LikeBike Lander S Review: 500W Affordability E-bike Under $600!


In the event that you’ve overspent on an opulent yacht but are short on cash for additional expenditures, the LikeBike Lander S might be the ideal solution. It is affordable without sacrificing features or quality, making it available to individuals who value affordability.

You don’t have to pass up other luxuries because you’ve invested in one, such as an electric bike that provides comfort, security, and fun trips. If you want to enjoy the advantages of an e-bike without going over budget, the Lander S offers a useful and affordable option.

The LikeBike Lander S thus demonstrates that you can still enjoy quality and performance without a huge price tag, regardless of whether you’re a frugal spender or just trying to make the most of your leftover cash after indulging in other activities.

Frame Material‎Carbon Steel
Motor‎500 watts and 65N.M
Shift Levers7-Speed Gear
Suspension Type‎Front
Top speed25MPH
Tires26" X 4" Fat Tire
Displaylarge LCD display
Battery48V 13AH battery
Fully charge5-6 hours
Maximum Weight Recommendation‎330 Pounds

Unboxing and Assembly

It’s an adventure to assemble and unpack the LikeBike Lander S! It appears that the box has a good number of things. Let’s dissect it in detail.

APYEAR 14 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

First, the charging brake, pedals, tools, user handbook, and small box at the top most likely hold all the necessities. These are essential for preparing your bike and comprehending its functions. It’s always appreciated that foam and bubble wrap are included to keep everything safe throughout transportation.

APYEAR 14 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

The seat is another issue—sorry, seems like a small slip there, but that’s all part of the excitement of opening a package, isn’t it? Next, you have that user handbook, zip ties, Allen keys, zip ties, and two power chargers. Those tools will be very useful in the future for maintenance and assembly.

APYEAR 14 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

Let’s go on to the primary attraction: the bike. With only the handlebars to attach, it seems like assembly will bike simple. Furthermore, the battery’s remarkable specifications of 48 volts and 13 amp hours translate into an astounding 624 watt-hours of power—that’s quite amazing. Moreover, it is simple to operate thanks to the power switch that is ideally positioned between the brakes.

APYEAR 14 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

Now that everything is assembled, it’s time to start driving! You can get a true sense of how it rides by taking it for a spin through Victoria. You’ll be able to personally experience what you enjoy and perhaps even identify some areas for improvement. But all in all, from unpacking to assembly to riding, it seems like a simple and thrilling experience.

Design and Build Quality

With its amazing design and high build quality, the LikeBike looks like it’s ready for any adventure. The front suspension and those enormous 4-inch wide tires are ideal for handling uneven trails. It sounds like a terrific idea to put its powers to the test by testing it out on a course that finishes with a difficult Trestle Bridge.

APYEAR 14 Review: Design and Build Quality

You may anticipate a smoother ride thanks to the wide tires and suspension, particularly on uneven or difficult terrain. This arrangement keeps you more comfortable and in control by absorbing shocks and bumps. And because of its off-road adventure-focused design, you may discover that the Lander S handles the Trestle Bridge with ease when you get there.

APYEAR 14 Review: front Suspension

Taking it for a whirl on these trails will give you a firsthand experience of how well it performs in different conditions. It’s always exciting to see how a bike handles real-world challenges, and it sounds like the LikeBike Lander S is up for the task.

LikeBike Lander S: Motor and Driving Test

You appear to have been pretty impressed with the LikeBike Lander S, particularly with its remarkable features and specs. Let’s break down what caught your attention.

LikeBike Lander S Review: on the road or driving test

First of all, it is no minor feat for a 500W motor to reach a peak power of nearly 700W. It provides you with ample power to ride at different speeds and terrains, which is crucial for an electric bike, particularly when going on off-road adventures like the ones you’re going on.

LikeBike Lander S Review: large LCD display

Another major benefit appears to be the comfort factor. Even on uneven trails, the suspension system and the 4-inch wide tires provide a comfortable and fun ride. That these improvements are meeting your expectations and improving your riding experience is wonderful to hear.

LikeBike Lander S Review: on the road or driving test

But what really seems to have blown you away is the cruise control feature. It’s not often seen on e-bikes, especially in the budget range. Being able to set your speed and cruise along without constantly adjusting the throttle is a game-changer, particularly on longer rides where fatigue can set in. It’s a thoughtful addition that adds a lot of convenience to your outdoor adventures.

LikeBike Lander S Review: front light

With the LikeBike Lander S’s customizable power assist settings, it sounds like you’re having a great time. It’s simple to tailor your ride to your preferences with five levels to choose from, whether you prefer a little more assistance or to pedal more independently. It’s wonderful to hear that the bike’s performance is up to par; reaching a high speed of 20 mph with the potential to reach 25 mph is outstanding.

LikeBike Lander S Review: rear light

You also appear to find the Lander S’s lighting system to be a particularly noteworthy feature. An added degree of safety and visibility is provided by the brake lights, which turn on when you apply the brakes—even in broad daylight. Plus, the front light with its four bright LEDs ensures that you can see clearly, even in low-light conditions. And let’s not forget about the horn—it’s always handy to have a way to alert others when needed, even if it’s just for fun!

LikeBike Lander S Review: 7-Speed Gear

So, it sounds like the LikeBike Lander S is delivering on performance, comfort, and innovative features, making it a standout choice for anyone looking for a capable and enjoyable electric bike. Enjoy cruising along with that cruise control feature—it’s the little things that can make a big difference in your ride!

Battery and Range

Not only does the LikeBike Lander S perform admirably on the road, but its battery design and safety features also make an impression. Easily accessible in the center, the 13 amp hour battery may be removed with ease by either lowering the seat or utilizing the key lock mechanism. Though this degree of security and accessibility is standard on contemporary e-bikes, it’s always advantageous when it’s neatly incorporated into the design.

LikeBike Lander S Review: 48V 13AH battery

This battery is unique since it has UL 2849 certification, which denotes a high level of safety. The Lander S’s approved and safe battery system is essential in cities like New York, where there have been reports of e-bike fires caused by charging accidents.

LikeBike Lander S Review: 48V 13AH battery

It gives riders peace of mind knowing that as long as they use the proper charger, they won’t encounter any safety issues with their e-bike.

LikeBike Lander S Review: charger

This attention to safety and practicality adds another layer of value to the LikeBike Lander S, making it a reliable and secure choice for riders who prioritize both performance and peace of mind.

LikeBike Lander S: Conclusions

In summary, it appears that you had a very good experience with the LikeBike Lander S, with very little room for improvement. Let’s examine your positive and negative experiences with this affordable e-bike.

APYEAR 14 Review

What you didn’t like:

  • Grips could be slightly more premium.
  • Brakes could be larger and more expensive.
  • Power and battery size could be increased.

What you liked:

  • Inexpensive price point, making it accessible for many riders.
  • UL certification for safety, a surprising and valuable feature in a budget e-bike.
  • Powerful 500W motor and ample 13 amp hour battery for practical use.
  • Convenient twist throttle and full-color display for easy control.
  • Seven-speed derailleur for tackling hills more comfortably.
  • Wired-in rear light, a thoughtful addition for visibility and safety.
  • Size of the bike, suitable for big riders like yourself.

Even if the LikeBike Lander S might have used larger brakes and better grips, it nevertheless pleased you overall with its performance, safety features, affordability, and appropriateness for riders of all sizes. Your endorsement that it’s “big guy approved” says a lot about how adaptable and appealing it is.

LikeBike Lander S Review: on the road or driving test

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly e-bike with solid features and performance, the LikeBike Lander S seems to be a great choice.

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