iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review: What Major Highlight This E-bike?


Introducing the iGo Discovery Yorkville LE – a purpose-built commuter e-bike meticulously designed to seamlessly navigate the daily commute, ensuring a safe and efficient journey to and from work. The question at hand: does this e-bike measure up to the challenge it’s crafted for? Well, there’s no better way to find out than by taking it for a ride.

Designed with the daily commuter in mind, the Yorkville LE aims to provide a reliable and effective means of transportation. The emphasis on safety and efficiency suggests that this e-bike is ready to tackle the demands of daily commuting. Let’s embark on a ride to put its features, performance, and overall functionality to the test, exploring how well it lives up to the expectations set by its commuter-oriented design.

Join me as we delve into the riding experience and discover if the iGo Discovery Yorkville LE truly stands out as a commuter e-bike that excels in meeting the challenges of everyday travel.

FRAMEHydroformed Alloy
MOTOR500W geared rear hub motor
TORQUEup to 55Nm
HANDLEBAR640mm, 16mm rise, 31.8mm dia.
PEDAL ASSIST SYSTEMEco/Tour/Sport/Turbo/Boost color coded per PAS level
FORKRST VOLANT 700C, 80mm travel, lockout
THROTTLEOn-Demand, Removable
BATTERY48V | 15Ah | 720Wh
RANGE110km (69mi) *
WEIGHT CAPACITY125kg (275 lbs)
BATTERY WEIGHT3.5kg (7.7 lbs)

Design and Build Quality

The iGo Discovery Yorkville LE showcases a commendable blend of design and build quality, making it a noteworthy contender in the e-bike market. The nomenclature within iGo’s Discovery series might be a tad confusing, with the high step version labeled as the Yorkville and the step-through variant as the Rosemont. Within these models, there are different designations denoting spec levels and trim packages, including the LS, LE, and LE1. The Yorkville LE, positioned as the mid-tier option, features a high step frame and a rear hub motor.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review: Design and Build Quality

The drivetrain features an eight-speed Shimano Acera system, a commendable upgrade, with a 42-tooth chain ring and an 11 to 32-tooth cassette. Tektro E350 hydraulic brakes with 180mm rotors provide reliable stopping power. The inclusion of a KMC chain and a comfortable Selle Royal saddle adds to the bike’s overall quality.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review: on the road or driving test

Priced between $2,000 and $2,500, the Yorkville LE positions itself in a competitive market. The inclusion of high-quality components, such as the cargo rack with a 55-pound capacity, front and rear lights, and fenders, contributes to the bike’s value proposition. The comfort factor is paramount for a commuter bike, and the Yorkville LE excels in this aspect. Despite offering a single frame size, the bike accommodates riders ranging from 5 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 2 inches, thanks to eight inches of saddle height adjustment and a quick-adjust stem.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review: Design and Build Quality

The cockpit design is straightforward, with a notable highlight being the combination control panel and display. The color-coded five pedal-assist settings are easy to navigate, and the display provides unique data, such as the percentage of time spent in each assist level—a feature appreciated by riders. The iGo Ride app, while not overly useful for some, adds versatility by allowing the switch to class 3 mode and providing GPS functionality.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review: CHAOYANG 27.5”x2.4” tires

An often-overlooked aspect, the user manual, stands out as exceptionally detailed and thorough, making it a valuable resource for riders new to e-bikes. It complements the bike’s overall user-friendly design.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review: display

As the review shifts toward testing, the Yorkville LE’s performance will be under scrutiny. However, based on its design, build quality, and feature-rich specifications, it positions itself as a compelling choice in the competitive e-bike market.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE: Motor and Driving Test

The iGo Discovery Yorkville LE boasts an impressive array of name-brand components, with one standout feature being the 500-watt rear hub motor crafted by Buffung. This motor is equipped with a Cadence Sensor that showcases remarkable sensitivity. The motor engages swiftly, responding to as little as an eighth of a turn of the cranks. This feature significantly enhances the user-friendliness of the bike, making it responsive and easy to control.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review: on the road or driving test

To further explore the bike’s performance, a speed test was conducted in class 2 mode. The bike’s pedal assist settings were scrutinized, considering that the Yorkville LE also features a throttle. The acceleration test revealed the following results:

  • Eco mode: A subtle boost with minimal assistance, reaching around 10.5 mph.
  • Tour mode: A smooth, extra bit of assistance, achieving around 11 mph.
  • Sport mode: A comfortable speed with smooth engagement, reaching approximately 14.5 mph.
  • Turbo mode: A noticeable boost in power, climbing to around 19 mph.
  • Boost mode: A significant kick of power, exceeding 20 mph and then leveling off.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review: speed test

Additionally, a throttle acceleration test was performed, demonstrating the bike’s capability to reach and maintain speeds. The results indicated that the bike could comfortably exceed the 20 mph mark with the throttle.

During a hill climb test, both with pedal assist and throttle-only modes, the iGo Discovery Yorkville LE exhibited solid performance. The throttle test showcased the bike’s peppy nature and the quiet operation of the rear hub motor. The pedal test demonstrated effective hill-climbing capabilities, maintaining a decent speed even in challenging sections.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review: on the road or driving test

In a real-world ride, the Yorkville LE impressed with its comfort and adjustability. The bike’s ergonomic design, including a quick-adjust stem and saddle, allowed for a customized fit. The 27.5-inch by 2.4-inch wide tires, coupled with a suspension fork, contributed to a smooth and stable ride. The motor engagement with the Cadence Sensor was highlighted as one of the bike’s standout features, providing a responsive and enjoyable riding experience.

So, the iGo Discovery Yorkville LE stands out not only for its use of quality components but also for its impressive motor sensitivity and versatile performance in various riding scenarios. Whether cruising through city streets or tackling hills, the Yorkville LE demonstrates a well-balanced blend of comfort, responsiveness, and power.

Brakes Test

The primary objective of our brake test is to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the braking system on e-bikes. In the case of the iGo Discovery Yorkville LE, we conducted tests by pedaling the bike up to a speed of 20 miles per hour, abruptly applying the brakes, and measuring the distance the bike traveled as it came to a stop.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review: TEKTRO HDE350 Hydraulic Disc

It’s worth noting that the Discovery Yorkville exhibited a stopping distance that was slightly longer than the average for similar bikes we have tested. However, these results still fall within the range we consider safe. Throughout our testing process, we performed the brake test three times to ensure accuracy and reliability in our findings. The measured average stopping distance was 24 feet 4 inches, achieved through the implementation of Tektro hydraulic disc brakes equipped with 180mm rotors and two-piston calipers.

While the results may have been a bit longer than anticipated based on our previous experiences with similar brake systems, it’s important to consider that the specific brake system on the tested bike might not have been optimized to its full potential. Despite this, the observed stopping distance remains well within the normal range of expected results.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review: on the road or driving test

Outside of the controlled testing environment, during my time on the bike, the brakes felt responsive and effective. The bike demonstrated stability during abrupt stops, thanks in part to the 2.4-inch wide tires. Although there was some squealing and minor fishtailing, these behaviors were deemed normal and did not raise any significant concerns.

Battery and Range

The iGo Discovery Yorkville LE is equipped with a substantial 48-volt, 720-watt-hour battery, housing reliable Samsung cells. This removable unit is cleverly concealed within the downtube, contributing to the bike’s sleek and integrated design. The choice of reputable battery cells ensures not only reliability but also longevity, a crucial factor in the overall performance of an electric bike.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review: 48V | 15Ah | 720Wh battery

One of the notable features of this battery is its impressive claimed range of up to 69 miles, making it an attractive option for riders who embark on extended journeys or daily commutes. To put this claim to the test, our goal in conducting a range test was simple: to assess how far the bike could travel on its 720-watt-hour battery. The range, of course, varies based on the amount of motor assistance used during the ride.

The Yorkville LE surpassed expectations in the range test, demonstrating excellent efficiency and stamina. The measured range fell within the range of 40 to 72 miles, depending on the level of pedal assist selected. Notably, the bike wasn’t tested in eco mode due to its lower power output. Instead, the focus was on Tor and Boost modes exclusively.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review: range test

The Tor mode result of 72 miles is particularly impressive, showcasing the bike’s capability to cover substantial distances. It’s worth mentioning that the test routes included hills, so the actual range might have been even greater on flatter terrain. For riders with a 10-mile one-way commute, the results suggest that, even with a moderate level of assist, the bike could cover at least three days of commuting without the need for recharging.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE: Conclusions

After my experience with the iGo Discovery Yorkville LE has left me thoroughly impressed, marking my first encounter with an iGo bike. This commuter e-bike has managed to check all the boxes for what makes an excellent daily-use electric bike. The comfort level and overall ride quality stood out as excellent, providing a pleasant experience during my time with the bike.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review: on the road or driving test

A major highlight is the bike’s outstanding performance in terms of distance covered, as evidenced by our range test. The Yorkville LE’s ability to travel substantial distances on a single charge is a key factor for any commuter bike, and it excelled in this regard.

Another aspect that garnered my appreciation was the extensive use of name-brand parts. In a market saturated with e-bike options in the $1500 to $2000 price range, the inclusion of recognized and reputable components eliminates unknown variables, providing more assurance in terms of quality and performance.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review: front light

While the Yorkville LE excelled in many areas, a couple of minor improvements could enhance its overall appeal. Specifically, I would like to see an increase in the power output in eco mode to make it a more meaningful setting. Additionally, offering more color options beyond the standard black could provide riders with a bit more variety.

Despite these minor considerations, the bottom line is that the iGo Discovery Yorkville LE is a solid commuter e-bike that I would confidently recommend to anyone in search of a reliable daily ride. Whether commuting to work or enjoying weekend trips into town, this bike excels in functionality and performance. It not only meets the demands of daily commuting but also serves as a versatile and enjoyable all-around bike.

iGo Discovery Yorkville LE Review: on the road or driving test

If you found this review informative, please consider liking and subscribing. You can also explore iGo’s full lineup of Discovery series e-bikes on their website. For a more in-depth written review, you can visit our website at electricbikereport.com. And for those intrigued by a step-through frame, keep an eye out for our upcoming review of the iGo Discovery Rosemont LS with a mid-drive motor.

I appreciate your time spent with me today. I’m John with Electric Bike Report, and this is the iGo Discovery Yorkville LE.

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