elite Prime.

Yadea K6S Pro Review: on the road or driving test

Moving on to the motorization, the 500 W motor situated in the rear position delivers consistent power with peaks at 800 W. This power proves ample for ascending hills with gradients up to 20°, offering reassurance for tackling moderately hilly terrains. The scooter’s top speed is capped at 25 km/h, providing a balance between accessibility and performance. Different modes, including a sport mode for increased torque, offer versatility without sacrificing ease of use.

Braking on the K6S Pro is a highlight, featuring a comprehensive setup similar to the Elite Prime. The rear disc brake, coupled with an energy recovery system and a front wheel drum brake, forms a complete braking combo. The scooter’s ability to go from a maximum speed of 25 km/h to 0 in approximately 4.5 meters demonstrates effective braking performance. While the braking distance may be slightly longer compared to some more aggressive scooters, the experience is gentle, gradual, and controllable, providing a reassuring feel for the rider.

Yadea K6S Pro Review: on the road or driving test

So, the Yadea K6S Pro offers a comfortable and accessible riding experience, with attention to details in its design, assembly, and features. The scooter strikes a balance between performance and practicality, making it a suitable choice for daily commuting and urban exploration.

Battery and Range

Now, let’s dive into one of the crucial aspects of electric scooters – the battery. The Yadea K6S Pro houses a 15.3 Amp-hour (AH) battery, providing a significant power source for its operation. To put this into perspective and offer a comparison, it’s noted that the Xiaomi M365, a widely recognized electric scooter, has a battery capacity that is twice as large.

Yadea K6S Pro Review: Aluminum frame design

However, it’s important to note that the ground clearance on the K6S Pro is relatively limited, particularly when compared to the Yadea Elite Prime, which is known for its exceptional ground clearance, giving it an SUV-like feel among electric scooters.

Returning to the battery, the theoretical range of over 50 km is highlighted, but practical usage may yield around 48 km. The rider’s weight, in this case, 70 kg, can influence the actual distance covered. When fully charged and discharged, the scooter is expected to achieve a commendable autonomy range of approximately 45 to 50 km. This range is considered quite satisfactory for an electric scooter weighing 22 kg and is among the stronger performers in the category of urban scooters.

Yadea K6S Pro Review: on the road or driving test

The power delivery throughout the battery’s life cycle is emphasized. Even as the battery nears the end of its charge, the scooter maintains a speed of around 25 km/h, providing a graceful transition when approaching low battery levels. This feature ensures that users can continue their journey at a reduced speed, preventing abrupt stops in case of low battery.

While there might be a desire to test the scooter at its full, unrestricted potential, it’s acknowledged that relying too much on this aspect might lead to disappointment. The reality is that the scooter’s performance remains controlled and within certain limits, emphasizing the importance of practical expectations in terms of speed and range.

Yadea K6S Pro: Conclusions

Overall, the Yadea K6S Pro electric scooter stands out as a compelling choice, offering a myriad of qualities that make it a noteworthy option for urban commuting. From its impeccable quality of finish to its robust assembly, this scooter exudes durability. The attention to detail in design, including puncture-proof tires and anti-corrosion paint, adds to its appeal as a long-lasting and reliable ride.

Yadea K6S Pro Review: 10 inches Self-healing Tubeless Tires

The scooter’s performance on daily roads is commendable, though it may encounter challenges on rougher terrains like cobblestones. The shock absorbers, while more cosmetic than fundamental, still contribute to a smoother ride over potholes. Tips on adjusting foot positioning and managing rough surfaces add to the rider’s comfort and experience.

The K6S Pro features a powerful 500 W motor that excels on hills and holds a charge well, thanks to its substantial 15.3 Amp-hour battery. The scooter’s autonomy is impressive for urban use, making it a practical choice for daily commuting.

Yadea K6S Pro Review: comparison with Yadea Elite Prime electric scooter

While not the lightest in its class, the K6S Pro’s weight is reasonable for urban use. The ground clearance, while noted to be slightly low, aligns with its urban-focused design. The scooter excels in its intended environment, showcasing its brilliance as a reliable urban commuter.

The quality of design, meticulous assembly, and the use of durable materials set the Yadea apart from the competition. It’s a scooter built to endure and provide a lasting, enjoyable riding experience.

Yadea K6S Pro Review: Design and Build Quality

As a parting note, the reviewer emphasizes the importance of appreciating the scooter for its strengths, acknowledging that if off-road adventures are the goal, a premium model might be more suitable. In essence, the Yadea K6S Pro shines as a standout choice for those seeking a durable, well-crafted, and reliable electric scooter for urban journeys.

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