December 4, 2023
KKBike K26S Review: Affordable Full Suspension E-Bike!

The brand-new KKBike K26S is a leader in the rapidly growing category of e-bikes designed specifically for hunting and equipped with powerful motors. This model disproves the idea that “less is more” and demonstrates how larger tires, longer travel, and more watts translate into more useful features on the trail.

The K26S is the most expensive model offered by KKBike Bikes, coming in at $1,699; read on for our review of this workhorse e-bike and to find out if it will be up to the task of your upcoming outdoor adventures.


The K26S is the animal that can move across high-alpine terrain with the most assurance. able to retain balance when moving quickly and climb the toughest terrain. The K26S favors environments that are rocky, near snow lines, and above alpine forests since it is a skilled climber. Trekking across the highest peaks and most difficult terrain is how the brand-new KKBike K26S got its name. 

Maximum Power750 W
Maximum Torque85 NM
Load Carrying CapacityMax Load : 149.6 Kg
Climbing Degree30 degrees
Top Speed48 kmph
ForkAdjustable front suspension fork
SeatpostForged alloy
CranksetAluminum alloy
PedalsFoldable 9/16' Alloy pedals
Derailleur : RearShimano 8-speed rear shift system

Video Review of KKBike K26S

KKBike K26S: Design and Build Quality

The KKBike K26S stands out thanks to its nearly extravagant specification package. The K26S belongs to KKBike’s “overland” category even though all of their bikes are approved for outdoor activities due to their full-suspension system and ability to perform in the most difficult terrain.

The popularity of this type of bike is expanding among a variety of outdoor enthusiasts, including serious hunters, recreationists, and fly fisherman. In order to carry the bow on the front of the bicycle while we were testing it, we fastened a Kolpin Outdoors Rhino Grip XLR to the handlebars.

A dirt bike-inspired inverted suspension fork and a rear shock are included in the K26S’s full-suspension chassis. The FireLink 4-bar suspension linkage system on the rear makes the vehicle even more responsive over rough terrain. The K26S leaps over rocky, steep terrain as well as a mountain goat, just like its namesake.

The sizes for the KKBike K26S frame are Medium for riders under 6″ and Large for riders over 6″. The K26S’s paint job is pleasant, but not particularly noteworthy; I would have rather to see a more inventive camouflage pattern or a vibrant green color scheme. Though this bike may be used for commuting all year round without the camouflage, was the angle of the paint job intentional?

The entire bike has a payload capacity of 300 lbs. and weighs 75 lbs.

The K26S offers a wide variety of attachments that are compatible, which is great for outdoor enthusiasts who are all about their gear. With the help of specialized mounts (not included) and bag racks available from KKBike, hunters can put their bows or guns to the handlebar.

Although the lack of integrated lamps is unfortunate, the controller’s headlight settings left us perplexed. The light is detachable and comes with a bright white LED and a red hue for early morning excursions.

KKBike K26S: Motor and Driving

This wild overland electric bike has a Bafang Ultra-Drive motor with a 750 watt rating. The maximum output of this motor is an astounding 1200W, which is even more power than usual. The running modes available are Eco, Sport, Throttle, and Walk. You can go at speeds of more than 28 mph with the unrestricted motor kit, but on local trails with e-bike restrictions, you’ll need to slow down.

The mid-drive motor boasts a torque sensor and an amazing 85 Nm of torque for the smoothest possible acceleration. The heavy K26S was a little slow off the line, especially on inclines, despite having a lot of power.

The throttle won’t activate when the Tektro Hydraulic Brakes are used, which is a great safety feature but can make it challenging to start up an incline from a complete stop.

It simply seems like a bike that can carry greater weight. The KKBike seemed more like a freight train than the Jeep’s rock crawler image when I got to ride the Jeep e-bike and the KKBike back to back. The KKBike handled quickly but very steadily, and it climbed extremely well. I also felt as though the force from the motor and my pedaling was transmitted directly to the ground. None of this diminishes the KKBike’s off-road prowess, but I do think it will perform better on doubletrack or 4×4 highways than on more difficult trails.

KKBike K26S: Battery and Range

When compared to other electric bikes with fat tires, the KKBike’s 17.5Ah battery packs an additional amp hour. The downtube is noticeably wider because to this high-capacity battery, but the stylish, beveled design helps keep the appearance.

The additional range of the K26S battery is 30 to 60 miles overall, depending on the power mode. Once the key is in, a lock latch allows the battery to be removed so that it can be charged indoors during the winter.

KKBike K26S: Conclusions

The KKBike is a strong competitor in the newly emerging category of all-terrain electric fat bikes.

It’s a workhorse that can pull and carry huge loads and is prepared for some of the toughest off-road conditions, including mud, snow, and sand. The Bafang Ultra motor is a beefed-up mid-drive that flattens slopes, and its component package, notably the fork, brakes, and integrated rack, is top-notch. It’s a bike that might seem a little awkward in confined spaces, but as long as you stick on 4×4 roads or unpaved trails, it’s more than capable.

The KKBike K26S ($1,699) performed best on vast dirt pathways and open roads, according to our extensive testing of the bike. Even when the vehicle was fully laden with gear, the soft tires and suspension provided an incredibly comfortable ride.

We periodically had to dismount to maneuver the large bike around because it requires more effort to make tight corners. Although this bike isn’t made for winding mountain routes, the K26S could be your secret weapon for commuting all year long. Rain, shine, snow, or sleet, this bike can manage challenging weather with ease.

The K26S will enhance your next hunt and assist with hauling equipment for wilderness enthusiasts who enjoy going off-piste and climbing the highest peaks. Although the high asking price may be prohibitive for those on smaller budgets, there isn’t another fat tire ebike that compares to the KKBike K26S in terms of power and performance.


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