KBO Breeze Review: 500W and 26″ Step Through E-bike 2024!


You seem to have worked very hard to provide a thorough build and unboxing video for the KBO Breeze step-through electric bike. With a step-through frame that fits riders five feet two inches to six feet three inches tall and a big payload capacity of up to 300 pounds, this bike appears to have a flexible and accommodating design. Its versatility appeals to a broad spectrum of people, irrespective of height or weight.

It is thrilling to put the bike through its paces and see how it performs in real-world circumstances now that it is constructed and ready for use. Testing its speed, comfort, and general handling will give prospective riders important information about everything from commuting to leisurely excursions.


I have no doubt that your audience is looking forward to your first ride review, keen to find out about the bike’s advantages, shortcomings, and comparison to other comparable models on the market. It’s always pleasant to have a product live up to expectations, and I’m sure your review will assist others in determining if the KBO Breeze is the best option for their e-bike requirements.

Frame Material‎Aluminum
FreewheelShimano 7-speed
Top Speed20 Miles Per Hour
BrakeDisc Brakes
Battery48V 16Ah
Recommended Rider Heights5'4" ~ 6'4"
Cargo Capacity55 Pounds

Design and Build Quality

One notable aspect of the KBO Breeze is its step-through frame design, which makes mounting and dismounting the bike extremely simple, especially for riders who might have mobility issues. This design decision also improves the bike’s overall use and accessibility.

KBO Breeze Review: Design and Build Quality

Another highlight is the front fork, which has 80 millimeters of travel with a lockout mode. This is very useful for smoothing out small bumps and guaranteeing a comfortable ride. Depending on the terrain or the rider’s inclination, the option to lock out the fork increases adaptability by enabling riders to alternate between a more responsive suspension and a rigid feel.

KBO Breeze Review: handlebars

Wider tires provide to increased stability, which is a benefit for commuters and recreational riders seeking a secure ride. This stability enhances the riding experience overall and provides an extra degree of security, particularly on uneven or rugged terrain.

KBO Breeze Review: Design and Build Quality

The bike weighs only 62 pounds thanks to the aluminum frame, which also retains its strength and durability. It is now simpler to handle and transport—for example, you can lift it onto a bike rack without help.

KBO Breeze Review: seat is described as exceptionally comfortable for long rides

The bike is made more useful and practical by the addition of extras like water bottle cage, full-coverage aluminum fenders, and a rear cargo rack with a 50-pound payload capacity. Its adaptability is increased by these additions, which make it appropriate for weekend excursions, grocery runs, and everyday commuting.

KBO Breeze Review: front fork, which has 80 millimeters of travel

The integrated headlamp and tail lamp are thoughtful additions that improve visibility during evening rides, enhancing safety for the rider.

The comfort level of the KBO is praised, particularly the seat and handlebars. The seat is described as exceptionally comfortable for long rides, offering ergonomic support that reduces fatigue.

KBO Breeze Review: 27.5''X2.4'' tires

The broader handlebar ends improve grip and control while riding by giving the palms a pleasant place to rest. This ergonomic design element makes cycling more pleasurable and stress-free.

The bike’s general performance and design are lauded, however given its price point in comparison to competitors, it is mentioned that the computer system would need a minor upgrade to provide more functionality. Nonetheless, the seamless power delivery is greatly valued; this is particularly apparent when utilizing the throttle or pedal assist mode.

KBO Breeze Review: Shimano 7-speed

Thus, the KBO Breeze emphasizes comfort, versatility, and performance while fusing a well-thought-out design with excellent build quality. With features that improve the riding experience and make it enjoyable to use every day, it’s a commuter’s dream.

KBO Breeze: Driving Test

A smooth and pleasurable riding experience is provided by the various pedal assist settings available on the KBO Breeze electric bike. Based on your experience, the pedal assist modes are broken down as follows:

KBO Breeze Review: on the road or driving test

Level 1 (Lowest):

Starting off on the lowest level for both the shifter and pedal assist, the bike maintains a comfortable pace of around seven miles per hour. However, you noted that this speed might be influenced by the tire pressure and could potentially be higher with proper inflation.

Level 2 (First Pedal Assist Level):

Moving up to the first pedal assist level, you experienced a noticeable increase in power without the abrupt or aggressive torque delivery often found in some e-bikes. This smooth transition into higher power levels is appreciated, as it allows for a more controlled and enjoyable ride.

Level 3 (Second Pedal Assist Level):

Transitioning to pedal assist level three, you were impressed by the significant boost in speed, reaching up to 19 miles per hour while pedaling. This level of power offers a satisfying ride experience, providing ample assistance without feeling overly forceful or jarring.

Level 4 (Third Pedal Assist Level):

Continuing to pedal assist level four, you further increased your speed, reaching up to 22 miles per hour. The smooth integration of power delivery and the ability to comfortably maintain this speed indicates the bike’s capability to handle higher power levels without sacrificing stability or control.

Level 5 (Highest Pedal Assist Level):

While you didn’t explicitly mention level five, it can be inferred that the bike’s highest pedal assist level provides even more power, potentially reaching the maximum speed of 25 miles per hour. This level of assistance is ideal for those looking for a faster-paced ride or tackling steeper inclines with ease.

KBO Breeze Review: 500W motor

The addition of a twist throttle increases the bike’s adaptability by enabling riders to use the throttle alone when necessary. The bike can travel up to 22 miles per hour just on the throttle, offering a convenient alternate form of propulsion for short bursts of speed.

You mentioned that the bike responds rapidly to pedal input, making acceleration simple even when it’s not in a higher gear. The bike’s responsiveness can be attributed to its effective motor and perfectly adjusted pedal assist system.

The bike’s brakes functioned effectively, enabling simple acceleration and speed control as you increased to pedal assist level five. The combination of a 500-watt sustained motor and a seven-speed Shimano Altus gear set offers a potent mix of power and versatility.

KBO Breeze Review: car mount

The smooth and easy shifting, facilitated by the large button and ergonomically mounted lever, adds to the overall riding experience. You found the bike to be quite fast, effortlessly tackling hills and maintaining high speeds without much effort.

You noticed during the throttle test that the bike still maintained a solid 16 miles per hour, even though it takes a little longer to reach greater speeds uphill. As you descended the hill, you were able to attain even greater speeds, demonstrating the bike’s versatility in dealing with uneven surfaces and gradients.

Additionally, you said that the KBO Breeze is a powerful and speedy bike that is ideal for commuters or riders seeking an exciting and quick ride. The only small problem you had was a distinct noise coming from the fender rubbing against the tire.

Due to its rapid pedal assist, seamless shifting, and remarkable speed capabilities, the KBO Breeze is an attractive option for riders looking for an effective and dynamic electric bike for recreational or daily use.

Battery and Range

For riders seeking longer ride times between recharging sessions, the KBO Breeze step-through model is a sensible option because to its remarkable range and flexible charging options.

KBO Breeze Review: 768 watt-hour lithium-ion battery

With its 768 watt-hour lithium-ion battery, the bike can ride for about 30 miles without the need for pedal assistance when fully charged. Its range may be further increased by using pedal assist, so you can ride for longer distances or commute without having to worry about running out of juice.

KBO Breeze Review: 768 watt-hour lithium-ion battery

The KBO Breeze comes with a 48-volt 3-amp charger, which makes charging it easy. It takes around five hours to fully charge the battery, so you can get between rides quickly. Additionally, the battery’s accessibility via the top of the frame makes it easy to remove and bring indoors for charging or storage, adding to the bike’s convenience and user-friendly design.

KBO Breeze: Conclusions

In summary, considering its price range, the KBO Breeze step-through electric bike has a strong combination of features, performance, and value. For both daily commuting and leisurely rides, the bike’s smooth power delivery, comfortable riding, outstanding range, and quick charging choices cater to a wide range of riders’ needs.

KBO Breeze Review

All things considered, the Breeze is an excellent option for anyone looking for an efficient and pleasurable electric bike. We appreciate your time, and if you thought this material was useful, please think about liking and sharing it. Enjoy your trips, whether you drive, fly, ride, or use electric power till the next time!


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