Maxfun 10 Pro Review: How Effective are PMT tires E-Scooter?


Wow, this is an impressive pick-up speed! The Maxfun 10 Pro immediately grabs attention with its swift acceleration, making it evident that this scooter is a powerful contender. Having recently reviewed various scooters of different sizes, the Maxfun stands out as a unique addition. What sets it apart is not just its size but also the innovative design, featuring a 72-volt configuration.

This scooter marks a significant milestone as the first in its size and frame shape to adopt a 72-volt system. It’s reminiscent of the Road Runner RS5 Plus, and I recall suggesting a 72-volt configuration for that model during my review. Now, Maxfun has answered the call, making it the first brand to introduce this high-voltage feature in a scooter of this class.

While sharing similarities with other models like the Road Runner RS5 Titan, Makuda Awesome, and Leopard, the Maxfun 10 Pro introduces subtle changes and unique twists in design. Notably, the frame showcases slight variations, especially in the front and the footrest area at the back. The side lights also contribute to its distinct appearance.


What adds to the allure of the Maxfun 10 Pro is its compelling specifications, all of which come at a reasonable price of $2,200. This pricing strategy positions it as an attractive option in the market, considering the powerful performance and unique design features it offers.

In essence, the Maxfun 10 Pro is not just another scooter – it’s a bold step forward in the world of electric scooters, delivering a thrilling combination of speed, power, and distinctive design. It’s a testament to the brand’s responsiveness to user feedback and a promising addition to the diverse lineup of scooters available.

Frame MaterialAluminum alloy
MotorDual Hub Motor, 1500W x2
Top SpeedReach up to 45 mph when fully charged
Climbing Angle30+ degrees
ThrottleThumb Throttle
Display3.5-inch LCD display
Tire10 inch tire
SuspensionDual hydraulic suspension
Waterproof RatingIP54
Battery72V/24Ah battery
Weight90 lbs
PayloadMax. 330 Ibs/ Recommended 250 Ibs
Recommended Height4'5"-6'11"

Design and Build Quality

The Maxfun 10 Pro boasts an impressive design and build quality, featuring a thoughtful combination of form and function. Let’s delve into the details, starting with the front and back suspension. The adjustable ring in both the front and back suspension allows for personalized tuning, offering a tailored riding experience.

Maxfun 10 Pro Review: Design and Build Quality

One notable design element is the integration of lights into the frame, providing a sleek and cohesive look. The front suspension, equipped with the same shock as the rear, showcases the attention to detail with its adjustable ring for stability. The faux carbon fenders add a touch of style to the scooter, though the feedback on their softness suggests a preference for a firmer setup. Despite this, the plush ride achieved by the current configuration is praised for its exceptional comfort.

Maxfun 10 Pro Review: on the road or driving test at night

The folding mechanism, a common feature in scooters, maintains the same safety standards seen in other models. The management of wires is particularly commendable, neatly hidden within the stem for a clean and organized appearance. The front light, similar to the Road Runner, is set to be tested in the evening for its performance. The large, colored screen with NFC card reader and intuitive console layout adds to the user-friendly design.

Maxfun 10 Pro Review: handlebars and controls

Safety features are not overlooked, with the incorporation of non-hydraulic brakes and a dead zone for added security. The wiring remains impressively clean throughout both the front and back of the scooter, seamlessly integrated into the frame.

Maxfun 10 Pro Review: 10 inch PMT tires

The motor, nestled in the frame, contributes to the scooter’s sleek appearance, and the kickstand stands out as one of the best seen so far. The spring-loaded kickstand, with a perfect angle and lower positioning, ensures stability when parked.

Maxfun 10 Pro Review: kickstand stands

The lighting system, while having some room for improvement in terms of front light visibility at high speeds, is praised for its brightness. The rear brake light integration and side lights are particularly noted for their effectiveness. The suggestion to move the front light to the top for better visibility is a thoughtful enhancement idea.

Maxfun 10 Pro Review: rubber deck

Moving on to performance, the PMT tires receive acclaim for their quality and grip. The suggestion of slightly larger and wider tires for a more proportional look is offered, but the narrow design is justified for optimal performance and range. The scooter’s acceleration is described as impressive, providing a fast yet controlled experience. The absence of a steel dampener at high speeds is noted, but stability is maintained, thanks to the exceptional grip and control offered by the PMT tires.

Maxfun 10 Pro Review: 10 inch PMT tires

So, the Maxfun 10 Pro combines a stylish design with high-quality components and thoughtful features. While some adjustments may be desired for personal preferences, the overall ride quality, comfort, and performance make it a commendable choice in the electric scooter market.

Maxfun 10 Pro: Motor and Driving Test

The Maxfun 10 Pro boasts a formidable 1500W dual hub system, delivering an impressive combination of power and performance. Turning on this electric scooter with half-charged batteries and setting it to the maximum speed level unleashes the potential of its dual hub motors. The engagement of both hubs is seamless, showcasing efficient coordination.

Maxfun 10 Pro Review: on the road or driving test

Upon acceleration, the scooter exhibits a remarkable burst of power, reaching a top speed of 72 km/h or 44 mph. The PMT tires play a crucial role in enhancing the overall riding experience. These tires not only provide exceptional grip but also contribute to a remarkably quiet ride, adding an element of sophistication to the scooter’s performance.

In terms of acceleration, the Maxfun 10 Pro is described as having more power than the Road Runner RS5 but not as intense as the Makura 10 Plus. However, the acceleration is noted for its smoothness, offering a controlled and enjoyable experience. Despite the absence of a steel dampener, stability is maintained, and the scooter’s performance is characterized by comfort and ease of control.

Maxfun 10 Pro Review: top speed

Taking the scooter up inclines is described as a thrilling experience, with the Maxfun showcasing its beastly capabilities. The scooter accelerates rapidly, maintains a constant speed, and effortlessly climbs inclines, providing a sense of control and confidence to the rider. The combination of powerful acceleration, stability, and the exceptional grip of the PMT tires creates a ride that is not only exhilarating but also smooth and comfortable.

So, the Maxfun 10 Pro’s 1500W dual hub system delivers a powerful and smooth ride, with a top speed that satisfies thrill-seekers. The scooter’s performance on various terrains, coupled with the outstanding grip of the PMT tires, makes it a formidable choice for riders who prioritize both power and control in their electric scooters.

Battery and Range

The Maxfun 10 Pro is equipped with a compact and powerful 72V 24Ah battery, providing a substantial energy reserve for extended rides. Disassembling the scooter to explore the battery reveals a well-sealed aluminum panel, showcasing a meticulous design. The absence of rubber gaskets is noted, and the potential for improved waterproofing is emphasized, suggesting the incorporation of a rubber gasket for enhanced protection against dust and moisture.

Maxfun 10 Pro Review: 72V/24Ah battery

Upon closer inspection, the interior of the scooter reveals a neatly organized wire management system, demonstrating attention to detail in design. The lights and controllers are strategically placed beneath the aluminum panel, contributing to the scooter’s streamlined appearance. The call for a rubber gasket persists, emphasizing the importance of a sealed battery compartment for optimal durability and weather resistance.

The range test conducted under challenging weather conditions in New York City, with temperatures around 45°F (7°C), highlights the scooter’s performance. Despite adverse weather and a rider weight of 235 lb, the initial 20 miles were covered at a brisk pace. In congested traffic, the speed ranged from 15 to 23 mph, ultimately resulting in a total range of 32.7 miles.

Maxfun 10 Pro Review: on the road or driving test

Considering the weather conditions and the rider’s weight, the achieved range is considered commendable. The rider estimates that under more favorable conditions, the scooter could achieve a range of 40 to 42 miles during the summertime. This emphasizes the potential for an impressive range under optimal circumstances, further showcasing the capabilities of the Maxfun 10 Pro’s compact yet robust 72V 24Ah battery.

Maxfun 10 Pro: Conclusions

Overall, the Maxfun 10 Pro distinguishes itself with its potent 72V battery, a key factor in enhancing efficiency and power delivery. The higher voltage not only outperforms competitors like the RS5 Plus and Apollo Phantom but also maintains an exceptionally smooth ride. The sine wave controllers provide a surplus of 30m discharge, ensuring ample power even at lower battery capacities.

Maxfun 10 Pro Review: on the road or driving test

Remarkably, the 72V system proves its worth on the lightweight chassis, allowing the scooter to maintain high speeds even as the battery drops from 20% to 10%. The scooter exhibited impressive performance even in the final moments of battery life, covering an additional 2.5 to 3 miles beyond the flashing zero capacity.

The PMT tires contribute significantly to the scooter’s outstanding performance, minimizing spin during aggressive acceleration and offering superior grip compared to other tire options. This exceptional traction enables more aggressive turns at higher speeds while maintaining control on sharp corners. The overall handling of the scooter is praised, delivering above-average performance.

Maxfun 10 Pro Review: Design and Build Quality

A few suggestions for improvement include a wider-output front light, a rubber deck similar to that on the Leopard scooter, and additional rubber grip on the rear footrest area. Despite these minor considerations, the Maxfun 10 Pro is deemed a nearly perfectly executed scooter.

For those interested in exploring further, the link to the scooter can be found in the description box below. Thank you for watching, ride safe, and stay tuned for more reviews in the future.


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