HAOQI Leopard Pro Review: Powerful 750W and 20 Ah E-bike 2024!


Powerhouse of an electric bike, the HAOQI Leopard Pro stands out from the competition thanks to a plethora of amazing features. Let’s see the features that this exciting journey has in more detail.

The Leopard’s powerful 750-watt hub motor and 40-volt, 20-amp hour battery are its essential components. Riders may confidently and easily tackle lengthy distances with this combination’s excellent power and range.


Thus, the HAOQI Leopard Pro offers an amazing electric bike experience by fusing remarkable performance, tough durability, and considerate features. With its adaptability, convenience, and dependability, it’s prepared to take on whatever task you set it for. 

Bike Frame26" x 18" AL6061 M Mode
Bike Frame 6061 Aluminum frame
Freewheel Shimano 7 speed gear shift system
Motor 750W High Speed Brushless Geared Motor
Pedal Assist Intelligent 5 Level Pedal Assist
Display KDS-KD51C,USB LCD Display,Battery level,Speed,Distance Traveled,etc.
Brake Hydraulic Disc Brake
Saddle Soft saddle
Headlight48V LED light
Tires 26" x 4"
Battery 48V 20AH High-tech Battery
Charging Time 4~6 Hours
Total Payload Capacity 400 Ibs

Design and Build Quality

With its strong construction and remarkable specs, the HAOQI Leopard Pro is a powerful competitor in the electric bike market. Let’s see its construction and design.

HAOQI Leopard Pro Review: Design and Build Quality

Though the Leopard Pro boasts great features, there are some useful things to keep in mind. While HAOQI provides a bike-specific solution, some pannier-style bags may not be compatible with the diameter of the rear rack tubing. Additionally, because of its larger frame and longer effective top tube, the bike may not be appropriate for shorter riders due to its size.

The HAOQI Leopard Pro has large 26-inch fat tires that are made to easily handle a range of terrains. These tires offer grip, stability, and a smooth ride whether you’re driving on pavement or going off-road.

HAOQI Leopard Pro Review: Design and Build Quality

The Leopard’s seven-speed transmission provides flexibility and adaptability to various riding situations. You can quickly locate the appropriate equipment for the task, whether you’re accelerating on level ground or scaling steep hills.

The HAOQI Leopard’s suspension seat post ensures optimal comfort. Even on tough terrain, this feature helps to ensure a smooth ride by absorbing shocks and vibrations.

HAOQI Leopard Pro Review: ergonomic handlebars

The bike comes with a convenient rack that’s integrated with lights, providing added visibility and safety during nighttime rides or low-light conditions. This thoughtful inclusion enhances the bike’s practicality and usability.

The Leopard Pro features a big, cushy saddle that provides ample support and comfort for long rides. Additionally, the ergonomic handlebars are designed for optimal grip and control, allowing for a relaxed and comfortable riding posture.

HAOQI Leopard Pro Review: rear rack

The bike is equipped with an easy-to-read display that provides essential information such as speed, battery level, and assist mode. This intuitive interface ensures that riders can stay informed and in control at all times.

The HAOQI Leopard Pro features good cable management, keeping wires neatly organized and out of the way. This not only enhances the bike’s aesthetics but also reduces the risk of snagging or damage during rides.

HAOQI Leopard Pro Review: Soft saddle

By absorbing shocks and vibrations, the front suspension creates a more comfortable and smooth ride. Furthermore, the hydraulic disc brakes provide dependable stopping force, enabling regulated and safe braking under a variety of circumstances.

For riders looking for a strong and dependable electric bike for everyday commuting and long-distance riding, the HAOQI Leopard Pro is the best option. It is a great choice for enthusiasts who value performance and durability due to its strong build quality and outstanding performance. However, the size and shape might not be as friendly to shorter riders, so it might not be the ideal choice for everyone.

HAOQI Leopard Pro Review: Shimano 7 speed gear shift system

Therefore, the HAOQI Leopard Pro is an appealing choice for riders looking for a high-performance electric bike since it combines an eye-catching design with strong build quality and great performance.

HAOQI Leopard Pro: Driving Test

The HAOQI Leopard Pro offers a range of assist levels, each with its own distinct characteristics and performance parameters. The reviewer demonstrates how each level affects the bike’s speed and throttle response.

HAOQI Leopard Pro Review: 750W High Speed Brushless Geared Motor

  • Level One: This level provides a modest boost, adding around five to six miles per hour to the rider’s speed. It’s suitable for leisurely rides or when conserving battery power.
  • Level Two: At this level, the bike’s speed increases further, reaching around 14-15 miles per hour. The throttle response is also affected by the speed limit, ensuring a smooth and controlled acceleration.
  • Level Three: Here, things start to get more exhilarating, with speeds reaching up to 20 miles per hour. The throttle response remains consistent, delivering a powerful boost when needed.
  • Level Four: As the assist level increases, so does the speed and power. Riders can expect speeds of around 23 miles per hour, with the throttle response syncing seamlessly with the pedal assist system.
  • Level Five: At the highest assist level, the bike unleashes its full potential, reaching impressive speeds of 25-26 miles per hour. The motor’s power is evident, providing a thrilling riding experience.

HAOQI Leopard Pro Review: on the road or driving test

The HAOQI Leopard Pro’s cruise control feature is one of its best features. This useful function makes long trips more comfortable and convenient by enabling riders to keep a steady speed without continuously pushing the throttle.

Even with its massive size and strength, riding the Leopard Pro is pleasant and comfortable. Even on uneven terrain, a smooth and comfortable ride is ensured by the front suspension fork and suspension seat post.

HAOQI Leopard Pro Review

The assessment also discusses some of the bike’s practical features, like the suspension, tire pressure, and braking performance. In addition to providing a smooth and pleasant ride, the suspension system and the hydraulic brakes provide dependable stopping power. 

But enough about specifications, the real deal is how well the HAOQI Leopard Pro drives. This electric bike offers a thrilling and exciting riding experience thanks to its amazing features and strong performance. The Leopard Pro is impressive whether you’re riding it for fun, discovering new terrain, or making your commute to work.

HAOQI Leopard Pro Review: on the road or driving test

The HAOQI is well-suited to handle a range of terrains, from gravel walks to rough trails, thanks to its large tires and sturdy construction. The reviewer shows off how easily the bike can tackle off-road activities.

Therefore, the HAOQI Leopard Pro dazzles with its adaptable aid levels, practical cruise control function, and strong performance on various terrains. For riders looking for power, comfort, and versatility in an electric bike, its overall performance and ride quality make it an attractive choice, even though it may have a few oddities and things to keep in mind, such tire hum and noise from the geared hub motor.

Battery and Range

With a frame that radiates strength and durability, the HAOQI Leopard Pro has a striking and sturdy design. It turns heads on the road with its striking aesthetics and streamlined design. Enough power for long rides is provided by the huge battery pack, which is completely integrated into the frame and has a capacity of 40 volts and 20 amp hours.

HAOQI Leopard Pro Review: 48V 20AH High-tech Battery

With its strong motor and large battery capacity, the Leopard Pro performs admirably when driving. Its quick acceleration and excellent power delivery make it ideal for both hard commutes and relaxed trips. Riders may travel far and wide without worrying about running out of juice thanks to the projected 80-mile range.

HAOQI Leopard Pro: Conclusions

In the end, for riders who value distance, speed, and price, the HAOQI Leopard Pro delivers outstanding performance and value. Its size, though, might not be ideal for everyone, particularly for shorter riders or those looking for a more upscale e-bike experience.

HAOQI Leopard Pro Review: Design and Build Quality

The Leopard Pro might be a fantastic option if you’re a taller rider searching for a strong electric bike that can travel significant distances at an affordable price. It lacks sophistication and has limited electrical capabilities, yet it shines when it matters most, offering an exhilarating ride.

Ultimately, your unique demands and tastes will determine if the HAOQI Leopard Pro is the best option for you. It might be a great addition to your bicycle trips if you’re prepared to get over its bulk and appreciate its unadulterated performance. And never forget that we value your opinions! I’ll make sure to personally respond, and I value your help. Regards, and good luck!


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