Heybike Hero Review: Full Carbon and Suspension E-bike!


Hi there, this is Micah from Electrek. We are excited to present to you today the Heybike Hero, something genuinely unique. This electric bike is revolutionary because it combines cutting-edge performance with stylish appearance.

Let’s discuss about the Hero’s build first and foremost. Its carbon fiber frame and full suspension system are expertly engineered to provide an unparalleled riding experience, not just to look good. Over difficult terrain, the complete suspension offers smooth rides, while the carbon fiber keeps things light and nimble.

Now, let’s get to the heart of the Hero – its powertrain. This bike packs a punch with a robust motor that delivers 100 Newton meters of torque. That means you’ve got serious power at your fingertips, whether you’re cruising through the city or tackling challenging off-road trails.


Join us as we take a deep dive into what makes the Heybike Hero stand out in the world of e-bikes.

Frame: Carbon fiber full-suspension frame
Motor: 1,000W peak-rated rear hub motor (mid-drive version also available)
Top speed: 31 mph (50 km/h)
Extras:Color display, front LED light, front and rear suspension, kickstand, internally routed cables, removable battery
Brakes: Dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes
Tires: 26×4″ fat tires
Battery: 48V 18Ah (864 Wh)
Range: Claimed up to 60 miles (up to 100 km)
Weight: 75 lb (34 kg)
Load capacity: Claimed 400 lb (181 kg)

Design and Build Quality

The Heybike Hero is an intriguing fusion of two very different realms within the cycling community: the sturdy, all-terrain capability of full-suspension bikes with big tires and the lightweight, agile character of carbon fiber bikes. It may appear to be a collection of catchphrases at first, but closer inspection shows a well-thought-out and well-built device.

Heybike Hero Review: Design and Build Quality

Let’s begin with the layout. The brave decision to combine full suspension, large tires, and carbon fiber seeks to provide the best of both worlds. Because of its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, carbon fiber is a great material to use when trying to lower the bike’s overall weight. 

Heybike Hero Review: Design and Build Quality

While the Hero still tips the scales at 75 lbs or 34 kilos, it’s notably lighter than many other full-suspension fat tire e-bikes, some of which can weigh in the 80s or 90s of pounds. This weight reduction is crucial, especially considering the additional heft from components like big motors and batteries.

Heybike Hero Review: Carbon fiber full-suspension frame

Speaking of components, the Hero features a sizable battery that promises extended rides. The 26×4-inch fat tires are designed to tackle varied terrain with ease, enhancing its off-road capabilities.

Heybike Hero Review: full-suspension carbon fiber

The dual suspension setup, including the four-bar HSE delink suspension at the rear, ensures a comfortable ride by effectively absorbing shocks. This isn’t just for show; it genuinely contributes to a smoother riding experience.

Heybike Hero Review: 26×4″ fat tires

The comfort of the bike is further enhanced by the presence of a front fork, which is remarkable given that carbon fiber frames are frequently thought to be stiff. Reliable stopping power is provided by the dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes, which are essential for both off-road excursions and city driving. While it may not be the best shifter available, the Shimano 9-speed offers a good range of gears for different riding situations.

Heybike Hero Review: Design and Build Quality

Thus, the Heybike Hero is an amalgam of innovative materials and careful engineering. Although it might not completely transform the bike industry, it presents a strong choice for riders looking for a single package that combines performance, comfort, and versatility.

Heybike Hero: Motor and Driving Test

The Heybike Hero is driven by a rear hub motor with a 1,000 Peak Watt rating; it is most likely designed to operate at 750 Watts continuously in order to comply with street legal laws in many US states. It’s important to remember, though, that the Hero’s performance capabilities can go beyond what’s deemed acceptable for public use.

Heybike Hero Review: 1,000W peak-rated rear hub motor (mid-drive version also available)

The Hero’s drivetrain delivers an exciting riding experience, with top speeds approaching 31 mph. Its ability to reach this maximum speed in throttle-only mode, which offers an irresistible rush of acceleration and freedom, is what makes it unique. Although this feature appeals to riders who want responsiveness and speed, it may not conform to traditional interpretations of class 3 ebike laws.

Heybike Hero Review: on the road or driving test

Despite potential regulatory considerations, the Hero’s motor delivers impressive performance, whether cruising along at legal speeds or unleashing its full power. It’s a testament to the engineering prowess behind the bike, catering to riders who crave both practicality and excitement in their electric biking adventures.

Heybike Hero Review: Shimano 9-speed

The Heybike’s motor boasts an impressive 100 Newton meters of torque, making it tempting for riders to rely solely on throttle power rather than pedal assistance. However, the inclusion of a torque sensor adds a layer of sophistication to the riding experience. When engaging pedal assist, riders will notice a more natural and responsive feel as the motor seamlessly complements their pedaling effort.

Heybike Hero Review: on the road or driving test

The beauty of a torque sensor lies in its ability to detect the amount of force applied to the pedals, instantly translating it into motor assistance. This means that as you push harder on the pedals, you’ll feel the power kick in immediately, creating a smooth and dynamic riding experience. It’s a stark contrast to simpler cadence-based pedal assist systems that can feel more abrupt and less intuitive.

Heybike Hero Review: on the road or driving test

The hub motor version of the Heybike Hero, which still provides enough power for most riding circumstances, is the main subject of this article, while there is a mid-drive version available as well with even more torque—160 Newton meters. Furthermore, Heybike’s track record with various successful models over several years shows a level of validity and trustworthiness, dispelling concerns about the company’s credibility, even though it is available through crowdfunding.

Heybike Hero Review: on the road or driving test

Essentially, the Heybike Hero offers riders the best of both worlds for an exciting and pleasurable riding experience by striking a balance between pure power and sophisticated pedal assist.

Battery and Range

The huge motor of the Heybike Hero is matched by an equally amazing battery pack that has a 48 volt and 18 amp-hour capacity. This setup provides a substantial 864 watt-hours of power, which is far more than the typical capacities seen in many electric bikes.

Heybike Hero Review: 48V 18Ah (864 Wh) battery

Considering the power-hungry components, such as the high-torque motor and large tires, the claimed range of up to 60 miles or 100 kilometers is rather amazing. Such a range would only be possible with cautious motor usage and heavy pedaling from the rider, particularly in difficult terrain. 

The large battery capacity and claimed range suggest efficient energy management and possibly advanced battery technology. However, it’s essential for riders to consider real-world factors such as terrain, riding style, and weather conditions when estimating actual range.

Heybike Hero: Conclusions

At $2,399, the Heybike Hero is a bit of a financial commitment, especially when you take into account that fenders aren’t included. However, getting a little dirty might not be an issue for riders who are interested in genuine off-road experiences. The lack of fenders is apparent when one considers that riders mostly use their full-suspension e-bikes for on-road travel.

Heybike Hero Review

In spite of this, the pricing is fair given the amenities the bike offers. $2,400 isn’t outrageous for a full-suspension carbon fiber vehicle with a strong motor and large battery. But it does make the Hero seem like a more specialized choice, especially when similar features are offered for less money to people who aren’t like the carbon fiber aesthetic.

In the end, riders who value performance, comfort, and a hint of luxury in their electric biking experience will find the Heybike Hero to be an appealing option. However, it might need a little more explanation for people who are only assessing the bike in terms of its cost per watt.

Heybike Hero Review: full-suspension carbon fiber

So, the Heybike Hero can be the ideal choice if you’re looking for a strong, cozy, and distinctively styled e-bike. Please remember to subscribe to our channel and give the video a thumbs up if you liked this review on electric cars. Until we meet again!


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