NAVEE N40 Review: This is Light City Electric Scooter!


The N65 an electric scooter with double suspension and a 500w engine that has distinguished itself in the already incredibly crowded market for its quality of production, is undoubtedly known to all electric scooter enthusiasts. Today, however, we’re going to discuss about its younger sibling, the NAVEE N40, a recently released model that offers the same quality as the brand but at a more affordable price.

The N40 model from the NAVEE brand, which is intended for adults between the ages of 13 and 15, has been released. The invention has a strong 350 W motor that can propel it up to 25 km/h in acceleration. The capacity to climb hills with an elevation angle of up to 25 degrees is impressive. Three speeds are available at the base, however they are limited to 5, 20, and 25 km/h. Quite practical if you’re moving in an urban setting. Additionally, built-in cruise control enables you to travel at a consistent speed with the option to change it using a smartphone app.


It boasts a 350w motor, a screen that can be viewed well even in bright sunshine, great stopping with a rear disc brake, and (on paper) should be able to travel about 40 kilometers on a single charge.

Max. Range40km
Max. Uphill20%
Max. Speed30km/h
MotorRated 350W
Tires10" Pneumatic Tires
Net Weight15.5kg
Battery36v 10Ah
Max. Playload100kg
Dimension(L*W*H/mm)Unfold 1135*500*1178
Fold 1135*500*470

NAVEE N40: Design and Build quality

The NAVEE N40’s design is extremely reminiscent of the company’s top model, but it is more “human.” The entire frame is constructed from a sturdy aluminum alloy, and it has clean, contemporary lines. A simple and sturdy arch structure, on which the intake for the battery’s charge has been placed, connects the front wheel and handlebar to the running board.

The NAVEE N40 electric scooter’s designers installed a dual braking system. Additionally, if the front wheel has an electronic brake, the back wheel has a vented disc brake. Of course, the front brakes have an anti-lock braking system and a regenerative effect to reduce the stopping distance.

The scooter’s 10 inch inflatable tires let you travel over small bumps and potholes in the road. Scooter use is therefore prevalent in both the city and the village. LED headlights are made to provide visibility on the road while you’re driving. On the on-board computer’s LED display, along with the scooter status, you can also check the battery charge level.

Additionally, the NAVEE N40 has a very sturdy closing mechanism and can hold a maximum weight of 100 kg while being a lightweight electric scooter with a net weight of 15.5 kg. I was extremely baffled by the company’s choice of how to secure the handlebar after it had been folded; essentially, it will require the use of a hook that must be manually installed on the handlebar, making the process more difficult than it has to be.

The maker has included a pretty powerful front light that perfectly illuminates the road in front of the user for those who enjoy nighttime driving or evening walks. A big, high-quality display that shows the user’s chosen speed mode, the electric scooter’s current battery charge (or battery charge), as well as other crucial data, is also included in the electric scooter’s feature set.

As a result, the platform is rather wide and comfy, and its 15 cm height allows you to somewhat enhance the scooter’s size even when it is closed. The wheels are 10″ in diameter, and the handlebars are 50 cm broader than usual.

However, this model is missing the suspensions, which is visible on surfaces like Avellino’s. Despite the NAVEE N40’s outstanding tire vibration absorption technology, things may get very raucous, especially on uneven ground like cobblestones.

NAVEE N40: Motor and Driving

A strong 350W electric motor, which is another feature of the NAVEE N40, offers stable performance and enables you to face inward climbs of up to 25% (there are three speed modes: 5, 15 and 25 km/h). It is significant to note that the manufacturer also paid attention to safety; brakes are placed at both the front and the rear, and the front wheel has an E-ABS function. This implies that the scooter driver can select the speed that is most safe for him to drive at (for example, 5 km/h for crowded streets).

It is a balanced arrangement that is controlled very effectively, including the linear but significant acceleration, from which, although one cannot anticipate traveling too high climbs: With a driver weighing about 80 kg, the business guarantees good management of slopes up to 20%; however, if the driver’s weight or the angle of the slope increases, the motor may need to be somewhat pressed.

Regrettably, not even in the NAVEE N40 is it possible to set the start to zero and leave it so that the scooter only detects manual pushes. Fortunately, the company had the foresight to incorporate a walking mode so that, in the event that you do find yourself pushing the scooter, the motor will be a big help and make things easier.

The front traction of the NAVIRE N40 makes it slightly less stable than the propulsion variants (particularly in the rainy conditions). However, it is true that the product we are discussing is quite steady, especially when turning, which makes models with the engine in the back envious.

The handling is excellent for city driving, and the entire structure is vibration-resistant. Because of the broader running board and handlebars, which have a lower center of gravity, the vehicle is stable and maneuverable even in the trickiest terrain. It’s unfortunate that no shock absorber was added, but it’s also true that very few solutions in this price bracket come with one.

It’s also a good idea to control power based on how much battery life is left. Due to these variables, a common issue with electric scooters and some electric bicycles is that the motor delivers its greatest power while the battery is charged, but tends to become less powerful as it is depleted. What the N40 does not occur.

NAVEE N40: Battery and Range

The NAVEE N40, for instance, has a 40-kilometer range on a single battery charge. As a result, if wanted, the owner can go 20 kilometers to work from his home and back without needing to recharge the battery. Those who travel less than 10 kilometers each day will only need to recharge once per week. The lithium battery used in this model, which has a longer lifespan, is a 5A battery. In order to prevent the battery from overcharging or overcharging, the manufacturer also included BMS technology in the electric scooter. By keeping an eye on the charge level, this technology helps to increase battery life.

Real-world circumstances undoubtedly alter, but I must admit that I am finally happy with the scooter’s overall autonomy: at maximum speed, I got around 20 kilometers on a single charge, and at minimum speed, I got about 35 km.

The battery management system, or BMS, which is intended to safeguard the battery over time, is what I loved. For safety purposes, the system will disable the battery, for instance, if the scooter is not used for seven days and is not recharged. In order to reactivate the scooter, a charger connection is required.

NAVEE N40: Conclusions

The product’s overall quality is great, every aspect has been carefully considered, and its arched structure adds to its elegance. Although there is no shock absorber system, the brand does make the NAVEE N65 for that purpose. What I would have changed is the mechanism for attaching the handlebars to the running board, which was probably mandated by the new rules of the European Union.

The discounted sale price of the NAVEE N40 is 565.30 euros, which is a fair price for a high-quality item. There are certainly numerous options in this price range, but it is uncommon to find a model with a disc brake that costs approximately 500 euros.


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