Turboant M10 Lite Review: This E-scooter That Will Allow Every Human!


With the increasing popularity of electric scooters, many people are looking for options that are not only efficient and eco-friendly but also affordable. If you’re on a budget and looking for an electric scooter, there are several factors to consider to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Turboant M10 Lite is a great option for those on a budget, as it offers a good balance of features and affordability. At a price point of around $300, it’s one of the more affordable electric scooters on the market, yet it still offers many features that make it a reliable and efficient mode of transportation.

While there are other electric scooters available at this price point, not all of them have the same level of performance, safety features, and durability as the Turboant M10 Lite. With its 350 W brushless motor, 16 mph top speed, and 15.5-mile maximum range, it offers decent performance for its price.

The e-scooter is equipped with 8.5-inch pneumatic tires, which provide a smooth ride and better traction on uneven terrain. This makes it suitable for both urban and suburban environments, as well as off-road adventures. In terms of safety, the M10 Lite features dual braking discs and electronic brakes, which provide better stopping power and increased control over the scooter. This makes it easier to navigate through traffic and avoid accidents.

The maximum range of the Turboant M10 Lite is 15.5 miles, which is a decent distance for a budget-friendly electric scooter. This means you can use it for your daily commute without worrying about running out of battery power. Other features of the M10 Lite e-scooter include an LED display that shows speed and battery life, a bright headlight for visibility in low light conditions, and a lightweight design that makes it easy to carry and store. Therefore, let’s first watch the video review, and then read the full and detailed review.

Frame MaterialAluminum alloy
On-Board ComputerLED display
Headlight1.5 W white LED
Motor Power350 W
Maximum Climb Angle15°
Maximum Speed16 mph (26 km/h)
Riding ModeMode 1 (9 mph) & Mode 2 (16 mph)
Braking SystemElectronic brake & disc brake
Maximum Range15.5 miles (25 km)
Maximum Load220 lb (100 kg)
Tire (Front & Rear)8.5-inch pneumatic, with inner tubes
Waterproof LevelIP54
Unfolded Dimensions44.49 × 19.69 × 45.87 in
(1130 × 500 × 1165 mm)
Folded Dimensions44.49 × 19.69 × 20.48 in
(1130 × 500 × 520 mm)
Net Weight30.86 lb (14 kg)

Turboant M10 Lite: Design and Build Quality

The Turboant M10 Lite electric scooter features an innovative design that includes invisible wiring, which not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also improves safety.

Concealed wires are used throughout the design of the e-scooter, which not only makes it look sleek and stylish but also protects the wires from damage and weathering. This reduces the risk of electrical faults and potential safety hazards.

The invisible wiring design also adds to the overall durability of the scooter. By protecting the wires from external factors such as moisture, dirt, and debris, the scooter is less likely to suffer from electrical issues or component failures, resulting in a longer lifespan and better performance.

The M10 Lite electric scooter is equipped with a 6.3-inch anti-skid deck with a silicone coating, which helps to prevent slipping and ensure secure standing for riders.

The silicone coating on the deck provides a non-slip surface that offers excellent grip, even in wet or slippery conditions. This helps to prevent accidents and ensures that riders can maintain their balance while riding the scooter.

The anti-skid design of the deck is particularly important for electric scooters, as these types of vehicles require the rider to stand for extended periods of time. Without a secure standing surface, riders may experience fatigue or discomfort, which can lead to accidents or injuries.

The folding mechanism is quick and easy to use, requiring just three simple steps to fold the scooter down to a compact size. This makes it easy to store the scooter in a trunk, under a desk, or in a closet when not in use.

The compact size also makes the Turboant M10 Lite easier to transport. It can be easily carried onto a bus, train, or subway, and can also be stored in the trunk of a car or taken on a road trip.

The 3-step folding mechanism is also very durable and sturdy, ensuring that the e-scooter remains safe and secure during transport. The folding joints are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

The folding mechanism of the M10 Lite electric scooter is one of its standout features. With a simple 3-step folding process, the scooter can be quickly and easily folded for storage or transportation.

However, it is worth noting that some users have reported issues with the folding mechanism. Specifically, some users have found that the folding latch can become loose over time, which can lead to instability when riding the scooter.

This load capacity is quite impressive for an electric scooter in this price range and makes the Turboant M10 Lite a great option for riders of various sizes and weights. The sturdy structure of the e-scooter ensures that riders can safely carry their belongings while riding, without compromising on stability or performance.

The high load capacity also makes the M10 Lite a great option for riders who may need to transport items such as groceries or other supplies. With the ability to safely carry up to 220 lbs, riders can feel confident in their ability to transport their belongings without having to worry about overloading the scooter.

The adjustable headlight is a great feature that allows riders to have better visibility when riding in low-light conditions, such as during the evening or in poorly-lit areas. By adjusting the headlight angle, riders can ensure that they have maximum visibility of their surroundings, which helps to increase safety and prevent accidents.

Additionally, the 10-meter range of illumination provided by the headlight is quite impressive and allows riders to see far ahead of them when riding in low-light conditions. This makes it easier to navigate through streets and other areas, even when it’s dark outside.

The blinking red taillight is very conspicuous and can be seen from a distance, which helps to increase safety and prevent accidents. When the rider applies the brakes, the taillight starts blinking immediately, alerting other vehicles and pedestrians that the scooter is slowing down.

This feature is particularly useful when riding in busy urban areas, where there may be a lot of traffic and pedestrians. By alerting others of the scooter’s movements, riders can help to prevent accidents and ensure that they are riding safely.

If the tools that come with the Turboant M10 Lite electric scooter are of poor quality, it is recommended that users invest in a set of high-quality tools that can be used to maintain and repair the scooter. This can help ensure that any necessary maintenance or repairs can be done properly and safely, without risking damage to the scooter or injury to the user.

The M10 Lite electric scooter features 8.5-inch shock-absorbing pneumatic tires, which are designed to provide a smoother and more comfortable ride. The air-filled tires effectively cushion uneven surfaces, such as bumps or cracks in the road, helping to absorb shock and reduce vibrations.

In addition to providing a more comfortable ride, the shock-absorbing tires can also help improve the overall stability and control of the scooter. The added cushioning helps to prevent the scooter from bouncing or losing traction on uneven terrain, which can help reduce the risk of accidents or injuries.

Turboant M10 Lite: Motor and Battery

The Turboant M10 Lite electric scooter is equipped with a powerful 350W brushless motor, which provides responsive and reliable performance. With this motor, the scooter is able to accelerate quickly and reach a top speed of up to 16 mph (25 km/h), making it a practical and efficient mode of transportation for commuting or running errands.

The brushless motor design also provides several advantages over traditional brushed motors. Brushless motors are typically more efficient and durable, producing less heat and wear and tear on the motor components. This can help improve the longevity of the motor and reduce maintenance costs over time.

In addition, the motor is designed to be quiet and smooth, providing a more comfortable ride experience for the user. The responsive acceleration and top speed capabilities of the Turboant M10 Lite electric scooter make it a practical and efficient alternative to traditional modes of transportation, helping users to escape the rush-hour traffic and arrive at their destination in a timely and stress-free manner.

This means that riders can confidently and effortlessly navigate both flat roads and hilly streets, without having to worry about getting stuck or experiencing any issues with the scooter’s performance. The 15-degree climb capability of the Turboant M10 Lite electric scooter makes it an ideal choice for urban commuters or anyone looking for a convenient and efficient mode of transportation that can handle a variety of terrain types.

The Turboant electric scooter received an intuitive anti-glare display, which allows users to easily check the status of their scooter with just a quick glance. The display is designed to be easy to read, even in bright sunlight or glare, thanks to its anti-glare coating.

The display provides users with real-time information about the speed, battery life, and other important parameters of the scooter. This helps users to stay informed and in control while riding, allowing them to adjust their speed or route as needed to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

The Turboant M10 Lite electric scooter comes with two riding modes that offer different levels of speed and performance, allowing riders to customize their riding experience based on their preferences and skill level.

Mode 1 is designed for beginner riders who are just starting to get familiar with operating the scooter. In this mode, the scooter’s speed is limited, making it easier for new riders to control and maneuver the scooter safely. Mode 1 is perfect for warming up, practicing basic skills, and building confidence before moving on to more advanced riding modes.

Mode 2 is the full riding experience and is designed for riders who want to save time and have some fun. In this mode, the scooter’s speed and performance are optimized for maximum efficiency and speed, allowing riders to zip through the streets with ease. Mode 2 is perfect for experienced riders who are comfortable with the scooter and want to push their limits and enjoy the full performance of the scooter.

The Turboant M10 Lite electric scooter comes with a convenient cruise control feature, which allows riders to maintain a steady speed without having to constantly hold down the throttle. With cruise control, riders can simply set their desired speed and let the scooter maintain it automatically, which can be especially useful for longer rides or commutes.

The cruise control feature on the Turboant M10 Lite electric scooter helps to reduce hand fatigue and allows riders to relax and enjoy the ride without having to constantly adjust the speed. It also helps to improve overall efficiency and battery life, as the scooter can maintain a steady speed without unnecessary acceleration and deceleration.

The Turboant M10 Lite features a dual braking system that includes a rear disc brake and a front electronic brake. This braking system works in parallel to provide increased, accurately controlled stopping power.

Having a dual braking system is an important safety feature for electric scooters, as it can help riders stop quickly and safely in emergency situations. The combination of a rear disc brake and a front electronic brake can provide a more balanced and controlled stopping experience, allowing riders to feel confident and secure while riding.

The Turboant M10 Lite electric scooter comes equipped with a convenient USB phone charging port. This feature allows riders to charge their cell phone or other USB-powered devices while on the go, using the scooter’s long-lasting battery.

This can be a particularly useful feature for riders who use their cell phone for navigation or communication while riding. With the USB phone charging port, riders can ensure that their phone stays charged and ready to use throughout their ride, without the need for an external power bank or other charging solution.

The Turboant M10 Lite is powered by a 238Wh battery with a voltage of 36V. This battery provides enough power to allow the scooter to travel up to 15.5 miles or 25 km on a single charge, making it a great option for commuters or those looking for a reliable and efficient mode of transportation.

However, it’s worth noting that actual range may vary depending on a number of factors, including rider weight, terrain, weather conditions, and speed. In some cases, riders may be able to achieve a range of up to 17 km or more, while in other cases, range may be slightly lower.

Despite this, the M10 Lite’s long-lasting battery is still a great feature that allows riders to travel longer distances without worrying about running out of power. Plus, with a charging time of just 4-6 hours, riders can quickly and easily recharge the battery between rides, ensuring that the scooter is always ready to go when they are.

Turboant M10 Lite: Conclusions

In summary, the Turboant M10 Lite electric scooter is a great option for those looking for an affordable and reliable mode of transportation. It features a powerful 350W brushless motor, shock-absorbing tires, and a dual braking system for increased safety and control. The scooter also includes a number of useful features, such as a USB charging port and adjustable headlight.

However, there are some downsides to consider as well. The quality of the included tools could be better, and the folding mechanism is not as sturdy as some riders may prefer. Additionally, the fact that the cruise control cannot be deactivated may be a drawback for some riders.

Overall, the Turboant M10 Lite is a solid electric scooter that offers a good balance of performance and affordability. While it may not be perfect, it still represents a great value for those who are looking for a reliable and efficient way to get around.


  • Affordable price point
  • Powerful 350W brushless motor for smooth acceleration and top speed of 16 mph
  • Shock-absorbing pneumatic tires for a comfortable ride
  • Dual braking system (rear disc brake and front electronic brake) for increased safety and control
  • Adjustable headlight and conspicuous taillight for improved visibility
  • USB charging port for convenient phone charging on-the-go
  • Intuitive, anti-glare display for easy monitoring of speed, battery life, and more
  • 3-step folding mechanism for easy storage and transportation
  • 220 lb load capacity
  • 15.5 mile maximum range on a single charge


  • Low-quality tools included for assembly
  • Folding mechanism is not as sturdy as some riders may prefer
  • Cruise control cannot be deactivated, which may be a drawback for some riders
  • Reported range of up to 15.5 miles, but actual range may be lower in some conditions

Alternatives of Turboant M10 Lite



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