December 4, 2023
AOSTIRMOTOR S07-G Review: Big but Fast Electric Bike!

The AOSTIRMOTOR S07-G is the newest electric bicycle from electric mobility business AOSTIRMOTOR, and it is one of the few that is ready to ride out of the box.

A big tire electric bike with a sporty hardtail frame and front suspension fork is called the AOSTIRMOTOR S07-G. This places it in the adventure e-bike category, where it will probably face off against well-known models like the RadRover 6 and Aventon Aventure.

The brand-new AOSTIRMOTOR S07-G electric cruiser upends the bicycle business with its astounding technology, which demonstrates a significant advancement in ebike design. The S07-G, which is priced at a reasonable $1452, faces stiff competition from other low-cost ebike manufacturers, but it stands out because of its integrated stem LCD display and ambient frame lighting. To find out more about this cutting-edge ebike and determine whether the excitement is warranted, keep reading.


The AOSTIRMOTOR brand is well-known for its electric bikes and scooters, offering sizable fleets to ride-sharing companies and selling straight to customers. Although the business is headquartered in Berlin, it has offices in Hangzhou and Zhejiang, China, which is a very typical arrangement for new ebike businesses. The new S07-G is a hybrid between the more lightweight EB10 that AOSTIRMOTOR previously introduced and the tough, ride-share-proof, city-proof variants.

Battery48V 13Ah lithium battery
Motor750W Motor
Controller48V 22A
Power sensorPAS intelligent pedal assistant system
Charge Time4-6 hours (Recharge regularly to extend the life of battery)
Frame6061 Aluminum Alloy
Handlebar31.8 x 660mm
Stem28.6 x 31.8 x 110mm
Tire26x4.0 inch Fat Tire
Range Distance25-35 km (Pure Power mode)
Max Speed45 km/h
Net Weight33kg
Gross Weight38kg
Product Size192 x 112cm
Package Size158 x 28 x 85cm

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AOSTIRMOTOR S07-G: Design and Build Quality

The AOSTIRMOTOR S07-G has more than just a jumble of mechanical parts and e-bike drive components; it also has some intriguing technology hidden inside its stem. The S07-G sports a beefier stem with an integrated LCD touchscreen display in place of the standard bicycle stem, which connects the handlebars to the rest of the bike.

Just in case riders find it difficult to strike a moving target on the screen with their finger while riding at full speed, there is also a connected remote with physical buttons on the bars.

The AOSTIRMOTOR S07-G is a fat tire electric bike designed for a variety of terrains and usage that competes with similar models from Himiway and Rad Power Bikes. Although it is to be expected, the frame has a huge silhouette, and the 26x 4 inch broad tires can handle almost any terrain.

We’ve discovered that it works best on bike lanes, but it can easily navigate dirt trails and other flat terrains. The weight of the S07-G is 33kg, which is about average for all-terrain ebikes.

The S07-G has Tektro mechanical disc brakes and Shimano 7-speed gearing for its mechanical components. This is a bit of a letdown for me because I’d anticipate hydraulic brakes on a bike this powerful. However, despite its old technology, the cheap SiS shifter has managed to proliferate on new inexpensive ebikes. The Shimano under-handlebar trigger shifter is a vast improvement.

The battery charging flap, ambient lighting, and smooth finish almost make me think of a Tesla. All the cables have been cleverly integrated into the frame to create a streamlined appearance. Although there is a covering on the chain stay and a double-sided protector on the front chainring, the chain tension feels a little slack and will undoubtedly slap around over uneven terrain.

The S07-G has a number of user-friendly features and is a joy to ride. Due to the approximately 3″ riser handlebars, the riding position is fairly upright, making for a comfortable configuration with assured handling. The integrated headlight is incredibly bright and is also mounted quite high for a wide field of view; it has a wraparound lighting strip to be viewed from all directions.

However, the detachable rear light is disappointing and feels like a free, low-quality light you would get at a giveaway. The saddle is comfortable, and the under-seat handle makes it easy to turn the bulky bike. It is recommended for riders who are between 5’1″ and 6’6″ in height.

AOSTIRMOTOR S07-G: Motor and Driving

The two-wheeler should have plenty of acceleration thanks to a rear hub motor rated at 750W nominally and 1,000W peak, even though the top speed is only 20 mph (32 km/h). This should prevent the S07-G from being categorized as a Class 3 e-bike in the US, which may travel at speeds of up to 28 mph (45 km/h).

The bike’s mechanical disc brakes should be adequate for stopping from 20 mph even though they aren’t nearly as strong as the hydraulic disc brakes that are quickly replacing them on these types of e-bikes. When riders aren’t getting down and dirty on the trails, the front, rear, and side LED lights and a fender set will keep the bike useful in urban commuting tasks.

There are three levels of pedal assistance, in addition to a walk mode. The 85 Nm of torque is more than enough to keep the motor operating effectively even in difficult circumstances like steep ascents, mud, or sand.

This ebike can be turned on in three different ways, and that’s when the fun really starts. Riders have two options for turning on the bike: either using the orange button on the handlebars or the AOSTIRMOTOR App. Utilizing the key fob that comes with it in a way akin to a car key is the final and maybe coolest method. To turn on the bike, simply pass the fob over the built-in stem display. A metal key that unlocks the battery compartment inside the downtube is also part of the fob.

AOSTIRMOTOR S07-G: Battery and Range

The battery can deliver up to 45 kilometers on a single charge and fits tidily inside the downtube. That’s a respectable amount of range for a 13Ah battery.

However, I really appreciate the LCD display’s ability to accurately display your remaining range based on the power mode you are now riding in. Users can view their maximum travel distance on Levels 1, 2, or 3 based on their current battery level. Other models don’t have this useful function, but it makes perfect sense to me and facilitates ride planning for bikers. The charging process should take about 6 hours.

AOSTIRMOTOR S07-G: Conclusions

From a distance, the AOSTIRMOTOR S07-G appears to be a typical fat tire ebike, but up close, it’s a distinctive vehicle with the newest technology to touch the bike industry. I wouldn’t think twice choosing the S07-G over bikes with a similar price tag thanks to its reasonable $1452 price tag, attractive ambient lighting, and integrated stem touchscreen.

Although I was concerned that the S07-G would feel more like a prototype still in development, the finished product successfully mixes beautiful technology with excellent performance.


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