SWFT Fleet Review: Elegant Budget E-Bike 2024!


Hey, Mikey here for Electrik, and today we’re diving into the SWFT Fleet e-bike. Thanks for joining me on this ride! For individuals wishing to begin their journey with e-bikes, SWFT’s Fleet is an excellent entry-level model. With simple touchpoints and a laid-back riding experience that’s ideal for leisurely cruises, comfort is the main focus.

Surprisingly considering its price, the Fleet’s remarkable range is one of its best qualities. Despite the emphasis on keeping prices low, it’s evident that SWFT didn’t cut corners on the electric system. Because of this, the Fleet is an incredible value among electric bikes.


We’ll look more closely at the Fleet’s performance, comfort, and design in my next review. For the complete story on this remarkable yet reasonably priced electric cruiser, keep checking back with Electrik!

Frame material: Steel
Motor: 500W rear hub
Top speed (motorized):20mph
Control: Twist throttle and cadence-sensor pedal assist
E-bike classification: Class 2
Speeds: Single-speed
Power: 468Wh lithium battery
Range: 37.2 max, 28 avg. miles
Weight: 50.7 pounds
Weight limit: 265 pounds
Size range: Best for 5’7” to 6’2”

Design and Build Quality

The SWFT Fleet electric bike is a strong choice for its price range because it has a stylish appearance and high-quality construction. The integrated front light improves the bike’s appearance in addition to adding usefulness.

SWFT Fleet Review: front light

Cost-cutting techniques are most apparent in the mechanical system, notably in the single-speed pedal layout, even though the electric system is remarkable considering the price point. Its preference for comfortable cruising over energetic riding and severe climbs may limit its adaptability, but it also adds to its appealing appearance.

SWFT Fleet Review: tires

Though it prioritizes cruising over extreme riding, the Fleet is nonetheless a cozy ride. A smooth and pleasurable riding experience is enhanced by the broad and soft saddle with internal springs, the ergonomic handlebars, the relaxed riding position, and the complementary brown color scheme.

SWFT Fleet Review: rim brakes are sufficient for comfortable cruising

It is feasible to commute with the SWFT Fleet, albeit it is not the main purpose of the bike. While the rim brakes are sufficient for comfortable cruising, they might not be appropriate for riding at high speeds. Nonetheless, the bike is appropriate for short commutes and leisurely rides due to its reduced weight and comfortable design.

SWFT Fleet Review: soft saddle

Apart from the bike, SWFT provides helpful services like expert assembly, free delivery, and a welcoming return policy. This, along with the bike’s accessibility nationwide and reasonable price, make the SWFT Fleet an appealing option for consumers on a tight budget who want an elegant and cozy electric cruiser bike.

SWFT Fleet: Driving Test

Offering a throttle override function in addition to pedal assist, the SWFT Fleet electric bike gives users a variety of riding alternatives. When cruising, the throttle override is especially fun since it lets riders kick back and let the bike take care of the job, or they can exert a little more effort for a more customized ride. Using the throttle while relaxing is something I enjoy doing myself, especially on long trips.

SWFT Fleet Review: on the road or driving test

The SWFT Fleet’s pedal assist feature makes use of a kittens bass system, which is renowned for being laid back. The Fleet’s three degrees of help are adequate for the majority of riding scenarios, even though some other systems might provide five levels for additional customization.

SWFT Fleet Review: display

During my time riding the bike, I didn’t feel the need for more levels of assistance as the three levels provided a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

SWFT Fleet Review: on the road or driving test

So, the SWFT Fleet’s mix of throttle override and pedal assist increases riding adaptability and accommodates a range of riding styles and tastes. This bike may accommodate your preference for a leisurely ride or a little more work.

Battery and Range

The electric system of the SWFT Fleet electric bike is its most unexpected feature. The bike is reasonably priced, yet it has a powerful 48-volt, 10-amp-hour battery. It is surprising that this higher capacity battery is available at this pricing point because one would normally expect a smaller battery, such a 36-volt system.

SWFT Fleet Review: 468Wh lithium battery

The stated maximum range of 37.2 miles on a single charge is even more astounding. For a bike in its class, this range is noteworthy and indicates that the SWFT is built for longer trips without regular recharging. It’s evidence of the effectiveness and performance of the bike’s built-in electric technology.

SWFT Fleet Review: on the road or driving test

A longer range and a bigger battery capacity provide riders more options and let them travel farther between charges without having to worry about running out of juice too soon. The SWFT Fleet’s inclusion of this function distinguishes it from many other electric motorcycles in its class and greatly enhances the value of the entire package.


With its features and performance, the SWFT Fleet electric bike is already highly enticing at an MSRP of $999. The value proposition doesn’t stop there, though. SWFT sells their e-bikes on the internet and in a few chosen Best Buy locations in the United States. This retail relationship offers potential customers the ease of shopping from a reliable merchant in addition to improving accessibility.

SWFT Fleet Review

What’s even more alluring is that the SWFT Fleet is available at even more alluring prices during Black Friday deals and other promotions. The bike is an even better deal because of the discounted rates offered during these sales, even if I am unable to comment on the precise stock or availability during these events.

SWFT Fleet Review: Single-speed

It used to be difficult to get a good electric bike in this price range. But times have changed, and the SWFT Fleet is a great illustration of how e-bikes can now be had for a reasonable price without sacrificing features or quality. Bike brands like Fleet maintain their impressive value proposition in the face of adversities like the pandemic and shipment delays. This makes them a great option for customers on a tight budget who want a dependable and fun electric bike experience. 

SWFT Fleet: Conclusions

Look no farther than the SWFT Fleet if you’re searching for a simple, retail-ready electric cruiser that provides comfort, style, and affordability. It checks all the boxes for anyone looking for a dependable and pleasurable electric bike experience thanks to its stylish appearance, cozy amenities, and reasonable price range.

SWFT Fleet Review: Twist throttle and cadence-sensor pedal assist

That’s my opinion of the SWFT Fleet, but I’d want to know what you think. Please leave a remark below with your thoughts. I appreciate you listening to Electrik, and I hope to see you all in the future one. Be careful!


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