Hiboy S2 Pro Review: What are Main Features of Electric Scooter?


The Hiboy S2 PRO is without a doubt one of the most alluring electric scooters for beginners on the market because to its sturdy build, respectable range, low maintenance needs, and inexpensive pricing.

The S2 Pro struggles to maneuver around gaps and crevices as effectively as scooters with air-filled tires, despite having 10 inch solid tires and a rear dual shock absorber system.

Although the 25-mile range is among the greatest of the cheap scooters, it struggles to provide a comfortable ride away from well-kept roads and sidewalks, especially at high speeds. For the finest ride, keep to riding in the city if you have your sights set on the S2 Pro rather than venturing out into the suburbs.

The Hiboy S2 Pro’s greatest assets are also its greatest weaknesses, which might lead to a difficult ride for you if you examine it closely.

When it comes to overall performance, which ultimately determines if a scooter is worth its salt, you get a fairly cool scooter for the amenities it offers, but it depends on what you want from a scooter.

Not every ride will be joyful, even though you won’t ever need to worry about its dependability and routine maintenance is practically nonexistent because to its sturdy tires and absence of a front suspension.

So let’s examine the specifics to determine whether this e-scooter fulfills all of your criteria for the ideal ride.

Unfolded Size45.3 × 16.5 × 47.6 in (1151 × 419 × 1209 mm)
Folded Size45.3 × 16.5 × 19.3 in (1151 × 419 × 490 mm)
Tire Diameter10 in (254 mm)
Product Weight36.3 lb (16.5 kg)
Recommended Age16 ~ 60 years old
Adapter Input Voltage110 ~ 240 V
Motor500 W
Tire (Front & Rear)10-inch solid tires
Max Speed19 mph (31 km/h)
Max Range25 miles (40 km)
Max Climbing Capability15°
Max Load220 lbs / 100 kg
Foldable StemYes
Battery PackNot detachable
Brake SystemE-braking & Disc braking
Speed2 settings (linear adjustment)
IlluminationLED headlight + taillight + sidelight
SuspensionDual rear suspensions
IP RatingIPX4
Operating Temperature14 to 104 °F (-10 to 40 °C)
Storage Temperature14 to 104 °F (-10 to 40 °C)
Battery TypeLi-ion
Charging Time4 ~ 6 hours
Voltage36 V DC
Capacity11.6 Ah
Operating Temperature14 to 104 °F (-10 to 40 °C)
Charging Temperature32 to 104 °F (0 to 40 °C)
Max Charging Voltage42 V DC
Storage Temperature14 to 104 °F (-10 to 40 °C)
Storage Time3 months (after a full charge)
Charger Input Voltage110 ~ 240 V
Charger Output Voltage42.5 V DC
Output Current2A

Hiboy S2 Pro: Design and build quality

The S2 Pro is the heaviest scooter under the $550 price point, while ranking in the top 23% of scooters for weight and being lighter than 77% of all other scooters (based on my independent analysis of 99 scooters).

This is due to the fact that it is constructed of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which is very typical of electric scooters. The S2 Pro’s frame is better equipped to withstand the wear and tear of regular usage because to its increased durability, which is an advantage of its heavier weight.

It features the subtle matte-black finish that has come to be associated with electric scooters in terms of style.

Going for a midnight bike or staying up late at work shouldn’t be too difficult with the S2 Pro. It has a high-mounted headlight, which is an improvement over most, but as with most scooters, I still advise buying a more potent lighting kit if you want to go on frequent nighttime trips.

Without a doubt, the Hiboy S2 Pro’s toughness is perhaps its greatest asset.

Aluminum alloy of aviation-grade is used in the main structure, giving it a solid feel and overall dependability.

Because of the IP54 water-resistance rating, you don’t need to worry if you get wet.

Additionally, even though there is nearly little chance that regular usage would harm it, you should be especially aware of its weak points.

The throttle switch is the first, as its spring is susceptible to breaking under excessive strain.

The deck offers enough space to allow riders to adopt a comfortable posture without having their feet or bodies in unnatural positions.

The Pro boasts sticky rubber matting that offers a stable and safe cruise, much like the rest of the S2 line. The S2 Pro is not like other cheap scooters that use thin grip tape that is easy to tear off.

Since the spring is buried deep inside the handlebar in this instance, you will need to replace it entirely.

The battery is situated below the deck, subjecting it to direct hits. This is the second thing you should bear in mind.

Overall, the S2 Pro is strong and resilient; its aviation-grade aluminum alloy withstands the demands of regular operation. The battery is kept here, therefore you do need to be cautious not to take any direct strikes to the underside of the deck.

However, sporadic deck impacts won’t result in irreparable harm if you don’t intend to utilize this scooter for tricks or in dangerous driving situations.

The scooter’s greater durability and less chance of frame cracking are benefits of this design decision, but it does not qualify as an ultra-lightweight scooter.

Even with its weight of 36lbs (approximately 16kg), picking it up is not too difficult. On the other hand, carrying it for a long time might be difficult.

If your regular commute involves climbing a steep flight of stairs, this is absolutely something to take into account.

It’s also important to note that the scooter falls into the 40% of those that are shielded from the rain thanks to the frame’s IP54 water-resistant classification. You will feel more secure knowing that your scooter will be covered even if it gets a few puddles. But I don’t recommend riding in the rain with electric scooters in general.

According to my independent analysis of 99 scooters, the S2 Pro is the heaviest scooter under the $550 price point, even though it is lighter than 77 percent of all other models and ranks in the top 23 percent of scooters for weight.

The S2 Pro weighs 36.3 lbs, although it can still be picked up and carried around with some ease. However, carrying it for extended periods of time will be tiresome.

Hiboy S2 Pro: Portability

You don’t really need any special equipment to fold this scooter, and it is rather simple.

After that, collapse the stem and connect the latch on the back of the fender with the hook on the handlebars.

It will only take you a few brief seconds to go from a riding posture to a fully folded, transportation-ready condition once you get the hang of it.

The end product is a small, safe scooter that can easily be stored in a vehicle trunk, at home, or at the workplace.

Simply depress the folding lock lever, collapse the stem, and fasten the hook (the one next to the handlebar) to the latch on the rear fender to complete the effortless folding procedure.

When it’s finished, the scooter may be securely taken up and carried without running the danger of something unexpected happening.

Hiboy S2 Pro: Tires 

The 10-inch solid tires of the Hiboy S2 Pro, as was previously discussed, have both positive and negative characteristics.

However, there is one benefit to solid tires. Since they are puncture-proof, you can stop worrying about tire replacements and inconvenient flats. Solid tires do, however, eventually start to deteriorate. However, the strengthened rear fender minimizes this to the greatest extent.

They have the advantage of being completely puncture-proof. That means there won’t be any annoying flats or frequent tire pressure checks.

The 10 inch solid tires provide just modest cushioning despite their honeycomb construction. Therefore, the S2 Pro is limited to slick urban roads and sidewalks. This is especially true when pushing the S2 Pro to the limit; in anything less than ideal riding circumstances, your knees and wrists will start to tremble.

Additionally, thanks to the strengthened rear fender, you may anticipate an even longer lifespan because the foot brake won’t wear out the back tire.

Hiboy S2 Pro: Suspension

Due to the scooter’s sole rear suspension, the two rear spring shock absorbers only have roughly half an inch of travel, which is insufficient.

Although Hiboy equipped the S2 Pro with two rear spring shock absorbers, you still want for more. Here, the problem is with the solid tires. Since they lack “give,” they are unable to absorb fractures, lumps, and other irregularities in the ground under them. 

Additionally, if you want to sit down, the cracks and bumps won’t be kind to your butt cheeks.

When contrasted to models like the Turbaont X7 Pro, which has large, comfortable 10 inch air-filled tires, and the Horizon 10.4, which has a superior spring suspension system, this is underlined even more.

Since the front tires largely absorb the shocks, the Hiboy S2 Pro suspension’s primary flaw is its complete lack of front suspension.

Hiboy S2 Pro: LED Display

The centre of the handlebar houses the LED display, which is built into it. It is clear and simple to read in any lighting.

The well-designed LED display, which is evocative of the well-known Xiaomi Mi 365 and monitors your speed, rider settings, battery level, and cruise control, is located in the middle of the handlebars.

You may utilize it to obtain fast information regarding speed, riding options, battery level, status, and motor temperature even if you are not using the Hiboy app.

On the other hand, if you choose to download the official app, which is free, you will have access to a ton of personalization choices.

When the display is folded, a little hook at the back loops onto the rear fender to make carrying it simple.

The electronic brake preference and sensitivity, real-time riding data, power consumption stats, light and lock control, among others, are a few of them. Others include selecting the preferred start (kick to start or by pushing the acceleration button).

Hiboy S2 Pro: Motor and Driving

The S2 Pro can be propelled up the majority of mild inclines with the 500W motor’s power. In my experiments, I discovered that it could handle inclinations of between 8 and 10 degrees, not the fabricated claimed hill-climbing credentials of 15 degrees.

However, as is often the case with single-motor scooters, avoid subjecting yours to too lengthy periods of climbing since this might cause overheating and damage.

Because the motor is located on the front wheel, the vehicle often has a slow start and poor acceleration. That’s not the case here, though.

Additionally, if you are close to the 220 lb weight restriction, the scooter will go slowly up the steeper inclines.

In 5.2 seconds, a speed of 15 mph (or around 24 km/h) is attained.

Surprisingly decent for a single motor scooter that costs less than $600.

Naturally, you should constantly consider body weight and the terrain conditions in addition to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Hiboy S2 Pro: Battery Life

You will have a maximum range of 25 miles with a fully charged battery and prudent driving.

In ideal circumstances, the 36V/11.6AH high capacity battery that powers the engine will provide a range of 25 miles (around 40 kilometers).

You won’t likely reach the maximum range on every ride, though. The 25-mile figure is based on the best-case scenario; all electric scooters market their models with the highest range specifications. 

However, in the actual world, you are more likely to go between 12 and 14 miles when traveling at top speed and in different types of terrain (around 20-23km).

The ideal situation frequently involves a 165-pound rider using the lowest speed setting while traveling over level ground. Realistically, you may anticipate between 12 and 14 kilometers while using the scooter at top speed.

The charging connector is close to the handlebar, making charging more convenient, even if the battery is located below the deck.

You can always fold the stem, though, if you ever need the charging port to be closer to the ground.

However, ride quality ultimately has a significant impact on how pleasant a scooter is to ride for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, the S2 Pro falls short of the X7 Pro, which boasts large, cushy 10-inch air-filled tires. With its twin suspension systems, the Horizon 13 or 10.4 are both excellent choices for optimal comfort, depending on how much money you want to spend.

From empty to full, charging takes around six hours, which is standard for a scooter in this price range.

Hiboy S2 Pro: Final Words

The Hiboy S2 Pro is a great first scooter for commuting and riding around cities thanks to these victories. Stylish design, one strong motor, and a large battery Lots of customizing possibilities and a useful mobile app.

The S2 Pro struggles to maneuver around gaps and crevices as effectively as scooters with air-filled tires, despite having 10 inch solid tires and a rear dual shock absorber system.

Due to the solid tires and absence of front suspensions, this scooter is not suggested for off-road riding or rough terrain for the same reasons. You will feel every vibration throughout your entire body.

When it comes to overall performance, which ultimately determines if a scooter is worth its salt, you get a fairly cool scooter for the amenities it offers, but it depends on what you want from a scooter.

But the Hiboy S2 Pro is the perfect choice for you if you’re seeking for a highly useful electric scooter with virtually no maintenance needs and exceptional dependability.

Video Review of Hiboy S2 Pro 



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