Engwe Engine Pro Review: What is Updated E-Bike Model Features?


Fully approved for usage in Europe? with a sturdy metal alloy frame, 20-inch fat wheels, an excellent starting engine, and a very sturdy luggage rack that is flawlessly soldered to the framework. These qualities provide the Engwe Engine Pro a fresh edge over its competitors in our market and, in a way, usher in a new era for the electric fat bike industry.


And the reason why is because, let’s face it, Engwe is a brand that we have grown to know and appreciate in recent years, but with the Engine Pro, it seems as though the company has made a significant leap in quality, bringing from us a model that is also suitable for all types of road surfaces and terrains, with a 750W engine completely legal in Italy that never misses a beat and a double cushioning system that, along with the frame, virtually eliminates the problem.

Model:ENGINE Pro
Tire:20 x 4 inch Antiskid Tires
Battery Capacity:48V 16AH
Frame:Aluminum Alloy Frame
Battery Type:Removable Lithium Battery Cells
Suspension:Coil Suspension, Hydraulic Lockout
Mileage:Electric range (km): 60-70km; PAS range (km): 100-120km
Brake:Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Motor Power:750W Brushless Motor
Transmission:8-speed freewheel
Top Speed:Electric speed (km/h): 45km/h; Assist speed (km/h): 32km/h
Charging Time:5-6 Hours
Maximum load:150KG
Applicable height:160-210cm
Product Weight:28.5KG
Package Weight:37.8KG
Package Size(L x W x H):100 x 45 x 80 CM

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Engwe Engine Pro: Design and Build quality 

This electric bicycle is nearly ready to ride. You put it together by fastening the pedals, the seat, the stem and handlebars, the front wheel, and the fender. It takes only a few minutes, and the bike’s packaging has all the tools you need.

Only two problems existed. The front fork was a little slack in the frame, which was the first issue. So that everything was secure, I had to unscrew and reassemble the fork. The rear derailleur guard’s inward bend during shipment constituted the second problem.

Let’s assume from away that although if the Engwe Engine Pro is a folding fat bike, it is unquestionably not the kind of bicycle that is convenient to carry around. It weighs roughly 35 kg when the battery is fitted, however this weight is justified by an incredibly robust and sturdy structure. However, it must be noted that it is 81 x 76 cm in size when closed, making it small enough to fit in a luggage rack, provided you have the strength to lift a sizable weight and are able to control the enormous 20 x 4 inch wide wheels, which, along with a double shock absorber system, front and rear, are able to manage shocks and vibrations very well.

You should go through all the gears on this bike when you first get it and make sure the rear derailleur doesn’t hit the guard. If it does, yours needs to be corrected because it is bent. You can do this by holding the guard’s bottom and pulling until it adjusts.

I gave this bike the same thorough inspection I gave the other bikes I’ve evaluated to ensure that all the bolts were tight, the brakes weren’t rubbing, the tires were inflated to the proper pressure, and the chain was correctly greased.

The placement of the logo on the frame, which is black on black with a small area colored in blue and red on either side, is also very nice and adds to the design of the Engwe Engine Pro’s allure. When I tested the bike for Avellino, many people asked me what model it was because the structure and fat tires combination is a winning one. Even here, though, the decision to leave the wires external to the handlebar was essentially forced. The usual issue with cable management is still present, as they are all visible and could become tangled if you don’t carefully open and close the bicycle.

Don’t skip this stage if you’re just starting out with e-bikes. Trust me, you don’t want to be traveling at a speed of about 20 mph and discover that anything crucial is loose. However, your neighborhood bike store should be able to provide this service for a nominal price for novice bikers.

Without factoring in charge time, assembly takes roughly 30 minutes, give or take a few minutes.

High-quality, stiffness-adjustable front fork with suspension that weighs 750 pounds spiral technology. The rear of the bike features an additional shock absorber that connects it to the front and is likely constructed of elastomer. It has been placed close to the pedals so that the rear shock absorber can also benefit the saddle. This, among other things, has a design that shields the prostate from impacts that are typically caused by off-road travel.

Then there are the two mechanical disc brakes, front and back, built of an expanded copper base and of the disc type. All of the electronics will not turn on until the key is turned, which starts the battery power. The battery module is detachable, and is triggered using a key placed on the lower half. On the handlebar, however, there is a sizable central display that, unlike with some manufacturers, is clearly visible even in bright lighting conditions and allows access to all the most crucial information regarding the bicycle.

Engwe Engine Pro: Motor and Driving

A 750W brushless motor, which is incredibly strong and quick, drives the Engwe Engine Pro. It is paired with a 8-speed Shimano gearbox (which connects to a single 52-tooth chainring). A click switch on the right side of the handlebar controls shifting, which is always accurate, quick, and trustworthy.

On some of the other e-bikes I’ve tested, I’ve felt less like a vehicle sharing the road with cars and more like an adjunct to the movement of traffic. However, I don’t feel that way about this bike. It moves quickly enough to keep up with low-speed traffic and is large enough to convince drivers that you are entitled to utilize the tarmac equally to them.

It’s also important to consider speed. I’ve only used the pedal assistance to get the bike up to about 26 mph. This speed is a bit slower than the 45 kph stated on Engwe’s website. Despite this restriction, the top speed is more than adequate for city travel.

In order to make the bicycle fully legal in Italy, there is also an accelerator on the right side of the handlebar, but it cannot be used right out of the box. To put it another way, once the bike has been mounted, the accelerator will already be built into the handlebar and connected to the control unit, but it will not function. 

Even after driving the Engine Pro more than 100 km in the last two weeks, I’m still astonished by how rapidly I can bypass rush hour traffic. I’d assume the other drivers in that traffic were startled as well, based on some of their attitudes.

You should be aware that drivers don’t anticipate you to be moving as quickly as you are. One day, as a woman turned left while talking on her phone, she nearly struck me. Therefore, if you get this bike, be sure to wear a helmet and think about other safety equipment, such as lighting and mirrors.

The Engwe Engine Pro is a full-fledged fat bike, so riding it could seem strange at first if you aren’t used to the sensation of the large wheels on the pavement. But once you get used to it, I promise you’ll realize you can’t live without this kind of bicycle for one simple reason: it works great on any sort of road surface.

The wide cushioned tires and the dual suspension do a great job of smoothing out most bumps, earning the Engine Pro excellent ratings for overall comfort. The saddle is the sole exception. The stock saddle became too firm for me after a few days of daily riding.

I’ve already replaced it, and to deal with the harsh Boston streets, I’ll put in a suspension seat post. It’s crucial to note that saddle comfort is a personal preference, so you must determine whether the standard model is comfortable for you. Some cyclists will adore it.

For example, the Engwe Engine Pro does not wrinkle in the rain, and the presence of two mudguards, one front and one rear will prevent splashes because it is precisely the tires that perform the greatest warning work and, flanked by the two shock absorbers, make sliding on any type of road surface always comfortable and pleasant, even in bad weather.

In conclusion, even though I have always preferred fat bikes, which are not ideal for everyone, I must admit that the Engwe Engine Pro driving experience is delightful in every aspect. Maximum weight supported by its engine is 150kg.

Engwe Engine Pro: Battery and Range

This bike has a 48V 16 Ah battery, which is equivalent to about 768 Wh. With regard to bikes in this broad category, this capacity level is approximately average. 

According to Engwe, this bike can travel about 120 km in pedal-assist mode. Obviously, depending on the rider’s weight, height, and pedal assist level, this will change. Using a combination of throttle and pedal assist on the same ride, I’ve discovered the range to be between 30 and 35 miles.

However, I’m sure I could get more mileage from the bike if I reduced the pedal-assist to about three or used less throttle. If you were aware of whether you were utilizing the entire pedal-assist or the throttle alone, you could likely commute 10 to 20 miles without any problems.

Because the battery is also detachable, you have the choice of placing your charger on the provided rack or in your backpack and charging the battery when you arrive at your destination. You won’t have to carry the 83 pounds of the Engine Pro around that way.

The battery can be locked into the bike to prevent theft if it were to attempt to be stolen. A full charge from flat takes between five and seven hours.

Engwe Engine Pro: Conclusions

The Engwe Engine Pro costs 1399 euros, however using the box below and our code, you may purchase it for 100 euros less. And avoiding it is pointless because, although it is a significant figure, the market is moving in this historical moment in a certain direction.

Fortunately, the sum that the corporation is asking for is in line with the comfort and safety that this model provides. You can see right away that the Engwe Engine Pro is significantly higher in quality than the other models now on the market thanks to the excellent performance of the chassis, tires, and shock absorbers.

Is the Engwe Engine Pro a Good Investment? Absolutely. My personal experience has led me to believe that this bike has a lot to offer. It is affordable, comfortable to ride, and most importantly, it is a ton of fun. It’s difficult not to suggest it because there are so many great things about it.

The Engine Pro should be on your shortlist of potential bikes to consider if you’re searching for a serious fat-tire electric bike. I’ll grant you that it is a larger bike, but the important query is: Will it be a good choice for running errands around town, on the road, or on the trail?

The Engwe Engine Pro has an enthusiastic “Yes!” to that question, and the best part is how much fun you’ll have doing it.


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