Mukkpet GL Review: 500W Step-Through E-bike for $699!


You seem to be overflowing with enthusiasm and adoration for the Mukkpet GL 500, especially in light of its amazing features and potent power.

One notable characteristic of the Mukkpet GL 500 is its 500 watts of power, which promises a powerful and dynamic riding experience. This amount of power can easily tackle a variety of obstacles and terrains while offering enough torque and speed to meet your riding needs.

You’ve raised expectations for what’s to come by hinting at revealing some incredible features that viewers won’t believe. This e-bike is obviously more than just a simple bike, as seen by its design, technology, and usefulness, which takes riding to a whole new level.  

Your obvious joy is a sign that you truly value the care and attention to detail that went into making the Mukkpet GL 500. It is clear that every aspect of the bike, from the packaging process to its operation, has been thoroughly thought out to guarantee consumer happiness.


Let’s start by discussing what makes this electric bike unique – what you may expect when you open it.

Frame Material‎Aluminum
Motor:500W (750W Peak) Brushless Hub Motor
Derailleur:7 speed
Display:LCD Display
Throttle:Half twist grip throttle
Brake:180MM Mechanical disc brake
Controller:48V 20A controller
Charger:2A charger
Battery:48V 13AH battery
Weight Limit:Maximum Payload Capacity is 300 lbs

Design and Build Quality

The Mukkpet GL appears to provide a good balance between mobility and functionality, especially considering the attention to detail in both its design and construction.

Mukkpet GL Review: Unboxing and Assembly

The folding mechanism of the bike seems simple and easy to use. It’s easy to store and carry thanks to features like the collapsible pedals, readily foldable frame, and security latch. This is especially useful in small locations like vehicle trunks or apartments with little storage.

By allowing users to modify the handlebars and seat to suit their tastes and riding style, the bike becomes more comfortable and versatile. This flexibility is essential to guaranteeing that various people have an ergonomic and comfortable riding experience.

Mukkpet GL Review: ‎Aluminum frame

The step-through design improves accessibility and use, especially for people who might have mobility challenges or would like a more comfortable mounting and dismounting procedure because it removes the need to raise a leg over the top bar.

The story doesn’t go into great detail about certain components or building techniques, but generally, the bike looks well-made. The ability to fold and unfold the item with ease and without any noticeable problems is a sign of high-quality construction and craftsmanship, which are necessary for long-term dependability and durability.

Mukkpet GL Review: Design and Build Quality

The word “versatile” captures the essence of the GL, as it seems to cater to a wide range of users and situations. Whether for daily commuting, occasional recreational rides, or as a space-saving solution, its compact yet functional design makes it a versatile choice for various cycling needs.

The built-in shock in the seat adds a layer of comfort by absorbing vibrations and bumps while riding. This feature is particularly beneficial for longer rides or uneven terrains, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable experience, especially for larger riders.

Mukkpet GL Review: rear rack

The inclusion of robust front shocks further enhances the bike’s ability to handle rough surfaces. These shocks are designed to absorb impacts from uneven terrain, potholes, or bumps, contributing to a more stable and controlled ride.

The mention of four-inch wide 20-inch tires with a lower pressure (20 psi) compared to traditional e-bikes or scooters (usually around 45 psi) indicates a focus on comfort. The wider tires offer increased surface contact, distributing weight more evenly and providing better traction, stability, and cushioning against road imperfections.

Mukkpet GL Review: 20x4.0-inch tires

The anticipation of testing the bike on the Trestle bridge, known for its uncomfortable wooden slats, highlights the bike’s suitability for challenging terrains. The combination of seat shock absorption, front shocks, and wide tires suggests that the Mukkpet GL is designed to handle various surfaces with minimal discomfort to the rider.

Together, these comfort-focused elements make for a seamless and delightful riding experience. The bike improves rider comfort by lessening the effect of bumps and vibrations, enabling longer rides without the weariness or pain sometimes associated with tough terrain or uneven surfaces.

Mukkpet GL Review: 7 speed gears

Therefore, the Mukkpet is a promising choice for anyone looking for a pleasant and adaptable electric bike because of its emphasis on shock absorption and tire design, which show a thoughtful commitment to boosting rider comfort and ride quality across varied terrains.

Mukkpet GL: Driving Test

Shock-absorbing components like front and seat shocks, as well as wide tires, contributed to the surprisingly comfortable ride across the Trestle Bridge. The bike’s appeal to riders conquering steep slopes or navigating difficult surfaces is increased by its ability to tackle uneven terrain with ease, comfortable riding position, and throttle assistance.

Mukkpet GL Review: on the road or driving test

You noted that the bike folds up into a small size, which makes it easy to store in cramped areas. This feature increases the convenience and versatility of the bike and is especially helpful for commuters or anyone with limited storage choices.

The 500-watt motor and Shimano derailleur gear with seven-speed options contribute to effortless climbing and smooth rides, especially on steep inclines. The inclusion of a throttle for easy acceleration from stops further enhances the bike’s performance and usability in urban environments.

Mukkpet GL Review: on the road or driving test

You noted the presence of bright lights and large brake lights, enhancing visibility and safety during nighttime rides or low-light conditions. Additionally, the substantial mudguards complement the bike’s design, especially considering its wide tires, offering protection from debris and ensuring a cleaner ride.

Your compliments on the comfort, handling, performance, and safety features of the bike point to an all-around pleasurable riding experience. The Mukkpet GL looks to be a well-rounded and user-friendly electric bike alternative, capable of handling difficult terrain, steep hills, and city streets with ease.

Accordingly, your thorough analysis shows that the Mukkpet GL is an excellent electric bike that can be used in a variety of settings and for a wide range of riding needs. It excels in comfort, performance, and practicality.


The bike has a sturdy 48-volt system, which suggests that its electric motor is strong and effective and can provide enough speed and torque for a range of riding situations. When compared to lesser voltage configurations, this higher voltage system frequently results in improved performance and extended battery life.

Mukkpet GL Review: 48V 13AH battery

The Mukkpet GL delivers a significant quantity of energy storage with a 13 amp hour battery. When a rider needs reliable power over long distances without having to worry about frequent recharges, this capacity comes in handy for longer trips.

The battery’s accessibility is one noteworthy aspect. An approach to battery management that is user-friendly is demonstrated by the ease with which the battery may be removed by simply flipping up the saddle and releasing it with a key. This feature comes in very handy while charging the battery indoors or in a safe place.

Mukkpet GL Review: on the road or driving test

A degree of security is added by including keys for battery removal, which deters theft or illegal entry. For added peace of mind, this feature is crucial, particularly while leaving the bike unattended in public spaces.

Mukkpet GL: Conclusions

You seem to have had nothing but excellent experiences with the Mukkpet GL, with very few if any negative ones. This is an overview of your preferences:

Mukkpet GL Review


  1. Powerful Motor: The 500-watt motor impressed you with its ability to handle your weight and provide sufficient power for various riding situations.
  2. Pedal Assist System: The five levels of pedal assist allowed you to customize your riding experience, making it easier to navigate through town.
  3. Throttle: The throttle on the handlebars provided additional convenience, especially for accelerating from stops.
  4. Mechanical Brakes: You found the mechanical brakes to be effective and reliable, contributing to a sense of safety while riding.
  5. Sturdy Rack: The sturdy rack at the back of the bike was appreciated for its functionality and durability.
  6. Comfort Features: The shocks in the seat and front, along with the wide tires, made for a comfortable riding experience.
  7. Foldable Design: The ability to fold the bike for storage in small spaces added to its practicality and versatility.
  8. Thoughtful Design: Features like the lighting, display, and overall design showed a thoughtful approach to user experience.

Mukkpet GL Review: on the road or driving test


  1. Weight: While you mentioned the bike is a bit heavy, it doesn’t seem to be a significant issue for you given all the positive aspects of the bike.
  2. Display: While the display may not be the largest or brightest, you found it functional and adequate for your needs.

Your opinion is overwhelmingly favorable overall, and you strongly suggest the Mukkpet GL. Its remarkable performance, comfort, and well-thought-out design are highlighted in your in-depth feedback, which makes it an extremely appealing e-bike in your opinion.


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