Circooter Raptor Pro Review: Dual 800W All-terrain E-Scooter!


Hi everyone! This review can be ideal for you if you’re not very fond of motorcycles but still want to feel your heart race. Presenting the newest member of the Circooter Raptor Pro.

With its all-wheel drive system, the Circooter Raptor Pro offers outstanding traction and handling over a variety of surfaces. Powering it are two 800-watt brushless DC motors that provide remarkable speed and acceleration.

The scooter is appropriate for riders of all sizes because to its strong aluminum alloy frame, which can support up to 440 pounds. Even on uneven roads, the Raptor Pro’s complete suspension system, which includes front and rear shocks, provides a smooth and pleasant ride. 

It boasts a massive 20 amp-hour battery that can provide a range of over 30 miles on a single charge, perfect for long rides or commuting.

This electrifying beast is tailor-made for adrenaline junkies, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a powerful all-wheel-drive scooter, all at an attractive price point of $699. 

So, let’s get ready, buckle up, and delve into what the Circooter Raptor Pro brings to the table.

FrameAluminum alloy
Motor1600W Dual Motors
Max Speed28 MPH
Hill Climbing30% Grade
Tire Type10 Inches Off Road Solid Tire
Water ResistanceIPX4
BrakeDual Disc and EABS Brakes
Battery960 Wh
Range31 miles per charge
Charge Time3-5 Hours Dual Port Charging
Net Weight63 LB
Max Load440LB
Folded Dimensions51*26*22 IN / 129*67*55 CM
Unfolded Dimensions51*26*47 IN / 129*67*118 CM

Design and Build Quality

When it comes to electric scooters, the Circooter Raptor Pro stands out thanks to its sturdy design and high-quality construction. Its strong aluminum alloy frame can accommodate riders of all sizes, with a maximum weight capacity of 440 pounds. The shape and construction of the frame ensure that it is suitable for a wide variety of users, even though it leans towards the larger and taller side.

Circooter Raptor Pro Review: Design and Build Quality

The Raptor Pro’s tight stem locking system is one of its standout features; it adds extra safety, especially on fast rides. The scooter offers dependability and stability on a variety of terrains and riding circumstances thanks to its robust tires and mechanical disc brakes on both the front and back.

Circooter Raptor Pro Review: Design and Build Quality

What sets the Raptor Pro apart is its full suspension system, providing a smooth and comfortable ride even on rough or bumpy roads. Unlike many scooters with underwhelming suspension, the Raptor Pro’s shocks are stiff enough to cushion heavier riders effectively.

Circooter Raptor Pro Review: Dual Disc and EABS Brakes

In terms of braking power, the scooter includes front and rear mechanical disc brakes along with an electric brake, ensuring responsive and effective stopping capabilities. While hydraulic brakes might be a welcome addition in future models for enhanced performance, the current brakes perform well without major complaints.

Circooter Raptor Pro Review: deck

The Raptor Pro also comes with several extras, such as front and rear lights for visibility, fenders for cleanliness and dryness, and a built-in USB port for on-the-go charging. Its integrated turn signals add a stylish touch, and the handlebar-mounted bag offers convenience for carrying smaller items.

Circooter Raptor Pro Review: display

Users can enhance their experience with the Raptor Pro by using the secure app to track rides, customize settings, and access more features. The scooter’s display provides essential information like speed and battery life in an easy-to-read format, enhancing the overall user experience.

Circooter Raptor Pro Review: Design and Build Quality

Who is the Raptor Pro for? It’s ideal for adrenaline junkies, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone seeking the thrill of 1600 Watts under their feet. Whether for daily commuting, weekend adventures, or leisurely rides with friends, the Raptor Pro delivers performance and versatility. Its all-terrain wheels and suspension system even allow for occasional jumps, showcasing its durability and versatility in various riding scenarios.

Circooter Raptor Pro: Motor and Driving Test

Two powerful 800 watt brushless DC motors provide the Circooter Raptor Pro with remarkable acceleration and power. Each wheel’s hub houses these motors in a purposeful arrangement that maximizes economy and performance. The ability to switch between single and twin motor modes gives users customisation options based on their preferred riding style and the challenges presented by different terrain.

Circooter Raptor Pro Review: on the road or driving test

Off-road exploration is made easy with the Raptor Pro’s all-terrain wheels. These wheels’ sturdy construction guarantees easy handling on a variety of terrain, including rough trails and metropolitan streets. The Raptor Pro’s strong engines and adaptable wheels deliver the performance and stability required for an exciting ride, whether you’re speeding through urban areas or discovering off-the-beaten-path paths.

Alright, folks, we’re out here on the Circooter Raptor Pro for a ride test, so let’s dive right in and share my experience. First off, we’ve got the thumb throttle on the right-hand side, which controls the scooter’s speed. Now, to be transparent, I have to mention that the scooter’s performance can be affected when the battery is low. Currently, I’m at two bars, so it’s not reaching its maximum speed as quickly as it would with a full charge. Nevertheless, when fully charged, this scooter can really burn rubber on concrete, which can be both thrilling and a bit nerve-wracking at first.

Circooter Raptor Pro Review: Dual Disc and EABS Brakes

One feature worth mentioning is the cruise control, which I have mixed feelings about. While it can be handy for long stretches of straight riding, I personally prefer to have more control over my speed most of the time. However, it’s a feature that can likely be disabled in the settings if it’s not your cup of tea.

Let’s talk about the suspension next. The Circooter Raptor Pro’s full suspension system provides a solid and comfortable ride, especially on bumpy terrain. Unlike some scooters with flimsy suspension setups, this one feels sturdy and responsive. Even at my weight of 220 pounds, the suspension handles bumps well without feeling too springy.

Circooter Raptor Pro Review: on the road or driving test

Moving on to the deck space, I found it adequate but wouldn’t mind a bit more room for my feet. I prefer wider decks for added comfort, similar to how I like wider pedals. Despite this, the scooter feels stable and comfortable to ride.

Braking is essential, and the Raptor Pro’s brakes work effectively. They provide good stopping power without any major issues, although they can be a bit squeaky at times.

Circooter Raptor Pro Review: front light

Taking the scooter off-road is where it really shines. With its larger tires and robust build, it handles rough terrain with ease. I didn’t experience any sliding or loss of control, even on loose surfaces like gravel.

So, the Circooter Raptor Pro offers a fun and enjoyable ride, especially for those who appreciate speed and durability in an electric scooter. It’s well-built, has a reliable locking mechanism, and performs admirably in various riding conditions. If you’re in the market for a powerful and robust scooter, the Raptor Pro is definitely worth considering.

Battery and Range

The Circooter Raptor Pro has an amazing battery life in addition to being strong and adaptable. Its enormous 20 amp-hour battery capacity allows riders to go more than 30 kilometers on a single charge. This implies you won’t have to worry about running out of battery when exploring different types of terrain, commuting to work, running errands, or even going for a nighttime ride.

Circooter Raptor Pro Review: 960 Wh battery

The Raptor Pro’s longer battery life enables users to enjoy fun scooting for the entire day without having to recharge it frequently. The scooter’s battery lasts long enough for extra excursions or nighttime cruises, even after a full day of riding.

Circooter Raptor Pro Review: charging port

Charging the Circooter Raptor Pro is also convenient, with a charging time of approximately seven hours. This means that after a full day’s work or activities, you can plug in the scooter overnight and wake up to a fully charged battery, ready to hit the road again.

Circooter Raptor Pro: Conclusions

Overall, the Circooter Raptor Pro is a remarkable all-wheel-drive scooter that provides amazing value for its $699 price tag. Its strong locking mechanism gives you piece of mind, and its excellent suspension system guarantees a comfortable and smooth ride on a variety of surfaces. The Raptor Pro’s 1600 watts of power under the hood provide thrilling performance that will make you smile.

Circooter Raptor Pro Review: Design and Build Quality

We appreciate you watching our review of the Circooter Raptor Pro. Please feel free to share your opinions and experiences with this scooter in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you. Keep checking back for more thrilling reviews and travels, and until we speak again, good riding!

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