BREKR Model F: Belt-drive Electric Bikes With Automated Shifting Are Unveiled


The newest electric bike from BREKR now offers pedaling functionality. The BREKR Model F has been in development since it was first unveiled in 2019. After significant investment from the Dutch corporation, it has since changed and is now a reality.

The business’s first two-wheeled electric car with pedals is the BREKR Model F. It may be considered an e-bike, but it also has moped functions. Model B electric mopeds are in increasing demand, and the business is continuing to grow outside of its immediate region. The Model F has a design that is representative of a new category of electric automobiles. It differs from the model B mopeds in that it has operable pedals.

Due to its functional pedals, the BREKR Model F can be classified as an electric bicycle as opposed to the BREKR Model B, which is categorized as a moped.

We’ve talked about the advantages of belt drives on e-bikes previously; they help save maintenance costs and bike noise, last longer than chain drives, and even end up being more effective over time.

With a belt-enabled construction, the Model F pedals are a complex component of the electric vehicle’s drivetrain. Belt-drive construction lessens the bike’s operational noise and maintenance requirements. In the long term, they are more effective and also frequently last longer than chain drives. Models F and B have comparable designs, but the new model has a primary strut that runs from the head tube to the rear axle. It also has a rear bench seat with a tubular frame holding it in place. The style combines the Dutch roots of BREKR with a hint of California flair.

A major strut that runs the entire length of the bike, from the head tube to the rear axle, is a feature shared by the Model F and the Model B.

The e-bike, however, also adds its own flair with a rear bench seat in the mini-bike style that is supported by a tubular frame. The style is somewhat reminiscent of a California mini-bike crossed with a Dutch moped.

In contrast to the typical 20-inch wheels used on these kinds of electric motorcycles that are influenced by mopeds, BREKR developed a slightly larger 22-inch rim. Fatbikes have the advantage, but typical 20-inch wheels are too tiny for the normal person, therefore the company produced its own unique 22-inch custom wheels.

According to BREKR, the model F’s thick tires will largely absorb the bumps and shocks from the road surface. The saddle also includes built-in shock absorption. The Bafang hub engine on the bike’s back has an automatic two-speed gearbox that alternates between high and low gear. According to European norms, the bike’s top speed may be no faster than 25 km/h, and it may go up hilly terrain. For the model F, two battery options with ranges of around 60 km and 75 km each are available: 540 Wh and 740 Wh. The desired riding range for the Model F would be 100 kilometers.

Although the bike lacks traditional suspension, BREKR claims that its thick tires compensate for this by providing a comfortable ride. As the business put it:

You might be curious as to why the Model F lacks suspension. Fair enough, this is a question we asked as well. The problem with suspension is that it’s a pretty expensive component to add to a bike, and that they mostly work on bikes with skinny, unforgiving tires.

However, the Brekr Model F is a fat bike. which, as you would have imagined, has large tires. They not only have a nice aesthetic, but they also take up the majority of the road surface’s bumps and shocks. Additionally, the saddle includes built-in shock absorption, so you may ride comfortably without having to pay extra for suspension.

Although the higher gear is preferable for higher speeds, don’t anticipate traveling very quickly with the BREKR Model F. The Model F is restricted to merely 25 km/h due to Europe’s tight e-bike legislation (15.5 mph). Although the ride won’t be particularly exciting, you can applaud EU officials for setting such a low speed limit.

Only the Netherlands will sell the BREKR Model F Launch Edition, however Germany and Belgium will also sell the First Edition. Future editions will be available for purchase through local dealer networks in other nations.

This year has already witnessed the introduction of other Model F electric bicycles. The Model F, a folding electric bike designed in the style of a beach cruiser and produced by Electric Bike Company’s California assembly plant, holds that title. Though there was inevitable to be some name overlap given the sheer number of new e-bikes released each year.

According to pricing, the BREKR model F is currently on sale for €2,995 ($3,190) and is available for pre-order. The Launch Edition is only accessible in 20 units, but it will be fully available by Q3 2023. Customers can put down a €9 ($9) deposit for the Model F’s 2023 release. The Launch Edition Model F is only offered in the Netherlands. Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and other countries will all be able to purchase the First Edition model.


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