AOVOPRO M365 Pro Review: What is Difference with Xiaomi Scooter?


With the increasing popularity of electric scooters, it makes natural that Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics company best known for its smartphones and smart home technology, would enter the market. With the Xiaomi M365, it did that, and now there is a bigger and better Pro version. But today I want to talk about another brand, it is AOVOPRO and its electric scooter AOVOPRO M365 Pro, which is very similar to the scooter from Xiaomi.

On paper, the AOVOPRO M365 Pro appears to be an overall plus-sized improvement due to its larger design, longer battery life, and wider display that allows you to see your speed and modes more clearly.

Xiaomi is a brand you might typically associate with smartphones, but because to the Xiaomi M365 Pro’s success, it’s now a household name in the electric scooter industry as well. The AOVOPRO M365 Pro, a replacement for the wildly popular Xiaomi M365 Pro (which is now offered in a variety of colors and versions). It is just as simple to use as the original, but it also has a more powerful motor and longer battery life, making it a superior electric scooter in almost all significant respects.

It makes sense that we included it on our list of the top electric scooters because it’s a capable piece of technology. Check out our article on what you should know before riding an electric scooter if you’re tempted to get one.

Most countries, including the US, don’t sell the AOVOPRO M365 Pro, but you can buy one in the UK for between $300 and $350, depending on the shop.

Remember that not all places allow the use of electric scooters, so check our guide to see if they are allowed where you are. Of course, if you can’t legally drive it, you shouldn’t purchase such an expensive piece of technology, but it’s important to note that several nations permit ownership provided the vehicle will only be used on private property.

Max Speed31 km/h
Speed Mode15km/h; 20km/h; 25km/h;
Max Range(KM)Up to 35 km
Working Temperature-10°C - 40°C
Max Slope30°C
Cruise Control Function(CCS)Yes
Brake TypeFront electric brake and rear disc brake
Frame MaterialAluminum
Unfolded Size (cm)106 x 42 x 110cm
Folded Size(cm)106 x 42 x 48cm
Net. Weight(KG)12.5kg
Gross Weight(KG)15.6kg
Max Load(KG)120kg
Motor Rate Voltage(V)36V
Motor Rate Power(W)350W
Motor Rate Current(A)16A
Battery Capacity(AH)10.5Ah

Video Review of AOVOPRO M365 Pro

AOVOPRO M365 Pro: Design and Build Quality

The AOVOPRO M365 Pro electric scooter needs some assembly after it is taken out of the box, but assembling is quick and simple. Simply insert the handlebars into the steerer tube, then fasten it with the four included bolts and Allen key. A charger, a bike pump adaptor, a user handbook, and two spare tires are all included in the box.

Once it is put together, the AOVOPRO M365 Pro looks quite similar to the original Xiaomi M365 scooter thanks to its matte black finish and red accents on the front wheel and brake cable housing. The M365 Pro’s 50mm longer deck gives you greater room to move your feet during longer rides, which is the primary difference in terms of design.

There is no denying that the AOVOPRO M365 Pro is a hefty beast. It’s not exactly light to pick up and carry, weighing 12.5kg, and it’s heavier than the majority of other electric scooters, which range in weight from 8 to 12kg.

With a 45 cm x 15 cm deck to stand on and a handlebar that rises 99 cm above the deck, the scooter’s weight is matched by its size. You can tell the AOVOPRO M365 Pro is an electric scooter while you’re standing on it because you can feel its power.

Simply attach the provided charger to the AOVOPRO M365 Pro’s charging port, which is hidden by a little red flap next to the front wheel, and start charging it. The scooter may be turned on and the display, which among other things displays the riding mode and battery status, is enabled by long-pressing the power button in the handlebar’s center.

Under the right grip is a throttle, while the lever on the left side is used to engage the brakes. Conveniently, the scooter also has a bell that serves as a latch to secure it when it is folded.

A display located between the handlebars shows your current speed, battery charge level while charging, and the speed mode you’re in. Although it appears that there are additional options on the screen, we were unable to find out how to activate them.

A button below the display can be used to switch the scooter on, toggle the headlight, change the speed mode, and turn it off while holding down the button. Unless you have large hands, pressing is quite a stretch given the size of the handlebars.

Even when gripped tightly for extended periods of time or in the rain, these handlebars were comfortable to hold onto. They also possessed exceptional traction.

On the left side of the deck, next to the back, there is a kickstand that we found simple to open with just one quick kick, and it’s simple to get used to doing so automatically.

With its black body and red accent, the AOVOPRO M365 Pro is a relatively attractive scooter in terms of general aesthetics. Our review unit’s prominent Pure logo somewhat detracts from this, but scooters sold by other vendors won’t have it.

AOVOPRO M365 Pro: Motor and Driving

Once the scooter is turned on, you must kickstart the AOVOPRO M365 Pro once or twice to get it moving at a walking pace before using its 350W motor by gradually depressing the throttle located under the right handle. The acceleration feels swift and smooth once you get the hang of it, especially in Sports Mode. Fortunately, you won’t need to kick again after that because the throttle allows you to maintain control of your pace even when it drops below 1 mph.

With no suspension, the AOVOPRO M365 Pro’s 8.5-inch pneumatic tires provide some cushioning, but you’ll immediately become aware of any less-than-perfectly flat roads you ride on.

The AOVOPRO offers three riding modes: Eco, Driving, and a mysterious third mode called “S,” which we have taken to calling “Speed Mode!” We noticed that we had to stop or slow down when we wanted to change speeds because it is a little difficult to double-press the button between the handlebars while you are traveling.

Eco Mode’s top speed is 15 kph (9.3 mph), which is useful for navigating congested roads and dodging backed-up traffic and uses less battery power than other modes. It did, however, feel a touch too slow for any but the busiest or most peaceful highways, and Driving mode was frequently preferable in these circumstances.

The biggest drawback to this is that, should you need to remove one of your hands, the ride will become quite unsteady due to the small wheels and thin handlebars. This makes it challenging to switch between riding modes and to safely signal to other road or towpath users whether you want to turn left or right without endangering your own safety. When braking, it’s advisable to grip on firmly with both hands.

You must actually be moving for the motor to engage, thus you must first kick off like you would with a regular scooter before holding the accelerator button. All kinds of acceleration felt fantastic; you take off quickly, and as soon as you get going, you start passing other scooters and riders.

The motor always seemed pretty quiet, and most of the time we could hardly hear it over the honking and shouting of a crowded metropolis. This was true whether we were meandering through traffic in Eco Mode or burning tires in Speed Mode! The sound did become audible at greater speeds and on hills, but it was never intolerable.

While driving, though, there were a few things that didn’t feel fantastic. There was a good amount of stopping distance if we didn’t slow down before braking, especially in wet circumstances, because the tyres didn’t have a lot of grip. Additionally, because the handlebars don’t turn very much, we frequently had to make wide turns when traversing tight curves at a slow pace. Of course, this didn’t bother as much when we were actually driving because you use your body to accomplish most of the turning then.

AOVOPRO M365 Pro: Battery and Range

It’s also important to bear in mind that the 36V, 10.5Ah battery requires about 8.5 hours to fully recharge, so it’s recommended to keep it in the less-exciting Eco mode at all times to maximize range if you want to use it for a full day of activities. Drive Mode provides maximum speeds of 12 mph and, regardless of which mode you use, the scooter automatically lowers your top speed when the battery has depleted to just 10% of its capacity. This mode strikes a comfortable balance between the two. That’s a great thoughtful addition that should make sure you never have to kick the scooter all the way home to get home.

We observed that the AOVOPRO M365 Pro electric scooter could be driven for about four 7 km commutes in 30 minutes, so we’d guess that it can travel for about 30 km on a full charge. Although we mostly traveled at the scooter’s top speed, we believe the scooter would travel the full 45 kilometers that AOVOPRO claims it can travel when in Eco Mode, which reduces the scooter’s top speed.

The scooter’s power line, which plugs into a port next to the front wheel, can be used to charge it.

AOVOPRO M365 Pro: Conclusions

With one of the largest frames available for its mid-range pricing, the AOVOPRO M365 Pro is a large and cumbersome scooter, but it also has a lot of power behind the handlebars.

The electric scooter feels especially fantastic on roads because you’ll always travel at the proper speed to keep up with traffic and won’t feel like a little, weak imposter.

We don’t like how heavy it is, and you should be aware that scooters are illegal to ride in the UK on pavements, cycle lanes, and highways before even considering purchasing one. The AOVOPRO M365 Pro is a fantastic device if you’re willing to take that chance; it’s simple to use, full of features, and nicely manufactured.

However, the battery capacity feels a little low, especially in terms of charging rates, so those with particular lifestyles might find it difficult to maintain the scooter fully charged at all times.

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