NIU KQi2 Pro Review: What Can 600W Electric Scooter Do (2022)?


NIU is a brand that is well-known for its electric scooters that are sold directly through dealerships. By way, the company is also expanding in Italy with a variety of electric scooters, including good market and others.

One of the brand’s newest electric scooters is the 300w NIU KQI2 Pro, which is targeted mostly at “city commuters” who travel 20–25 km each day and are highly concerned with stability and safety.


The NIU KQi2 PRO electric scooter is ideal for commuting to work or taking a leisurely stroll because it has a high top speed of 25 km/h and a range of up to 40 km! You won’t be as afraid of the city’s inclinations and slopes. You will enjoy quick acceleration and power thanks to its potent 48V (365Wh) lithium battery.

The KQi 2 PRO, which has a simple look and no exposed wiring, is now offered in Europe. Is it now the greatest electric scooter under 500 euros? In this product test, we shall observe this.

Max Power600W
Rated Power300W
Battery Charge Time7h
Riding Modes4 modes:E-Save / Sport / Custom / Pedestrian
Top Speed28km/h
Max Rider Weight100kg
Rider Minimum Age14+
Vehicle Weight (Inc. battery)18.4kg
Folding Mechanism2 Step Easy Folding
Brake TypeDrum Brake(Front) + Regenerative braking
BellMechanical bell
Tire TypeTubeless Pneumatic
Front/Rear Tire Size254mm × 58mm
Width (handle bar)520mm

NIU KQi2 Pro: Design and Build Quality

The cardboard is huge and noticeable from a distance. There is no overwrapping to disguise the merchandise, unlike Amazon. I had no issues with DPD France’s delivery.

The NIU KQi2 Pro maintains the company’s customary product design in terms of appearance. It is immediately apparent upon first touch that this particular model has a contemporary appearance, a highly sturdy construction, and clearly distinguishes itself from the vast majority of its rivals thanks to the conventional motorcycle fairing and the enormous circular LED headlamp mounted in front.

This scooter folds, making it portable. However, due to the tiny safety valve, be sure to secure the handlebars at the rear. And it’s simple to move it in the trunk of a car, on a bus, on the subway, or on a train. Additionally, mounting it in your residence for storage is simple. Nevertheless, in contrast to lighter items, it continues to be a little weighty.

Please note that the KQi2 Pro lacks a suspension. NIU nevertheless made a strong impact by providing 10-inch tubeless tires. They are immediately integrated into the tire and are inflated under vacuum rather than using an actual inner tube.

Thus, its design cushions impacts and enhances traction. This significantly lowers the chance of a puncture. However, the entire tire will need to be replaced if there is a puncture.

NIU always has your best interests in mind. You will be spotted on the road no matter what the circumstances are. The 3W LED halo lamp on this scooter has a 20-meter range. as well as the front and back brake lights. Not to be overlooked is the mechanical bell that will sound to signal your arrival.

The NIU electric scooter’s frame is built of aerospace aluminum, and despite its high strength, it weighs only 18 kg and can handle up to 100 kg of weight. The good news is that all of the wiring has been fully incorporated, so there aren’t any flying wires anywhere, not even at the handle’s base.

The NIU KQi2 Pro is an extremely portable scooter given its relatively small size and weight, making it easy to pack in a car and bring on public transportation. It can be transported without any issues even up and down flights of stairs or on escalators thanks to its manageable weight.

Excellent water protection (IP54 standard). As a result, it may be driven in both dry and wet conditions. But you may even keep it on a balcony or in a courtyard if you run out of room.

Even though the handlebar grips are not foldable, the whole folding mechanism is extremely sturdy, user-friendly, and reduces stem wobble while riding. In summary, people from NIU did a great job from a structural standpoint.

This compactness, however, comes at a cost: to reduce the scooter’s heft, the platform’s dimensions are equally lowered in length and width, which could make users feel compelled to change positions frequently, especially on lengthy excursions.

NIU KQi2 Pro: Application

The scooter needs to be connected to the smartphone when the NIU application has been downloaded. You have to be close to the propelled scooter to do this (and therefore charged). If you follow the instructions in the app, everything will go without a hitch.

Once this action is finished. If you don’t want to read the handbook, a tutorial shows how to operate the scooter.

The dashboard is fairly roomy, well-lit, and shows driving information even in full sunshine.

The LED screen is less bright when the headlight is on in bright sunlight, similar to how it is on car dashboards. During the day, turn off the headlight to make it more apparent.

Finally, when driving or while taking a break, you can show the following information using the NIU app, which is available on iOS or Android.

Route statistics, gear information and customization, remaining autonomy, real-time navigation, anti-theft features, etc.

You may attach your smartphone to the large handlebar so that you can access all of this information instantly. You will need to purchase an unsupplied secure and trustworthy attachment system in order to accomplish this.

NIU KQi2 Pro: Motor and Driving

The NIU KQi2 Pro has a rear brushless motor that produces 300 watts of power and a peak power of 600 watts. Its top speed is 25 km/h, but considering the motor’s thrust, I think it could easily go considerably faster.

What are hills worth to the KQI2 PRo scooter? I’m unable to compare my model to others, therefore I can just express my perspective. I’m pleased with the KQi2’s ability to maintain a good uphill speed. Although I don’t have the best ribs around, the KQi performed admirably during the tests.

What’s fascinating is that you can choose to set an even lower maximum speed using the app, so if you want a youngster to wear it, you might avoid allowing it surpass 25 Km/h by leaving it more safe.

There are two braking systems on this scooter. The KQi2 Pro consequently benefits from a ground-breaking front drum brake with a diameter of 75 mm and offers high-level performance despite having a volume reduced by 25%. Electronic rear brakes provide safer and more reliable braking.

Integrated wiring contributes to its streamlined appearance. This choice stops the elements from deteriorating over time or during transit, aging, and leaking.

For a transition from 25 to 0 kilometers per hour, you should count on stopping for roughly 4 meters! In the event of a surprise, it is not nothing. You’ll see that this isn’t a toy. Furthermore, anyone under the age of 14 is not allowed to use it!

I had to start by getting the scooter into my hands, as was already explained. Fortunately, there are a number of bike routes close to our home, which prevented me from directly confronting the road.

The NIU KQi2 Pro Adult Electric Scooter definitely inspires confidence and lowers the chance of falling thanks to its wide, curved, stable handlebars and huge (10-inch) tires.

The 10-inch tires cushion bumps and keep the wheel from locking in a pothole.

Greater stability is provided by the stem’s 15 degree slant. The kickstand tilts the scooter just enough and is simple to open and close.

It’s also a good idea to control power based on how much battery life is left. Due to these variables, a common issue with electric scooters and some electric bicycles is that the motor delivers its greatest power while the battery is charged, but tends to become less powerful as it is depleted. The NIU KQi2 Pro, however, does not have this issue at all, and the engine power felt continuous and uniform throughout.

NIU KQi2 Pro: Battery and Range

It uses both regenerative braking (around 4% energy recovery) and a plug-in charger to recharge its 365 Wh lithium battery (about 7:00 charge). Thus, it provides a 40km maximum range of autonomy.

It’s simple to commute 40 kilometers to work and back without stopping to recharge. The only drawback is that it still needs 7:00 to fully fill its gauge. Sadly, there is no rapid charging option.

Be aware that the autonomy is hypothetical. If you’re traveling far, don’t be hesitant to bring your charger along with you just in case. It will depend on your weight, the typical speed of use, whether the ground is flat or there is a slope present, the ambient temperature, the tire pressure, etc.

One little plus: because it’s a 48 volt battery, power is constant regardless of battery level.

NIU KQi2 Pro: Conclusions

Funny thing is, despite being the less expensive model of NIU scooters, it has far more intriguing possibilities. It is ideal for an urban setting.

With a top speed of 25 km/h and a range of 40 km, it easily lives up to its promises in comparison to the competition. You may ride comfortably on the bike path, the road, and in the countryside because of the 52 cm curved handlebars, which are 52 cm wide, and the 10-inch wide tires on this bike.

The construction quality is superb, safety is given careful consideration, the cost is reasonable, and the autonomy is adequate for local travel. Of course, I wish the manufacturer had considered a cushioning system, but at this price point, it is essentially impossible to find models that are as high-quality as the NIU KQi2 Pro and also come with this feature.

It will be constrained, though, if you frequently travel large distances or face a lot of hills. There will inevitably be less autonomy. especially because the user’s weight has a big impact on the device’s power. In this situation, you must choose more expensive products, such as the KQi3 PRO from NIU.

It’s a fantastic product for first-time buyers, quick journeys, or if you’re looking for something comforting for a pleasant ride.

As a result, NIU strikes hard and should be considered while making your decision on an electric scooter compared to the alternatives. I for one am not at all disappointed by this test.


Alternatives of NIU KQi2 Pro


Video Review of NIU KQi2 Pro



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