MACFOX X2 Review: 750W and 20Ah E-bike 2024!


This is a summary of the eagerly anticipated MACFOX X2 review. Since I had such a good experience with the X1 model, I’m really thrilled about this one. With my discount code, you may save a hundred dollars off the X1’s $1,000 price. These days, the X2 boasts some noteworthy improvements that support its increased cost.

First of all, the X2’s full suspension is a game-changer for handling and comfort. In addition, it has a seven-speed gear system, turn signals, and a half twist throttle, which make it adaptable to many riding situations. Another noteworthy feature is the headlamp, which provides both high and low beam options for great visibility, particularly at night when riding.

One of the cool additions is the handle at the back, allowing you to carry items or even give a friend a lift, akin to a skateboard. The long saddle seat ensures comfort during long rides, and the metal pedals provide durability and grip.

The power has been upgraded from 500 watts to 750 watts, with a peak of a thousand watts, delivering a more robust performance. However, a crucial tip for potential buyers is to make sure to use the discount code provided in the description and on-screen. This code will knock off $100 from the price, bringing it down to a reasonable $1599. Not only does this save you money, but it also supports the channel, which is a win-win.

Frame Aluminum
Motor750w nominal / 1000w peak
Top Speed28 mph
Gearing & Rear DerailleurShimano 7 Gear
ThrottleTwist Throttle
Brakes Hydraulic
Tires20" x 4.0" CST Tires
Suspension (if applicable)Full / Front + Rear
Battery 750W/H (48V 20ah)
Vehicle Weight65 lbs
Length x Width x Height 71"x 27”x 42”
Rider Weight Limit330 lbs

Design and Build Quality

According to your thorough review, the MACFOX X2 appears to offer a combination of outstanding capabilities and some areas that could use better.

MACFOX X2 Review: Design and Build Quality

First off, the front end is lauded for its convenience, however the grips are criticized for being a little cheap. Particularly noteworthy are the hydraulic brakes, which include a seven-speed Shimano gearbox for easy gear changes. We admire how well-organized the front cable management is. It’s said that the BMX handlebars rise very high, but that could just be a question of taste.

Moving on to the display and controls, the power button and backlight options are noted, along with separate controls for the headlight, turn signals, and high/low beams. The functionality of these controls is explained well, including the need to have certain buttons engaged for features like brake lights and turn signals.

MACFOX X2 Review: controls and display

The front suspension is highlighted for its unique dual preload adjustments, which the reviewer finds intriguing and looks forward to testing on the road. The suspension’s performance is particularly important given the bike’s upgrade from the X1 model.

The motor, a 750-watt unit with a 1000-watt peak, is showcased along with the Shimano seven-speed derailleur, creating a clean setup. The battery, a 48-volt, 20-amp hour unit with a removable design and USB port for charging accessories, is discussed, although there are concerns about its stability on the mount.

MACFOX X2 Review: front light

The potential for adding a secondary battery for extended range is mentioned, with an estimated range of up to 90 miles with both batteries connected. The weight of the bike (65 pounds) is noted as being light and agile, which is generally appreciated for maneuverability.

The build quality is further assessed through features like the metal pedals with grips, which are seen as a nice upgrade compared to other e-bikes. The brake system, with 180-millimeter brakes, is praised for its effectiveness and visual appeal with red accents.

MACFOX X2 Review: Hydraulic brakes

So, the MACFOX X2 is presented as a bike with a mix of impressive features, such as its motor power, suspension adjustments, and additional battery options, alongside areas that could be improved, like the grips and battery mount stability. The review sets the stage for a real-world test to determine if the bike lives up to its features and price point.

Driving Test

Your thorough usage of the MACFOX X2 offers insightful information about its operation and performance.

MACFOX X2 Review: on the road or driving test

First of all, you reported that the bike felt smooth and that the seat was comfy. You also loved your first ride. The bike’s top speed run, which reached about 30 miles per hour, demonstrated that its speed readings were correct. You did, however, notice that the motor made a faint grinding sound when it reached faster speeds, which would worry some riders.

You made a comparison between the X2 and the X1, pointing out that while the X2 is still not very quick, it does have greater power and can go faster. The speed and responsiveness of the pedal engagement and throttle response were complimented.

MACFOX X2 Review: Design and Build Quality

During your tests, you evaluated the bike’s braking performance, which you found to be excellent, stopping quickly and effectively even at higher speeds. The turning radius was also mentioned, although there was an issue with the frame touching the ground during sharp turns, which you suggested could be addressed with additional padding or modifications.

You tested the bike’s off-road capabilities, finding that it struggled on steep hills despite being equipped with full suspension. You rated the suspension at around 6.5 to 7 out of 10, noting that it could be more comfortable, especially on rough terrain.

MACFOX X2 Review: Shimano 7 Gear

Other observations included the crooked position of the battery, the lack of a horn or bell, and the potential for improvements in the suspension and frame design.

Your continued evaluation of the MACFOX X2 sheds more light on its performance and comfort levels.

Despite the bike’s improved speed and overall performance compared to the X1, you noted that it falls short of your expectations in terms of comfort, especially on bumpy terrain. While the rear shocks and seat offer some cushioning, you felt that the front suspension could be better, considering the bike’s price point.

MACFOX X2 Review: Twist Throttle

During your test rides, you highlighted the bike’s ability to handle off-road situations reasonably well, although landings could be softer. The bike’s spacious design also allows for a passenger, making it suitable for two riders comfortably.

Regarding handling, you initially found the handlebars set a bit high, but you later realized that they provided a comfortable stance while riding. However, you mentioned a preference for lower-rise handlebars for a more connected and aggressive feel.

MACFOX X2 Review: on the road or driving test

You complimented the bike’s precise range calculation and speed readings, pointing out that they exactly matched the GPS data on your phone. You were impressed by the bike’s accuracy, and it received good scores for it.

You voiced a few small complaints about the grips themselves, mentioning that they felt cheap and tended to move while you rode. These were mentioned as you wrapped up your ride and provided your final impressions. But you liked that the bike had a half-throttle, which makes it more practical and easy to use.

MACFOX X2 Review: 750W/H (48V 20ah) battery

Thus, your comprehensive review gives prospective customers a clear picture of the MACFOX X2’s advantages—like speed and accuracy—as well as its shortcomings—like comfort and grip quality.

MACFOX X2: Conclusions

Here is a summary of the MACFOX X2 electric bike’s advantages and disadvantages to conclude my evaluation of it.

MACFOX X2 Review: 750W and 20Ah E-bike 2024!

To begin with the positives, I think the seat is the best feature; it’s quite comfortable and makes lengthy trips enjoyable. Additionally, there is versatility in seating configurations because to the roomy design. Another noteworthy benefit is the headlight, which provides great vision for nighttime riding. Enough power and range are provided by the improved motor and 20Ah battery, guaranteeing a dependable and pleasurable ride. Furthermore, it’s really practical and amazing how exact the speed and range data are without using a phone GPS.

However, there are a few drawbacks worth mentioning. Despite having front and rear suspension, the front suspension falls short in providing a comfortable ride, especially for lighter riders. The lack of integration between the brake light and brake levers is a missed opportunity for added safety features. While the metal pedals offer good grip, they can be a bit harsh on the shins if slipped.

MACFOX X2 Review: Design and Build Quality

In my opinion, the X1 model continues to provide the best value for the money when taking into account the pricing point. Even with the rebate, the price of the X2 seems a little excessive considering the extra features—mostly the suspension changes. Considering the little changes from the X1, I would have preferred to see the X2 priced more competitively in the $1300 to $1400 area.

I still enjoy riding the bike in spite of these issues, and I intend to test its functionality on longer excursions. Please feel free to leave your opinions in the comments box. We always value your input and comments. We appreciate your support and invite you to subscribe to our channel for more reviews and updates.

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