Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: 750W and 26-inch Fat E-bike!


The Velowave Ranger 2.0, a 750W electric bike with 26×4 fat tires, a 15 amp-hour battery, and a huge 300-pound payload capacity, is the subject of today’s review. Here at Chris Crossed, we’ll be thoroughly testing the sturdy performance and versatility of this e-bike for a variety of riding circumstances.

Follow along as we explore the Velowave Ranger 2.0’s speed, handling, capacity to climb hills, and general performance on and off-road.

Come along for a comprehensive analysis of this electric bike and discover how well it performs in actual riding scenarios. Join along on the excitement as we test ride this amazing e-bike!

Frame: 6061 Aluminium, Removable Battery, Internal Routing
Motor:Geared Hub Motor, Rated 750W, Peak 1000W, Max Torque 80NM
Display: Multifunctional Color-Screen Display
Max Speed: 28MPH by pedal, 20MPH by throttle
Classes:Class 3(Ebikes can go up to 28mph with pedal assistance)
Pedal Assist:5 Levels
Shifter:Shimano 7-Speed RevoShift
Fork:Hydraulic Suspension Fork with 60mm travel, with lockout
Brake:Front & Rear Hydralic Disc Brakes, with180mm discs, with power-cut-off function
Tire Size: 26" x 4.0" Kenda Fat Tires
Battery:Removable Internal Lithium-ion Battery, 48V 15Ah, 720Wh, LG Cells
Range:up to 90 Miles by Pedal; 30+ Miles by Throttle
Saddle: Comfortable Wide Saddle
Net Weight:33.1kg (72.97lb) ( including battery)
Gross Weight:43.8kg (96.56lb)
Weight limit:

Main Specs

The Velowave Ranger 2.0 750W Fat Tire electric bike is a popular choice with a strong reputation in the e-bike market. Here are its main specifications:

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: Design and Build Quality

  1. Motor: Equipped with a powerful 750W motor, the Ranger 2.0 delivers robust performance for various terrains and riding conditions.
  2. Tires: Featuring 26×4-inch fat tires, this bike provides excellent traction and stability, making it suitable for off-road adventures and rough surfaces.
  3. Frame: The frame of the Ranger 2.0 is designed for durability and comfort, allowing riders to enjoy long rides with confidence.
  4. Battery: The bike is powered by a reliable and long-lasting battery, ensuring extended riding range per charge for uninterrupted journeys.
  5. Affordable Price: Priced at $999, the Ranger 2.0 offers a competitive value proposition in the e-bike market, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers.
  6. Brand Reputation: Velowave is a well-established e-bike brand, known for producing quality products and earning a spot as a top 20 e-bike brand in the industry.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: Design and Build Quality

Comparing it to the Lectric XPeak, you’ll find that the Ranger 2.0 stands out with its powerful motor, fat tires for better traction, and a competitive price point. It’s worth considering for those looking for a reliable and affordable electric bike with robust performance capabilities.

Velowave Ranger 2.0: Design and Build Quality

The Velowave Ranger 2.0 electric bike is a competitive choice in the e-bike industry because to its well-thought-out design and strong build quality.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: Design and Build Quality

With just a twist, the Ranger 2.0’s seven-speed Revo shifter enables precise and seamless gear changes. Reliable performance throughout rides is ensured by its 52-tooth crank, 14-to-28 Freewheel, 7-speed KMC 124-link chain, and Shimano Tney rear derailleur.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: handlebar

With its 180 mm rotor Zedo hydraulic brakes, the Ranger 2.0 offers superior stopping force and control, improving safety on a variety of surfaces.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: Front & Rear Hydralic Disc Brakes, with180mm discs, with power-cut-off function

The bike is powered by a removable internal lithium-ion battery with 48 volts and 15 amp-hours (720 Wh), providing ample power for extended rides. It comes with a 2-amp charger for convenient charging. The motor is a robust 750W unit with a peak output of 1000W and a maximum torque of around 80 Nm. The controller is a 25 amp unit, offering smooth power delivery and control.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: Removable Internal Lithium-ion Battery, 48V 15Ah, 720Wh, LG Cells

The Ranger 2.0 includes a cadence sensor, thumb throttle, and a 10-30 Lux front light for enhanced visibility. The handlebar setup features ergonomic locking grips, hydraulic disc brake levers, a thumb throttle, and a Revo shift twist grip shifter for easy gear changes. The display is small but in color, providing essential ride information such as speed, pedal assist level, battery percentage, and mileage.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: 26" x 4.0" Kenda Fat Tires

The bike’s frame and other parts are built to last and work well. It’s appropriate for off-road excursions because of the fat tires’ superior traction and stability on a variety of terrain. It is simple to reach the battery and it may be charged both on and off the bike. The bike also has a 25 kg capacity rear rack, which increases carrying capacity while riding.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: rear rack

The Ranger 2.0’s well-thought-out cockpit design and high-quality parts provide for a comfortable ride. Even if it doesn’t have some cutting-edge features like a through-axle front fork or a rear brake light, it still offers good performance and value for the money, making it a great choice for riders searching for an electric bike that can handle trails and adventures.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: handles

Thus, the Velowave Ranger 2.0 is an excellent option among electric motorcycles in its class since it combines a clever design, strong build quality, and necessary functionality.

Comparison with Lectric XPress

There are a few significant parallels and differences between the Lectric XPress and the Velowave Ranger 2.0 that are worth mentioning:

With a 15 amp-hour battery, the Ranger 2.0 has a little larger capacity than the Lectric XPress, which has a 14 amp-hour battery. This means that you could be able to use the Ranger for longer rides between charges.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: Comparison with Lectric XPress

While the Ranger 2.0 has a frame that mimics the TRXus Explorer but has a different look that can appeal to different tastes, the Lectric XPress has a thicker, more rectangular frame design. The frames of both bikes are mountain bike-type, however they are not exactly the same form or design.

The Lectric XPress includes rim cutouts, which can contribute to a lighter overall weight and a more streamlined appearance. In contrast, the Ranger 2.0 lacks these cutouts, which may affect its weight and visual appeal.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: handlebar

The two motorcycles’ handlebar configurations are different. The handlebar configuration of the Ranger 2.0 features a bell, a small color display, a thumb throttle on the left side, ergonomic locking grips, and a Revo shift twist shifter. On the other hand, even though your comparison omits certain information, the Lectric XPress probably has a different handlebar arrangement.

You expressed a preference for the Lectric XPress’s frame design over other options, even if aesthetics are largely a matter of taste. But you also mentioned that you like the Ranger 2.0’s handlebar configuration.

Driving Test

You’ve provided a thorough description of your Velowave Ranger 2.0 experience, including speed limits, ascents and descents, and trail riding.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: on the road or driving test

In speed checks, the bike operated smoothly, precisely matching the indicated speed. In terms of traction, the 26×4 fat tires were superior to the 20×4 fat tires on e-bikes. Despite your personal preference for the larger and more useful 20×4 tires, you were pleased with the Ranger 2.0’s performance even with its larger tires.

The Ranger 2.0 demonstrated its capacity for speedier rides by reaching a maximum speed of 27.9 mph during the top speed test. The bike could sustain faster speeds because of its power and torque output.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: Shimano 7-Speed RevoShift

The Ranger 2.0 demonstrated impressive hill-climbing abilities, especially when using the throttle alone. It maintained good speed even on steeper inclines, thanks to its 750W motor and torque output.

The hydraulic brakes on the bike impressed you with its performance and dependability when it reached speeds of up to 35 mph on the downhill descent.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review: on the road or driving test

Trail riding was expertly managed by the Ranger 2.0, which maneuvered over mud, rocks, and even jumps with control and stability. The bike was a fun and capable option for off-road adventures because of its stability and mobility.

Thus, the Velowave Ranger 2.0’s adaptability and performance in a variety of riding environments were demonstrated by your experience with it. It performed as promised, impressing you with its speed, hill-climbing ability, braking efficiency, and trail-handling skills.

Velowave Ranger 2.0: Conclusions

To sum up, the Velowave Ranger 2.0 has shown itself to be a reliable and amazing electric bike for off-road excursions. It demonstrated its skills and dependability during the tests, which included trail riding, speed checks, hill climbing, and downhill runs. For riders searching for an e-bike that can tackle both trails and jumps, the bike’s stability, control, and responsiveness allowed it to manage a variety of terrains and difficulties with ease.

Velowave Ranger 2.0 Review

For anyone looking for a reliable and competent electric bike for off-road adventure, the Ranger 2.0 is a suggested option because, all things considered, its performance exceeded expectations and left a pleasant impression. I appreciate you coming along for the ride, and I hope to see you again soon for more two-wheeled adventures.

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