APYEAR 14 Review: 14 Inches and Carbon Steel E-bike 2024!


Hello there, and welcome to our review of the APYEAR 14 electric bike. Convenience and simplicity of use are the design features of this little, folding bike.

After everything is put together, we’ll go driving to evaluate the APYEAR 14’s capabilities. The bike is appropriate for both leisure riding and city commutes, with a top speed of 20 miles per hour in aided mode promised. The battery takes around four to 5 hours to charge, providing a range of approximately 20 to 30 miles depending on usage.


We’ll keep an eye on the bike’s stability throughout the journey, particularly when using the kickstand, because some users have mentioned that level ground may be necessary to keep the bike from tipping. To discover everything this tiny powerhouse has to offer, let’s get started with the unpacking and riding experience.

Frame MaterialCarbon Steel
Maximum speed18MPH
Special FeatureFolding
Battery48V12A lithium battery
RangeUp to 20 miles per charge
Package Weight‎67 Pounds
Size28x19x23 inches

Unboxing and Design

With its beautiful style and useful features, the APYEAR 14 appears to be a nice surprise. Unboxing and learning about the special features of a new device is always exciting, and this electric bike sounds no different.

APYEAR 14 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

First of all, the reference to “Little Wheel booties” lends an air of whimsicalness to the unwrapping process. The bike appears to have adorable little shoes of its own! Additionally, it saves you a ton of time and headache because it arrives mostly constructed.

APYEAR 14 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

As you showed, assembling the handlebars might occasionally be difficult. things’s helpful that you explained how to do things correctly, especially to prevent any accidents. After all, safety comes first!

APYEAR 14 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

It’s important to customize the bike to your tastes, and it’s fantastic that the handlebars and pedals can be changed. When you get the hang of it, the folding process also looks rather intuitive, which facilitates storage and transportation.

APYEAR 14 Review: seat

The bike gains a lot of value from its extra features, which include a horn, blinkers, and a separate light switch. It demonstrates attention to detail and enhances the safety and enjoyment of riding.

APYEAR 14 Review: Design and Build Quality

You’ve brought up some important details regarding the construction and features of the APYEAR 14 electric bike. It’s excellent that you have firmly fixed the seat to prevent frequent modifications and that you find the foldable design to be useful. It is a sensible innovation to have separate controls for the light and blinkers, especially because even more expensive motorcycles don’t always have them.

APYEAR 14 Review: controls

It’s noteworthy that you stressed how crucial blinkers are for bikes because they increase rider safety, particularly in metropolitan areas. Its 260-pound weight capacity is also very remarkable for an electric bike this size.

APYEAR 14: Driving Test

Regarding its speed and gearing mechanism, the APYEAR electric bike appears to have some intriguing subtleties. Despite the fact that it is touted as having three speeds, you said you couldn’t see any actual gears to shift. This suggests that the speed control might be attained by cycling the throttle or by riding the bike normally without utilizing conventional gear shifting.

APYEAR 14 Review: on the road or driving test

For an electric bike, the bike’s maximum speed of 20 miles per hour is rather astounding, however you pointed out that it might not reach that speed right out of the box. The fact that the Amazon website offers a method to unlock the maximum speed is intriguing, but it’s a little unexpected that the screen doesn’t show the current speed.

APYEAR 14 Review: on the road or driving test

Despite the fact that the bike feels a little small for your height (5’8″), you said it still rides and uses the throttle nicely. Given that electric bikes are meant to be simple and effective to ride, the lack of a gear system may not be a big deal.

APYEAR 14 Review: on the road or driving test

Positives include the motor’s quietness and the ride’s smoothness, although you also pointed out that the shock absorption could be better, especially on uneven roads. All things considered, it appears that the APYEAR 14 provides a practical and pleasurable riding experience, particularly for city or shorter commutes.

Battery and Range

For practical use, the APYEAR 14 electric bike’s charge time and range are important factors to take into account. It’s helpful to know that, like many electric bikes, the battery requires four to five hours to fully charge.

APYEAR 14 Review: 48V12A lithium battery

You mentioned that the range in assisted mode is around 20 miles based on the specifications. On the other hand, you calculated that you rode for around 10 kilometers and that you used up about half the battery, mostly on the throttle. This finding implies that the real range may exceed the 20 miles that are promised, particularly if you’re using the throttle most of the time.

APYEAR 14 Review: on the road or driving test

You also claimed that the Amazon listing showed an additional mileage of up to 32 miles per charge in assisted mode. There could be a number of reasons for this difference in the specified ranges, including the rider’s weight, the terrain, changes in speed, and riding circumstances. Depending on how you utilize the bike and the riding circumstances, it’s safe to expect that the real range might be between 20 and 30 kilometers. 

APYEAR 14: Conclusions

The APYEAR 14 electric bike, with its folding form, independent light and blinker controls, and respectable range in assisted mode, provides a good balance of convenience and functionality. There are a few things to keep in mind, though. Although the assembly process is rather simple, care must be taken to prevent injury, as was noted during the installation of the handlebars. The bike still works well in terms of speed and control, but some riders may find it puzzling because there are no visible gears.

APYEAR 14 Review: on the road or driving test

Depending on usage, the battery has an estimated range of 20 to 30 miles and requires four to five hours to fully charge. The kickstand, which needs level ground to prevent tilting, raises questions about the bike’s stability.

APYEAR 14 Review: on the road or driving test

Thus, if this electric bike piques your attention, you may get it on Amazon using the convenient link that we’ve included below. I appreciate your reading, and I hope this review aids in your decision-making regarding the APYEAR 14. And now for the corny outro!


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