Actbest Core Review: 500W Step Thru City Commuter E-bike!


Today on the site, I’ve got a lightweight, low-priced commuter-style e-bike to share with you. This is the Actbest Core City commuter, produced by a newer brand in the market, Actbest, with their website URL being Let’s dive into what this package offers, especially considering its affordability.

The Actbest Core’s lightweight design is one of its best qualities; this makes it ideal for urban transportation, where handling and maneuverability are essential. Its emphasis on practicality is evident in the commuter-style layout, which includes features like a rack for carrying necessities and a step-through design for simple mounting and dismounting.


With its lightweight design, commuter-friendly features, and affordable price, the Actbest Core City commuter e-bike looks to be a promising package. Those looking for an economical and practical e-bike for city riding ought to investigate more.

Frame Material‎Aluminum
GEARSShimano 7-Speed
Size‎26 inch
Special Feature‎Disc, adjustable, LCD-Display
BREAKDisc Brakes
BATTERY36V 13Ah Built-in Battery
RANGE UP TO50 miles (PAS)
Suggested Users‎unisex-adult

Design and Build Quality

The Actbest Core e-bike has a chic gray hue that exudes sophistication. Its front suspension, which has CST City Tires on it for a comfortable and smooth ride, is one of its best characteristics. The tires are rated as good for a bike in this price range, implying that they are reliable and function well even though their size isn’t stated clearly.

Actbest Core Review: Design and Build Quality

With its reasonable price tag, the Actbest Core’s build quality is quite noteworthy. Its fenders increase its usefulness by preventing water and mud slaps. The bike’s adaptability is increased by the front suspension, which makes it easier to navigate a variety of terrain. Additionally, the inclusion of a lockout feature for the front suspension provides riders with the flexibility to switch between suspension modes based on their preference and the riding conditions.

Actbest Core Review: seven-speed gear system

The bike also comes equipped with front and tail lights, enhancing visibility and safety during low-light conditions or nighttime riding. The presence of a brake light, while not explicitly confirmed, is mentioned, adding another layer of safety for riders.

Actbest Core Review: front light

The Actbest Core’s design extends to its comfortable saddle, which adds to the overall aesthetic with its brown color. The seat post, although mentioned as slightly stuck initially, reflects durability and stability once adjusted. The rear rack with a clamp offers convenient storage options for riders, making it suitable for commuting or running errands.

Actbest Core Review: comfortable saddle

In terms of functionality, the bike features mechanical disc brakes that provide reliable stopping power. The seven-speed gear system allows for smooth gear changes, enhancing the riding experience. The finger throttle adds a modern touch, making acceleration effortless.

Actbest Core Review: display

The cockpit of the Core boasts a bright LCD display that provides essential information such as battery percentage and assist levels. The adjustable stem adds customization options for riders to find their optimal riding position.

Actbest Core Review: rear light

The battery is elegantly fitted into the downtube, preserving the bike’s aerodynamic look and offering enough power for long rides. The Actbest Core weighs only 59.5 pounds, which is reasonable for storage and transit despite its sturdy construction.

Actbest Core Review: size

So, the Actbest Core is an attractive option for riders looking for a reasonably priced, dependable e-bike for daily commuting or leisure rides because it blends a fashionable design with useful features and respectable performance.

Actbest Core: Motor and Driving Test

A powerful 500-watt motor powers the Actbest e-bike, offering sufficient power for a range of riding situations. One distinctive element is the chain cover, which gives the bike a stylish appearance and an extra layer of protection. This is a feature not often found on e-bikes.

Actbest Core Review: 500W motor

The Actbest Core performed admirably on city streets during a test ride. Although there was a small lean forward, the bike fit was said to be pleasant. For smoother functioning, it should be possible to address the mentions of friction between the brake rotor and front wheel.

The Actbest Core impressed with its rolling resistance, thanks to its CST City Tires, delivering a smooth and efficient ride. The LCD display, featuring a power indicator and various assist levels, provided essential information for the rider’s convenience.

Actbest Core Review: ergonomic handlebars and controls

The bike’s performance under different power settings was evaluated during the test. Starting at PS1, the bike achieved speeds of around 8-9 miles per hour. As the power setting increased to PS4, speeds reached up to 17-18 miles per hour with pedaling, and up to 22 miles per hour with throttle only, showcasing the motor’s capabilities.

A notable feature discovered during the test was cruise control, activated by holding the throttle for a few seconds. This added convenience for maintaining consistent speeds during rides.

Actbest Core Review: on the road or driving test

With its 500-watt motor, the Actbest Core managed slopes with a fair amount of assistance. The bike’s lower chainring caused some ghost pedaling at higher speeds, but it was still able to sustain respectable speeds when going uphill.

The bike demonstrated good stability and braking when descending slopes, albeit there were reports of minor rubbing in the front that may be improved.

Actbest Core Review: on the road or driving test

So, the Actbest Core turned out to be a strong and feature-rich e-bike that is appropriate for both leisurely rides and city commutes. It is an appealing choice for riders looking for an economical yet effective electric bike because of its strong motor, cozy design, and useful features like cruise control.

Battery and Range

A dependable 36-volt, 13-amp-hour battery powers the Actbest Core e-bike, providing 468 watt-hours of energy in total. With its large battery capacity, this device can travel farther between charges.

Actbest Core Review: 36V 13Ah Built-in Battery

You may anticipate a respectable range from the Actbest with 468 watt-hours, according to riding conditions, aid level usage, topography, and rider weight. Higher watt-hour ratings typically translate into greater power available for longer rides, so the Core is appropriate for everyday commuting or leisurely rides that don’t require regular recharging. 


Considering its typical MSRP of $1099, the Actbest Core e-bike offers an outstanding collection of features and characteristics at a very reasonable price point of $599. Its affordable price makes it an appealing choice for those on a tight budget who want a dependable electric bike without going over their bank account.

Actbest Core Review: Design and Build Quality

Given the features, construction quality, and performance noted, the Actbest Core distinguishes itself as a formidable competitor in the market for affordable e-bikes. It is even more alluring now that it is on sale for $599, representing great value for the money. All things considered, the Actbest Core shows that you don’t have to spend a fortune to benefit from an electric bike, which makes it a wise option for riders on a tight budget who want a dependable and feature-rich commuter or recreational e-bike.

Actbest Core: Conclusions

I like a number of features that the Actbest Core e-bike has to offer, like the rack and front tire that remove quickly, which makes it easy to travel. The finger throttle for simple acceleration and the adjustable stem are useful extras. Many riders are likely to find the step-through design appealing, and its usefulness is enhanced by the strengthening and bottle cage bosses.

Actbest Core Review: on the road or driving test

The Actbest Core is a good option when considering value, especially with its aluminum fenders, Shimano Tourney derailleur, and other features that improve its robustness and functionality. Another comforting feature that offers piece of mind in case of problems is the one-year warranty.

But one significant issue I ran into was ghost pedaling, which was very obvious when I went over PS2 assist levels because of the small chainring size. More throttling can help to reduce this problem, but it may affect range. Nevertheless, the Actbest Core is still a strong choice for customers on a tight budget when taking into account the price range and features as a whole.

Actbest Core Review: rear rack

It’s important to keep in mind that, as was the case with the battery issue I ran across, working with direct-to-consumer businesses like Actbest may provide difficulties. But their prompt delivery of a new battery and, eventually, a new bike speaks well of their customer service.

In conclusion, the Actbest Core is a good option for individuals searching for an inexpensive and feature-rich e-bike despite having some drawbacks, such as ghost pedaling. These include its overall value, functionality, and customer service.


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