NCM C5 Review: Stylish and Single-speed E-bike 2024!


We’re exploring the world of sporty, quick, strong, and stylish electric bikes today, and the NCM C5 is one model that stands out for embodying all of these qualities. This bike is a strong competitor in the market for fashionable and effective e-bikes because it not only has amazing performance but also an amazing price point. Come along as we examine this sophisticated two-wheeled athlete.

The NCM C5 is the epitome of quality in contemporary cycling. In the crowded electric bike industry, its strong engine, stylish appearance, and outstanding speed capabilities set it apart. From commuting through city streets to embarking on thrilling rides through scenic routes, the C5 is designed to deliver an exhilarating experience while maintaining an elegant aesthetic.

The NCM C5 stands out due to its outstanding value for the money. Because of its competitive pricing and impressive performance capabilities, the C5 is affordable for a variety of riders seeking a high-end electric bike without going over budget.


We will test every facet of the NCM C5 in this review, from its build quality and design to how well it performs on different terrains. Fasten your seatbelt as we explore the remarkable features of this sporty and fashionable e-bike.

Frame: Alu. 6061, M: 20.1 inches, L: 22 inches
Hub Motor Rated / Peak Power:Das-Kit, X2, 36V 350W / 600W
Display: Das-Kit E2
Suspension Fork: ZF, 5058-02
Saddle: Selle Royal, Prestige-1307URN
Controller: Das-Kit, T6, 36V15A
Tire: CST, C1808
Brake: Dual pivot caliper Brakes
Battery: Das-Kit, i6-3612, 36V 12Ah, 432Wh
Charger: Das-Kit, 36V3A
Net Weight (with battery): 40.0 lbs
Battery Weight: 5.8 lbs
Max Load (driver+bike): 275.0 lbs

Design and Build Quality

You can tell the NCM C5 is well-made and has a sporty look as soon as you lay eyes on it. The handlebars are the first area where the bike’s sporting heritage is evident. Because the handlebar ends are movable, users can position themselves for maximum comfort when riding. The bike also has “horns” on the front, which enhance its aggressive and dynamic look.

NCM C5 Review: Design and Build Quality

The NCM C5 has an eye-catching and distinctive design. Regardless of the bike’s performance characteristics, the handlebars and ends contribute significantly to its overall appearance. The bike has a sleek and sporty look, and its traditional diamond frame has a timeless, minimalistic appeal.  The diagonal roughness of the frame is subtle yet effective, contributing to the bike’s aesthetic without being overly thick or conspicuous.

NCM C5 Review: handlebars

In terms of color options, the NCM C5 offers dark green, dark blue, and silver variations, providing riders with choices that stand out while remaining tasteful. Additionally, the bike is available in two sizes, M and L, catering to riders of different heights. Even at 190 centimeters tall, riders can still enjoy a comfortable and well-fitted experience on the C5.

NCM C5 Review: front light

The build quality of the NCM C5 is top-notch, ensuring durability and reliability on the road. Despite its sporty appearance, the bike maintains a level of grace and sophistication that enhances its overall appeal. Whether you’re cruising around town or tackling challenging terrain, the C5 delivers a premium riding experience that combines style with performance.

NCM C5 Review: handlebars

While it leans towards being slightly on the heavier side, weighing 18 kilograms with the battery and 15 kilograms without, this doesn’t detract from its overall appeal. Despite the weight, the C5 remains gracefully light and clear, maintaining its sporty look and feel.

NCM C5 Review: rear light

One notable aspect of NCM’s service is their online ordering system, allowing customers to test the bikes for up to ten kilometers and return them within 30 days if needed. This provides a level of security and assurance for buyers, ensuring they can make an informed decision about the bike’s suitability.

NCM C5 Review: Design and Build Quality

With reflectors at the front, rear, and spokes, the C5’s safety elements are expertly integrated and adhere to StVZO compliance regulations. Bright and adjustable front lighting improves visibility while riding. It is important to remember that the back light is manually activated and does not run on batteries, which may cause a small annoyance.

NCM C5 Review: CST, C1808

Because of its adjustable inclination, the C5 offers a smooth and pleasant ride that even handles turns. It’s a single-speed chain-drive bike, but it’s easy to use, so it’s good for riders that prefer simple functionality.

NCM C5 Review: CST, C1808

Thus, the NCM C5 is an appealing option for riders looking for a dependable and fashionable electric bike because of its robust construction, safety features, and sporty looks.

NCM C5: Driving test

Riding a single-speed bike, such as the NCM C5, may initially worry a lot of people, but my experience with several single-speed bikes has demonstrated that it doesn’t always have to be a disadvantage. The C5 is a dependable option since, although a belt drive would be a good addition, I haven’t had any problems with the chain or excessive noise.

NCM C5 Review: on the road or driving test

The cadence or gear ratio of single-speed bikes is frequently the source of concern since it can make it difficult to comfortably maintain greater speeds. Nonetheless, the C5’s robust build makes it possible to pedal smoothly and effectively even at higher speeds. Even if the initial effort is a little bit more, particularly in the first 23 revolutions, it’s not extremely demanding, which adds to the enjoyment of riding.

NCM C5 Review: Das-Kit E2 and controls

The motor in the C5 is particularly impressive, offering 60 newton meters of torque while remaining remarkably quiet. This combination of power and silence enhances the overall riding experience. The motor’s performance is noticeable, especially in the third support level, providing ample power for uphill climbs and maintaining speed.

NCM C5 Review: Das-Kit, X2, 36V 350W / 600W

The inclusion of a torque sensor further enhances the bike’s usability, ensuring a more natural and responsive riding feel. Compared to speed sensors, a torque sensor adds power to your pedal strokes more seamlessly, creating a smoother and more intuitive ride.

NCM C5 Review: Selle Royal, Prestige-1307URN

The handlebars on the NCM C5 are notably narrow, contributing to its super sporty feel and quick, agile ride. When gripping the handlebar ends, it feels akin to riding a racing bike, perfect for maneuvering through city streets with ease. This narrow design encourages a more aggressive pedaling style, pushing riders to go faster and maintain speeds beyond the 25 kilometers per hour mark effortlessly.

NCM C5 Review: on the road or driving test

The C5’s performance in city traffic is impressive, thanks to its responsive handling and quick acceleration. The bike’s sporty nature encourages riders to navigate through traffic and narrow gaps confidently. This blend of agility and power makes the C5 a lively and enjoyable e-bike for daily commuting and city riding.

NCM C5 Review: on the road or driving test

While the bike excels in urban environments, it’s also suitable for hilly terrain. However, riders should be prepared for a firm ride, as the thin CST tires prioritize speed over cushioning. Despite the lack of suspension, the See Royal saddle provides a comfortable seating position, complementing the overall riding experience.

NCM C5 Review: Dual pivot caliper Brakes

The C5’s construction quality is excellent, and its rim brakes provide responsive, accurate stopping force. It could take some work to properly adjust the brakes during installation, but once they are, they operate dependably when needed. This comfort increases the bike’s allure and improves safety when riding in a hurry through the city.

NCM C5 Review: on the road or driving test

Thus, the NCM C5 offers a thrilling yet comfortable ride for both urban and mountainous situations, striking a balance between sportiness and practicality. It is a pleasurable and adaptable e-bike for daily use because to its sleek design, fast brakes, and snappy handling.

Battery and Range

Though it might not seem remarkable at first, the NCM C5’s large 432 watt-hour battery is surprisingly astounding given the bike’s lightweight and sporty appearance. With some pedaling on the part of the rider, this battery capacity can deliver a range of up to 100 kilometers. The sleek and sophisticated keys that come with the bike make it easy to remove or securely lock the battery into place. There is also a button on the battery to monitor its energy levels.

NCM C5 Review: Das-Kit, i6-3612, 36V 12Ah, 432Wh

It might take some getting used to, though, as the battery status indicator is part of a multipurpose control unit with additional functions. Regrettably, the overall build quality of this control unit is compromised by its plastic construction. Its puristic design remains intact in spite of this, and riders can use it to switch on and off the bike, activate the pedal-assist mode, and regulate the lights.

While a mini display similar to those found in some Shimano systems might have been more intuitive, the combination of functionalities in the C5’s control unit provides a comprehensive range of features. With a bit of adjustment, riders can easily navigate and utilize the control unit to enhance their riding experience and manage the bike’s electric assistance seamlessly.

NCM C5: Conclusions

In the end, I had an incredibly pleasurable surprise when using the NCM C5. I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did, but the bike turned out to be a true gem – especially now that the NCM website has reduced the price of the bike to just 879 euros. Considering the features and performance the C5 offers, this price point is really appealing.

NCM C5 Review: on the road or driving test

Sporty commuters, city people, urban hipsters, and anyone else who enjoys the comfort of an e-bike without needing a lot of bells and whistles or connectivity options should definitely choose the NCM. It’s great for people who want to go rapidly and sportily from point A to point B, but keep in mind that comfort isn’t the main priority.

The C5’s dynamics and agility make it an appealing option for riders looking for a fun and nimble urban ride, even though it may not be a luxurious city cruiser. The athletic design of the C5 may put some strain on longer trips, but its speed at covering distances more than makes up for it.

NCM C5 Review: Design and Build Quality

In light of its features, performance, and current cost, the NCM C5 is an excellent package for less than 900 euros. It is normally priced at 1,100 euros, so I’m not sure how long this discount will stay. Still, it is a great deal. Thank you for reading and see you next time!


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