Zectron e-bike Review: This is the Longest Travel Bike!


For its folding e-bike, Zectron will shortly launch a crowdfunding campaign. The bicycle can travel up to 150 miles with help at a top speed of 20 mph in the US and 16 mph in the EU. A smartphone app can be used to remotely lock or unlock the bike and track its whereabouts.

An Indiegogo crowdfunding effort will soon make the Zectron foldable electric bike available. The bike’s 350 W motor in the US version and 250 W motor in the EU version give it top speeds of 20 mph and 16 mph, respectively. With seven levels of gearing and five different pedal assistance modes, you can easily ascend and descend slopes.


The capacity of the power pack is yet unclear, however both e-bikes are fitted with batteries capable of giving up to 150 miles of assisted range on a single charge. Comfortable transportation is guaranteed by a dynamic rear suspension system with anti-shock technology, and a built-in 3.9-inch display provides data on speed and the battery charge level. Additionally, you can lock your bike and receive notifications if a suspected theft is discovered using a smartphone app that allows you to follow your bike via GPS.

Gears:7 Speed
Frame Material:Aluminum Alloy
Weight:25 kg (55 lb)
Size:85 x 65 x 80 cm
Load capacity120 kg (265 lbs)
Torque:46 Nm
Charging Time:4 hours
Motor position:Rear Hub Motor
Battery Position:Integrated Battery
Battery Capacity:10Ah 36V
Range:150 miles
Brake:Mechenical Disc Brakes
Display:Advanced LCD Display

Video review of Zectron e-bike:

Zectron e-bike: Design and Build quality

Although its design does not suggest that there is a bike inside, the box carrying the bike arrived via DPD courier and, as you can see, it is pretty large:

Inside, you’ll discover:

The following items are included: a foldable bike with a battery; a seat; a pair of pedals; a charger and charging instructions; a British adapter (the charger comes with a Polish plug by default); a wrench; a screwdriver; and a set of hex keys.

The folding technique is not difficult, but it is important to fine-tune everything.

It makes sense to fully charge the battery before the first ride. The fact that the battery can be removed with ease and that we do not have to ride the entire bicycle to the outlet is convenient.

About 7 hours are needed for a complete charge. The charger’s light will turn from red to green after charging is finished.

After charging, reposition the saddle. There is a significant range of seat heights available to us.

The power connection is connected to a covert socket on the battery located beneath the saddle. It’s ready by pressing the button a little higher.

It is simpler to travel and store because of the folding unibody frame’s ability to collapse in two steps to 85 x 65 x 80 cm. The bike weighs around 55 lbs or 25 kg, has an aerospace-grade magnesium alloy frame, and has a load capacity of 265 lbs or about 120 kg. 

Customers who join the Zectron mailing list will be qualified for a 50% discount off the e-MSRP; bike’s the business has not yet disclosed the item’s retail price. There will be five color options for the electric bike, including Ivory (white), Bloodstone (black and orange), and Lime (yellow and green).

Basic details including the battery level, current speed, distance traveled, and the amount of electric assistance are shown on the bike’s LCD display.

The bike also features seven Shimano gears, which are changed with the right hand, which also activates the electric propulsion.

20-inch wheels are on the Zectron e-bike. Although they are a little smaller, the tires resemble those on common mountain bikes.

When folded, the bike is quite stylish. Although I had some reservations about the structure’s stability, I have no issues with it. Since the equipment is foldable, as you may have noted, we have a few mounts here, but everything else seems to be of high quality.

A button on the handlebar of the bike is used to turn on the front light.

Both supporters and detractors of the seat’s design are likely to exist, although the saddle matches the bike’s overall design.

The plastic pedals on older Zectron models have drawn criticism from many customers. The fact that the Zectron e-bike already includes metal ones, which prevent the feet from slipping while driving, suggests that these voices made it to the producer. However, since the manufacturing bell is a pipe, it is worthwhile to purchase a conventional bell along with the bicycle.

Zectron e-bike: Motor and Driving

Now let’s get to the most crucial part: operating this machinery. The 250 watt motor in the Zectron e-bike enables us to travel up to 20 mph without exerting any physical effort. Therefore, it is the ideal bike for someone like me who is lazy. However, there are three types of electric driving aid available if we wish to make a small movement. The amount the engine assists us when we are driving varies across the various modes. However, we can easily turn off the power and ride like a regular bicycle if we don’t want to use the power aid.

With assistance, this equipment’s greatest range is reportedly 240 kilometers. The weight is likely a factor in the range as well. I made the decision to see how it seems in action. I hopped on the bike with less than 90 kilos and started riding.

I rapidly recognized the benefits of this equipment. It has never been so simple to cross the Wislostrada footbridge and the North Bridge. I must also admit that although I was intended to ride in assisted mode, which involves pedaling, there were times when the temptation to switch to totally electric mode was too high.

I rode easily at approximately 16 mph, and occasionally other bicycles passed me; however, they eventually grew weary, and I didn’t even pedal. Although you may go at speeds of up to 20 mph in totally electric mode, this equipment is designed more for comfort than for speed. The bicycle, in contrast to electric scooters, is excellent on more challenging surfaces, such as gravel roads.

My equipment’s minimum requirement is for it to get me to and from the Vistula Boulevards. It turned out that the objective was not ambitious enough because the battery appeared to be fully charged all the time on the display after traveling 7 miles and arriving at the location. It turned out that I was able to travel quite a few more kilometers before the first dash vanished.

I traveled through a significant portion of Warsaw in order to accrue extra kilometers; the display now shows 4 lines. Only after traveling 26 kilometers on the way back did the first line unquestionably go. Continue with 3 lines on the odometer after 35 kilometers. There is no potential for me to unload this equipment on the same day after traveling a significant portion of Warsaw by bike for half a day. I finally required two more days of driving to completely drain the battery. The bike’s ability to keep power even on the last line of the battery and to ride uphill in fully electric mode, as well as its ability to accelerate up to 24 km/h in a straight line, came as a welcome surprise.

Zectron e-bike: Battery and Range

The bike eventually made it home with 120 miles on the display, all the battery lines were gone, but it could still go further. It can be fairly inferred that this bike can, in a mixed mode, travel the advertised 100 miles (with help). I cycled over 90 miles, but I mostly utilized the electric mode, and it’s possible that my weight affected the range as well.

The bike’s range in fully electric mode ranges from 80 to 90 miles. Without a doubt, the terrain we drive on, the number of climbs, how frequently we brake, etc., also have an impact on the outcome.

Zectron e-bike: Conclusions

The saddle was lowered while I was riding, which caught my attention. I had to fix them twice, and it didn’t stop slipping until I squeezed them much harder. Therefore, it is worthwhile to take a little extra time to carefully tighten everything.

The saddle can be swapped out for a new one if you’d prefer something more comfy.

The Zectron e-bike’s ease of folding is unquestionably a major benefit. Although it requires some strength at first, each time is more simple. The bicycle’s design and color palette make it appropriate for both men and women.

Due to the large battery and sturdy construction, the bike is rather substantial, but not so heavy that it cannot be lifted and carried, for example, up stairs. Without the battery, it weighs 22 kg, while with the battery, it weighs 25 kg. While this is a lot, an electric bike needs much less. Scooters made of electricity might weigh the same or more. 

In conclusion, the Zectron e-bike is a piece of equipment that will successfully replace a city bike or an electric scooter. It is the ideal middle ground between these two cars. Because of its modest size, we can park it almost anywhere. The only issue is that the equipment is really pricey; therefore, it is best to constantly monitor it and it is unquestionably worthwhile to take care of some good protection.

Personally, I am quite happy with this equipment because, in addition to making it easy to travel to even remote locations, it is also a lot of fun to drive. I believe the Zectron e-bike will gain a following, especially considering how well it replaces crowded public transportation.


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