Engwe Engine X Review: Comfortable E-Bike For City!


A foldable electric bike with huge tires, a respectable size, and a big battery. With full suspension, the Engwe Engine X e-bike doesn’t do things half-heartedly. You will learn from this test what the bike is capable of for the price of 1,399 euros and where sacrifices must be made.

With a sturdy metal alloy frame, big 20-inch wheels, an outstanding starting engine, and a very substantial baggage rack that is perfectly soldered to the framework, this vehicle is fully homologated for use in Italy. These are the characteristics that distinguish Motor Motor X as a new innovator for the company in our industry and that, in a way, usher in a new age for the field of electric fat bikes.

And the reason for that is that, let’s face it, we have grown to know and love the Engwe brand over the past few years, but with Engine X, the company seems to have made a significant leap in terms of quality, bringing us a model that isn’t just appropriate for all kinds of road surfaces and terrain.

Gears:7 Speed
Frame Material:Aluminum Alloy
Wheel Size:20"
Power Supply:Lithium Battery
Torque:50-60 Nm
Charging Time:>3 hours
Motor position:Rear Hub Motor
Battery Position:Integrated Battery
Battery Capacity:13Ah
Tire Width:20 x 4"
Brake:Mechenical Disc Brakes
Display:Advanced LCD Display
Suspension:Multiple suspension

Engwe Engine X: Design and Build Quality

I knew where the voyage was going as soon as I grabbed the intimidating-looking bike out of the container. A foldable bike’s total weight of 31.6 kg is quite a claim. The commuter who rides his folding bike on the train quickly loses that image thanks to the 4 wide 20 inch wheels. 

When I tested the bike for Avellino, many people asked me what model it was, which is a testament to how well the structure and fat tires work together. It’s also very nice how the brand chose to incorporate the logo on the frame, which is black on black and flanked by a small area colored in blue and red.

Aside from that, I instantly observed the awful poorly fitted back fender. The mudguard is somehow a little too short, making it unable to screw it to the lower strut properly. Engwe came up with a particularly ingenious solution in response to this and simply glued two foam strips to the strut. Beware of spoilers: This doesn’t last long and causes the mudguard to start rattling, which is really annoying. Either you have to drive without a fender or you have to find a better solution at the nearby hardware store.

If the front suspension fork lockout is crucial to you, you should search elsewhere. At least in my situation, it is completely ineffective. I can move the tiny lever back and forth, but nothing happens as a result. The suspension fork appears stable in all other respects. The Engine X is actually quite comfy when combined with the rear suspension.

Even in this case, however, the decision to leave the wires outside the handlebars was essentially compelled by the fact that the entire structure can be altered in height. All of the cables are visible and might become tangled if you don’t open and close the bike carefully.

The saddle tube has a slight aftertaste for me as a picky observer. Here, a plastic reduction sleeve has been implanted to make room for the seat post. Technically, there is also no issue, but I secretly wish that when purchasing a new e-bike, the parts would just snap together without the need for an intermediary sleeve. The plastic sleeve, on the other hand, is also entitled to exist. This ensures that the numerous extensions and retractions that occur during folding do not cause any scratches on the seat post. The handlebar grips do, however, somewhat rotate, which may be improved.

There are the two mechanical disc brakes, front and back, which are made of an expanded copper base. The battery module is detachable, and to start the battery supply, a key located on the lower half of the device must be turned. Once the key has been turned, all electronics will switch on. On the other hand, there is a sizable central display on the handlebars that, unlike with some manufacturers, is clearly visible even in bright lighting circumstances and where you can access all the bike’s most crucial information.

The bike is rather large, as was previously said. With a height of 1.80 m, I really like that. There is plenty of room and enough for larger persons in the Engine X. As a result, when folded, the bike has different dimensions than, say, a Brompton. Therefore, I wouldn’t describe it as an agile commuter bike. If you wish to go farther than the next bakery, you can also use Engwe’s electric folding bike. The monster bike is quite adaptable as a result. Despite being large, the bike can be folded quite compactly.

You must first understand how the folding tractor functions in order to proceed. Since no key, no electronics. The key needs to be in the lock, exactly like the ignition in a car, for the bike to help. Here, the key needs to stay in position, unlike in some other systems like Rad Power Bikes. The position under the main frame tube is unaffected by this, thus it is probably a question of preference.

Engwe Engine X: Motor and Driving

A 250w brushless motor, which is incredibly potent and energetic, drives the Motor X motor. It is paired with a Shimano 7-speed gearbox (which connects to a single 52-tooth chainring). A click switch on the right side of the handlebar controls shifting, which is always precise, quick, and trustworthy.

The Shimano 7-speed gear set is also unable to keep up at this point. That was also true of our most recent test of a Jeep e-folding bike. I can’t possibly keep up with the cadence at 25 km/h in seventh gear. The Engwe Engine X has moved quite far from the bike but is a lot of fun because to the unique handling of the integrated rear-wheel drive. The e-folding bike provides you a sensation that’s nearly divine because to its powerful motor, thick tires, and respectable range. The Engine X can only theoretically operate at full throttle or not at all.

The accelerator is also located on the right side of the handlebars, but it cannot be used in its current state for the bike to be fully legal in Italy. To put it another way, once the bike is mounted, the accelerator will already be built into the handlebars and connected to the control unit.

The Motor Motor X is a fat bike in its own right when you’re behind the wheel, so at first, riding the bike could seem unusual if you’re not used to how big wheels feel on asphalt. take part. But once you get used to it, I promise you’ll realize you can’t live without this kind of bike for one simple reason: it’s ideal for any type of road surface.

In conclusion, even though I have always preferred fat bikes, which are not ideal for everyone, I must say that the Motor Motor X offers a comfortable ride for all riders. respects. In my experiments, I discovered that its engine can carry a maximum weight of 150 KG and that it can assist in climbs up to a slope of roughly 30°.

Since the battery is removable and the compartment may hold a larger battery pack, no vibration is detected even if the entire structure is very quiet. The rear rack is also firmly fixed to the frame and does not move at all.

Engwe Engine X: Battery and Range

The 624 Wh battery, which is rather large, powers the rear-wheel drive. However, according to Engwe, there would still be space in the frame for a battery that is 16 Ah larger. 768 Wh would be that. This is a far above-average value for a foldable e-bike in both situations.

Although the “basic” model we received for testing has a 13 Ah battery and does not have regenerative braking, I must admit that the autonomy is not bad: the business advertises a range of roughly 100 km, but in my tests (with the most pedal assistance), I was able to travel 60 km on a single charge.

Average charging times are 5 hours to charge from 0% to 100% using the charger that comes in the box (it has a European plug).

Engwe Engine X: Conclusions

The Engine X is a fun, quick, and maneuverable folding bike despite its size. The bike can traverse any terrain thanks to its extremely powerful motor and substantial tires. The bike is particularly intriguing for individuals who don’t want to feel like they are on a bobby car when riding a folding bike, despite a few flaws. The Engwe X is undoubtedly handy for extended journeys at the vacation spot because of its sweeping design and enormous battery. The Engwe Engine X would also be helpful if you had to cross a forest, sandhill, or other tough terrain to get to the next railway line from your house.

The sum that the corporation is asking for is in line with the comfort and safety that this model provides. You can immediately see that the quality of the Motor X engine is far higher than that of the other models on the road because of how nicely the frame, tires, and shock absorbers perform their respective roles.

With this enjoyable bike, you won’t have to worry about the kind of road surface you’ll be riding on. The sole disadvantage? The weight, which can be too much for certain people, especially in cities.

The Motor Engine X costs 1399 euros, but with the help of the box below and our coupon, you can purchase it for a price reduction of 100 euros. And avoiding it is pointless because, although it is a significant figure, the market is moving in this historical moment in a certain direction.

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Video Review of Engwe Engine X 



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